Brief Sketch of Some Glisson Families in Alabama- By Phillip L. Glisson

Lewis Glisson b.1765-1776 in Duplin Co. NC m. 15 Dec 1897 to Nice Garras. Son of John W. Glisson Jr. & Jean, gs of John W. Glisson Sr., ggs of Dennis & Mary Glisson, gggs of John & Jane Glisson.  He was listed in 1810-1820-1830 in Duplin Co. NC census.  He may have arrived in Dale Co. AL 1830-1840 via SC and GA. Sons Lewis Jr., John  & dau Nancy who married Hines Summerlin came to Alabama with him and possibly others. John Listed in 1850 in Coffee Co. AL census. Levin Glisson who ended up in Smith Co. MS may also have been a son or grandson. Earlier researchers said Levin was from GA or SC which is possible. Glissons & Gleasons in and around Dale, Coffee and Covington counties may be descendants of Lewis Glisson. (So far all Haywood or William Haywood or John Haywood etc. Glissons have turned out to be descendants of John W. Glisson Sr. of Tyrell, Beaufort, Pitt, Duplin Co. NC.  None have been shown as descendants of his brother or uncles etc. or of other Glissons.)

Nathaniel Glisson b.1804 prob GA in 1840 Sumter Co. AL Mobile Co. AL. May be the Nathaniel that was in 1830 Early Co. GA. If so he was prob son of John Brinkley Glisson & Sarah of Burke & Early Co. GA or of  Joseph Glisson & Martha Bowen of Bullock & Tattnall Co. GA. He may have divorced his first wife Fattina Neil in Early Co. GA and married 2nd to Mary Ann ? and 3rd to Mrs. Rebecca James. The above Levin could have been connected to Nathaniel if not to Lewis.

Nathan Matthew, (Martin) Glisson b.abt 1818 son of James Glisson who left orphans in Burke Co. GA. Nathan & sister Barsheba both married in Henry Co. AL but went back and forth to Walton Co. FL. Henry Glisson in 1850 Barbour Co. census son of Nathan Matthew.

Martha Glisson who married John Wilkins Jr. in Henry Co. AL was also a sister.  Nathan later moved to Texas.

Levy Glisson b. abt 1806 listed in Tallapoosa Co. AL in 1850. He was listed in index as Lucy but in examining the actual census record he was Levy. Levy may be connected to Marion Co. SC Glissons. No other info on him.

Dennis Glisson b. 1836 prob Early Co. GA son of Riley & Mary Glisson of Early Co. GA and Jackson Co. FL. He and several descendants went back and forth from Jackson Co. FL, to Decatur Co. GA, Wakula Co. FL and Geneva & Houston Co. AL.

Abraham Glesson & William T. Glison listed in 1850 Calhoun Co. AL may be from Burke Co. GA? No other info on them. If so this may be the Abraham son of Dennis Glisson & Mary Stuart listed in 1818 military age. William T. may be son of Abraham.

John S. Gliston b.1770-1780 listed in 1830 Mobile Co. AL may be error. Prob not a Glisson.

Thomas Glisson or Gleason in 1850 Jackson Co. MS census. Then listed in 1860 & census in Mobile Co. AL. His widow listed in 1870-80 census in Mobile Co. AL. Not sure if he was a Glisson or Gleason.

Thomas Gleeson  in Mobile Co. Al from Ireland is prob not a Glisson.
John T. Glison in 1910 in Coosa Co. AL is unknown but probably from one of the FL groups.

There were may others listed in different Alabama census records but most are probably from the Gleason family and not the Glisson family. Some that were listed as Gleason, Glesson, Glesson, Gleson etc did however turn out to be from the Glisson family so I have tried to list them all from the census records.

Following are the families of Lewis Glisson & Nice Garras and Thomas Glisson. Lewis family also listed with NC Glisson Families, Nathaniel family listed with GA Glisson Families, Nathan listed with GA families, Dennis Glisson family listed with FL Glisson families and the rest I do not have enough info to list them with a family group.

