By Phillip L. Glisson


The purpose of this page is to list as many Glisson as possible that are in the Colonial records:  Most Glisson genealogist just assumed that all Glisson’s in America were descendants of Francis & Elizabeth Glisson.  The following is to show that there were other Glisson in the Colonial records.  Also many other Glisson immigrants came to America in 1750, 1800’s etc. that would be ancestors of Glisson in America today.  My own line goes through Thomas Glisson listed below and I am not sure which of the below if any that he may be descendant of.  If anyone has records of any Glisson before 1730 please send them to me so I can add them to this list.  Henry Glisson listed 1652 and 1678 may be a better candidate for the ancestor of at least the early 1700 Glisson’s in North Carolina and not Francis. Or even, Dennis Glisson of Barbados, and formerly from Ireland?)


The following Glissons are listed below:  The records are either pre-1730 or if after 1730 they obviously was born   

before 1700?  Some came to America and some listed in records but may never have come to America.


Oldest entry                Age

James Glisson                                                                          1637-1638                   adult in 1637 in VA? May not have come to the Colonies, maybe only business interest but stayed in London, England

Henry Glisson                                                                         1652                            adult in 1652 in VA    May not have come to the Colonies, maybe only business interest but stayed in Bristol, England

Francis Glisson (Francis Glissow) (Francis Glifton)               1654 (1652-1659)       adult in 1654 in VA    may have been Francis Butler Lisson, not a Glisson

Elizabeth Glisson (Eliz Glissen) (Eliza Glisson)                     1655                            adult in 1655 in VA indentured servant

Hendrick Glissen                                                                    1660                            adult in 1660 in NY may not have come to the colonies? Below document may only be a referral from Germany

Bastean Glisson (Bastaen Glissen)                                         1660                            adult in 1660 listed 5 children in NY from Calemburg, Germany

Henry Glesson                                                                        1678

Matthew Glisson                                                                     1679-1680                   adult in 1679 in Barbados or US? Son of Dennis Glisson. ? Dennis probably born in Ireland, ?on whether Dennis’s children came to early NC?

Obadiah Glisson                                                                     1709                            adult in 1709 in NC               

Lidiah Glisson                                                                         1709                            adult in 1709 in NC

John Glesson                                                                           1716                            adult in 1716 in VA from Scotland, see below record

Joseph Glisson                                                                        1716                            adult in 1716 in NC

William Glisson                                                                       1716                            adult in 1716 in NC

Benjamin Glisson                                                                    1718                            Immigration from Bristol, England to Virginia

John & Jean Glisson                                                                1734                            will in 1734 in NC

James Glisson                                                                          1721                            adult in 1721 in NC

Mary Burt, James, Mary, Ego Glisson                                    1724                            will in 1724 NC children adults? Married 1st to ? Glisson 2nd to William Burt

Thomas Glisson                                                                       1726                            over 21 in 1726 in Chester County, PA


Ref:  Library of Virginia, Virginia Colonial Records Project-


Title:  High Court of Admiralty, Instance and prize courts, Examinations, dates 1637-1638-

Author: Public Record Office Class H.C.A. 13/53

Survey report #05862 p. 1-10, microfilm 711, #6154 pg 8 Survey Report Image

James Glisson  of St Mary Woolchurch, London f.459ro date:1 Feb 1637/38

(my notes:  this James Glisson probably never  left England)


Title:  Port Books:  Port of London; English Merchants imports to London; Record made by the Controller of Tunnage & Poundage

Dated: 29 Dec 1677- 28 Dec 1678

Author: Public Record Office Class E 190/75/1

Survey report #6044 pg 57, 05762 Survey Report Image

Merchant #44. Hen Glesson, Shipmaster Nath. Norwood, Ship Bermuda, 570 lbs of Tobacco plus duty date 27 Jul 1678.

(this is probably same Henry Glisson listed below in the Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary in 1652)


Title:  Original Correspondence of Sir Robert Southwell and Sir Edward Southwell and William Cole, surveyor of the Customs at Bristol

Dated:  1683-1693 examined 11/8/72

Author:  Depository:  British Museum Class Add18/598

Survey report #SR08472 microfilm reel#903 Survey Report Image

To be copied ff.24r-24v, 25v

Cole to Edward Southwell, Bristol Jan 258 1689/90.  Hope to be able to take a holiday for 2 or 3 weeks when there is not much business in the port which he believes will be about Lady Day after the Spanish have been discharged and before the arrival of the ships from Virginia.


Cole to Robert Southwell, Bristol September 20, 1691.  Very busy at the port.  Today a ship arrived from Virginia and three from the island



Cole to Sir Robert Southwell, Bristol Jan 6, 1691/2.  Pleads on behalf of Mr. Glisson who is applying for a post in the customs service.  Mr day, who acts for security of Mr. Glisson, is a trader in tobacco, but not as a merchant, more an ingrossor, the merchants bring in the tobacco and pay his duties on it before Mr. Day buys it off them.

(unknown who Mr. Glisson is but probably never left England and probably descendant of Israel Gleson of Bristol, Goucester England who was son of Walter Glisson & Joan Cooke and grandson of Thomas Glisson of Suffolk, England)


Ref: The Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary- edited by Edward Wilson James, published 1906 The Friedenwald co.

Index: Henry Glisson pg 72, Oliver Glisson pg 97

page 72- excerpt. {Llbs of tobacco for the hire of his boat.  At a court held January 17 1652, “In ye cause of difference between Moyses Linton planter and Ffrancis Emperor gentleman” …It is ordered, Ffrancis Emperor or his assigness at ye next arrival of English Shippings here that .}

(my notes:  this was an excerpt from above book, it did not show how Henry Glisson was connected to this excerpt but index did list that he was listed on same page.  I have not found the exact listing for Henry yet but I am working on obtaining it.  Francis Emperor was born abt 1628 and died in Lower Norfolk county Virginia abt 1662 and he was a tobacco merchant of Dutch descent, Moses Linton born abt 1625 died 1676 in Norfolk Co. VA.  Lower Norfolk Co. VA was an original county in Virginia later broken into smaller counties.) (Also note: this cannot be Henry Glisson that some researchers think is the father of the below Francis Glisson.  That Henry never left England and probably was not the father of Francis Glisson below anyway.  This Henry Glisson is probably Henry Glisson son of William Glisson of Bristol England and grandson of Israel Glisson , g grandson of of Walter Glisson & Joan Cooke and gg grandson of Thomas Glisson of Suffolk, England. 

page 97- I have not located this page yet for Oliver Glisson.  This may have been much later dates.


Ref:  Cavaliers & Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents & Grants, 1623-1666,  Abstracted & Indexed by Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia Land Office, Richmond Va.

Patent bk # 3 pg 273-  by Richard Bennet Esq.  John Walton & John Bagnall 3,900 acres, Westmoreland Co. Va., 10 Jan 1654 transferred to 78 persons, one being Francis Glissow.

Patent bk # 4 pg 35-William Thomas of Yeocomoco 200 acres, Northumberland Co. Va.  24 Oct 1655 pg 13-20, northeasterly toward land of John Earle & John Waram, transferred to 4 persons:  John Gibbins, Eliz Glissen, Joane and Irish woman, & Jane Brockett. (notes; see below)   

Ref:  Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666, Richmond Va. by W.C. Hill Printing Co. 1912 reprint Baltimore Genealogy Society Publishing Co. Inc.

Francis Glisson arrived 1654 in Westmoreland Co. Va. by John Watson & John Bognel, Eliza Glisson arrived 1655 in Northumberland Co. Va. by Wm. Thomas.


Ref:  Virginia Land Records, from the Virginia Magazine of History & Biography of the William & Mary Quarterly & Tyler's Quarterly indexed by Gary Parks-

pg 379-  Land Certificate for NorthHampton Co. Va.:  Cert. granted to Thos. Leatherbury 600 acres transferred to 1660 persons, Francis Glisson, Eliz Glisson among others.


Ref:  Emigrants and Adventurers-

Migration from England to North America began from England's east and south. Migration from Scotland didn't really begin till the 18th C. The sea journeys could be perilous. Conditions on the other side were often harsh and mortality was high, especially in Virginia. Passenger lists give few clues to origins.

