Ref: The Daniel Families, mainly of Evans Co. GA compiled by Mona Lee Daniel Allen 1875-
A Well written book mostly on the Daniel families in America. A lot on the family of James Pierce Daniel who married Elizabeth Glisson 1838. Following is some information taken from this book about Elizabeth Glisson. Compiler states that Elizabeth Glisson married James Pierce Daniel on 4 Oct 1838 in Tattnall Co. GA. She was born 3 Jun 1803 in Burke Co. GA and died 5 Jun 1880 in Tattnall Co. GA, buried at Old Andersons Cemetery in Tattanall Co. GA. Proven by marriage record, Tattnall Co. GA, 1806-1873 pg 46 and from tombstone and family bible of Isaac C. Daniel their son. She states that Elizabeth Glisson was daughter of Martha Glisson b.1777 in Burke Co. GA & Joseph Glisson and that she already had 3 sons and 1 dau before her marriage to James Pierce Daniel. As follows Dan A. Glisson killed in Civil War at Salt River, Virginia. John Glisson b.2 Apr 1830 d.26 Dec 1899. Dave and Virginia Glisson both died young. (note: Some say that these 4 children were illigetimate as was the 1st 3 Daniel children, I feel that is highly unlikely. Probably an unknown Male Glisson son of Joseph & Martha Glisson married Elizabeth ? about 1825 and she had 4 children. In the meantime James Pierce Daniel married about 1832 to unknown wife and had Elizabeth Daniel b.1833, Mary Ann Daniel b.1836, and Charlotte Jane Daniel b.1838. In 1838 Mrs. Elizabeth Glisson was a widow and James P. Daniel was a widower and out of convenience they married on 4 Oct 1838.) And together had 5 more children.. Thus their family consisted of her 4 children, James's 3 children and 5 children they had together. All of them can be found in the 1850 Tattnall Co. Census except for Dan A. & Virginia Glisson. Elizabeth was listed in 1838 Census of School age children with 6 free white persons and in 1840 Census with new husband James P. Daniel with 1munder5,2m10-15,1m30-40,1funder5,2f5-10,1f20-30.
Joseph Glisson d.1840-50 and Martha Glisson d.1870-80. Martha lived with daughter Sarah Groover's family in Bulloch Co. in 1850 age 72, she lived with her daughter or daughter in law Elizabeth Daniel's family in Tattnall 1860 age 83 and with daughter Hester Sweeney 's or Surriney? family in Wayne Co. in 1870 age 93.

Ref: Georgia Genealogical Magazine 1961-71 published by Georgia Genealogical Magazine, Rev. Silas Emmet Lucas Jr. editor-
Vol#1 pg 7- Burke Co. Registrants 1805 Land Lottery- James Glisson.
Vol#2 pg 50- Bullock Co. Land Lottery 1805- Joseph Glisson.
Vol#2 pg 251- Clarke Co. Land Lottery 1805- Phillip Geeson.
Vol#8 pg 468- Bulloch Co. Grand Jurors Nov Term 1810- Joseph Glisson.
Vol#11 pg 675- Marriages of Liberty Co. -
John Bohannan of Liberty Co. to Mary Jane Watson of Liberty Co., 6 Jun 1853
John Bohannan of Liberty Co. to Georgia Ann Gleson of Liberty Co., 31 Jan 1855
Alexander Glisson of Liberty Co. to Margaret Price of Liberty Co. on 24 Jul 1857
Vol#11 pg - Burke Co. Tax defaulters 22 Oct 1796- Capt. Ellison's District: James Griffin, Dennis Glisson, Joseph Glisson.
Vol#18 pg -Clarke Co. Marriages Book A;
William Broadnix to Polly H. Gleeson on 29 Apr 1808
James Glosson to Jenny Shaw on 7 Sep 1815
Vol#21 pg - Liberty Co. Deed Book F/197, John B. Gibbons to William Johnston both of Liberty Co. sale of slave, 25 Mar 1808, witness: Joseph Glisson.
Vol#21 pg 1381- Marriages 1820-33, Early Co. pg 27, Nathaniel Glisson to Fittina Neal on 2 Oct 1828.
Vol#35 pg 116- Bullock Co. Marks & Brands Book A Ordinary's Office pg 64, Moses M. Glisson , 12 Sep 1863
Vol#35 pg 129- Jasper Co. Deed Bk 1 pg 116 deed dated 27 Oct 1807 between Timothy Hydler of Bullock Co. who sells to James A. Tippins of Liberty Co. witness: Joseph Glisson.