Descendants of Lewis Glisson & Nice Garras of Duplin Co. NC

     Lewis Glisson #9733 b. abt 1778, Duplin Co. NC, m. 15  Dec 1797, in Duplin Co. NC, Nice Garras #10144.  Nice: dau of Benjamin

     Garras & Elizabeth (Betsy) Sikes who died in Muhlenberg Co. KY.  Lewis Glisson listed in 1810-20-30 Duplin  Co. NC census.

     I.   Lewis Glisson Jr. #12191 b. abt 1798, Duplin Co. NC, d. 1840-1850.  Lewis Glisson Jr. listed in 1840 Dale Co. AL census.

     II.  John W. Glisson #10145 b. abt 1800, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1817, Mary ? #12197, b. 1802, Duplin Co. NC.  John died

          1850-1860, Coffee Co. AL.  John listed in census in 1820-1830 in Duplin Co. NC, in 1840 Dale Co. AL and in 1850 Coffee Co.

          AL. Son of Lewis Glisson & Nice Garras of Duplin Co. NC. gs of John W. Glisson Jr. & Jean, ggs of John W. Glisson Sr, gggs

          of Dennis & Mary Glisson, gggs of John & Jane Glisson of Bertie Co. NC.

          A.   male Glisson #12198 b. abt 1819, Duplin Co. NC, d. 1820-1830, Duplin Co. NC.

          B.   Eliza Glisson #12200 b. abt 1821, Duplin Co. NC.

          C.   female Glisson #12199 b. 1820-1825, Duplin Co. NC.  married or died 1840-50 in AL.

          D.   Lucy D. Glisson #12201 b. abt 1826, Duplin Co. NC.

          E.   John D. Glisson #12202 b. abt 1837, GA or Dale Co. AL, m. abt 1863, Mary E. #12368, b. Sep 1847, AL.  John was

               listed  in 1840 census with parents in Dale Co. AL & he was listed in 1850 with parents in Coffee Co. AL

               and listed as a laborer age 19 (should have been 23) in house of Warren Wood in Coffee Co. AL.  Cannot find census

               for Coffee Co. AL 1870-1880. According to family records his 3 children were raised by Sarah Gilbert & Elizabeth Gilbert  

               Chancellor who were  cousins to the Glissons. John and his wife must have died rather young. Mary: Living with

               Leena Hindman 1900 Covington Co. AL PCT 18 River Falls.

               1.   William Haywood Glisson #10191 b. Jun 1864, FL, m. abt 1891, Anna Elizabeth Batchelor #10192, b. Oct 1869,

                    Eneterprise, Coffee Co. AL, d. Jan 1928, Coffee Co. AL, bur. Enterprise City Cemetery-Coffee Co. AL.  William

                    died aft 1930, bur. Enterprise City Cemetery-Coffee Co. AL.  desc say he was born in Coffee Co. AL but

                    1900,1910, and 1920 cenus list him born in FL.  He was listed in Grant, Coffee Co. AL 1900-1910 and in Sanford,

                    Covington Co. AL 1920-1930. Anna: dau of Edmond & Elizabeth Batchelor.

                    a.   Lena Lee. Glisson #10193 b. Mar 1892, Enterprise, Coffee Co. AL, m. Ellis McGhee #12378.

                    b.   Tully Edmond (Sam) Glisson #10194 b. 11 Apr 1894, Enterprise, Coffee Co. AL, m. Flora Flossie Emma Turner

                         #10196, b. 12 Nov 1903, d. 12 Aug 1981, Valparaiso, Okaloosa Co. FL, bur. Oakley Ridge Baptist

                         Cem-Covington Co.AL.  Tully died 3 Apr 1963, bur. 7 Apr 1963, Oakley Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery.  Tullie

                         in WWI Pvt AL Co E 168th Infantry. Flora: dau of Lawson Duval Turner & Emma Abagail Sellers .Grandaughter of

                         James Turner & Amanda C. Veasey, and of Thomas Leonard Sellers & Mittie Ann Andrews.