From 1629 to 1775 at least 4 large migrations can be identified (Fischer 1989 p 6):

An exodus of Puritans from the east of England to Massachusetts 1629-40—the 'eleven years' tyranny of Charles I and Archbishop Laud

The migration of a small Royalist elite and large numbers of indentured servants from the south of England to Virginia c 1642-75. The peak was in 'the 1650s, when perhaps as many as 7,200 individuals, many of them servants, went each year from England and Wales to the American colonies' (Sacks 1991 ch 9). 'According to some estimates, about 40 percent of those who arrived in these regions died during their terms, many in the first year' (Sacks 1991 ch 8).

A movement from the north midlands of England and Wales to the Delaware Valley c 1675-1725

A flow from the borders of England and Scotland and from northern Ireland to the Appalachian backcountry mostly during 1718-75.


Voluntary emigration

'Indentured servitude allowed people to travel to North America or the West Indies without paying for their passage or by paying only a part. As a result they became bond servants for a period of years, usually through an agent who arranged for their passage. The practice of indentured servitude was well established by the seventeenth century and lasted until 1785. In addition to their passage, indentured servants received their keep and sometimes a reward when the period of the bond expired. The period of service was usually four years but could be longer if the servant was less than 18 years of age' ( NR/rdonlyres/685AFA68-6D3E-4F73-A9D6-FAC05B94C5F8/0/emigration.PDF Mar 05).



Virginia was different (as were other colonies in the Chesapeake, such as Maryland and, later, the settlements on Albemarle Sound, which were the beginnings of North Carolina). Virginia developed a one-crop economy: tobacco, the production of which required many hands. The wealthy and well-connected of the colony acquired large acreages, and they imported thousands of indentured servants, mostly young men between the ages of 15 and 24, to work the farms. English servants composed at least 75% of the 120,000 emigrants to the Chesapeake during the 17th C, most were illiterate. Women constituted only about 10 to 20% of the servants. The Chesapeake area had few towns, few churches, and virtually no schools. Most housing consisted of windowless huts built of green lumber, measuring about 16 by 20 feet, with dirt floors. The climate was hazardous, and the mortality rate disastrous, largely due to typhoid, malaria, and dysentery. The colony survived, but normal family structures almost disappeared. More than 75% of children lost at least one parent before reaching the age of 18, and grandparents were virtually unknown. Lacking the influence of town and church authorities, and living in great poverty and ignorance along the creeks and rivers that carried tobacco to the Chesapeake ports, the transplanted Englishmen usually lost most of the civilization which they had brought from home within a generation. Records of births, deaths, and marriages were not maintained, diaries not kept, and histories not written, so that present-day historians and genealogists have a very difficult time learning and proving anything about the people who lived there (Fischer 1989 pp 207ff).


x. Jane 1655

In Oct 1655 William Thomas of Northumberland Co, Virginia, received 200 acres for transporting indentured servants John Gibbins, Elizabeth Glissen, Joan an Irish woman and Jane Brockett (Nugent 1934- p 325). Jane was probably b c 1631-40, possibly a daughter of John and Mary, baptised Dorking, Surrey 1628 (IGI). Alternatively she may have been the daughter of Mathewe and Alice, baptised 1640 in Mareham Le Fen, Lincs (IGI).  (my notes; since Elizabeth Glisson was an indentured servant and she came a year after Francis Glisson I doubt she was his wife like some Glisson genealogist suggest.  Unknown as to who she was.)


Ref:  Wills of Westmoreland Co.  1654-1800 by Augusta B. Fothergill-

Lisson, Francis Butler, written 11 Feb 1697-98 recorded 23 Feb 1697-98.  Buried near my father & mother at Appomatox,  mentions cousin Nathaniel Pope, godson Lewis Pope son of Nathaniel, cousin Lewis Nicholas, children of my friend Law Washington residue of estate and he be exr.  (note:  this may of been Francis Glisson above but probably not.    Several people named Gleason used Leason, Gleeson used Leeson etc. in the US.  So maybe Glisson was written Lisson in some areas.  If so Law Washington in will was grandfather of George Washington.  This estate was the exact piece of land that George Washington was born on Mt. Vernon. I have records to prove that.)

(my notes:  after further research above Francis Butler Lisson was son of Daniel Lisson.


Ref: Family Group Record

Nathaniel Pope II b.1630 of Westmoreland, VA buried 1675 married 1658 to Mary Lisson b.1634 of Westmoreland, VA, son of Nathaniel & Lucy Pope.  (my  notes:  Mary Lisson was sister of Daniel Lisson and aunt of above Francis Butler Lisson.  She was married 5 times, (1) Nathaniel Pope II (2) William Bridges (3) Lewis Nicholas, (4) David Wickliffe (5) John Rosier.  She was mother of Nathaniel Pope III, Lewis Nicholas, Lewis Pope all mentioned in will of Francis Butler Lisson.

Ref:  Immigrants to New Netherland-

1660 In the Gilded Otter Sailed from Amsterdam April 27, 1660 Arrived in New Amsterdam August, 1660
Captain Cornelis Reyers Van der Beets

Anthony Krypel from Artois, agriculturist - and wife
Bastiaen Glissen (Elissen) from Calemburg (Kulemborg), agriculturist - and wife and five children ages 7, 11, 14, 17 years, and nursing child
Canster Jacob's Wife from Husum - and daughter 17 years old
Cornelis Abrahams from Gelderland, agriculturist
David Usilie (Uplie) from Calais, agriculturist - and wife and nursing child
Gerrit Jansz van Veen from Calemburg (Kulemborg), farmer's boy
Gerrit Aartsen from Buren, agriculturist
Gerrit Cornelissen from Buren, agriculturist
Jacob Leyseler (Leisler) from Frankfurt[See Source #77, page 422-425]
Jan Adriaensen van Duyvelant's Wife (also came on the Market Gardener, May, 1658)
Jan Vresen from Hamburg, Adelborst (a military rank), - and wife and two children ages 9 and 11 years [Source #77, mentioned]
Joost Huyberts from Gelderland, agriculturist - and wife and two children ages 3 and 6 years
Matthews Blanchard from Artois, agriculturist -and wife and three children ages 5, 9 and 12 years
Philip Cassier from Calais, agriculturist - and wife and four children ages 3, 12, 16 and 23 years
Willem Jacobsen from Haerlem, agriculturist
List of Soldiers embarked for New Netherland:

Coenraet Locker from Nurenburgh[Source #77, mentioned]
Daniel Lengelgraast from Amsterdam
Ferdinandus Willays from Cortryck
Gysbert Dircksen from Schans te voorn
Harmen Hellings from Verda (Reeda)
Jan Claesen from Ontserenter (Out-Seventer)
Jan Vaex from Nieustad
Jan Vier (Riet) from Bon[Source #77, mentioned]
Joost Kockeiot (Kochuit) from Wrimigen (Brugge)
Paulus Mettermans from L'Orient
Peter Teunis from Steenburg (Flensburg)[Source #77, mentioned]
Reinier Cornelis from Utrecht - to be discharged whenever he request it, to follow his trade.
Teunis Warten from Gorkum(assigns two months wages per year to his wife, Wybreg Harmansz)
Thomas Vorstuyt (Vorst) from Bremen[Source #77, mentioned]