Vol#36 pg 234- Jasper Co. Deed Bk 1 pg 226, I Simon Lewis appoint Joseph Glisson of Bullock Co. my attorney on 8 Dec 1807, signed Simon Lewis, rec. 6 Feb 1809
Vol#44 pg 131- Bullock Co. pg 217 Land Sale Frances Godfrey to Samuel Peacock 16 Dec 1809 Rec. 15 Jan 1810, witness Joseph Glisson.

Ref: Some Ga. Records compiled by Rev. Silas Emmet Lucas Jr.-
Volume # 4-
Burke Co. Ga. Marriages 1855-1869-
Amelia Glisson to William A. Brown on 6 Jan 1869.
Emanuel Co. Ga. Marriages Bk B, 1856-1879-
Col. Robert Glisson to Hetty Colelman on 8 Feb 1868.
Hetty Glisson to Allen Mcleod on 28 Nov 1870.
Burke Co. Miltia 25 Feb 1819-
pg 7- 2nd Company Capt. Elijah Powell, Lietu. Wm. Gunn, Ensign Jno. Daniel, among others pvt. John Glisson.
pg 8- 2nd Company Capt. Jeremiah Lewis Jr., Lieut. Charles Clark, Ensign Peter Lyons, among others pvt. Dennis Glisson.
Bucks Co. Equity Records 1836-1845-
pg 184- return on estate of Robert Bickerstaffer 1838. Paid Robert Coleman, William R. Head, 1837 taxes etc. etc. Notes & executions and insolvent and out of date, among others John Glisson.
Volume # 5-
Bibb Co. Marriages Bk B, 1838-58-
pg 32- Theodocia Glisson to B.R. McGentry on 4 Nov 1846.  (note: widow of Lewis Glisson of Crawford Co. GA)
Early Co. Marriage Bk 2, pg 143-
pg 86- Emeline Glawson (Glisson?) to Benjamin H. Lewis on 20 mar 1849.
Randolph Co. Marriages 1837-1861-
pg 252- Sarah Glisson to Joseph Mercer on 14 Jan 1847. (dau of John Glisson & Catherine Williams)
pg 271-John Glisson to Elizabeth Glisson (Elizabeth Curry Glisson widow of Joseph Glisson brother of John Glisson) 30 Dec 1844.

Ref: 37,000 Ga. Marriages by Joseph T. Maddox & Mary Carter-
pg 13- Marion Glisson to James Durrance 27 Feb 1827 in Bullock Co.
pg 17- William F. Sweat to Elizabeth Futch on 16 May 1830 in Bullock Co. (note: Mrs. Betsy Sweat married Bryant Glisson 1841-48.)
pg 119- John Glisson to Catherine Williams on 3 Mar 1826 in Jasper Co.  ( John Glosson not a Glisson)

Ref: Marriages from Misc. Georgia County Clerk of Courts-
Bulloch Co.-
Moses M. Glisson to Sarah Ann Futch 27 Jun 1852
Henry Glisson to Susannah Futch 7 Sep 1854
Hiram Glisson to Margaret V. Driggors 9 Oct 1872
Rowan Glisson to Delia ? 21 Jan 1878
J. H. Glisson to ? 5 Sep 1883
Moses M. Glisson to Sarah Ann ? 24 Mar 1884
Matthew M. Glisson to Julia Ann Lanier 31 Dec 1885
Burke Co.-
James T. Glisson to Mrs. Aby Young 13 Dec 1856
Evan C. Glisson to Cellinise M. Carpenter 30 Jul 1863
Dennis T. Glisson to Mary Jane E. Hillis 9 Jan 1868
J.W. Glisson to Alice Houston 9 Dec 1869
Crawford Co.-
Brinkley Glisson to Amy Rigdon 1 Oct 1837
Lewis Gleason to Lotia Garrell 16 Oct 1842
Amanda Glisson to J. B. Reynolds 24 Jan 1864 (daou of Brinkley Glisson & Amy Rigdon)
Decatur Co.-
Bk AA pg 17 Joseph Glisson to Elizabeth Curry 15 Jan 1829 (son of Joseph & Martha?)
