References for Glissons in Georgia

Ref: Land Deeds for Burke Co. GA-
Indenture- State of Ga, Pursuaint to a warrant from Honorable Court of Justices from Burke District to Thos Lewis Esq. Dated 5 Nov 1787. I have configured and laid out unto Frederick Glifson a tract of land containing 200 acres in the county of Burke on Hughes Branch Northside of Briar Creek bound to the West by James Williams, to the South by Frances Tarir , to the North by Jacob Long, and to the East partly by Abraham Glifson and on every other part vacant. Certified 26 Day of Dec 1787. Isaac Terry A.S. (note: written on side of plat- Recorded Book B pg 1- 16 Aug 1788 by Isaac Terry. Witnessed by Abraham & Denis Glifson) at bottom state that Fred Glifson actually resides in this state.
Indenture- State of Ga., Pursuaint to warrant from Honorable Court of Justices from Burke Co. directed to Thos Lewis Esq. Dated 3 Dec 1787. I have configured and laid out unto Abraham Glifson a tract of land containing 200 acres in the county of Burke near White Branch. Northside of Briar Creek, bound to the NW partly by Jacob Long, to the SW by Mathias Hughes, to the SE partly by William Phillips and every other side vacant. Certified 25 Dec 1787 by Isaac Terry C.S. (note: written on side of plat- Recorded Book B pg 11, 16 Aug 1788 by Isaac Terry C.S. witnessed by Fred & Denis Glifson) at bottom states that Abraham Glifson actually resides in this state.
Indenture- Recorded Book C pg 31 Abrahm Glifson for 200 acres by Robert Osvorne Esq. C.S.. Warrant 2 Mar 1789 signed Thos Lewis at. Surveyed 14 Apr 1789 for Abraham Glifson who actually resides in this state, 200 acres of land in Burke Co. on Phillips Mill Branch, NS of Briar Creek bound to SW by his own land and on all other sides by vacant land, certified by Isaac Terry C.S. (note: written on side of plat advertised and certified 5 Oct 1789, witnessed by Fred & Dennis Glifson)
Indenture- Pursuaint to a warrant from the Honarable Court of Justices for Burke Co. directed to Thos Lewis Esqr C.C.S. date 5 Dec 1797. I have administered and laid out unto Abraham Glifson a tract of land containing 55 acres in the said county of Burke of the NS of Briars Creek near Whites Branch bounded to the S by Briar Creek, to the SE by Wm Phillips and the NW by Mathias Hughs deceased, contains acres above described, hath such shape form of marks as above plat represents. Certified 25 Dec 1787, Isaac Terry A.S., A. Glifson resides in this state and on side of plat witness Fred & Dennis Glifson.
Indenture- Recorded Book B pg 75- Pursuaint to a warrant from the Honarable Court of Justices of Burke Co. Directed to Thomas Lewis Esq dated 4 Feb 1788. I have configured and laid out unto Dennis Glisson a tract of land containing 400 acres aforesaid County of Burke bounded on the NW by William Hurst and bounded on the SW by Major Hunt and all other by vacant land and contains as above described both such slants form and marshes as the above plat represents and was vacant land before this survey: certified this 13th day of Febuary 1788. James Oliver A.S. (Dennis Glisson actually resides in this State) Witness: William Istullititi & Chris Simons. (note: on Whites Branch) signed 7 Jul 1788 examined on 19 Jan 1787 by Isaac Terry.
Indenture- Recorded Book E pg 194- James Glifson 60 acres, warrant dated 3 Jul 1797 surveyed 1 May 1798 for James Glifson who lives in this state, 60 acres of land bounded SE by land of James Babcock, E by Martha Ellison, and NW and W by his own land formerly surveyed for Abrm Glifson which the above plat represents, advertised and certified 4 Jul 1798 by R. Osbourne C.S.
Indenture- made on 24 Sep 1810 between James Glifson of Burke Co. & Brinto Rucker for $300.00, a lot of land containing 200 acres lying in Randolph Co. #118 in 18th Dist. Drawn by James Gliston. Witness, William Pryor, Chs Cargile, Recorded 5 Apr 1813 pg 538 by Henry Walker C.R. (note: this land was drawn by James Gliston in 1807 Land Lottery, it was Baldwin Co. in 1807, Randolph in 1810 and Jasper in 1812)
Indenture- Recorded Book L Folio 75 17 Aug 1836- Dennis Glifson 16 acres land in Burke Co. recorded in Sur Gen's office book AB Folio 81-
Indenture- Warrant dated 6 May 1834, surveyed the 22nd May 1835 for Dennis Glifson who resides in this state a tract of 16 acres pineland, bounded as the plat represents, bounded by land of Dennis Glifson, William Dixon and George S. Perry, advertised 4 Jul 1835 by Ezekiel Lester C.S, witnessed by Evan C. Glifson & Jacob Glifson. (note: Dennis, Evan, Jacob were brothers & sons of Dennis Glisson Sr.)
Indenture- Recorded in Book L pg 180 9 May 1829- Evan C. Glisson plat 18 acres in Burke Co. by J.J. Heath G.S. recorded General office Book A6 pg 614-
Indenture- Warrant dated 5 Dec 1837 surveyed 9 Jan 1839 for Evan C. Glifson who resides in this state a tract of land containing 18 acres bounded as the above plat represents, by Isaac J. Heath, C.S. Advertised 4 Feb 1839. Bounded by land of James H. Royal, said Glisson signed Evan G. Glifson & Thomas Hurst cc.
Indenture- Recorded in Book L Folio 76 17 Aug 1836- Evan C. Glifson plat 18 acres in Burke Co. recorded in Surveyors General Office in book AB Folio 80. Warrant dated 7 Jul 1835 survey dated 21 Oct 1835 for Evan C. Glifson who resides in this state a tract of 18a of land bounded as the plat represents. Advertised 1 Nov 1835 by Ezekiel Lester C.S. signed by Evan C. Glifson & Jacob Glifson cc. Land bounded by land of Mrs. Barley & Dennis Glifson and his own land.