Source: #77, #83, #86


The following taken from the book LISTS OF INHABITANTS OF COLONIAL NEW YORK

by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan  Chapter entitled Early Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664  
December 1657  In the Gilded Otter  
Claes Pouwelson from Detmarsum; 
mason Jan Jansen van den Bos; 
mason, and his Brother February 1659 In the Otter  Carel Bevois, from Leyden; and Wife and three children 
Marten Warnarts Stolten, from Swoll 
Cornelis Jansen vander veer; 
farmer Jan Luycas, from Oldenseel; 
shoemaker, and Wife and suckling Roelof Dircksen, from Sweden 
Sweris Dirxsz, from Sweden   
List of Soldiers, embarked for New Netherland in the Ship Otter, 27th April 1660  
Jan Vresen, from Hamburg; Adelborst, and Wife and two children 
Jacob Loysssler, from Franefort 
Daniel Lengelgraast, from Amsterdam 
Thomas Vorstuyt, from Bremen 
Harmen Hellings, from Verda 
Gysbert Dircksen, from Schans 
to Voorn Teunis Warten, from Gorcum 
Ferdinandus Willays, from Cortryck 
Reinier Cornelis, from Utrecht to be discharged whenever he request it, to follow his trade 
Joost Kockeiot, from Wrimigen 
Jan Vaex, from Nieustad 
Jan Vier, from Bon 
Jan Claesen, from Outserenter 
Paulus Mettermans, from L'Orient 
Peter Teunis, from Steenburg  
Immigrants in the Gilded Otter  
Joost Huyberts, from Gelderland;
Agriculturist, and Wife and two children  Philip Cassier, from Calais; 
Agriculturist, and Wife and four children David Uplie, from Calais; 
Agriculturist, and Wife Matthews Blanchard, from Artois; 
Agriculturist, and Wife and three children Jan Adriaensen van Duyvelant's Wife,
Anthony Krypel, from Artois; 
Agriculturist, and Wife Canster Jacobs' Wife, from Hoesem and Daughter, 
Willem Jacobsen, from Haerlem; 
Agriculturist Bastiaen Glissen, from Calemburg; 
Agriculturist, and Wife and five children Gerrit Jansz van Veen, from Calemburg; 
farmer's boy Gerrit Aartsen van Buren; 
agriculturist Gerrit Cornelissen van Buren; 
Agriculturist Cornelis Abrahams, from gelderland;   

Ref:  Early Immigrants to New Netherlands 1657-1664 by Carl M. Meyers Gardena California Published 1965-

Bastean Glisson


Ref:  Early Immigrants to New Netherlands 1657-1664 by Edmund Bailey O'Callashan, The Documentary History of the state of New York VIII Albany Sec of State 1850 pg33-42 Albany Weed Parsons & Co. 1850 pg 52-63 (Lancove 86)-

Bastean Glisson


Ref:  Passenger List 1657-1664 Documentary HIstory of N.Y. Vol 3 Pg 52-63, Year Book of the Holland Society of N.Y. 1896 pg 141-158-

Bastean Glissen


Ref:  Immigrants to the Middle Colonies by Michael Tepper, A Consolidation of Ship Passenger list from N.Y. Gen. & Bio. Reg. Balt. Gen. Pub. Co. 1978-

Bastean Glisson


Ref: Passenger Arrivals at Port of Baltimore 1820-1824 by M.H. Tepper-

pg 37 Glissen, Bastaen, from Calemburg, farmer wife and 5 children, 27 Apr 1660 on the ship "Gilded Otter".  (note:  settled in New Netherlands, State of New York,  no other info at this time.)


Ref:  Early Settlers of Maryland, index to name of immigrants compiled from record of land patents 1633-1680 in Hall of Records, Anapolis Maryland, by Gust Skordas-

Glifton, Francis  Liber 4 Folio 5 Transported 1652-9  (note:  I believe this could be the same Francis Glisson who held land Patent in WestMoreland Co. Virginia 1654.)


Ref: NY GenWeb Putnam County, NY, History of Putnam County Chapter XXV—town of Philipstown, village of Cold Spring—

William D. Garrison, one of the most prominent representatives of the Garrison family, so long identified with the life and growth of Putnam county, and the present well known manager of the Grand Union Hotel, in New York city, is descended from Garret Gerretsen, who came to Staten Island in the “Gilded Beaver” in 1660.  Of this original settler little is known except that he was an honest and God fearing man.  This is clearly shown by a certificate, written in the Dutch language, and now in the possession of Mr. Hartman Van Wagenen, South Bergen, N.J. of which the following is a correct translation.

    “We Bergomasters, Schehens, and councilors of city of Wagennin, Declare: by these presents, that there appeared before us, Hendrick Glissen and Jordiz Sparers citizens of this city, at the request of Gerret Gerretson and Anna Hermansse, his wife.  They have testified and certified, as they do by these presents, that they have good knowledge of the above named Gerret Geretsen and Anna Hermansse, his wife, as to their life and conversation, and that they have always been considered and esteemed as pious and honest people, and that no complaint of any evil or disorderly conduct has ever reached their ears, on the contrary, they have always led quiet, pious and honest lives, as it becomes pious and honest persons.  They especially testify that they govern their family well, and bring up their children in the fear of God, and in all modesty and respectability.  As the above named persons have resolved to remove and proceed to the New Netherlands in order to find a greater convenience, they give this attestation, grounded on their knowledge of them, having known them intimately, and having been in continual intercourse with them for many years, living in the same neighborhood.  “In testimony of the truth we, the Bergomasters of the city have caused the secret seal of the city to be imprinted on this paper.  “Done at Wagennin 27th November 1660.  “By the ordinance of the same.

(several more pages about family of William D.  Garrison.) (at first I thought this was in US but city of Wagennin may have been in the Netherlands and this letter was written for Gerret Geretsen’s arrival in the US, New Netherlands or New York and Hendrick Glissen may never have come to America.) (at any rate that would put a Glissen family in the Netherlands that would justify that some researchers have thought the Glisson family may be Dutch also)


Ref:  NC STATE WIDE - COURT - Colonial Court Papers, Group 3: Bills of Exchange/Ship records

Colonial Court papers CCR 192 Miscellaneous Papers Bills of Exchange/Ship records Bills of Exchange—1708, 1731


                   Written at top: “At thirty days after sight of this any third of

Exchange second [?record] nor first nor paid unto Henry FERNE Esq. Receiver

Genl. of her Majties Customer One Hundred Ninety five pounds at time make good

paymts & place it to act. of yr. humbe Servt. to command Wm. SWANN—to Mr.

Robt. WISE Mercht. in London.” Written below this: FERNE and William SCOREY

Notary Publick, dwelling in London, did exhibit the original bill (the part

written above was a copy) to Mr. Robt. WISE, and demanded payment. WISE

responded that he would not pay for want of advice. The notary as well does

protest against the drawer of the bill on behalf of all that are damaged by

it. Carolina May 1708.


                   Next document appears to be original (or another copy) of the top of

preceding one: “At thirty days after sight of this any third of Exchange

second [?record] nor first nor paid unto Henry FERNE Esq. Receiver Genl. of

her Majties Customer One Hundred Ninety five pounds at time make good paymts &

place it to act. of yr. humbe Servt. to command Wm. SWANN—to Mr. Robt. WISE

Mercht. in London.” May the 26th 1708.


                   Att Sight of this my second bill of Exchange my first nor third nott

being paide pay unto Capt. Richard CRICKETT on order thirty seven pounds

twelve shillings & 20 1/2, current money of New York being for Sundryes

furnished for ye op of the Sloope Maryland…. To ye Honble Coll. Thomas CARY in

North Carolina. s/Mark RAWLING. n.d.


                   Written at top is pledge by E. PORTER to pay to George BURRINGTON on

his order 40 pounds sterling 6 months after date written (6 May 1731). Written

at bottom is an endorsement by BURRINGTON to Mr. Ebenezer HOLMES of Boston for

use of E. MOSELEY. Then there is a statement that at the request of HOLMES,

merchant of Boston, J. Joseph MARION and notary ?Sabellion Publick Dwelling in

Boston in New England went to Mr.. John BOYDELL of Boston, Gent. and exhibited

the original Bill of Exchange and demanded payment, which BOYDELL refused.

MARION protested on behalf of all those injured by this refusal. 16 Sept 1731.


                   “Whereas I have received of George BURRINGTON, Esqr. Governor of North

Carolina the sum of Forty pounds sterling money of Great Britain for which I

have Given Bills of Exchange of Equal Date with these presents payable six

months after date on Mr. John BOYDELL Merchant of Boston in New England for

the full Value of the said Sum payable to the said George BURRINGTON on his

order, Now I do hereby oblige myself my heirs Executors & Administrators in

case the sd. Bills should be protested to repay unto the said George

BURRINGTON on his order the full sum… 6th day of May 1731. s/E. PROTER.