Bk A pg 107 Mary Elisabeth Glisten to Furney Gorman 19 May 1847 (dau of Riley & Mary)
Bk A pg 155 Elisabeth Glisten to William Hurdles 11 Mar 1850 (dau of Riley & Mary 2nd marr)
Bk A pg 192 Nancy Glysson to Raymon Rudd 15 Jul 1852 (dau of Riley & Mary)
Bk A pg 284 Dennis Glisson to Elizabeth Thompson 3 Feb 1858 (son of Riley & Mary)
Bk A pg 284 Mary Ann Glasson to Daniel McKensie 4 Feb 1858
Bk B pg 111 E. B. Glisson to Pastora Pittman 9 Nov 1871 (son of Wiley & Tersa)
Bk B pg 144 Elisa Glisson to A. F. Cloud 10 Jan 1873
Bk B pg 174 Matilda Glisson to John Cane 1 Feb 1874 (dau of Wiley & Tersa)
Bk B pg 220 Manda Glisson to Jno W. Maloy 8 Dec 1875 (dau of Wiley & Tersa)
Bk B pg 221 Jasper Glisson to Margaret Lynn 16 Dec 1875 (son of Wiley & Tersa 2nd marr)
Bk B pg 382 Thetus Johnson to J. J. Rudd 17 Feb 1881 (dau of James & Jane Johnson)
Bk B pg 370 Levin Glisson to Laura Daugherty 19 Feb 1881 (son of Wiley & Tersa)
Bk B pg 412 Isabella Johnson to Clint Willis 1 Dec 1881 (dau of James & Jane Johnson)
Bk B pg 406 Alexander Glisson to Lucy Cain 14 Dec 1881 (son of Wiley & Tersa)
Bk B pg 391 Lillie (Leda) Johnson to Lawson Strickland 10 Jun 1882
Bk B pg 438 M. A. Glisson to J. E. Boyd 19 Apr 1883
Bk B pg 465 Jasper Glisson to Nancy Williams 5 Jun 1884 (son of Wiley & Tersa 4th marr)
Bk B pg 466 J. Rice Glisson to Rose Williams 14 Oct 1884 (son of Wiley & Tersa)
Bk B pg 499 Henry Glisson to Ellen Pitts 2 Dec 1885 (son of Marion & Elizabeth)
Bk B pg 572 Matilda Cone to J. N. Adams 25 May 1886 (dau of Wiley & Tersa 2nd marr)
Bk B pg 560 E. B. Glisson to M. F. Fields 1 Jan 1888 (son of Wiley & Tersa 3rd marr)
Bk B pg 569 Alex Glisson to Ellen Glisson(widow of Henry) (son of Wiley & Tersa 2nd marr)
Bk B pg 596 Lotie Glisson to James Ward 9 Dec 1888 (dau of Wiley & Tersa)
Bk B pg 677 Catherine Johnson to George Spooner 22 Dec 1889 (dau of James & Jane Johnson)
Bk B pg 738 Lettie P. Johnson T. J. Carter 3 Jan 1892 (dau of James & Jane Johnson)
Bk B pg 683 James Glisson to Lennie King 4 Feb 1893
Bk B pg 783 Ruida Johnson to Charles Spooner 21 Dec 1893 (dau of James & Jane Johnson)
Bk D pg 72 Daniel Glisson to R. A. Willis 26 Mar 1896 (son of Marion & Elizabeth)
Bk D pg 194 E. Glisson to Ada Bryant 23 Jan 1898 (son of Marion & Elizabeth)
Bk D pg 282 Emma Cone to B. Draper 17 Dec 1899
Bk D pg 570 Chas E. Glisson to Ainye R. Wilson 5 Jan 1904 (son of Ebenezer & Esther P.)
Bk D pg 654 J. C. Glisson to Barbrie Lortevent 10 Jan 1905 (son of Alexander & Mary Ellen)
Bk D pg 696 J. Rice Glisson to Florence Cooper 18 Jun 1905 (son of Wiley & Tersa 2nd marr)
Bk D pg 703 Annie Glisson to James Patrick Cooper 22 Jul 1905 (dau of Leven & Laura)
Bk E pg 16 Susie C. Glisson to John C. Hanna 31 Jan 1906 (dau of Ebenezer & Esther P.)
Bk E pg 104 Ada Glisson to G. W. Ray 15 Sep 1907 (James R. & Anna)
Bk E pg 241 Anna Glisson to J.G. Nichols 16 Oct 1909
Bk E pg 274 Anna Cooper to William A. Harrell 20 Mar 1910 (dau of Levin & Laura 2nd marr)
Bk E pg 282 Elbert Glisson to Annie Enfinger 6 May 1910 (son of Levin & Laura)
Bk E pg 304 Minnie Glisson to George Ray 23 Aug 1910 (dau of James R. & Anna)
Bk E pg 330 Jeff J. Glisson to Alma Widden 25 Jan 1911 (son of Ebenezer & Esther P.)
Bk E pg 397 Roddie R. Glisson to Edna Gholson 12 Feb 1912 (son of Ebenezer & Mary F.)