                         (1)  Roger Edmond Glisson #10197 b. 4 Aug 1935, Andalusia, Covington Co. AL, m. Joyce M. #12383, b. 13 Jan

                              1940.  Roger died Oakley Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery.  Roger was in military service AL Sgt HQ Btty

                              8th Infantry Division Artillery.

                    c.   Costello (Castella-Cass) Glisson #10195 b. 19 Oct 1897-99, Coffee Co.AL, m. abt 1924, in Covington Co. AL,

                         Dolly Wiggins #12379, b. 25 Sep 1908, AL, d. 21 Sep 1993, Andalusia, Covington Co. AL.  Costello died Aug

                         1967, Andalusia, Covington Co. AL.

                         (1)  Opal Glisson #12380 b. 28 Jan 1925, Sanford, Covington Co. AL, d. 6 Aug 1989.  Never married.

                         (2)  Hazel Glisson #12381 b. abt 1927, Sanford, Covington Co. AL.

                         (3)  Maxwell Glisson #12382 b. abt 1928, Sanford, Covington Co. AL.

               2.   James Columbus Glisson #10165 b. 10 Oct 1866, Enterprise, Coffee Co. AL, m. abt 1889, in AL ?, Jessie Lee

                    Coleman #10166, b. 17 Nov 1871, Andalusia, Covington Co. AL, d. 25 Mar 1958, Winter Park, Orange Co. FL, bur. 27

                    Mar 1958, Enterprise, Coffee Co. AL.  James died 15 May 1946, Orlando, Orange Co. FL, bur. 17 May 1946,

                    Enterprise, Coffee Co. AL.  Listed as Gleason in some census.  Listed in Covington Co. AL in 1900 and in Coffee

                    Co. AL 1910-1930. Jessie: dau of Jim Coleman & Mattie Bryant.

                    a.   Ida Mae (May) Glisson #10167 b. 12 Nov 1890, Covington, Co. AL, m. 29 Dec 1910, Aytch Ezell #10186, b. 14

                         May 1895, Dale Co. AL, d. 17 Feb 1937, Samson, Geneva Co. AL, bur. 19 Feb 1937, Mount Pleasant, AL.  Ida

                         died 3 Aug 1977, Panama City, Bay Co. FL, bur. 4 Aug 1977, Oakland Cemetery, Panama City, Bay Co.FL.

                         (1)  Clem James Ezell #10187 b. 22 Sep 1913, Coffee Co. AL, d. 15 May 1915.

                         (2)  Columbus Ray Ezell #10188 b. 21 Jul 1922, Coffee Co. AL, d. 11 Nov 1956, bur. Oakland Cemetery-Panama

                              City,Bay Co. FL.

                         (3)  Dorothy Irene Ezell #10189 b. 25 Nov 1928, Coffee Co. AL, d. 25 Nov 1929.

                         (4)  Fredeic Lamar Ezell #10190 b. 3 Aug 1930, Coffee Co. AL, d. 29 Jan 1933.

                    b.   Bonnie Lee (Lila) Glisson #10168 b. 30 Jul 1892, Covington Co., AL.

                    c.   William (Willie) Benjamin Glisson #10169 b. 14 Mar 1894, Covington Co. AL, m. abt 1916, Eunice Carroll

                         #10183, b. abt 1899, AL.  William died 25 Dec 1975.  Eunice: dau of Mary Carroll & sister of Ruby Carroll.

                         (1)  Mildred Glisson #10184 b. abt 1917, Coffee Co. AL.

                         (2)  Ethel Glisson #10185 b. abt 1919, Coffee Co. AL.

                    d.   James Fletcher (Tom) Glisson #10170 b. 29 Nov 1895, Covington Co. AL, m. abt 1920, in AL, Olive M. ?

                          #10198, b. 10 Sep 1906, AL, d. 12 Apr 1986, Andulasia, Covington Co. AL, bur. Red Oak Baptist Cem-Covington

                         Co. AL.  James died 7 Jun 1968, Covington Co. AL, bur. Red Oak Baptist Cem-Covington Co. AL.  In Geneva Co.