Witness: WILLIAMS.” On back: “Assigned unto Mr. Edward MOSELEY by me. Geo

BURRINGTON. North Carolina the 7th of May 1731.


Accounts and Duties pertaining to trading vessels and Powder, Shot, and Flint Accounts No date, 1695-1739, various dates

[Note: Names and ships in this folder are very hard to read—many are just guesses-sbg]


                   “Paid out of office by order of Governor as foloweth, viz.” Then has columns labeled “Powder,” “Shot,” “Flint”, and a list of

amounts. n.d.


                   Table with dates, then names of men and their sloop, then amounts for “Tuns,” “Powder,” “Shot,” “Flint.” Dates and names

as follows:

Dec. 3 1714:                  Jamess DOARREL,     sloope James & Edwd.

Ditto:                              James NOLAN,                                 Providence

Ditto 4:                           Daniell BURGESS,       Ruboan

Ditto 8:                           Darried SPAWFORD, Sarah

Ditto 13:                         Thomas BOADLE,      Gorge

Ditto 19:    Ehakins SWANNE,      Brothers Adventuir

Jany 3 1714:                 Charless HOWELL,     Mary

Ditto 10:    John MITCHELL,       Hannah & Mary

Ditto 21:    Tho. HARIDNOYS,     Sary

Ditto:                              Darried PRINCE,                              Adventuir

Ditto:                              Bejngm. PICKMAN,   Abigail

Ditto:                              Thomas FAULKES,     Dolphin

Feby 14 1714:              John Ela BROGENINE,                  Eagle

Ditto:                              Samuel DEARBY,       Fisher

March 1 1714:              Thomas HATCH,        Sassflower

Ditto 12 1715:              John VINNARD,                               Merram

Aprill 19 1715:              Mr. Miles CARY,         Mary Williamsburg

May 12 1715:               Charles HOWELL,       Mary

June 5 1715:                 McCormick EDALLES,                  Two Brothers


                   Account of tobacco shipd on board the Mary of Boston


                   Paper with dates, ships, and names, then list of amounts. Dates, ships and names as follows:

June 25:                         Unions                            James PRINCE

July 3:                             Abigail                            James NICHOLS

Do 18:                            Corflowers Rd. LANDGOWN

Aug 10:                          Jack of Trades              Rd. LILLE

Do 18:                            Sarah                              John. ROUSE

Do 20:                            ffisher                             MaC LATTER

Sep 4                               Chas & Sarah               Nath LASSROPE

Do 18                              Marllior                          Miles GALE

Do 19                              Sarah & Eliz                  Rd WATH

Do 21                              Humbird                        Jos. PRINCE

Statement at bottom says, “These books appear to have been cleared out for the year 1722.”


                   An account of Powder has been received for Tonnage:

Of Capt. ROYALE for sloop Spreadwell

Of Do. for Bark Good Interest

Of sloop Spreadwell Mich PAQUENOTT

Of Mr. WARREN Transport

Of Coll. CARY sloop Williams

Of shallop Swallow Robt. TURNER

Nov 30 1714


                   List of accounts paid:

1695: Capt. RANKING, John TRUUETT, Moun e. RATTD., Edwd. ASHLEY, Natn. BELT,


1696: Abrah. DILL, Bess BELL, John BLANDY, Edwd. ASHLEY, James PHILLBBROOK,



                   Account of Mr. Anthony HATCH for shot, powder, etc. managed by him. n.d.


                   “Received from Saml. JOHNSTON, Esq. two hundred and thirty one pounds

five shillings North Carolina currency pursuant to the within order on use of

Powder money to the 28th day of Sepr. 1739 s/Saml WOODWARDS.” (Order

referenced is on back; only bottom part is legible. Signed by R. MOORE, Saml.



                   Acct. of Import Duty recd. by me from Trading…in Bath Co.:

May 2 1716:                 Capt. THOMPSON, Mastr. Speadwell

Ober 10th:                     Capt. DOANE Rebeckah

Nov 5th:    Capt. SACHER Mary

Do:                                  Capt. SMYTHE Advenure

Do:                                  Capt. THOMPSONDE Speadwell

March 10: Capt. ELLIOT Mary Anne

Apr 9 1716:                   Capt. FRANCIS Baseholder

Do:                                  Capt. DOANE Rebeckah

Do:                                  Capt TOMPSON Thankfull & Sarah

Do:                                  Capt. SEWARD Speadwell

June 16:                         Capt. JOHNSON, Goodwill

Aug 1:                             Capt. MOSELEY, David

Do:                                  Capt. DOANE Rebeckah

Do:                                  Capt. THOMPSON, Thankfull & Sarah

Do:                                  Capt. WARREN Jno & Mary

Do:                                  Capt. FRANCIS Baseholder

Do:                                  Capt. JOHNSON Goodwill

Oct 31:                           Capt.FRANYON Versula

Signed: Thomas HARDING


                   Similar list of ships and masters. No year is given:

Feb. 2                              Grace & Eliz. John OLIVER

6:                                     Sarah Wm. ?Abbots

6:                                     Fisher Thos. MASON

8:                                     ?Winswood Jno. ELLSGOOD

8:                                     Hon.o & Thos. Jno GRINDALE

22:                                   ?Martin Miles GALE

22:                                   Dolphin Geo DOAKES

23:                                   Haston Thos HINSDALE

24:                                   Adventure Saml. ELLISON

26:                                   Jusisby Nath LALLIROSE

27:                                   Williams Wm. ELLISON

March 3rd:                    Anders Jno PRINCE

5:                                     Geo. Jame MANSFIELD

5:                                     Providence Jas ffergoson

13:                                   Arms ? MACRAW

14:                                   Harrisberg Benjm. EDDY

14:                                   Popole Wm CARTER

14:                                   Eliza. Ja. PRINCE

14:                                   Temperance Danl MONCLAIR

15:                                   ?? Robt. GARRISLY

17:                                   Prudence Sarah Jno VANNARD

19:                                   ?? Thos. DAVIDALE

20:                                   Joseph’s Elisha RIDOUR

21:                                   Mary Jno HAMMOND

22:                                   Merrimack  Cecele JONES

28:                                   Blemak Geo. BARROW

28:                                   Abigail Jno Nichols

28:                                   Trouts Jno BRATT

29:                                   Seaflower Saml DUNHAM

Apr. 2:                            Masillie & Mary Jno BRANSLOW

10                                    ?? Thos. COPPINGS


Apr 17:                           Sisboro MaCacly LaCLORS

19:                                   Susannah’s Jno. HARRISON

26:                                   Eliza Seth HARVEY

27:                                   Expects Jas. DIGGETTS

May 7:                           Seaflowers Richd. CRIGDERS

15:                                   Sarah John PONSE

26:                                   Grace & Eliz. Jno. OLIVER

26:                                   Adventure Wm. BROSER

June 6:                            Berindsure Jno ffergoson

18                                         MaCloy Thos HUDDLE



                   Account of shot and flint, various ships:

When received                                  Master name                                                         Vessel name


Apr  2                                                  Dan. COLES                                                          Sarah

                                                             Wm TAPLEY                                                        Temperance

16                                                        Jno. LAMORRIS                                                  Judusbry

20                                                        Wm POOLE                                                           Mary

Ober                                                    Na LATHROPE                                                    Chas & Sarah

6                                                           Jno ELLISON                                                        Thomas

10                                                        Ric. NICKERSON                                                 Good Speed

13                                                        J.C. CHAMBERLAIN                     Martha

21                                                        Bazil SANDERWATT                     Jack of all Trades

22                                                        Lost. RIGHTOUS                                                 Tapater

Nov. 23                                               James NICHOLAS                           Abigail

Dec. 7                                                  Artti. McGROSS                                                    Anne

Feb 4                                                   Saml. CHAMBERLAIN                                      Eliz. & Abigail

11                                                        James ROBINSON                           Virginia

17                                                        Geo DEARES                                                        Exeters Union

                                                             Jo SUCILLISONS                                                 Temperance

24                                                        Sam. DUNHASEN                           Seaflower

                                                             Wm. ELLISON                                                      Josephs

March 1                                              Jos. CHAMBERLAIN                     Martha