Ref:  Jasper County, Georgia Deed Abstracts, 1808-1816 (partial)

Sources: Microfilm of the actual Jasper County, Georgia, Deed books. Books 3 & 4 =

LDS Microfilm # 158494; Books 5 & 6 = LDS Microfilm # 158495; Books 7 & 8 = LDS

Microfilm # 158496.

NOTE: Unless stated otherwise, all grantors and grantees were from the area now called

Jasper County, Georgia. Before 1807 this same area was a part of Baldwin County and

from 1807 until 1812 it was called Randolph County. In 1812 the name was changed to

Jasper County. The names listed here are spelled the same as the actual record to the best

of my ability to read the record.


Book 5, pp. 536 & 537, dated Sept. 24, 1810. BENTON RUCKER sold to JOHN T.

WARD for $300. Description: 202 1/2 acres, Lot 118, District 18 of Baldwin County

drawn by JAMES GLISSON on the waters of Herds Creek. Witnesses: JOHN

CARGILE, & CHARLES CARGILE, J.P., plus an affidavit dated April 4, 1813 by

JOHN CARGILE witnessed by E. GREENE, J.P.

Recorded: April 5, 1813, by HENRY WALKER, Clk.


Book 5, p. 538 & 539, dated Nov. 24, 1810. JOHN T. WARD sold to DAVID EVANS

for $100. Description: Lot 118 on the waters of Herds Creek drawn by JAMES 

GLISSTON of MULKEYS district Burke County granted Dec. 7, 1808. (Note: The land

district was not given, but from the description it should be in district 18.) Witnesses:

JOHN SPAIN & WILLIAM M. COCHRAN, plus an affidavit dated April 5, 1813 by 

WILLIAM M. COCHRAN witnessed by HIRIAM GLAZIER, J. P.  Recorded: April 5,

1813, by HENRY WALKER, Clk.

Ref: Burke Co. GA early records compiled by Alden Assoc.-
pg 99- Governor & Council meetings 10 May 1790-16 Dec 1790, Militia- 3rd Company Dennis Gliason 1st Lt., Frederick Glisson 2nd Lt., 7 Jun 1788.
pg 107- 1796 tax defaulters, Dennis & Joseph Glisson.
pg 117- 1805 Land Lottery James Glisson.
pg 137- Muster Roll, 2nd class of 2nd Brigade 1st Division, Gamil 1814-1819, 2nd Company 7th Regiment - Dennis Glisson.

Ref: Burke Co. GA Records-
Homer E. Glisson Solicitor of Burke Co. May 14, 1866, H.R. Burke Co. 1873-76

Ref: The Georgia Black Book, Morbid, Macabre & sometimes Disgusting Records of Genealogical Value by Robert Scott Davis Jr.-
Vol I pg 175- Penitentiary Book- #1723 Hayward Glisson entered prison 27 Apr 1859, convicted in Jefferson Co.
Vol II pg 271- Pardon & Parole Files 1858-1942- Applications for Clemency, R61-4-42 GA Department of Archives & History -among others George Glisson, Burke Co.

Ref: Chatham Co. GA Savannah Courthouse-
Caroline Glisson, bought land from Rosa Tutty formerly Rosa Ward 25 Nov 1899 (note: Rosa Tutty Ward is older sister of Caroline Ward Glisson)