Bk E pg 403 C. J. Glisson to Callie Herring 18 Feb 1912 (son of Alexander & Mary Ellen)
Bk E pg 570 Ella Johnson to J. L. Sanders 10 May 1914
Bk E pg 578 M. J. Glisson to A. J. Cunningham 8 Jun 1914 (dau of Dennis & Anna)
Bk E pg 614 George Glisson to Clifford Porter 17 Jan 1915
Bk E pg 749 Vossie Glisson to Ben W. Josey 17 Sep 1916 (dau of John D. & Mary)
Bk H pg 123 Susie Spooner to C. M. Cloud 26 Dec 1917 (dau of Charles & Rinda Spooner)
Bk H pg 141 T. J. Glisson to Lou King 21 Apr 1918 (son of John Jarius, & Rose)
Bk H pg 150 James T. Glisson to Pearl Josey 4 Aug 1918 (son of John D. & Mary)
Bk H pg 171 Wm. D. Glisson to Alice Clifford Sharber 28 Dec 1918 (son of John D. & Mary)
Bk H pg 247 Susie Lee Ward to Robert H. Deason 30 Sep 1919 (dau of James & Charlotte Ward)
Bk H pg 285 Ambers Glisson to Pearle Peacock 14 Dec 1919 (son of Levin & Laura)
Bk H pg 292 Jessie Glisson to C. L. Pope 11 Jan 1920 (son of Ebenezer & Mary F.)
                      Annette Johnson to W. O. Emanuel 20 Apr 1920 (dau of James & Jane Johnson)
Bk H pg 319 Ethel Glisson to W. E. Owens Jr. 21 Apr 1920
Bk H pg 468 Tabitha Glisson to Frank Henderson 8 Aug 1921
Bk H pg 736 Susie Glisson to Leon B. Hamilton 5 Jul 1924
Bk J pg 71 Bama Maloy to Chas. M. Burns 24 Jan 1927 (dau of John & Amanda Maloy)
Bk J pg 127 Eunice Mercer to Oswell Mercer 14 Mar 1927
Bk J pg 424 Thomas Glisson to Bera Mitchell 15 Feb 1931 (son of Levin E. & Laura)
Bk J pg 425 Sadie Mae Glisson to James William Doss 6 Apr 1931 (dau of James Clarence & Barbara)
Bk J pg 473 Levin Glisson to Ruby Cook 20 Mar 1932 (son of James E. & Annie)
Bk J pg 524 Young Glisson to Clyo Richard 17 Jul 1933
Bk J pg 585 Lottie Bernice Glisson to Chales Roy Freeman 27 Mar 1934
Bk J pg 644 Agnes Glisson to Lord Aaron Rayfield 18 Aug 1935
Bk J pg 658 Mary Kathleen Glisson to Dennis O. Minsey 28 Nov 1935 (dau of John J. & Alma)
Bk J pg 692 C. J. Glisson to Mattie King Dukes 16 Jun 1936 (son of Alex & Mary E. 2nd marr)
Bk K pg 3 Frances Elizabeth Glisson to Cecil M.Smithson 8 May 1937(dau of James E. & Annie)
Bk K pg 7 Esther Lorrane Glisson to Ceil Roscoe Simpson 16 Jul 1937
Bk K pg 17 Martha ElizaGlisson to Will Lovie Roberts 26 Dec 1937 (dau of Charles E. & Frances)
Bk K pg 59 Violet Glisson to St. Elmo Hile 17 Jun 1939
Bk K pg 142 Eunice Mercer to Frank Holden 24 Dec 1941
Bk K pg 146 Doris Cloud to Hershel Turner 25 Jan 1942 (dau of C.M. & Susie Cloud)
Bk K pg 153 Joseph Glisson to Monteen McCledon 25 Apr 1942 (son of T.J. & Louise)
Bk K pg 173 Doris Mae Glisson to Ocie Lee Finnuff 20 Aug 1942 (dau of John & )
Bk K pg 274 Mary Myrtle Glisson to Allen Lewis Plemmons 31 Aug 1943
Early Co.-
                      Nathaniel Glifson to Fattina Neal Lic 29 Sep 1828 married 2 Oct 1828 by Joseph Buck
Effingham Co.-
                James Garrison to Martha Dykes 4 Jul 1799 (reported to Mormon Church as James Glisson mistake?)