                                                             Jos. PRINCE                                                          Elizabeth

4                                                           Math. WOOLFE                                                    George

                                                             James fforgiwors                                                   George

9                                                           Thos. PERDIX                                                       Hoposcle

                                                             ?? HURSELLSON                                                ffanesy

11                                                        Sam FFOUTH                                                       Augusta

                                                             Sam ELLISON                                                      Adventure

15                                                        Timo YOAH                                                          Jundstorys


                   Account of powder money as of June 1721

June 28                                               Joshua ROUSE                                                      Speadwell

July 12                                                J.C. CHAMBERLIN                        Martha

18                                                        James NICHOLS                                                  Abigail

                                                             Saml. DUNHAM                                                   Seaflower

                                                             Arthr. MaGALL                                                    Anne

August 7                         Jos. CROCKER                                                     Hopsocle

9                                                           Cecele JONES                                                        Merrymack

20                                                         Saml. DISALYS                                                    Mary


                   Account of powder between 25 Mar 1721 and the 10th of June

March 28                       Hob. GARRISON                                                 Benjamin

29                                                        G. LANGDON                                                        Seaflower

Apr. 5                                                  Nath. LALLIROPE                          Virginia

6                                                           Jon RONSON                                                         Speedwell

10                                                        James CALDWELL                         Wm & John

13                                                        James NICHOLS                                                  Abigale

                                                             Robt. GRIMSLEY                                                Thankfull

May 4                                                 Jos. CHAMBERLAIN                     Martin

10                                                        Lois RIG??                                                             Tryall

18                                                        Tho. FRYE                                                             Good Speed

                                                             Richd. LANGDON                            Seaflower

June 7                                                 [torn]                                                                       [torn]


                   Another list of accounts—this is torn down the left margin, so the first word (generally first name) is missing.

les CARY for Sara

ill LOW for The Two Brothers

MICHELL for the Hannah and Mary

[unreadable—one word]

thew WOLFE for the Phillis

ram WORDSWORTH for the Pellican

ob LOW for the [blank]

hard THOMAS for the ?Discord

the BORROUGH for the Mary

mas NOLAND for the Providence

vid SAFORD for the Temperance

SOVLO for the Jane & Elizabeth

BODLO for the George

PRINCE for the Seaflower

aham WINTER for the [smeared]

DOWDOLL for the [blank]

COPPPAGE for the Swallow

GODFRAY for the Seacross

ah GLOVER for the Mary

ard THOMAS for the Dimond

lse HOWELL [blank]

MELLINS for the Pillican

SANDERS for the Elizabeth & Mary

SELLISON for the Unity

than FOORS for the Serecoss

NICHOLL for the Hannah & Mary

rias HILL for the Hannah & Mary

na ELLISON for the Unity

es PEEKE for the Sarah


                   This document is probably a continuation of the previous one.


Jany                                Ebenezer CHAMBERLAIN for the Martha

March 9                         William PHILLIPS for the Jane


April 6                             Nathan WOLFE for the Phillis

May                                Ebenezer CHAMBERLAIN for the Martha

                                         John BADAR for the John

16                                    Nath. TATUM for the Rightingoll

29                                    James STEWART for the Mary

                                         William GLISSON for the Unity

June 20                           Silvanuss HUSHE for the Eagle

26                                    William MADOX for the Mary

July 9                              Saml. FROMAN for the Formans Briall

16                                    James DALY for the Maprosporous

26                                    smeared]nathy YOLS for the Two Brothers

29                                    Bartho BARRAS for the Endeavor

29                                    William CARLILE for the Elizabeth

August 6    Ebenezer CHAMBERLAIN for the Martha

10                                    Joseph PRINCE for the Seaflower

29                                    Nath BATAM for the Nightingall

30                                    Barnabas LOTHROP for the Farmers

Sept 18                           Roger KINSON for the Ansolly

19                                    Simond GODFRY for the Success

21                                    John CHARLTON for halfe the Speedwell

Novem 2    Tho CATHEAR for the Jane & Elizabeth

Decem 18  James FORTH for the Jueras

29                                    James PEELL for the Sarah

30                                    Henry ELLIOTT for the Speedwell

Jan 2                               Richard WASTEEVAL for the Mary

19                                    Peter AYNES for the Hope

                                         Christopher BUTLER for the [smeared]

23                                    John GREEN [blank]

Feb 1                               James DOTY for the Tryall


                                       Appears to be last page of same document

Feb 8                               William LUCAS for the Two Sisters

March 7                         Timothy YOLS for the Two Brothers

                                         James PRINCE for the Seaflower

24                                    Dannill LOW for the Eagle


April 4                             Frances BELLINGTON for the Mary

9                                      Ebenezer CHAMBERLIN for the Mark

                                         Nath BARBER for the Elizabeth

12                                    John LILLE for the Seaflower

27                                    Chrisstopher HALL for the Ellisk and [unreadable]

June 3                             Edmd FREEMAN for the Harwick

                                         Bartho BARRAS for the Endeavor

4                                      Jonathan SEERS for the Success

12                                    John GEO for the Mayflower

27                                    Richard RUSSALL for the Sarah

28                                    Isaac FREEMAN for the Jnereas

July 7                              William CARLILE for the Elizabeth

11                                    James HONETLEY for the [blank]

30                                    James NOLAND for the Providence

August 29  Peter CRAGE for the Briget

24                                    Richard THOMAS [blank]

Sept 12                           Zacarias HILL for the Hannah & Mary

October 2   William CARLILE for the Elizabeth

9                                      Stevon DOICK for the Speedwell

30                                    Jonathan BASSET for the Industry

Novem 7    Bartho BARRAT for the Endevour


Ref:  Omitted Chapters from Hotten's Original List of persons of Quality & others who went from Great Britian to the American Plantations 1600-1700, Census Returns, Parish Registers and Miltia Rolls from the Barbados Census 1679-80, Edited by James C. Brandow-

"A List of ye comp. under ye Comand of Capt. ffrances Clever"  among others Mathew Glisson.

(my notes:  Matthew may be ancestor of Glisson’s of color who were freemen who immigrated to Sumter Co. SC)


Ref: Craven Precinct, Court Minutes 1712-1715 Book I- by Weynette Parks Haun-
pg 26- Land Sale- Robert Turner to Wm. Handcock Jun. Land of 424 sq. ft. No. 93
platt tract land lying in Core Sound, 12 Apr 1714 (within a city Turner & Orange St.)
Witnesses Philip Amons, Obediah Glison among others.(Obediah left his mark)
pg 76- 131-618, Another part signed Lidiah Glisson. (Lidiah left his mark) 12 Apr 1714, names listed in these transactions: Robert Porter, Capt. Richard Graves attorney, deputy surveyor John Nelson, Robert Turner, Capt. Wm. Handcock Jr. Wm. Brice, Edw. Billingers, Capt. Wm. Handcock Sr., Thos. Lewis, Wm. Booth, John Slocum Esqr., Christopher Dawson, Thos. Harrys, John Mackies.
pg - Land Sale of John Davis to John Falconer, 3 Aug 1716, witnessed by Joseph Glisson.
(note: The above Obediah and Lidiah may of been the same person, they both left their mark, the marks both looked like a capital cursive E or L combination, this was actually Bath Co. Craven Precinct, in late 1712 this part of Craven Precinct became Beaufort Precinct, Bath Co. was in existence till about 1722.)

Ref: Albermarle Co. Chowan Precinct-
James Glisson listed their in 1721. (note: abt 1722 Chowan Precinct was divided up and became Chowan, Bertie, & Terrell Precinct.)

Ref: Perquimans County NC Deed Abstracts 1681-1729 by Weynette Parks Haun-
pg 92 # 496 B-No106- 10 Oct 1721, Lewis Scinner of Perquimans Precinct, Albemarle Co. to Lott Stallings of Nansemond Co. Va. Wit:Daniel Smith, Joseph Glisson, Ackd. 11 Oct 1721 Rich. Leary Clk, registered 15 Apr 1722 by John Stepney.
pg 93 # 497 B-No107- 10 Oct 1721, Charles Wilks of Albemarle Co. NC to Lott Stallings, Wit:Daniel Smith, Joseph Glisson, Ackd. 11 Oct 1721, Rich. Leary Clk. Rg. 15 Apr 1722 by John Stepney. (Actuallly in 1721 was Albermarle Co. Perquimans Precinct).