                         AL in 1920 census & in Covington Co. AL 1930 census. Served in WWI in the US Army.

                         (1)  Dawkins Glisson #12374 b. abt 1921, Geneva or Covington Co. AL.

                         (2)  Mozelle G. Glisson #12375 b. abt 1922, Geneva or Covington Co. AL, m. Russie Lee McCurley #12384, b.

                              1920, d. 1975.  Russie: son of Walter Lee McCurley & Gladys Lee Cotton.  Grandson of Isaac E. McCurley

                              & Caroline Costello Laseter and of Shem Cottoon & Bertie Farmer.

                         (3)  Ray Glisson #12376 b. abt 1924, Geneva or Covington Co. AL.

                    e.   Clarence Emmet Glisson #10171 b. 16 Sep 1897, Covington Co. AL, m. abt 1919, Lillie Lou ? #10180, b. 16 Sep

                         1902, AL, d. Jul 1986, Enterprise, Coffe Co. AL.  Clarence died Apr 1967, Enterprise, Coffee Co. AL.

                         Clarence listed in Coffee Co. AL census 1920-1930.

                         (1)  Minnie Jewell Glisson #10181 b. abt 1920, Coffee Co. AL.

                         (2)  Alma Glisson #12370 b. abt 1922, Coffee Co. AL.

                         (3)  Buford Glisson #12371 b. 17 Oct 1924, Coffee Co. AL, d. Sep 1970.

                         (4)  Aase Glisson #12372 b. abt 1927, Coffee Co. AL.

                         (5)  James Glisson #12373 b. abt 1929, Coffee Co. AL.

                    f.   Walter Henry Glisson #10172 b. 29 Dec 1899, Covington Co. AL.

                    g.   Frank C. Glisson #10173 b. 18 Jan 1901, Covington Co. AL.

                    h.   Paschal (Passell) Glisson #10174 b. abt 1903, Covington or Coffee Co. AL.

                    i.   Mattie Glisson #10175 b. abt 1905, Covington or Coffee Co. AL.

                    j.   Thelma Glisson #10176 b. abt 1907, Covington or Coffee Co. AL.

                    k.   James C. Glisson #10177 b. abt 1909, Coffee Co. AL.

                    l.   Myrtle Glisson #10178 b. abt 1912, Coffee Co. AL.

                    m.   John (Johnie) Glisson #10179 b. abt 1914, Coffee Co. AL.

               3.   Rilzy (Rilzie) Anne Glisson #12369 b. abt 1868, AL, m. 22 Nov 1880, in Coffee Co. AL, Alan M. Motley #12377.

          F.   Rissona Glisson #12203 b. abt 1849, Coffee Co. AL.

     III. Frederick Glisson #8570 b. 1804-10, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1838, in Duplin Co. NC, Mary Polly #8571, b. 1810-19, NC.  Left

          NC 1840-43 to Muhlinberg Co. KY. Frederick was listed in 1830-40 census in Duplin Co. NC & in 1850-60 in Muhlenberg Co.

          KY. His parents went to Dale Co. AL 1830-40 Frederick stayed in Duplin Co. then went to Muhlinberg Co. KY. His

          grandparents Benjamin Garras & Elizabeth Sikes died in Muhlinberg Co. KY

          A.   James Glisson #8572 b. Mar 1839, Duplin Co. NC.  Enlisted in Civil War in ILL. Never married.  Listed with parents in

               1850-60 Mulenberg Co. KY.  Listed in 1870 in McCracken Co. KY ? Unknown where in 1880 and listed in 1900 in Craighead

               Co. AR.