Ref: Bulloch Co. GA Deed Books , Indentures, Land Warrants, by the Court of Justices of Bulloch Co. & misc.
The Court of Justices of Bullock Co. to Josiah Everitt Esq. County Surveyor of Bullock Co., You are hereby authorized and required to measure and survey and layout tracts of land-
N recorded 30 Dec 1800 J. Ecs- for Joseph Glifson 24 Nov 1800 for 200 acres signed Dewey Jones, James Bird, Jarvis Jackson, attested Benj. Richardson C.C. Exe.
N17 recorded 15 Jul 1805 JE. ES- for Joseph Glison containing 200 acres, 6-14 Feb 1804 signed John Everett, Chas McCall & Joshua Everett, attested: Benj. Richarson.
N6 recorded - for Joseph Glifson for 200 acres 1 Dec 1806 signed Jarvis Jackson, Charles McCall, F. Kennedy, attested Benj. Richardson CLC.
N recorded executed 10 Oct 1808- Aaron Everett surveyor to Joseph Glisson for 300 acres, 3 Oct 1808 signed Charles McCall, William Parker, Hezekiah Parrish, attested: Thomas Mekeel CBC.
N4 recorded- for Joseph Glisson for 300 acres 7 Dec 1814 signed Jarvis Jackson ,John Bernnet, Joseph Glifson, attested: W. A. Redding.
N executed 15 Jan 1823- Aaron Everett surveyor to Riley Gliston 300 acres 4 Feb 1822 signed D.J. Blackburn, Joseph Hagain, Enoch Tasgund J.P.S. attested: William Everett SC, by William Everett.
Recorded Bk A folio 119 Advertized 24 Jan 1807- Warrant dated 24 Nov 1800, surveyed for Joseph Glisson 30 Dec 1800, 200 acres on L Main Branch NE head of same bounded on all other sides by vacant land. Signed Josiah Everitt C.S. Witness: Wm Sikes, Jos Sikes. Recorded BK WWWW page 172.
Recorded Bk B folio 112- Warrant dated 6 Feb 1804 surveyed 11 Jul 1805 for Joseph Glifson, 200 acres on Scots Creek Waters of Big Lots Creek lying on the S of Lots Creek and N of Scots Creek near Cliftons Bay bounded all sides by vacant land signed Josiah Everett C.S. Witness: Joseph Glifson, John Glifson. Recorded BK W pg 168.
Recorded Bk B folio 185 advertised 16 Mar 1808- Warrant dated 1 Dec 1807 surveyed 14 Feb 1808 for Joseph Glifson for 200 acres on Big Lots Creek bounded by SE by John Futch, NE by Big Lots Creek and all other sides by vancant land, signed Aaron Everett C.S. Witness: John Futch, Wm. Woodcock. Recorded BK VV pg 65 # 138.
Recorded Bk B folio 205 22 Jul 1809- Warrant dated 3 Oct 1808 surveyed 10 Oct 1808 for Joseph Glifson for 300 acres on Big Lots Creek bounded W by vacant land, signed Aaron Everett C.S. Witness: John Kocks, Janes Row. Recorded BK WW Folio 266 # 801.
Recorded Bk C folio 129- Warrant dated 7 Feb 1814 surveyed 15 Mar 1814 for Joseph Glisson for 300 acres on the waters of Lotts Creek bounded on all sides by vacant land. Signed Aaron Everett, Witness: John E. McCall, John Futch. Advertised 1 Jan 1815.
Recorded Bk C folio 187- Warrant dated 5 May 1817 surveyed 6 Jun 1817 for Mary Glifson for 344 acres on the waters of Black Creek bounded SW by John Harrell N by Jordan Lewis, NE by Richard T. Standalan and vacant on other sides, signed Aaron Everett C.S. Witness: Joseph Glifson, Wryley Glifson. Recorded BK 22 pg 120.
Pg 427-428- William Sulivant to Andrew Kicklighter 25 Nov 1814, Witness: Joseph Glisson, J.P. Recorded 15 May 1821.
Pg 455- Lewis Green to Joseph Glisson 1 Jan 1819 for $500, a negro woman named Annakey. Recorded 24 Sep 1822.
Pg 9-10 9 Sep 1823, John H. Nessmith to Andrew Kicklighter, witness: Jos Glisson.
Bk C-D pg 35-36- on 7 Dec 1838 between James Hollaway of Bulloch Co. and John Glisson of Randolph Co.James Hollaway for $70 sells to John Glisson a tract of land situate in 18th district formerly Lee but now Randolph Co. #35, witness: Chas. J. Flecher & David Williams J.P., recorded 12 Mar 1838.

Ref: Bullock Co. Ga. Genealogical Source Material by Alvaretta Kenan Register-
Deed Book AA, 1806-1813-
pg 217 #40- 16 Dec 1809, recorded 15 Jan 1810, Frances Godfrey planter sold to Samuel Peacock Esq. for $50.00, 100 acres being part of a tract of land surveyed for George Martin for 200 acres, wit: E. Godfrey, Joseph Glisson, Josiah Jones J.P.
pg 385 #65- 30 Sep 1816, Recorded 11 Nov. 1818, Mary Calcut sold to Joseph Glisson for $600.00, 3 slaves & household Furniture, Wit: James Green & John Woodcock, Oath 7 Oct 1816, wit, Benjamin Lanier.
Deed Books A-D-
pgs 386-7, 21 Jun 1853 List of appraisement of Martha Groover, dec'd as produced by John C. Rimesadmir, by James Denmark, Randolph Rowe, Moses M. Glisson, John Nessmith J.P.
Wills & Miscellaneous Estate Records-
Book 8A, 1855-1861-
pg 381 # 901- 14 Sep 1855 received of Solomon Futch gdn. of the estates of Solomon Futch dec'd $360.00 in full satisfaction of all claims on the estate of Solomon Futch dec'd. Signed Henry Thompson. A Similar receipt signed 24 Mar 1855 by Henry Glisson Wit: John D. Clanton & James G. Marsh,
pg 308-10- Will of Martha Groover, made Jan 29, 18--, probated 6 Jun 1853. Named son Joshua Groover, son Enoch Groover, dau Mahaley Millen (which was her name when she left Bullock Co.) son David M. Groover, son-in-law Elisha Howell, son Christopher Groover, son-in-law James Rushing, son-in-law Patrick White, dau Haner White's 4 children that she had by her former husband James Dickerson, namely Peter G. Dickerson, John Dickerson, Ivey Dickerson, William W. Dickerson, Executor, (blank) Wit: John M. Martin, Jacob Nevills Jr., Redding Denmark.
Book 3A, 1836-45-
pgs 12-13- 14 Sep 1834, Probated July term 1836, recorded 16 Jul 1836, will of Solomon Futch Sr. names wife Sally Futch son Zacharia, other children John, Thomas, Jacob, Rowan, Solomon Futch, Mary Ann Duggar (Driggors) Sarah Baxter, Delila Strickland, Betsey Sweat, also Isaac Futch and Betsy Futch. Also gave to "my wife's last (?) dau. Verey." Appointed son Solomon Futch Jr. & his nephew Eli Futch as sole executors, Wit: Peter Cone, Jeremiah Davis, Samuel Davis.
Bullock Co. Marriages Book 2A-
pg 172 # 199- Henry Glisson to Miss Susannah Futch both of Bullock Co. on 7 Sep 1854.
pg 180 # , Moses M. Glisson to Sarah Futch on 27 Jun 1852.
pg 185 #45- Meranora Glisson to James Durrance on 27 Feb 1827.
#51- Hiram Glisson to Margaret Driggors on 9 Oct 1872.
#53- Marchester Gliston to Jefferson Morris on 9 Feb 1873.
pg 192 - Peter Dickerson to Miss Georgian Rushingg on 29 Cec 1853.
- William W. Daniels of Tattnall Co. to Sarah F. Rodgers of Bullock Co. on 28 Jan 1869.