Ref: History of Perquimans Co. NC-
case # 149 pg 107- Joseph Glisson of Perquimans Co. Cordwiner, for 40 pds by Joseph & Robert Riddick of NC sold 260 acres on North Side of Perquimans River adj. to Wm. Kitchen, James Field, Timothy Clear, 11 Jul 1734, Test: William Roundtree, Elias Stallings.(note: Perquimans Co. was Albermarle Co. Perquimans Precinct till at least 1741).

Ref: Colonial Records of NC-
Second Series Vol VI NC Higher Court Minutes 1724-1730 editer Robert J. Cain-
pg 362- James Kelly Vs. James Glisson case (no returne) alias to issue Jul Court 1727.
pg 407- James Kelly Vs. James Glissen case the alias granted at last court is now returned executed in these words Videlict Cepi Corpusa agreed, dismissed, Jul Court 1727.
Higher Court Minutes 1734-
#109-55 pg 50- Jury of 12 to lay out road from Elias Hodges ferry to Harralls Hill & from thence to Cashy- to through Sheppards Swamp to Cashay Road- Among others John Glisson.

#138 pg 61- The last Will & Testament of Jno. Glisson was proved by ye oath of Thos. Williams & Thos. Jones two of ye subscribing evidences thereto and at ye same time came Jane Glisson whole & sole Exx. thereof & took ye Oath of an Executrix.
#164 pg 72- Jas. Glisson to Wm. Ashborn, Edwd. Bails ackd. 40/pd P. Wm.Ashborn, 1724.
#174 pg 76- John Glisson to Samll. Pickens was pd Jurat Henry Baker Jr. 40/pd.
Second Series Vol VII Records of the Excutive Council 1664-1734 editor Robert J. Cain-
pg 300-301- (Petition of Bertie Precinct for altering seat of Government) to George Burrington Esqr. (hundreds signed as obliged servants) among them John Glisson, Dennis Glisson, James Glisson, 3 Apr 1733.

Ref: North Carolina Historical & Geneaalogical Register-
Vol # 1 Apr 1900 Abstracts of Wills-
pg 184- Burt, Mary widow of William probably Bertie Co., 10 Feb 1724, 10 Sep 1724, probated prior to 1760, leaves properties to sons James Glisson, Ego Glisson, dau Mary Glisson whom I appoint my Executors. Test: Joseph Hudson, James Keeton, & Joyce Hawkins.
pg 46- John Glison wife Jean 20 Sep 1734, probated prior to 1760.


Ref: “Transported Jacobite Rebels” 1716 in National Genealogical Society ¼ Vol 64:1, Mar 1976 pp 27-34- by Cliffored Neal Smith-

List of 300 Scottish Rebels captured at the Battle of Preston, Lancashire in 1716 and Transported to SC, VA, MD, Jamaca, Lee Island, St Christopher, Barbodos

John Glesson 1716 to America sp 8690 List of



Ref:  A dictionary of Scottish Emmigrants to the USA Vol Balt Magna charter Bock Co 1972 504p 2nd pr 1981 page 137 by Donald Whyte-

Primary immigrant John Glesson 1716 to Virginia, Source Pul 9760


Ref:The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776- Part III

From: Cornell, Elaine< >
Subject: PART III
Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 11:52:47 -0400

The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776 - PART III

12 November 1708-18 January 1709. Shippers by the Prince Eugene of Boston,
Mr. George Janverin, bound from Plymouth for Boston: Sir John Rogers,
Robert Pearse, Barnaby Vangrest, Samuel Dion, Charles Veth, Diones
Veeburgh, Raine Lade, David Shabott, Abraham Grome, Lavenus Vauskaike,
Alexander Carstares, Thomas Turner, Abraham Joy, George Vaughin, John
Symons, William Heathfield. (PRO: E190/1067/21, 1068/9).

7-16 March 1709. Shippers by the Francis, Mr. John Walker, bound from
Bristol for Virginia: James Pear & Co., Cornelius Sarjant & Co., James
Rogers, William Galbraith, Humphrey Corsley, Henry Combe, Edward Peters,
William Williams, Sir Thomas Day, Thomas Collett. (PRO: E190/1165/1).

16 July 1711-6 August 1711. Shippers by the Carolina galley, Mr. Thomas
Limbry, bound from Bristol for Carolina: Stephen Peloquin & Co., Holland
Goddard, Mark Goddard, William Gilberd, Samuel Hunt, Jacob Litle, James
Berton, Richard Niblett, George Newland, Thomas Tyndale, Richard Hughes,
Thomas Jones, Henry Hobbs, William Jefferis & Co., John Stephens, William
Goodwin, William Thornhill, William Rogers, Joseph Swayne, William
Scudamore, Lewis Cassamajor, Nicholas Poole, Thomas Frank, John Packer,
Mary Orchard, Francis Fry, John White, Richard Price, John Angier, Peter
Mugleworth, Thomas Smith, Walter Lougher. (PRO: E190/1169/1).

20 March 1712-4 April 1712. Shippers by the Carolina galley, Mr. Thomas
Limbry, bound from Bristol for Carolina: Stephen Hurne, Joseph Jefferis &
Co., Joseph Vigor Sr., George Watkins, George Stephens, Richard Pearce &
Co., Edward Jackson, William Price, John Packer, Thomas Dickson, Walter
Laugher, William Hart, David Challes, John Lucas, William Gaddyn, Thomas
Evans, Thomas Frank, Hugh Levett, William Thornhill, Thomas Jones, Richard
Noblett, Richard Jefferis, Mark Goddard, Abraham Elton Jr., Peter
Muggleworth, John White, Henry Hobbs, Nicholas Poole, William Rogers,
Samuel Greenway, Philip Cornish, William Atwood, Francis Fry, John Angier,
George Bridges, William Jefferis, Morris Thomas, Griffin Prankard. (PRO:

6-12 August 1713. Shippers by the Plymouth of Plymouth, Mr. William
Broaded, bound from Plymouth for Virginia: Sir John Rogers & Co. (PRO:

10 January 1714-13 February 1714. Shippers by the Harley packet, Mr.
Edward Totterdell, bound from Bristol for New York: Nehemiah Champion &
Co., John Guy & Co., William Reeve, James Reeve, Jacob Hollister, Peter
Keighley, Brice Webb, Joseph Richards, Samuel Chandler, Jeremy Rogers, John
Haythorne Jr., Joseph Palmer. (PRO: E190/1175/1).

19 July 1714-16 August 1714. Shippers by the Dolman, Mr. Robert Welch,
bound from Bristol for Boston: Thomas Dolman, Jeremy Rogers, Richard Clear,
Jane Green, Richard Warren, Peter De Champ, Humphrey Wattmore, Samuel Gwyn,
John Payne. (PRO: E190/1175/1).

31 July 1714-1 September 1714. Shippers by the Maidstone, Mr. James
Pearce, bound from Bristol for Carolina: Henry Walter, William Godwin,
Robert Topleaf, Thomas Gibbs, John Baker, Jeremy Rogers, James Pera,
Richard Dalton, Sarah Turton, Joseph Tranter, William French & Co., James
Symonds, Morris Thomas. (PRO: E190/1175/1).

7-16 September 1715. Shippers by the Bristol Merchant, Mr. John Wynn,
bound from Bristol for Virginia: William Rogers for William Hawksworth &
Co., Mary Pene, Edward Goads. (PRO: E190/1177/1).

18-21 November 1715. Shippers by the Plymouth of Plymouth, Mr. William
Broaded, bound from Plymouth for Virginia: Sir John Rogers & Co., William
Broaded & Co., John Morshead & Co. (PRO: E190/1074/26).

20 July 1716-3 August 1716. Shippers by the Morning Star, Mr. Nicholas
Poole, bound from Bristol for New York: Joseph Jefferis & Co., William
Hare, James Rogers. (PRO: E190/1179/2).