Bk B446 Jesse B. Glisson to Lula M. Everett (son of Henry H. Glisson & Sarah Ann Haynes
Bk D492 Henry Lee Glisson to Vera Lee Edwards (son of James K.W. Glisson & Sarah Royal)
Bk E22 H. H. Glisson to Virginia E. Kelly
Bk E249 Lester Glisson to Eva Braen (son of George H. Glisson & Mary Alice Laricy)
Bk D376 Annie Glisson to Joe Sheanouse
Bk D396 Freddie Lee Glisson to Morris O. Glisson ( Morris son of George H. Glisson & Mary Alice
                Laricy & Freddie dau of James. K.W. Glisson & Sarah Royal)
Bk B421 Eva Geneva Glisson to Corry E. Peel (dau of George H. Glisson & Mary Alice Laricy)
Bk D442 Lillie Bell Glisson to Tom Cosby (dau of George H. Glisson & Mary Alice Laricy)
Bk E145 Eloise M. Glisson to Swartz Royal (dau of James K.W. Glisson & Sarah Royal)
Emanuel Co.-
Col. Robt Glisson to Hetty Coleman 8 Feb 1868
Henrietta Glisson to Henry Hart 26 Mar 1870
Hetty Glisson to Allen Mclead 28 Nov 1870
Grady Co.-
Mrs. Nancy Glisson to W. R. Cantrell 9 Mar 1908
Hancock Co.-
Nathaniel Glistne to Nancy Dennis 26Feb 1809
Irwin Co.-
Bryant Glisson to Nancy Jernigan 10 Jan 1830 (son of Joseph & Martha Glisson)
Lowndes Co.-
Mrs. Nancy Glisson to Jacob N. Driggors abt 1840
Randolph Co.-
John Glisson to Mrs. Elizabeth Glisson License 28 Dec 1844 married 30 Dec 1844 Stephen Rowe M.G.
Sarah Glifson to Joseph Mercer License 5 Jan 1847 married 14 Jan 1847 James A. Cumbie M.G.
Savannah, Chatham Co.-
Bryan Glisson to Elizabeth Sweat license 19 Feb 1830 ???
Bk 1806-51 pg 87 John B. Glisson to Susan Tillman 14 Jun 1840 (son of ? Glisson & Sarah)
Bk 1806-51 pg 87 Moses M. Glisson to Charlotte Elarbee 13 Jul 1846 (son of Joseph & Martha?)
Bk 1806-51 pg 59 Nancy Glisson to William Burnsed 23 nov 1846 (dau of Joseph & Martha?)
Bk 1806-51 pg 87 Joseph Glisson to Mary Strickland 22 Oct 1850
Bk 1866-73 pg 107 Susan Glisson to James Hogan 30 Oct 1867 (widow of John B. Glisson son of Sarah)
Bk D pg 78 Ella Glisson to William Johnson 25 Jun 1882
Bk X pg 430 Matilda T. Glisson to Geo E. May 9 Mar 1912
Bk 2U's pg 136 Roy A. Glisson to Willene Brewer 6 Jan 1916
Bk 2B's pg 287 Polly Glisson to Dan J. Parrish 24 Jan 1916
Bk 2B's pg 497 Sula Glisson to Horace Hargroves 28 may 1916
Bk 2C's pg 428 Leola Glisson to Wm S. Shattuck 1 Mar 1917
Bk 2C's pg 542 H. Broadus to Gladys Russ 19 Apr 1917 (son of Hiram & Margaret)
Bk 2C's pg 556 Corine Glisson to Joseph Triffe 29 Apr 1917
Bk 2I's pg 43 Florrie Glissen to James Durden 25 Apr 1920
Bk 2M's pg 230 Lawson L. Glisson to Claudia Royal 5 Oct 1923 (son of Joseph W.Glisson & Alice
Bk 2O's pg 354 Marie Glissen to Preston Neidlinger 9 May 1925
Bk 2O's pg 499 Alithia Glisson to Rufus Graham 2 Aug 1925
Bk 2P's pg 60 Thelma L. Glisson to Launey Hiers 21 Nov 1925
Bk 2P's pg 511 Birdie M. Glisson to Harrison Ellis 5 Oct 1926
Bk 2P's pg 588 Bessie Glissen to Charlie Johnson 21 Nov 1926
Bk 2R's pg 294 S. R. Glisson to Ada Cribbs 4 Sep 1928
Bk 2S's pg 164 Alton F. Glisson to Etherl Coleman 7 Sep 1929
Bk 2X's pg 230 Idell Glisson to Leroy Chambers 29 Jun 1936
Bk 2X's pg 318 Patrick C. Glisson to Marie Thamm 26 Aug 1936
Bk 2X's pg 441 Geraldine Glisson to Henry Bacon 14 Nov 1936
Bk 2Y's pg 251 Hazel R. Glisson to Joseph R. Cothran 8 Jul 1937
Bk 2Y's pg 520 Lucille Glisson to William K. Byrd 2 Jan 1939
Screven Co.-
Sarah Glisson to John O. C. Mesaive 3 Jun 1823
Henry H. Glisson to Sarah Ann Haynes 14 Dec 1854
Mary Glisson to John B. Meares 24 Oct 1860
Tattnal Co.-
Jeremiah M. Sweeney to Rebecca Willis 12 Jul 1838
Elizabeth Glisson to James P. Daniel 4 Oct 1838
Fanny Glifson to Cyer Padgell 24 Mar 1844
John B. Glisson to Sarah M. Rogers 12 Jan 1849
Thomas Co.-
Lenora Maloy to Freeman A. Mize 7 Jul 1895 ( son of John & Amanda Maloy)
Meda Glisson to Roland Williams 26 Jun 1919 (dau of John L. & Julia Glisson)
unknown Co.-
John W. Glisson to Sarah of Newport, Rhode Island 11 Jun 1817 (may have actually been S.C.)