          B.   John Glisson #8573 b. 1843-45, Muhlinberg, Co. KY.  Enlisted in Civil War in ILL.

          C.   Mary J. Glisson #8574 b. abt 1846, Muhlinberg Co. KY.

          D.   Sarah A. (Sally) Glisson #8575 b. 1848-49, Muhlinberg Co. KY, m. 12 Sep 1866, in Shawneetown, Gallatin Co. IL, John

               Patrick Loftus #10412, d. abt 1892.  Sarah died abt 1886.  John: lived in Murphysboro, Jackson Co. IL

               1.   John Patrick Loftus Jr. #10413 b. abt 1867.

               2.   Mary Elizabeth Loftus #10414 b. abt 1871.

               3.   Joseph Anthony Loftus #10415 b. abt 1872.

               4.   Agnes Loftus #10416 b. abt 1875.

               5.   Peter Cooper Loftus #10417 b. abt 1877.

               6.   Clara Loftus #10418 b. abt 1879.

               7.   Patrick Loftus #10419 b. abt 1879, d. infancy.

               8.   Edward Loftus #10420 b. abt 1882.

          E.   Haywood Glisson #8576 b. abt 1853, Muhlinberg Co. KY, m. 15 Apr 1871, in Mississippi Co. MO, Nancy J. Haynes #10584,

               b. abt 1851, KY.  Listed in 1860 Mulenberg Co. KY with parents.  Listed in 1870 Graves Co. KY. Listed in 1880 in

               Craighead Co. AR.

               1.   Ditha E. Glisson #10585 b. abt 1872, KY.

               2.   John W. (T. or L.) Glisson #10586 b. abt 1874, Craighead Co. AR.  Listed in 1900 Randolph Co. IL as inmate of

                    Southern Il Penitentiary.

               3.   Dora Glisson #10587 b. abt 1875, Craighead Co. AR.

               4.   Louvina Glisson #10588 b. abt 1877, Craighead Co. AR.

               5.   Jossie Glisson #10589 b. abt 1880, Craighead Co. AR.

               6.   Walter Glisson #10763 b. abt 1884, KY?, m. 1910, Stella ? #10766, b. abt 1890, IL.  listed in 1920 Williamson

                    Co. IL census.

                    a.   Hazel Glisson #10767 b. abt 1911, Williamson Co. IL.

                    b.   Thomas (Tom) Glisson #10768 b. abt 1915, Williamson Co. IL.

                    c.   Robert Glisson #10769 b. abt 1917, Williamson Co. IL.

                    d.   Lorene Glisson #10770 b. abt 1919, Williamson Co. IL.

               7.   Thomas Glisson #10764 b. abt 1885, Craighead Co. AR, m. abt 1904, in AR, Bessie ? #10771, b. abt 1889, KY.

                    listed in 1910 Arkansas Co. AR & in 1920 in Williamson Co. IL.

                    a.   Helen Glisson #10772 b. abt 1905, KY-IL- or Arkansas Co. AR, m. abt 1920, in Williamson Co. IL, Walter

                         Murray #10774.

                    b.   Hula Glisson #10773 b. abt 1914, Arkansas Co. AR.

               8.   Erwin Glisson #10765 b. abt 1896, KY?, m. abt 1913, in IL, Zora Riley #10775, b. 20 Jan 1895, Williamson Co. IL,

                    d. 1 Jul 1957.  listed in 1920 Williamson Co. IL census. Zora: dau of Edward Riley & Nancy Brown.

                    a.   Erwin Glisson Jr. #10776 b. 24 Sep 1914, Williamson Co. IL, d. 19 Nov 1967, IL.

                    b.   Don Glisson #10777 b. abt 1917, Williamson Co. IL.

                    c.   Margerite Glisson #10778 b. abt 1918, Williamson Co. IL.

          F.   Elizabeth Glisson #8577 b. abt 1856, Muhlinberg Co. KY.

          G.   Joseph R. Glisson #8578 b. 1852-1859, Muhlinberg Co. KY, m. abt 1881, Susanna (Susie-Suzana) West #10590, b.

               1859-1865, Nettleton, Craighead Co. AR, d. 25 Jan 1930, Nettleton, Craighead Co. AR, bur. Nettleton Cemetery-

               Craighead Co. AR.  Joseph died 1931, bur. Nettleton Cemetery-Jonesboro, AR.  Listed in 1860 Muhlenberg Co. KY with

               parents.  Listed in 1870 McCracken Co. KY.  Listed in 1900-1920 in Craighead Co. AR Susanna: dau of Needham West &

               Zylphia Hoble.