19-26 October 1716. Shippers by the Prince of Orange, Mr. Edward Sparkes,
bound from Bristol for Virginia: William Rogers & Co., Edward Foy & Co.
(PRO: E190/1179/2).

29 October 1716-9 November 1716. Shippers by the Abington, Mr. John Smith,
bound from Bristol for Virginia: William Rogers, Daniel Combe. (PRO:

15 December 1716. Newgate prisoners reprieved to be transported to Jamaica
by Francis March of London, merchant. London: Christopher Teddall alias
Morgan of the same; David Blaire of Stepney; Elizabeth Campbell of the
same, spinster; Rebecca Darby of the same, spinster; Martha Dykes of the
same, spinster; Katherine Lawson of the same, spinster; Hannah Rogers of
the same, spinster

7-22 February 1717. Shippers by the William & Mary, Mr. William Arnold,
bound from Bristol for New York: Jacob Peloquin, Jeremy Rogers. (PRO:

14-22 October 1717. Shippers by the York, Mr. John Williams, bound from
Bristol for Virginia: John Owen for John Coysgarne, Jeremy Rogers, John
Rainstorp. (PRO: E190/1181/1).

30 August 1718-6 September 1718. Shippers by the Little York, Mr. John
Hellier, bound from Bristol for Virginia: William Rogers,
Benjamin Glisson.
(PRO: E190/1183/1).

14-20 January 1719. Shippers by the Amity, Mr. Stephen Hunt, bound from
Bristol for Virginia: John Baker, Cornelius Lyde, William Rogers for John
Lomax, Christopher Shuter. (PRO: E190/1186/1).

7-16 May 1720. Shippers by the Noblet sloop, Mr. Robert Wetherby, bound
from Bristol for Virginia: William Rogers for Noblet Ruddock & Co. and
George Braxton, Richard Keinton. (PRO: E190/1187/1).

21 April 1721-9 May 1721. Shippers by the Eagle, Mr. John Rogers, bound
from Bristol for New England: Thomas Edwards, John Ball. (PRO:

27-28 September 1721. Depositions in High Court of Admiralty in
prosecution against Richard Tookerman.
Deponents include: Woods Rogers
Esq., late Governor of the Bahamas, aged 40; Benjamin Simms of the Island
of Providence, aged 52. (EAE).

31 January 1723. Shippers by the Ruby galley, Mr. Owen Rogers, bound from
Bristol for Barbados and Virginia: Nathaniel Wraxall & Co., Richard Farr &
Co. (PRO: E190/1193/2).

8-16 March 1723. Shippers by the New Phoenix, Mr. John Hastie, bound from
Bristol for Boston: Thomas Frank, William Hunt, Robert Rogers, Joseph Page,
Nicholas Reddish. (PRO: E190/1193/2).

29 April 1723-27 May 1723. Shippers by the Eagle, Mr. John Rogers, bound
from Bristol for New England: George Attwood & Co., Samuel Baugh & Co.,
James Ball, John Powell, Robert Luist, Pethuel Whiteing. (PRO:

11 February 1724. The following bound to John Dykes to serve 4 years in
Pennsylvania or Maryland: Thomas Rogers of Butterton, Shropshire
[Staffordshire?], husbandman aged 20; Richard Simpson of Scarborough,
Yorkshire, aged 20 (CLRO: ATSM/25-26).

13 May 1724-6 June 1724. Shippers by the James snow, Mr. Richard Brown,
bound from Bristol for New York: Henry Foot, Joseph Robson, Nathaniel
Gridley, Cors. Rogers, Benjamin Fox. (PRO: E190/1194/2).

14 September 1724-1 October 1724. Shippers by the Ruby, Mr. Owen Rogers,
bound from Bristol for Virginia: Edward Jackson, John Harmer, Joseph
Billers. (PRO: E190/1194/2).

10-14 December 1724. The following bound to John Dykes for Maryland: John
Goss of Holbeach, Lincolnshire, aged 15, to serve 8 years; Samuel Perkins
of St. Botolph Bishopsgate, London, aged 15, to serve 8 years; Andrew Holm
of Stockholm, [Sweden], weaver aged 21, to serve 4 years; John Thompson of
St. Botolph Bishopsgate, London, aged 15, to serve 8 years; Francis Bonner
of Boston, Lincolnshire, cordwainer aged 21, to serve 4 years; James Pew of
Copthorne, Sussex, aged 18, to serve 7 years; James Smith of Portsmouth,
Hampshire, aged 15, to serve 7 years; Charles Rogers of Stepney, Middlesex,
aged 15, to serve 7 years. (CLRO: ATSM/91-98).

24 March 1725-2 April 1725. Shippers by the Ann, Mr. Samuel Peare, bound
from Bristol for Boston: Thomas Elbridge & Co., Jeremy Rogers for James
Bowdoin. (PRO: E190/1197/1).

April 1725. Grants made in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, London:
Administration of Duncan McKinley of Wapping, Middlesex, and the merchant
ship Royal Prince, who died in Southwark, Surrey, granted to Isabell, wife
of William Betts, in Boston, New England, administratrix of the principal
creditrix, Margaret Rogers deceased;
Administration of Margaret Rogers of Wapping, Middlesex, widow, granted to
the daughter, Isabella, wife of William Betts, in Boston, New
England;Administration of Robert Route of St. Dunstan in the West, London,
who died in South Carolina;
Probate of will of Christopher Billop of the Fleet Prison, London, who had
lands in New York. (AW).

18 April 1726. The following bound to John Cooke to serve in Pennsylvania:
Ralph Worth, Samuel Wright, Ann Lucas, Mary Morris,
Thomas Lightbown, John Rogers, John Rands, Thomas Richardson, John Ranew,
Elizabeth Reynolds, Francis Bartlet, William Cary, Edward Dickins, Mary
Page, Thomas Ballestone, John Redman, Elizabeth Laremar, Robert Hoggell.
(CLRO: ATSR/ f.25v, 26, 26v).

10 October 1726. The following bound to John Taylor to serve in Jamaica:
James Berclay, John Bridge, Edward Byers, James Bishop, Peter Geldtrap,
James Caplin, John Evans, John Barnett, John Rogers, Philip Price, John
Bluck, William King, John Denton, Francis Wood. (CLRO: ATSR/ f.27).

29 October 1726-9 November 1726. Shippers by the Corina, Mr. Roger
Wellington, bound from Bristol for Maryland: Adam Leyland & Co., Francis
Wilkinson, Robert Rogers. (PRO: E190/1199/1).

13 November 1727. John Smith apprenticed from Christ's Hospital to his
mother Martha S. to serve Francis Rogers, master of the John & Judith bound
for Jamaica. (CH).

12-20 January 1728. Shippers by the John & Sarah, Mr. Henry Rogers, bound
from Bristol for Virginia: Charles Scandrett & Co. (PRO:

9-14 February 1728. Shippers by the Molly brigantine, Mr. Matthew Rogers,
bound from Bristol for Philadelphia: Humphrey Peirson, John Willett & Co.
(PRO: E190/1201/3).

3 August 1728. The following bound to John Ball: Alexander Farnborow of
Watford, Hertfordshire, aged 19, to serve 4 years in Pennsylvania or
Maryland; George Rogers of Lincoln, smith aged 19, to serve 4 years in
Pennsylvania, Maryland or Virginia. (CLRO: ATSM/64-65).

25 October 1728-12 November 1728. Shippers by the Nevis Merchant, Mr.
Richard Patrick, bound from Bristol for Virginia: George Bradley for John
Parratt & Co., John Cox & Co., John Purcell, Robert Rogers. (PRO:

17 December 1728. The following apprenticed from Christ's Hospital: Thomas
Mapleston to Richard Crookenden, master of the Harbin bound for Barbados;
Joseph Russell to Thomas Bell, master of the Mary bound for Barbados;
Alexander Strange to Francis Rogers, master of the John & Judith bound for
Jamaica. (CH).

September 1730. Grants made in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury,
Probate of will of Theophilus Rogers of Northampton, whose grandson,
Richard Rogers, was in Virginia;Administration of Richard Pearson of H.M.
ship Shoreham, who died in New York, bachelor. (AW).

