Possible Descendants of Obediah Glisson b. abt 1660-1690




Obediah (Lidiah) Glisson #9622 b. 1660-1690, m. Mary ? #9623, d. abt 1724, Bertie Co. GA.  Obediah  died 1714-24.  In 1714 Craven Precinct, Bath Co. 2 land deals were witnessed by 1 Obediah Glison and 2 by Lidiah

Glisson.  Marks were very similar thus I believe that Obediah or Lidiah was the same person. Mary: After Obediah died Mary

married widower William Burt who died prior to 1724. Mary left will naming children James, Mary, & Ego Glisson. Mary

not proven wife of Obediah but probable. Will dated 10 Feb 1724 and probated before 1760.War in NC 1st


I.                James Glisson #9626 b. bef 1690, m. ? #9657.  James died aft 1750.  son of Mary ? Glisson Burt.

   1721 James Glisson listed in Chowan Precinct, Albermarle Co. which later became Bertie, Terrell and Chowan

       precinct.  1724- 1727 James in Court Records of Bertie Co.  James sold land of William Burt in 1734 on

       Cussoake Creek to Eden Bails.  James witnessed land sale 1749 in Betie Co.

A.         Daniel Glisson #9659 b. bef 1713, m. ? #9665.  Daniel died abt 1787.  Daniel left will dated 24 Oct

       1787 in Bertie Co. listing heirs daughters Anna & Sarah Glisson. Daniel witnessed land sale of father James to

             Eden Bails in 1734. Daniel listed on 1757-1768-1769 tax lists for Bertie Co.

       1.   Jacob Glisson #9666

       2.   Anna Glisson #9667

       3.   Sarah Glisson #9668

B.         James Glisson #9658 d. abt 1774.  James left will dated 17 Dec 1774 in Bertie Co. NC listing heirs as

    Jacob son of brother Daniel, Elizabeth Keel dau of Elizabeth Keel decd., brother John Glisson sister Sarah Dye,

        brothers John & David executors.  Witnessed by Arthur Glisson.  James never married? James listed on

        1757-1768-1769 tax list of Bertie Co.

        C.   Sarah Glisson #9661 m. ? Dye #9671.  Sarah died aft 1774.

        D.   David Glisson #9662 m. Unknown ? #9681.  David died aft 1774.

1.        Sarah Glisson #9656 d. abt 1783.  Sarah left will dated 17 Sep 1783 in Bertie Co. listing cousins

               Elizabeth Keel and cousin Arthur Glisson.  Elizabeth Keel dau of Elizabeth Glisson Keel gd of James Glisson. 

        Arthur son of John Glisson gs of James Glisson and this Sarah dau of David Glisson gd of James Glisson? 

        Or she is dau of John and Arthur is son of David.

     E.   John Glisson #9663 m. unknown ? #9682.  John died aft 1774.

1.         Arthur Glisson #9664 b. bef 1760, m. 13 Apr 1780, in Bertie Co. NC, Elizabeth Ann Spence #9672,

     d. abt 1795, Bertie Co. NC.  Arthur died abt 1789.  Arthur left will dated 28 Nov 1789 in Bertie Co. listing wife

        Ann and children Mary, Daniel, Burwell, Sarah & James.  Arthur served in Revolutionary War in Captain

        Blount's Co. Arthur may have had a first wife before Elizabeth. Elizabeth: Ann widow of Arthur left will dated

        7 May 1795 in Bertie Co. listing children Leah & Right Glisson.

                   a.   Daniel Glisson #9673

             b.   Burwell Glisson #9674

             c.   James Glisson #9675

             d.   Sarah Glisson #9676

             e.   Mary Glisson #9677

             f.   Leah Glisson #9678

             g.   Right Glisson #9679

             h.   female Glisson #9680

        F.   Elizabeth Glisson #9660 b. bef 1733, m. 1751, Jacob Keel #9669.  Elizabeth died bef 1774.

             1.   Elizabeth Keel #9670

 II.  Mary Glisson #9627 dau of Mary ? Glisson Burt.

   III.   Ego (Elyot-Elliot)Glisson #9628 son of Mary? Glisson Burt.