               1.   Ida May Glisson #10591 b. 24 Apr 1882, Jonesboro, Craighead Co. AR, m. 14 Jul 1906, in Nettleton, Craighead Co.

                    AR, Benjamin Arvlee Thomason #10606, b. 22 Mar 1882, Gainsville, Craighead Co. AR, d. 26 Sep 1961, Kennett,

                    Dunklin Co. MO, bur. 27 Sep 1961, Cardwell, Dunklin Co. MO.  Ida died 3 Aug 1936, Leachville, Mississippi Co.

                    AR.  Benjamin: son of James F. Thomason & Ellzara White.

                    a.   Ida May Thomason #10607 b. 25 Nov 1910, Nettleton, Craighead Co. AR, d. 18 Sep 1842.

               2.   James Joe Glisson #10592 b. Sep 1884, Leachville, Mississippi Co. AR, m. (1) Susan (Susie) Enloe #10601, b. abt

                    1900, m. (2) Callie Stonebreaker #10602.

                    a.   Elberta Glisson #10609 b. abt 1914, Craighead Co. AR.

                    b.   Spencer William Glisson #10610 b. abt 1917, Craighead Co. AR, m. Marianne ? #10611.

                         (1)  Ronald Spencer Glisson #10612

               3.   Sallie A. Glisson #10593 b. Oct 1886, Nettleton, Craighead Co. AR, m. Earl Meredith #10603, b. abt 1882.

               4.   Cora D. Glisson #10594 b. Aug 1890, Nettleton, Craighead Co. AR.

               5.   Cordelia Glisson #10595 b. Aug 1892, Nettleton, Craighead Co. AR.

               6.   Haywood (Haward) Glisson #10596 b. 1 Jan 1894, Nettleton, Craighead Co. AR, m. Willie May Calvert #10604, b. abt

                    1898, d. 28 Nov 1975, Paragould, Greene Co. AR, bur. Nettleton Cemetery-Craighead Co. AR.  Haywood died 4 Dec

                    1985, Jonesboro, Craighead Co. AR, bur. Nettleton-Cemetery, Craighead Co. AR.

                    a.   Mildred Pauline Glisson #10608 b. abt 1919, Craighead Co. AR, d. 1935.

                    b.   Lavern Glisson #11136 d. 1933 infant.

                    c.   Ida Mae Glisson #11137 m. Gordon Marlow #11143.  lives in Jonesboro, Craighead Co. AR

                    d.   Aleen Glisson #11138 m. Don Besst #11146.  lives in Phoenix, Maricopa Co. AZ.

                    e.   Leona Glisson #11139 m. Earl Stone #11148.  Leona died 1992, Dade City, FL.

                    f.   Mary Jane Glisson #11140 m. George Beebe #11147.  lives in Rockford, Winnebago Co. IL.

                    g.   Bernice Glisson #11141 m. (1) Jack Gondy #11144, m. (2) Robert Cox #11145.  lives in Jonesboro, Craighead

                         Co. AR

                    h.   Murline Glisson #11142 b. 1934, Jonesboro, Craighead Co. AR, and unknown #11149.  lives in Brookland


                         (1)  Richard Eugene Glisson #11150 b. 10 Nov 1953, Rockford, Winnebago Co. IL, m. unknown #11151.

                              (a)  Brent Nathaniel Glisson #11152

                              (b)  Kristen Marie Glisson #11153

               7.   Nancy Glisson #10597 b. Dec 1895, Craighead Co. AR.

               8.   Charles Franklin (Charlie)  Glisson #10598 b. Apr 1898, Ky or Nettleton, Craighead Co. AR, m. 9 Apr 1932, Elsie

                    Savannah Woods #11095.  lived in Florida.

               9.   Lee Glisson #10600 b. abt 1900, Nettleton, Craighead Co. AR, m. Martha White #10605, b. abt 1900.

               10.  Jerry E. (Oli) Glisson #10599 b. abt 1903-1905, Nettleton, Craighead Co. AR, bur. Nettleton Cemetery- Craighead

                    Co. AR.