Ref: Court Records Bulloch Co. GA.-
I Simon Lewis appoint by truly friend Joseph Glisson of Bulloch Co. my lawful attorney 8 Dec 1807. Witnesses: B. Glifson, W.W. Redding, recorded 8 Feb 1809, A. Walker C.C.

Ref: Minutes of the DeLoach Church, Bulloch County, Georgia-
DeLoach's Church, located in Bulloch County, Georgia, was constituted on 9 May 1840 on land given by John Calvin Deloach & his brother, William. The following notes were all handwritten by John Calvin Deloach, great- great grandfather of the transcriber.
1.John Deloach    2.Barnabas Bennett    3.William Deloach    4.Reddick Cribbs(son of #4 below)
5.James McElveen    6.John Everett    7.Ardelia Deloach (nee Frier wife of #1)    8.Hannah Bennett
9.Abigail Deloach (nee Futch wife of William)    10.Mary Martin    11.Nancy McElveen
The names here following has been received since the constitution.
1.Lewis Smith    2.Jacob Kicklighter    3.John M. Martin    4.Covington Cribs
5.Redding Rimes    6.Susannah Barrow    7.Mary Cribbs    8.Elizabeth Deloach (widow of John Hardy)
9.Elizabeth Anderson    10.Nancy Rowe    10.Sarah Cribs (nee Cannon wife of #4)    11.Dempsey Cannon 12.Rebecca Cannon (wife of #11)    13.Adam Jones    14.Mary Jones    15.Rachel Smith
16.Redding Denmark    17.Rachel Denmark    18.Elizabeth Woodcock    19.Mary Dregors
20.Thomas H. Boymont    21.Susan Cribbs (nee Susan A. Wise wife of #4 top)    22.Elias E. Martin
23.Moses J. McElveen    24.Jehew Sikes    25.Sarah Sikes    26.Margaret Parker    27.Jeminma Hendricks
28.Julyann M. Rodgers (nee Deloach wife of # 30)    29.Ann Martin    30.Erwin G. Rodgers
31.Catherine Rimes    32.Tarice Denmark    33.Stephen Denmark    34.General Cannon (son of #11)
34.Mary Cannon (nee DeLoach wife of #34)    35.John Rimes    36.Emanuel Riggs    37.Emanuel Riggs
38.Martha Glisson    39.Elizabeth Franklin    40.A.B. Graham    41.Anna Graham    42.NanacyGroover
43.Zecheriah Worley    44.illegible    45.Mary Ann Gibson    46.Thomas Rodgers   47.James W. Bennett
48.Kisiah Deloach    49.Dicy Riggs    50.Mary Barrow    51.Charity Rodgers    52.Matthew Deloach
53.Nancy Deloach    54.Matilda Wilkinson    55.Eliza Anderson    56.Harriet Hendricks    57.Dicy Moore
58.Joshua D. Deloach    59.Margaret E. Deloach    60.William M. Williams    61.William M. Williams
62.Frances H.C.Williams    63.Glenn Hendricks    64.Elizabeth Lanier    65.John C. DeLoach (JohnCalvinJr.)    66.Ellen Anderson    67.Candacy Beasley    68.John J. Martin
Colard Person-   1.Moses    2.Jacob Wilkinson    3.Monday    4.Punch    5.Ishmel
                             6.Walker    7.Cad    8.Henry    9.Elizabeth    10.Littleton Hendrix

Ref: Life in Old Bullock, The Story of a Wiregrass Co. in Ga. by Dorothy Brannin-
pg 337- In 1902 the News reported that L.C. Glisson had invented a fire extinguisher for which he obtained a patent. The device sold for $12.50.
pg 397- 1903 Glisson's Rackett Store advertised itself as an up to date refreshment Stand. They had purchased an up to date ice cream cabinent in which they kept the ice cream, they made themselves. In 1907 M.L. Glisson's ice cream parlor invited people to leave their bundles with them during court week.

Ref: Tattnall Co. GA Courthouse-
James Cobb Vs Joseph Glisson: Jury #1 return their verdict. We find for the Plantiff the sum of $49 with interest from 1st day of Dec 1819 signed John McInnis Foreman, for year 6 Nov 1820.

Ref: Tattnall Co. GA Court of Ordinary-
4 Sep 1820, Grand Jurors- among others Joseph Glisson.

Ref: Grand Juror List 1820 Tattnall Co. GA-
Joseph Glisson

Ref: Cobbtown District Tattnall Co.-
There was a John B. Glisson in 1838 that was a witness to a murder. Two males were fighting and one was killed. John B. Glisson helped carry the body off. John B. Glisson was about 16-17 years old. (probably John B. Glisson b.1822 son of widow Sarah)

Ref: Bryan Co. GA Deed Books-Recorded in Surveyors Office Book-
pg 341- Warrant dated 12 Jan 1846 & surveyed 22 Jan 1846 for Ali Glifson containing 200 acres of land Witness: James Glisson, Riley Glisson, certified by Isaac Perry county surveyor.
Pg -Warrant dated 6 Mar 1848 & surveyed 15 Mar 1848 for Sarah Glifson for 400 acres of land, witness George Wallen, C. M. Bashfor, advertised 15 Apr 1848, certified by C. M. Bashfor county surveyor.
pg 472- Warrant dated 13 Jun 1851 & surveyed 30 Jun 1852 for J.B. Glisson, tract of land for 107 acres, advertised 2 Aug 1852 Witness: Wm E. Webb, Joseph McCallan C.C., certified by Hiram Melltox county surveyor.

