References for Glissons in Tenneessee

Ref: Marriages from early Tennessee Newspapers 1794-1851 edited by Rev. Silas E. Lucas Jr.-
Mr. B.B. Glisson married in Henry Co. to Miss Polly Williams (Fri. 25 Nov 1831 in National Banner & Nashville Whig)

Ref: Marriage Record Bk 1, Jan 2, 1789-Dec 13,1837, Davidson Co. Tenn.-
Thomas G. Glisson married Sally Randall on 12 Mar 1825.

Ref: Marriages in Henry Co. TN 1881-1890 & 1891-1900 by Charles D. Robbins & Johnny D. Walker, Paris TN, Feb 1984-
G.F. Glisson to Delia Carter 22 Oct 1888
Huston Glisson to Mollie May Kirkland 19 Nov 1892 bm G.W. Simpson
Jettie Ann Glisson to A.A. Owen 17 Jan 1894 bm O.M. Owen
V.R.E. Glisson to J.L. Perry 21 Apr 1895 bm L.P. Poyner
J.F. Glisson to Jennie Maxey 4 Mar 1899 bm H.L. Lawrence
Walter Glisson to Ellen High 23 Oct 1899 bm Rufus Holliday

Martha Middleton to Robert Agnew 24 Mar 1846 (note: may be Martha Glisson widow of Isaac Middleton.)

Ref: Marriages of Gibson Co. TN 1824-1860, compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley, 1982-
Bryant Carnigay to Hester Grady 16 Jan 1843 bm Abram Glisson
Rachel Glisson to John N. Bush 12 Oct 1847 bm W. Achart
Clarissa Glisson to John R. Pate 20 Sep 1850 bm Saml Glisson
Daniel Glisson to Docia A. Sims 20 Feb 1851
Harriett Glisson to Absolum Witherington 26 Nov 1851 bm W.H. Glisson
George W. Glisson to Harriett Flowers 10 Jan 1852 bm W.H. Glisson
Barbary Glisson to Stephen Jones 6 Feb 1852 bm W.H. Glisson
Stephen H. Glisson to Nancy Hall 22 Jun 1852 bm W.H. Glisson
Elizabeth J. Glisson to Paul T. Barner 21 Nov 1853 bm Stephen O'Daniel
Yancy D. Glisson to Sarah C. Bryant 12 Sep 1855
Marshall B. Glisson to Martha A. Flowers 29 Nov 1855
Abraham Glisson to Martha M. Ellingston 18 Jan 1858 bm T.W. Edwards
Everett Glisson to Metilda Long 1 Jun 1858 bm Plesant H. Hunter
Nancy Gleason to Rigdon Grady 19 Aug 1836 bm Bryan M. Branch
Nancy Gleason to Samuel Houghs 19 Aug 1838 bm Charles Crue
Timothy Gleason to Martha B. Sanders 13 Mar 1849
Willis B. Gleason to Margrette E. Cash 3 Oct 1854 bm B.W. Cash
John E. Gleason to Henritta A. Vaden 14 Jul 1859

Ref: Marriages of Robertson Co. 1839-1861 compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley-
pg 85- Hardy W. Glisson to Susan Huddleston on 10 Sep 1856, solemized by C. Farthing J.P.
pg 100- Mary Glisson to W.P. Voley on 4 May 1859, solemized 22 May 1859 by J.W. Feathers M.G.
pg 101- S.A. Glisson to W.J. Bowers on 8 Jul 1859 solemized 9 Jul 1859 by F.R. Gooch M.G.

Ref: 35,000 Tenneessee Marriage Records & Bonds 1783-1870 Vol 2 G-N-
Jesse Glisson to Martha May issued 1 Sep 1852, married by J.M. Wells J.P. 2 Sep 1852 Robertson Co.

