References for Glissons in West Virginia


Ref:  West Virginia Estate Settlements, by Ross Johnston-

pg 74-  Monongalia county wills, Glissan, Thom 7-1815 division of property to Mary, Marg., Sarah, Cath., Elenor, Ann, Thom.,  & James, sons and daughters.


Ref:  Hardy Co. W.Va. Courthouse Moorefield-

bk 1795-1842-  Catherine Glisson m. John M. Porter 5 Dec 1805 by Rev. Valentine Powers.


Ref: E.L. Judy’s History of Grant & Hardy Co. W. VA-

 Catherine Glisson married John Porter 5 Dec 1805 reported by Valentine Powers.


Ref:  Mormon Church IGI Files- Marriages-

Sarah Nancy Glisson m. 2 Jul 1809 in Monongalia Co. to Henry Leasure


Ref:  Social Security Death Index, (Jun 1999 edition)- received cards in West Virginia-

Name-SS#-date of birth-date of death-zip lp-place lp-zip lr-place lp-

Clara Glisson 234-34-9135 b. 11 Oct 1919 d. Jul 1985 lr. 91342 (Pacoima, Los Angeles Co. CA) lp. 91342 (Pacoima, Los Angeles Co. CA)

Edna Glisson 236-42-4009 b. 9 Aug 1929 d. 20 Sep 1994 lr. 29575 (Conway, Horry Co. SC)

James Glisson 235-10-7644 b. 26 Jul 1901 d. Oct 1983 lr. 25904

Margaret Glisson 235-82-1660 b. 1 Sep 1905 d. Oct 1979 lr. 25904

Sally Glisson 234-58-9243 b. 16 Sep 1937 d. 27 Sep 1998 lr. 33872 (Sebring, Highlands Co. FL)


The above are from the family of Thomas Glisson & Eleanor Tiernan via Ann Arundel, &Prince George Co. Md.  Thomas listed in 1810 Census for Monongalia Co. Va.  West Virginia was made from Virginia about this time thus he became resident of Morgantown, Monongalia Co. West Virginia without moving.


Ref:  1930 West Virginia Census-

 Name                          Family Members                                                Home in 1930                                   Birth          BP           Relation


William E Glisson     Maye Glisson                                                      Bluefield, Mercer, WV                       abt 1893  KY        Head      

Maye Glisson           William E Glisson                                               Bluefield, Mercer, WV                       abt 1896                 Wife    


Frank Glisan              Ella M Glisan                                                        Morgantown, Monongalia, WV      abt 1870  WV     Head                      

Ella M Glisan             Frank Glisan                                                          Morgantown, Monongalia, WV      abt 1877                Wife                    

Helen V Glisan          Frank Glisan,Ella M Glisan                                 Morgantown, Monongalia, WV      abt 1914                Daughter                                                


Fred R Glisan              Inas W Glisan                                                        Westover, Monongalia, WV       abt 1903  PA        Head                      

Inas W Glisan            Fred R Glisan                                                          Westover, Monongalia, WV       abt 1904                  Wife                    


Alise Glisan                                                                                                 Portland, Preston, WV                  abt 1902   WV      Patient                   


Marion Gleson                                                                                               East River, Mercer, WV               abt 1922  WV      Stepson                

Otis M Gleson                                                                                                East River, Mercer, WV               abt 1924                 Stepson                                                     

Nickolas Gleson         Vincentia Gleson                                                    Wheeling, Ohio, WV                    abt 1874 Italy      Head                      

Vincentia Gleson        Nickolas Gleson                                                      Wheeling, Ohio, WV                    abt 1878                 Wife