Ref: Bryan Co. GA Poor School Records-
Jun 4, 1842, Eli Glisson, James Glisson, Riley Glisson
Jun 10, 1847, Geogian Glisson, Mary A. Glisson

Ref: Liberty Co. GA Election List-
Ali Glisson- At an election held at the Rye Patch in the 16th District G.M. voted for a Congressman, Senator, and a Representative to State Legislature on 5 Oct 1857.

Ref: Emanuel Co. GA Legal Notices from the Georgia Journal 15 Jun 1824-
One negro man by the name of John taken as the property of John Glisson to satisfy an execution in favor of Ambrose Smith, property pointed out by the plaintiff.

Ref: Randolph Co. GA Deed Books-
Bk B pg 241- on 4 Mar 1837 between John Glisson of Randolph Co. & Samuel S. West of Randolph Co. John Glisson sold for $150 to Samuel S. West, 1/8 part of land situate in county of Randolph formerly Lee Co. Lot #138. Witness: Zadock J. Daniel, George W. Harrison J.P. Recorded 1 Aug 1837.
BK C-D page 35-36 on 7 Dec 1836 between James Hollaway & John Glisson for $70 land lying in 8th district formerly Lee Co. #35, witnessed by Chas J. Fletcher & David Willams recorded 12 Mar 1838.
BK C pg 117- on 20 Jan 1838, between John Glisson of Randolph Co. to David Godwin of Randolph Co. John Glisson sold for $200 David Godwin lot of land drawn by Hugh W. Proudfoot N#54 in 8th Dist formerly Lee, now Randolph Co. Witness: Henry Mauldin, J.P. Storky Collins, recorded 6 Jun 1838 clerk B.H. Griffith.
Bk pg - on 7 Jan 1838 between Riley Glifson & John Glifson both of Randolph Co. for $40 a tract of land lying in Bullock Co. on the waters of the Canachy River surveyed 10 Feb 1822 for Riley Glisson Warrant dated 4 Feb 1822 by Wm. Everitt D.S. certified by Aaron Everett, Randal M. McDonald and Joseph Glisson containing 300 acres bounded in part by lands of Andrew Kicklighter, Jacob Futch & Wm. Miller. Witness: Bryan Dunn, Caleb McKinny, recorded 11 Jun 1838, J.R. McNeil J.P., P.H. Griffith, Clerk


Georgia:  Randolph County:  Deeds - Deed Books A, B, C District 7 part 1

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GEORGE W. KING to RICHARD FOSTER. Lot #125, 7th Dist. Wit.: John Glisson,

Smith R. Cherry. Mar. 24, 1830/June 29, 1833.


RICHARD DAVIS, sheriff of Randolph Co., to THOMAS M. CARDIN. Lot #90, 7th

Dist. Wit.: John Glisson, Thos. Adams, J.P. Mar. 6, 1838/Mar. 20, 1838.

Ref: Court Ordinary Randolph Co. GA- 15 Jan 1850-
pg 151- (Summary)- Court orders that orphans William, Martha Ann & Teresa Elizabeth minor children of Joseph Glifson deceased be bound over to John Glifson, William until he reaches 18, Martha Ann & Teresa Elizabeth until they reach age of 16. (note: John Glisson married Elizabeth Curry Glisson widow of Joseph Glisson Jr.) (John probably brother to Joseph Glisson Jr.)

Ref: Randolph Co. GA Land Lots-
Name Land Lot District Year
John Glisson #54 8 1836
John Glisson #139 8 1836
John Glisson #138 8 1837
John Glisson #35 8 1837
John Glisson 213 8 1838
John Glisson 117 8 1844

Ref: Officers of Randolph Co. GA after its creation 20 Dec 1828-
Surveyor- John Glisson 18 Feb 1829

Ref: History of Stewart Co. GA Vol II by Sara Robertson Dixon & A. H. Clark-
pg 10- officers of Randolph Co. 20 Dec 1828, surveyor- John Glisson 18 Feb 1829.
Pg 573- #112- Abstract of Justice Court Minutes- Estate of Elisha Vinson dated Mar 1837 who resided in 19th District Stewart Co. buyers at estate sale, among others Levin Glisson (note: This may be the Levin Glisson who went to Smith Co. Mississippi?)
Abstract of 1841 Digest- Charles Glisson agent for Jane Glisson


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Source: Jacquelyn Shepard

Guardianship to Joel E. Smith

Roxie Glisson, orphan of John Glisson.

5 May 1873

Bond $1000.00

Joel E. Smith, Principal

John Moore, Security

Ref: Land Deed Decatur Co. GA-
#220- 7 Jun 1861 between Michael A. Henderson and Dennis Glisson both of Decatur Co. GA for $35 for 125 acres of land south of Lot #373 in 20th District, Witness: Raymond Rudd, Moses L. Lyer, recorded 14 Jan 1875, T.F. Hampton, Clerk. (Raymond Rudd husband of Nancy Glisson dau of Riley & Mary)
#219- 27 Sep 1871 between Dennis Glissin and Mary A. Pitman, Ester P. Pitman and Isabell R. Pitman all of the estate of Ga county of Decatur for $50 parcel of land lying in the 20th District of Decatur Co. namely south of Lot #373, 125 acres witness: M.A. Henderson, Moses S. Lyer, recorded 14 Jan 1875, T.F. Hampton, Clerk. (note: Ester Pastora Pitman became 2nd wife of Ebenezer Glisson 9 Nov 1871, Ebenezer son of Wiley & Tersa, Dennis son of Riley & Mary)
#222- 8 Jan 1872 between William Newberry to Marion Glisson for $50 land lying in 20th District of Decatur Co. being 125 acres of lot #373 south of said lot, witness: Raymond Rudd, Jasper Glisson, W.B. Freeman J.P., recorded 31 Jan 1872. (note: Marion Glisson son of Riley & Mary, Jasper Glisson son of Wiley & Tersa, Margaret Glisson listed a son William Newberry in 1880 census age 28, Raymond Rudd son in law of Riley & Mary Glisson).
#221- indenture between Arthur Rudd & Joseph Glisson both of Decatur Co. GA for $75 lot of land #374 in the 20th District now said Glisson is to have all land west of the Quincey Road containing 200 acres, Witness: Marion Glisson, Wm. A. Rudd & M.A. Henderson, recorded 31 Jan 1872, W.R. Freeman J.P. (note: Joseph Glisson son of Riley & Mary)