Ref: Mormon Church CFI-IGI Files Marriages-
Joseph Glisson married Elizabeth Curry 15 Jan 1829 in Deacatur Co. Ga.
James Glisson married Martha Dykes 4 Jul 1799 Effingham Co. Ga. (James Garrison not Glisson)
Lena Elizabeth Glisson married James Claude Collins on 21 Nov 1919 in Glennville, Tattnall Co. Ga.
Amanda Glisson married 1864 in Meriweather Co. to J.B. Reynolds.
Mrs. Barbara V. Glisson married 16 Sep 1886 in Statesboro, Bullock Co. to John H. Sheffield.
Brinkley Glisson married 1848 in Crawford Co. to Amy Rigland.
Dennis Glisson married 3 Feb 1858 Decatur Co. to Elisabeth Thompson
Dennis T. Glisson married 9 Jan 1868 in Burke Co. to Mary Jane Hillis.
Elizabeth Glisson married 4 Oct 1838 in Tattnall Co. to James Pierce Daniels.
Evan C. Glisson married 1841 to Amelia ?
Evan C. Glisson married 30 Jul 1863 in Burke Co. to Cellinise M. Carpenter.
Henry Glisson married 7 Sep 1854 in Bulloch Co. to Susannah Futch
Henry Calbe Glisson married 1912 in Montgomery Co. to Elmyra Fouche.
Henry Hall Glisson married 1932 in Cedar Crossing, Toombs Co. to Evla Mae Claxton
Hiram Glisson married 9 Oct 1872 in Bulloch Co. to Margaret Driggors
Ida Arvannah Glisson married 1913 in Tattnall Co. to Walter Woodward Davis.
Jacob Green Glisson married 10 Jun 1841 in Burke Co. to Bathsheba Godbee.
James Gilmore Glisson married 23 Feb 1919 in Montgomery Co. to Pinnie Hart.
John Millard Glisson married 25 Feb 1904 in Tattnall Co. to O'Kelly Yeomans.
Julia Frances Glisson married 1909 in Tattnall Co. to W.H. Burke.
Lawrence Glisson married 1909 in Tattnall Co. to Hattie H. Mincey.
Lena Elizabeth Glisson married 21 Nov 1919 jin Glennville, Tattnall Co. to James Claude Collins.
Lula Alice Glisson married 1907 in Montgomery Co. to John Gorden Thigpen.
Obediah Moses Glisson married 1881 in Tattnall Co. to Margaret Emily Arvannah nee Smith.
Polly Glisson married 24 Jan 1916 in Savannah, Chatham Co. to Daniel Jackson Parrish.
Solomon Hartredge Glisson married 17 Feb 1907 in Tattnall Co. to Tressie Jarriel.
Theresa Glisson married 1 Dec 1818 in Burke Co. to William Henry Wade.
William Jacob Glisson married 1908 in Burke Co. to Lilly Belle Oliver.

Ref: Mormon Church CFI-IGI Files Births-
Martin John Webster Glisson born 14 May 1857 in Tattnall Co. Ga. to John Babston Glisson & Sarah Rogers who later resided in Daisy, Evans Co. Ga., Martin died 27 Jul 1929 & wife Wealthy Ann born 12 Feb 1859, died 31 Dec 1942 in Tattnall Co. Ga. dau of Henry Kicklighter & Mary Ann Moody.
Ira Herman Glisson born 25 Sep 1887 in Daisy, Evans Co. Ga. to Martin Glisson & Wealthy Ann Kicklighter.
Stephen Lorenzo Glisson born 7 Apr 1874 in Tattnall Co. Ga. to Dave Glisson & Mary
Children of Young Clyde Glisson & Annie Mae Sanders all born in Milledgeville, Baldwin Co. Ga. buried at Popular Spring Cemetery in Eastman, Dodge Co. Ga. as follows:
Mattie Mae Glisson born 16 May 1890,
Hattie Mozel Glisson born 17 Sep 1891, died 4 Jan 1975.
Willie Lee Glisson born 17 Oct 1896, died 8 Oct 1950.
Dennis Walker Glisson born 1 Jun 1902, died 10 Aug 1941.
Amanda Glisson born 1849 in Crawford Co. D/O Brinkley Glisson & Amy Riglan.
Brinkley Glisson born 1823 in Crawford Co.
Gene Arnold Glisson born 9 Apr 1935 in Augusta, Richmond Co. s/o Ollie Frank Glisson & Effie McCaslan.