     IV.  Nancy Glisson #9767 b. abt 1805, Duplin Co. NC, m. 26  Dec 1828, in Duplin Co. NC, Hines Summerlin #9766, b. abt 1805,

          Duplin Co. NC, (son of Jacob Summerlin Jr. #9758 and Charity Hines #9765) Nancy dau of Lewis Glisson & Nice Garras gd of

          John Glisson and ggd of Dennis Glisson. Nancy and husband listed in Dale Co. AL census 1840-1850 her brothers Lewis Jr. &

          John was listed in 1840 census for Dale Co.AL.  Her brother John listed in 1850 census in Coffee Co. AL. Hines: Hines was

          grandson of Jacob Summerlin Sr. & Charity Glisson.  Charity dau of Dennis & Mary Glisson. Hines married (2) Elizabeth Hines.

          A.   Giles Summerlin #9768 b. abt 1829.

          B.   Everett Summerlin #9769 b. abt 1830, Duplin Co. NC.

          C.   Unknown Summerlin #9770 b. abt 1833.

          D.   Alexander Summerlin #9772 b. abt 1839.

          E.   William H. Summerlin #9773

          F.   Gennata Summerlin #9774 b. abt 1846.

          G.   Amanda Summerlin #9775 b. abt 1849.

          H.   unknown Summerlin #9771 b. abt 1836.

     V.   female Glisson #12192 b. 1805-1810, Duplin Co. NC, d. 1820-1830.

     VI.  female Glisson #12193 b. 1810-1815, Duplin Co. NC.

     VII. male Glisson #12194 b. 1810-1815, Duplin Co. NC.

     VIII male Glisson #12195 b. 1815-1820, Duplin Co. NC.  (this may be Levin or Livingston Glisson who went to Smith Co. MS)



 Descendants of Thomas Glisson & Louisa Jane?
Thomas (Glison-Gleeson) Glisson #10349 b. 1820-26, MA or IRE, m. (1) abt 1843, in prob Jackson Co. MS, unknown ? #10350, d. 1847-48, prob in Jackson Co. MS, m. (2) abt 1849, in prob Jackson Co. MS, Louisa Jane ? #10353, b. 1824-29, MS, d. 1880-1900, prob Mobile Co. AL. Thomas died 1860-70, prob Mobile Co. AL.
I. Mary Glisson #10351 b. abt 1844, Jackson Co. MS, m. abt 1873, in prob Mobile Co. AL, ? Fleming #10364.
    A. Clara Fleming #10365 b. abt 1874, prob in Mobile Co. AL.
II. Thomas Michael Glisson #10352 b. Aug 1847, Jackson Co. MS, m. abt 1879, in prob Mobile Co. AL,
    Annie ? #10359, b. abt 1850, MS, d. 1887-1900, prob Mobile Co. AL. lived with his step brother Lewis with
    his children in 1900.
    A. Thomas Michael Glisson Jr. #10360 b. Jan 1880, prob Mobile Co. AL.
    B. Dessie Glisson #10361 b. May 1885, prob Mobile Co. AL. lived with her Uncle Lewis in 1910.
    C. Annie Glisson #10362 b. Dec 1877, prob Mobile Co. AL. lived with her Uncle Lewis in 1910.
    D. Josephine Glisson #10363 b. Dec 1887, prob Mobile Co. AL. lived with her Uncle Lewis in 1910 and 1920.
III. Lewis Glisson #10354 b. Jan 1850, Jackson Co. MS. never married.
IV. Napoleon Glisson #10355 b. abt 1852, Jackson Co. MS, d. 1860-70, prob Mobile Co. AL.
V. Charlotte Glisson #10356 b. abt 1855, Jackson Co. MS.
VI. Kate Glisson #10357 b. 1860-62, Mobile Co. AL.
VII. Margaret (Maggie) Glisson #10358 b. abt 1865, Mobile Co. AL.

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