Ref: Decatur Co. GA- Jury Term 1829, Petit Jury-
Joseph Glisson

Ref: Decatur Co. GA 1833, Public Auction-
On a list of about 300 people, it was shown, that L. Glisson had auctioned off some fish hooks for $1.50.

Ref: Estate of Store Owner, Hugh G. Gamble in Decatur Co. GA-
probated May 1832, Inventory of about 100 charge customers showed Joseph Glisson as a customer and owing $12.75.

Ref: Estray Book 1828 of Decatur Co. GA-
Some Indian Goods was appraised that was brought in from Capt. Glisson's Dist.

Ref: Estate Records of Decatur Co. GA-
#38-1849- J.J. Glisson Admn of Est of E.B. Glisson-
13 Jul 1899 Letter of appraisment value of Est $10,000 signed T.B. Maxwell Ordinary.
9 Jul 1900 Petiton for Amend Return Files in office this July 9th , 1900 bill due Est $4560.38 signed T.B. Maxwell Ordinary. See amend ret book page 543 Book P.
Jul 1900 Amend return files in office Sept 1, 1901 showing bal due Est $3476.39 signed T.B. Maxwell Ordinary see amend return book Q page 37
July 1902 Amend return files in office Aug 12 1902 Admended to record Dec Term 1902, showing balance due estate $847.23 signed T.B. Maxwell Ordinary, see return book 2 Page 142.
No property left except personal which was seized by expeditor of estate and sold for debt of deceased.

Ref: Early Co. GA, Deed Books-
Lot # 343 Districts 17 & 18, issued warrant by William Schley Governor of Georgia to winners of 1820 Land Lottery, of land acquired by Creek Nation of Indians for counties of Early among others, List Mary, Nathan, Amos, Martha & Barsheba Glifson orphans, Royals district, Burke Co. for 250 acres, 17th district of Early Co.. Dated 7 Jun 1837.
Deed #223- Indenture made on 2 Feb 1821 between John B. Glisten & Moses Mulkey both of Burke Co. for $100 for parcel of land containing 250 acres situated in the 15th District of Early Co. #31, also signed by Sarah Glisten wife of John B. Glisten, witness: Benj Buxton, Jno Royal J.P., recorded 25 Feb 1861.

Ref: Thomasville Court House, Thomasville GA-
Deed Bk K pg 139-140Nathaniel Glisson to Ezekiel Pierce, sold 10 Jul 1837 250 acres Lot 343 Dist 17 Early County now Thomas Co.. (note: land of orphans from 1820 Land Lottery)

Ref: Baker Co. GA Land Deeds-
pg 139-140- Indenture on 10 Jul 1837 between Nathan Glifson & Ezekiel O. Pierce for $250 a lot of land lying & being in the 17th District of Early Co. now Thomas Co. Lot #343, 250 acres, Test: Levi M. Monroe, John A. Walters, recorded 24 Oct 1864 Lebb Dekeer C.C. (note: Land was located about 4 miles NNE of Cairo GA in Thomas Co. formerly Early Co. , deed also at Thomasville Court House), (this was land previously awarded to orphans, Mary, Nathan, Amos, Martha & Barsheba)

Ref: Early Co. GA, Summons to appear as Grand Jurors & Petit Jurors-
1829 #49 Riley Glifson, 1832 #6 Riley Glifson, 1833 #4 Nathan Glisson, 1834 #2 Riley Glisson, #8 Nathan Glisson, 1835 #46 Riley Glisson, #5 Nathan Glisson, 1837 #3 Nathan Glisson, 1839 #3 Nathan Glifson. (note: this Nathan probably son of Joseph & Martha of Bulloch Co.? and above Nathaniel is one of the orphans of James Glisson of Burke Co.?)

Ref: Collections of Early Co. GA Historical Society 1979, Vol 2-
pg 514- William Henry Wade Sr. b.24 Jul 1799 in Green Co. Ga. d.5 Aug 1856 Early Co. Ga. m.1818 to Marie Theresa Glisson b.5 Nov 1801 in Burke Co. Ga. dau of Dennis & Mary (Stuart) Glisson. Marie a relative of Mary, Queen of Scotts.

Ref: Holcombe-Wade-Swann Genealogy-
pg 514- William Henry Wade Sr. b.7-24-1799 Screven Co. GA d.8-5-1856 Early Co. GA, married Marie Theresa Glisson b.11-5-1801 Burke Co. GA d. 7-21-1875 Blakley. (Marie Theresa Glisson was dau of Dennis & Mary Stuart Glisson.


Contributed by: Tina Clark Horton to Central Georgia

Genealogical Society Quarterly; Volume 10 Number 2

Used with permission.  Transcribed for the Internet by Jackie Horton.

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Abstract of pages with Glisson relatives.