27 February 1733-30 April 1733. Shippers by the Vine, Mr. Francis Rogers,
bound from Bristol for New York: Richmond Day & Co., Sir Abraham Elton,
Sydenham Shipway for John Shipway, Francis Billo. (PRO: E190/1210/1).

November 1733. Grants made in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, London:
Administration of William Rogers of Truro, Cornwall, widower, granted to
Isaac Milner, attorney for the only brother and next-of-kin, Robert Rogers,
now in Virginia;

20 August 1734-5 September 1734. Shippers by the Matilda, Mr. John
Saunders, bound from Bristol for Carolina: Joseph Iles, Heylyn Rogers & Co.
(PRO: E190/1195/3).

28 January 1735-25 February 1735. Shippers by the Bristol Hope, Mr. Arthur
Tough, bound from Bristol for Philadelphia: William Davie & Co., William
Blackmore, Corsley Rogers & Co., Thomas Yerbury, Nicholas Jackson. (PRO:

17 December 1735-28 January 1736. Shippers by the Martin, Mr. William
Beale, bound from Bristol for Virginia: Thomas Martin, Corsley Rogers &
Co., Edward Oliver (PRO: E190/1212/3, 1213/1).

23 February 1736-19 March 1736. Shippers by the Richmond, Mr. Griffith
Smith, bound from Bristol for Virginia: Heylyn Rogers, John Willet. (PRO:

6 April 1736. John Burr apprenticed from Christ's Hospital to his brother
William B. and Mr. John Rogers to serve Sir William Codrington in Antigua.

24 May 1737-27 June 1737. Shippers by the Carolina Merchant, Mr. Stephen
Whittell, bound from Bristol for Boston: Henry Combe & Co., Anthony Rogers,
Cornelius Sandford, Thomas Duffey. (PRO: E190/1213/3).

9 December 1737. Edward Sampson of St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex,
labourer aged 16, bound to Charles Rogers of London,
merchant, to serve 7 years in Maryland with the consent of his father
Abraham S. (CLRO: ATSM/76).

9 January 1739. Shippers by the North Cape, Mr. Nicholas Graham, bound
from Bristol for Carolina: Corsley Rogers & Co. (PRO: E190/1214/3).

31 January 1740-10 July 1740. Appeal of Sarah Rogers of London, spinster,
administratrix with will of her brother William Whetstone
Rogers deceased, against the judgment by a Virginia court in favour of
Alexander Spalding. (APC).

4-12 October 1752. Shippers by the Dinwiddie, Mr. Thomas Rogers, bound
from Bristol for Virginia: Samuel Curnock, Albin Wheeler & Co., Thomas
Knox, Basil Wood, Henry King. (PRO: E190/1217/1).

12 January 1753-27 February 1753. Shippers by the Sarah, Mr. John
Tillidge, bound from Bristol for Philadelphia: William Trotman, James
Percivall, Thomas Withington for Lewis & Perks, Stephen Perry, Robert
Lucas, Abel Thomas, James Cowles, John Price, Zephaniah Fry, Valentine
Watkins, George Alker & Co., Phineas Watts, John Dowell, Thomas Moore,
William Clymer, William Wansey, Benjamin Grimer, Edward Harford, Corsley
Rogers & Son, Henry Allen, Nathaniel Wraxall, Henry Bright, Hanbury &
Roberts. (PRO: E190/1217/5).

26 January 1753-22 May 1753. Shippers by the Carolina, Mr. Gustavus Serle,
bound from Bristol for Carolina: Walter Lougher, John Galton, Corsley
Rogers, Devonshire Reeve & Lloyd, Nathaniel Wraxall, George & William
Weare, William Hare, John Hall, Valentine Watkins, William Eagles, John
Powell, James Cowles, Thomas Browning, Thomas Rock, John Pearce. (PRO:

9-28 February 1753. Shippers by the Pembroke, Mr. John Cowan, bound from
Bristol for Philadelphia: Humphrey White for Cheston Sedgley & Hillhouse,
Thomas Withington, Corsley Rogers & Son, William Trotman, Morgan Thomas &
Co., William Gayner, John Turner, Daniel & Reynold, John Southall, John
Price, Joseph Grimes. (PRO: E190/1217/5).

26 June 1755-23 September 1755. Shippers by the Catherine, Mr. John
Moncrief, bound from Bristol for Philadelphia: Devonshire Reeve & Lloyd,
Daniel & Reynolds, James Moone, Joseph Grimes, John Powell, Charles Bewsey,
John Perks, Thomas Withington, Thomas Page, Corsellis Rogers & Son, Edward
Gravenor & Sons, Nathaniel Wraxall, James Cowles, Allan Bright, Richard
Cox, John Southall. (PRO: E190/1218/2).

30 June 1756-17 July 1756. Shippers by the Charming Hetty, Mr. Blaithwaite
Jones, bound from Bristol for Philadelphia: Brown & Hanson, Thomas Hill,
Thomas Jackson, Hanbury & Roberts, Corsley Rogers, Joseph Percivall, Joseph
Grimes, John & Francis Bull, Thomas Owen, John Whitehead. (PRO:
E190/1219/1, 1219/3).

27 May 1758-6 June 1758. Shippers by the Hibernia, Mr. Barnaby Cannon,
bound from Bristol for South Carolina: William Williamson, Samuel Taylor,
Richard Rogers. (PRO: E190/1220/2).

2-4 August 1758. Shippers by the Constant Matthew, Mr. William Clarke,
bound from Bristol for Teneriffe and Carolina: Corsley Rogers & Co., Samuel
Munckley. (PRO: E190/1220/2).

3 March 1759-21 June 1759. Shippers by the Charles Town, Mr. Henry Webb,
bound from Bristol for Carolina: William Eagles, Stanton & Whittington,
Edmund Gomond, John Rowand, Thomas Chandler, Abraham Haynes, William Rogers
Jones, Cannington Reynolds & Serle, Thomas Rock for goods taken from the
French prizes Vanquer and Margaretta Dorothea. (PRO: E190/1221/5).

5 April 1759-15 June 1759. Shippers by the Ann, Mr. Thomas Spencer, bound
from Bristol for Virginia: Thomas Knox, Francis & Richard Brown, Thomas
Stokes for Leighton Wood & Co., Joseph Farrell & Co., Thomas Withington,
Richard Rogers for William Miller, Robert Atkins. (PRO: E190/1221/5).

25 February 1760-1 March 1760. Shippers by the Patty, Mr. Robert Nixon,
bound from Bristol for Madeira and South Carolina: James
Bonbonous, Rogers Jones. (PRO: E190/1221/1).

27 February 1761-12 March 1761. Shippers by the Rialto, Mr. John Thomas,
bound from Bristol for Virginia: Thomas Knox, Walter Rogers, John Pitman,
Robert Atkinson, Hale & Maddern, Thomas Pearse Allison, John Webb. (PRO:

6 March 1761-24 April 1761. Shippers by the Nancy, Mr. William Graham,
bound from Bristol for Philadelphia: Richard Cannington & Co., Jacob
Player, Francis Rogers, Robert Collins. (PRO: E190/1223/3).

7 November 1761-23 January 1762. Shippers by the Polly, Mr. James Carr,
bound from Bristol for Philadelphia: Joseph Percivall & Copper Co., John
Perks, Joseph Grimes, John Turton, Mark Harford Jr., Francis Rogers, Little
& Longman for goods taken by the Defiance from the French prize Resolution
of Bordeaux. (PRO: E190/1223/3, 1224/3).


Ref: Tax records on file in the Chester County PA Archives-
Bradford Twp. -
Thomas Glisson listed as freeman (single man) in 1730
Birmingham Twp.-
Thomas Glifson listed as freeman in 1732 (line drawn through name)
Westtown Twp.-
Thomas Glisson listed as freeman in 1737 & 1738


Ref:  Internet Genealogy-

In one Genealogy there was mentioned Jean Poitrss born 1639 in the Cugan City of Glisson, Diocese of Nantes Brittany FCE. (France)