Harvey Glisson born 16 Jan 1908 in Tattnall Co. s/o Solomon Hartredge Glisson & Tressie Jarrell.
Hattie Mozel Glisson born 17 Sep 1891 Baldwin Co. d/o Young Glisson & Annie.
Helen Glisson born 9 Dec 1927 in Richmond Co. d/o Ollie Frank Glisson & Effie McCaslan.
Henry Mae Glisson born 22 Jun 1934 in Toombs Co. s/o Henry Hall Glisson & Evla Mae Claxton.
Henry Calup Glisson born 19 Oct 1891 in Tattnall Co. s/o Obediah Moses Glisson & Margaret Emily Arvannah.
Clyde Glisson born 19 Nov 1914 in Tattnall Co. s/o Solomon Hartredge Glisson & Tressie Jarrell.
Hilda Mae Glisson born 31 May 1918 in Tattnall Co.
Hobson Dewey Glisson born 31 Aug 1898 in Statesboro, Bullock Co. s/o Franklin Stephen Glisson & Ella Isman.
Ida Arvannah Glisson born 13 Feb 1894 in Tattnall Co. d/o Obediah Moses Glisson & Margaret Emily Arvannah.
Ira Herman Glisson born 23 Nov 1887 in Tattnall Co.
Jacob Albert Futch born 22 Mar 1894 in Bullock Co. s/o Zacharia J. Futch & Eliza Glisson.
James Gilmore Glisson born 23 May 1896 in Tattnall Co. s/o Obediah Moses Glisson & Margaret Emily Arvannah.
John Millard Glisson born 25 Feb 1881 in Cobbtown, Tattnall Co. s/o David Bennett Glisson & Mary Eleanor Kennedy.
Julia Frances Glisson born 24 Nov 1882 in Tattnall Co. d/o Obediah Moses Glisson & Margaret Emily Arvannah.
Lawrence Glisson born 15 May 1888 in Tattnall Co. s/o Obediah Moses Glisson & Margaret Emily Arvannah.
Lena Elizabeth Glisson born 14 Nov 1894 in Bullock Co. d/o M.M. Glisson & Julia Ann Lanier.
Lillie Oree Glisson born 11 Mar 1905 in Cobbtown, Tattnall Co. d/o Obediah Moses Glisson & Margaret Emily Arvannah.
Lula Alice Glisson born 24 Nov 1882 Tattnall Co. d/o Obediah Moses Glisson & Margaret Emily Arvannah.
Maggie Ava Glisson born 11 Dec 1886 in Tattnall Co. d/o Obediah Moses Glisson & Margaret Emily Arvannah.
Marie Glisson born 11 Jun 1904 in Statesboro, Bullock Co. d/o Franklin Stephen Glisson & Ella Isman.
Marjorie Gertrude Glisson born 18 Oct 1913 in Daisy, Evans Co. d/o Ira H. Glisson & Elizabeth Durrence.
Marvin Rex Glisson born 26 May 1911 in Cobbtown, Tattnall Co. s/o John Millard Glisson & O'Kelly Yeomans.
Mary Agnes Glisson born 29 May 1898 in Tattnall Co. d/o Obediah Moses Glisson & Margaret Emily Arvannah.
Mary Lucy Glisson born 2 Jan 1911 in Tattnall Co. d/o Solomon Hartredge Glisson & Tressie Jarrell.
Moses Glisson born 28 Nov 1919 in Uvalda, Montgomery Co. s/o James Gilmore Glisson & Pinnie Hart.
Ollie Frank Glisson born 10 Mar 1900 in Statesboro, Bullock Co. s/o Franklin Stephen Glisson & Ella Isman.
Sarah Jane Greene Glisson born 29 Nov 1874 in Johnson, Tattnall Co. d/o Eli Glisson & Marguarette Price.
Solomon Hartredge Glisson born 28 Nov 1878 in Tattnall Co. s/o David Bennett Glisson & Mary Ellen Kennedy.
Ward Spivey Glisson born 31 Oct 1909 in Cobbtown, Tattnall Co. s/o John Millard Glisson & O'Kelly Yeomans.
William David Glisson born 14 Jan 1926 in Tattnall Co.
Willie Gordon Glisson born 7 Nov 1907 in Cobbtown, Tattnall Co. s/o John Millard Glisson & O'Kelly Yeomans.
Wilson Futch Glisson born 10 Nov 1918 in Cobbtown, Tattnall Co. s/o John Millard Glisson & O'Kelly Yeomans.

Ref: 1808 Mortuary Records, City Hall, Savannah, GA-(Found in Southern Christian Advocate Vol 2)
On 22 Apr 1808 Rebecca dau of John B. Glisson died at age 4,

Ref: Christian Index Obituaries 1822-1879- Abstracted & Edited by Mary Overby-
Mrs. Mary Glisson, 54 year old widow of Dennis Glisson, died 18 Jul 1836 in Burke Co. GA.