Moderators for the year’s conferences were: Bro Perryman in January, May and July; Bro H. Davis in February, April, June, and September; Bro H. Bell in March; Bro Sanders W. Durham in August. Members received by letter  were: Sister Harrieite L. Brantley, Jonah Pierson and

wife. Members received by experience and baptism were: Miss Libby Rowe; Elizer Southall; Martin L. Harp; Edmund Killabrew and wife, Ann Killabrew; Mary M. Kickirson; Isabella Murchison; William B. White and wife, Alley White; Lewis Glissen; Catherine Murchison; John G.

Carson; John Pierson; Ann Moody; Mary Corbin; Wiley McGee;Susanna Boyt; Theodosia Jarrall; Tom, man of color and property of Thomas G. Smith, Wesley Rickerson; Elvira Rickerson; Elendor Murchison; John England, Nelson, man of color and property of Jas J. Carson; Elizer McGee; Jas J. Wellons; Mary J. Herd; Judy, woman of color and property of Colin Murchison; Alexander D. W. Bateman; Jacob Hobbs; Elizabeth Hicks; Mary Pierson; Peter, man of color and property of William M. Brown; Mary, woman of color and property of Thomas C. Carstarphen; Kindred Boyt; Jerrushia Rickerson; Rachael Laurence; Ishmael Moody; and Sarah Ervin. Letters of dismission were granted to Sister Harriett L. Brantley; Liddia, woman of color and property of David Terrell; Bro Lewis Glissen and wife, Theodosia Glissen; and Bro John England. Bro David G. Cooper was excluded from the church upon the charge against him (charge not shown). A charge of having

used profane language and leaving the church in disorder was made against Bro A.D. W. Bateman, with Bro Woods, Hicks and Childers being appointed to inquire into his case. In October Bro A.D. W. Bateman was further charged with making off with a horse that was not his own, and he was excluded from the church. Bros H.L. Corbin, M.L. Harp, and W.B. White were delegates to the general meeting held in Knoxville Community in November. Brother James Perryman was unanimously chosen as pastor for the year 1843.




The only moderators listed for the 1844 church conferences were Bro Gardner in March and Bro Davis in November. Members received into the church by letter were: Bro Lewis Glisson and his wife, Theodosia; Sister Nancy Pitman; Bro Joseph Carstarphen; Sister Nancy Fitchpatrick; Black Sister named Easter, property of W.B. White. Letters of dismission were granted to: Sister Elizabeth Hicks; Sister Elizabeth Philips; Bro and Sister Wiley McGee; and Sister Sarah ____; Sister Mary Corbin; Bro Joseph Parker. Actions during the year were: Sister Sibby Pearson was charged with fornication; Sisters Carson, Corbin and Hobbs were appointed to inquire into the particulars; the church excluded Sister Pearson, having lost confidence in her; a charge was preferred against Bro S. Meeks, E. Killebrew, J. Pearson, and Sister Meek, Pearson, Killebrew, Sister Woods, and Sister Polly Pearson for truce breaking; Bro Childers, Davis and Carson were appointed to wait on the above Brethren and Sisters and report by the next conference (May); Bro John Pearson applied for a letter of dismission which was not granted; A charge was preferred against Bro John Pearson for contempt to the church and disorderly conduct and he

was excluded from the church; Sister Rachel Lawrence was excluded from the church for fornication; Bro David Lockhart was to give testimony in above case; J.J. Carson, and H.L. Corbin were chosen as delegates to the association, with Henry Davis in case of failure; the case of Sister Rachel Lawrence was taken up and the church having lost fellowship with her, she was excluded

from the church; Bro Jesse Wood was unanimously chosen as preacher for 1845.




Members received into the church by letter were: Sister Elizabeth Hosley; Bro and Sister Moody; and Elizar McGee. Those joining the church by experience and baptism were: Bro Thomas Haywood; Sister Caroline Bane; Bro John A. Woods; Bro Winfray Rickerson; Bro John Moton and his wife, Susan, Wilson Carstarphen; Sister Anna McMikel; Sister Mary Ann McCrary; Bro James B. Horsely; Bro James

McMikel. Letters of dismission were granted to: Bro and Sister Moody; Sister Theodosia Glisson; Prescilla, property of Bro J. Morris; Bro William White and his wife; Bro Cooper; Bro Hobbs and his wife, and Sister James (which was granted but afterward reconsidered). Other actions taken during 1846 conferences were: A proposition was made for the church to make up something for missionary purpose in Texas, and they made up $5.50; BroThomas Carson was appointed in deliver an address on the missionary subject; granted from Elim were received

in the other church or not; Choice of delegates to the association were Bro J. Carson, H. Corbin, and H. Davis in case of failure; A resolution was drawn up and entered into as follows-Whereas Shadrick Meeks, Jane Meeks, Mary Woods, Edmond Killabrew, Josiah Pearson, Elizabeth

Pearson, Mary Pearson, Elizabeth Philips, and Priscilla, a colored woman, who were members with us, having applied for letters of dismission and having joined a church we do not hold as to be of the same order with them, therefore, resolved that this church is no longer

accountable for their conduct; Bro D.J. Cooper was restored to full fellowship by acknowledgment; Bro William Slade was a correspondent from Antioch Church; Bro J.M. Wood was unanimously chosen as preacher for 1847 with Bro Carson and Harp appointed to notify him; Bro

Wood notified the church he could not supply them as a preacher whereas the church unanimously chose Bro A. T. Homes as preacher for 1847.




Brother C. Puryfoy, pastor, moderated all the meetings during the year except January, when Bro H. Davis served as moderator. Letters of dismission were granted to the following: Sister Ladocia McGintey (formerly Glisten); Elias and Susan, his wife, persons of color, the property

of Phillip Matthews (formerly Jas. May); Bro John England, Sister Elizabeth Jemes; Bro M.L. Harp, Deacon, together with his wife, Sister Sarah Harp; Bro James B. Horsely and Sister Elizabeth Horsely; Brother N.B. Corbin. Other actions taken during the year were: Bro James Clements was elected clerk to fill vacancy created by removal of Bro Horsley; Bro M.L. Harp, James B. Horseley and Henry Davis were chosen as delegates to the association.




Bro R.M. Owens, pastor, served as moderator during the year. Letters granted were: Bro Haywood; Isaac, Rhodes, Amos, and Rachel, four colored persons, property of Joseph Carson, formerly belonged to C. Rains; four colored persons (not named), property of Rigdon. Received into the church by letter were: Sisters Percy Glisson and Elizabeth Oxford. Bro A. Fitzpatrick and W.J. McMichel

were chosen to attend the association. Bro Owen was chosen as pastor.


An index for the contents of this book, this part showing the members who were received by experience at Elim

Church, Crawford County, GA from the constitution till the present time, 1840.


Brook, Elizabeth                   Booth, Martha                      Booth, Zachariah

Brook, Elizabeth                   Calhoun, Elizabeth               Childer, Isaac

Collins, Sarah                        Corbin, H.L.                           Cook, Carwell

Carstarphen, Elizabeth        Cook, Olive                           Corbin, N.B.

Carstarphen, Jos. J.              Davis, Thomas                     Davis, Henry

Davis, Thos.                         Davis, Sarah                          Green, Mary

Heard, Mary                          Hick, Nancy                          Hickey, Mary

Harp, Mrs. Sarah                  Irvin, Eliza                              Keating, Mary

Lock, Willis                           Leary, Mary                          Montford, Elizabeth

Muncus, Cynthia                 Pickett, M.A.E.                     Pickett, Seaborn

Price, Lucas                           Price, Elizabeth                     Smith, Sarah

Smith, Miss Harriet              Smith, Harriet                        Summerlin, Epsy

Standford, Jeptha M.?         Tanner, Sarah                       White, Benjamin

Wood, William                     Willoby, Richard                  Wallace, E.B.

White, Nelly                          Wallace, Eliza                        Wood, Mary

Colvin, Mary                         Gordon, Julia                         Oxford, George Ann

Fitzpatrick, Emily                  Taylor, Emily                         Whitaker, E.

McMichael, Mittie               Griffin, Melvina                    Taylor, Martha

Whitaker, E.





Property of W.B. White                                      Property of C. Murchison

Easter                                                                     Phill



Property of G.P. Harp                                          Property of Isaac Chatfield

Thomas                                                                  Austin

Reta (his wife)                                                       Jane (his wife)


Property of Mrs. Edmund Raines                      Property of Sirena Braswell

Isaac                                                                       Isaac


George                                                                   Property of Christian Willis

Green                                                                      Amy



Property of Brinkley Glisson                           Property of Robert Howe

Sally                                                                       Sallie


Property of Mrs. Peter Corban                           Mariah

Peter                                                                       Elsy


Henry                                                                     Property of Henry Davis

Jim                                                                          Thomas


Henry                                                                     Property of Thomas Raines

Cooly                                                                     Gilford


Catherine                                                               Property of J. McMichael

Henny                                                                    Eliza


Adaline                                                                  Property of Bartly McCrary

Chine                                                                      Mariah


Margaret                                                                Property of Elizabeth Morgan

Caroline                                                                 Vincy



Property of Thomas Murray                              Property of W.B. White

Rederick                                                                 Jennie


(my notes:  The above records plus other records shows that Lewis Glisson and Brinkley Glisson were probably brothers like 1st thought.

Percy Glisson listed above is either Brinkley’s 2nd wife or his daughter Percy.  Lewis Glisson married on 16 Oct 1842 to Totia Carrel in Crawford County, GA according to marriage record.  His wife was actually Theodocia (Carrell, Carel, Carrol, Jarrall, or maybe even Gerald.)  Evidently very hard to read when first transcribed from original records.  Lewis Glisson must have died 1842-46 and they had no children.  Theodocia Glisson (Gleason) on marriage record married B.R. McGinty on 4 Nov 1846 in Bibb County GA.  B.R. McGinty was son of Josiah McGinty b.1800 Wilkes Co. GA and Marion Penelope Russ who had moved to Bibb Co. GA.  Could not find B.R. McGinty in 1850 census in GA.  I did find in 1850 census in Macon Co. AL pg 263 h 953 f 961 Benjamin McGenty age 25 b. GA and Theodsia McGenty age 26 b. GA with no children and with Frances Jones age 15 b. AL living with them.  This could be them but not sure.  Also found in 1850 Crawford Co. GA census Dist 20 pg 432 h 752 f 752 a Nicy Carrol age50 b. GA, Freey Carrol age 23 b. GA, Winny Carrol age 20 b. GA, ? Carrol age 17 b. GA, Martha Sanderson age 16 b. GA and William Sanderson age 8 b. GA.  This could be mother of Theodocia.  There still is a question mark on who the father of Lewis  and Brinkley Glisson was.  At first I thought John B. Glisson listed in 1830 Burke Co. GA was but now not sure.)


(New info:The Above Lewis Glisson married Theodora Hortentia Gerald b.1818 and the above marked red William Wylie Wesley Rickerson married Mary Elvira Gerald b.1823, sisters and daughters of Charles W. Gerald and Elizabeth Brumbley.  Charles W. Gerald b.18 Nov 1784 Santee, Orangeburg Co. SC , Elizabeth Brumbley b.3 Oct 1792 Charleston, SC they lived in Sumter County SC, see for the Gerald family, under the Singleton