Ref: Marriage & Death Notices 1837-1860 from the Southern Christian-
pg 149- Issue 12 May 1848- Died April 22 sister Mary Ann Glisson born in 1813 and married to brother E.C. Glisson at age 18, left husband and six children Zelman Douglas, Alexander, Burke Co. GA
pg 150- Issue 26 May 1848- Died in Burke Co. GA at the residence of James G. Stone April 29, 1848, Mary Ann daughter of E.C. and Mary Ann Glisson only eight days after the death of its mother, aged 12 days.
Pg 161- Issue Oct 20 1848- Married on the 22rd Sept, by Rev Zelman Douglas, Mr. Evin C. Glisson to Miss Amelia Sandeford all of Burke Co.
pg 171- Issue Feb 9 1849- Married on 25th ult by Rev Zelman Douglas, Dr. Thomas A. Ward to Joanna H. Glisson all of Burke Co. GA.
Pg 240- Issue Aug 1, 1851- Married on the 22rd July, By Rev T.Z. Pierce, Mr. H.C. Glisson to Miss Susannah Moore all of Burke Co. GA.
Pg 307- Issue June 24, 1853- Died at the residence of her son-in-law E.C. Glisson, Glispan, in the 81st year of her age Mrs. Elizabeth Mulkey, S. Douglas
Pg 509- Issue June 17, 1858- On the 26 May, by Rev. R.W. Johnson, Mr. Dennis Glisson of Burke Co. to Miss Elizabeth E. Brown daughter of Mr. Ebenezer Brown of Jefferson Co. GA.
Pg -Mrs. Amelia B. Glisson, wife of E.C. (Eviin) Glisson died in Burke Co. GA Feb 23rd 1862, aged 58 yrs and 3 months.
Pg -Rev Dennis Glisson of 3rd GA VVols died in Burke Co. GA Feb 26, 1863, aged 27 yrs.
Pg -Green Even Glisson, son of E.C. Glisson oof Burke Co. GA was born Feb 4, 1842, and died Sep 5 ?
Pg -Mrs. Joanna Ward wife of Dr. T.A. Ward off Burke Co. GA and daughter of E. C. Glisson died 17 Feb 1864.

Ref: Will & Probate Proceedings Decatur Co. GA-
Last will & testament of Mrs. Nora Mize, filed 21 Apr 1927, List sister Bama Maloy Exectrix, property known as Little Harrell Mill Place, Mumbs Place, & the Whiteby Place and place where Clarence Godwin lives to be given to her 3 brothers W.M. Maloy, S.J. Maloy, and F.M. Maloy, dated 29 day of Dec 1924.
Petition of Bama Maloy Burns elected executrix of Last will in Testament of Nora Mize, who died 18 Apr 1927, state disposed of said will amounting to sum of about $20,000.00,
In other proceedings List W.M. Maloy residing at Eupaula, Alabama, S.E. Maloy at Millville, FLA, F.M. Maloy when last heard of reside in Quincey, FLA.

Ref: Biographies of Meriwether County, Ga. citizens
from Memoirs of Georgia, Vol. II, Atlanta, Ga., Published by The Southern Historical Association in 1895,transcribed by Carla Miles

J. B. Reynolds
pages 520-521

J. B. Reynolds, one of the successful agriculturists of Meriwether county, is a native of South Carolina, born in Edgefield district in 1843.  His father, Wiley Reynolds, was a son of Thomas and Nancy (Harris) Reynolds; and his mother, Dolly (Burton) Reynolds, was the daughter of Nathaniel and Susan (Aswell) Burton, all South Carolinians by birth.  In 1846, when the boy, J.B. Reynolds, was but three years old, his parents came to Georgia and settled on a farm in Meriwether county, where he was reared, and received such school privileges as were afforded in the little log school house of the district.  He enlisted in 1862, joining Company F of the Fifty-fifth regiment, under Capt. Henry Baker.  Although he served faithfully to the end of the war he had the singular good fortune not only to escape being wounded or captured, but even to escape being in battle.  Upon his return from the war Mr. Reynolds received from his father eight hundred acres of land, on which to make his home, and this, well improved, and added to, has been the foundation of the competence which he now possesses.  In 1864 Mr. Reynolds married Miss Amanda Glisson, a native of Crawford county, born in 1849.  She is the daughter of Brinkley and Amy (Riglan) Glisson, natives of this state; her father served both in the Indian war of 1836, and in the Mexican war.  Both Mr. Reynolds and his wife are members of the Missionary Baptist church.  They have six children: Anna, Dida, Henry W., J. B., Lillie and Emmett.