Ref: Marriages of Shelby Co. TN 1820-1858 compiled by Edyth Rucker Whitley, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co 1982-
pg 70 R.H. Glisson to Catherine Hawkins 27 Apr 1854 #3460
pg 73 Sally Ann Glisson to Thomas Fleming 22 Nov 1854 #3613
pg 24 Sarah J. Glisson to James R. Harrell 9 Aug 1838 #1200
pg 1 Susan Glisson to W.B. Ross 21 Jan 1848 #33
pg 96 John Gleason to Catherine McCarty 16 Mar 1858 #4871

Ref:  Crockett Co. TN Marriages July 1872-Dec 1899-Surnames E-G USA Genweb Archives

John Glisson to Etta Dodd 1 Mar 1901


Ref:  Marriage Records of Some Families in 1850 Obion Co. TN Census_

Elizabeth Gleason to Sinclair Taylor 30 Nov 1848 (probably dau of  Stephen H. & Nancy Glisson)


Ref: Mormon Church CFI-IGI Files-Marriages
Davidson Co.-

Thomas G. Glisson married Sally Randall on 12 Mar 1825

Dekalb Co.-

John Glisson married M.A. Starke on 23 Mar 1870

Dyer Co.-

Catherine Glisson married Caswell C. Mifflin 22 Jan 1871

J.D. Glisson married Fannie Thurmond 4 Jan 1877

Martha A. married George W. Slaton 4 Mar 1880

Thomas A. married Loa Sean Lackey 13 Oct 1886 Dyersburg

Sammy Dennis Glisson  common law Hallie May Isbell 1928 in Dyersburg

Gibson Co.-

Patrick Glesson married Sarah Brown 6 Sep 1843

Rachel Glesson married John N. Bush 12 Feb 1847

Clarissa Glisson married John R. Pate 19 or 22 Sep 1850

George W. Glisson married Harriet Flowers 10 Jan 1851

Daniel Glisson married Docia M. Sims 20 Feb 1851

Harriet Glisson married Abraham Wetherington 26 Nov 1851

Barberry Glisson married Stephen Jones 6 Feb 1852

Stephen H. Glisson married Nancy H. ? 22 Jun 1852

Elizabeth J. Glisson married Paul T. Baner 22 Nov 1853

Yancy D. Glisson married Sarah C. Bryant 12 Sep 1855

Marshall B. Glisson married Martha A. Flowers 29 Nov 1855

Abraham Glisson married Martha M. Ellingston 18 Jan 1858

Everett Glisson married Matilda Long 1 Jun 1858

Louisa Glisson married A.C. Ridgeway 29 Dec 1861

Abraham Glisson married Rebecca Flowers 23 Jul 1863

Mattie Glisson married W.T. Duffer or Duffis 16 Nov 1871

E.B. Glisson married J.H. Needham 9 Dec 1875

Docia Glisson married P.H. Farley 25 Jan 1876

Elizabeth Glisson married J.A. Searce 7 Mar 1876

William A. Glisson married Mollie Ridgeway 7 Dec 1876

J.D. Glisson married P.D. Robinson 4 Jan 1877

Peggy S. Glisson married Dennis Pate 22 Nov 1877

W.H. Glisson married Arminta Pate 31 Jan 1878

Mattie Glisson married J.W. Weterfield 21 Dec 1881

James A. Glisson married M.A.E. O'Daniel 4 Jan 1882

M. Glisson married H.A. Montgomery 4 Dec 1882

A.M. Glisson married H.A. Montgomery 6 Dec 1882

Ellen Glesson married J. M. Keathley 19 Sep 1883

D.F. Glisson married Leena O'Daniel 7 Nov 1883

Mentie Glisson married Knox Witherspoon 24 Nov 1885

J.H. Glisson married Ada Barner 13 Dec 1885

J.A. Glisson married Mattie A. Whitworth 21 Sep 1886

Robert Glisson married Blanche James 23 Nov 1887

A. L. Glisson married L. A. Landrum 4 Jan 1888

G.W. Glisson married Dora Bigsby or Rigsby 30 Jan 1889

F.F. Glisson married Minnie Keathley 6 Feb 1889

Henry Co.-

Milly R. Glisson married Wm. W. Irby 28 Mar 1871

B.H. Glisson married Rebecca Lawrence 21 Oct 1873

A.B. Glisson married M.A. Larence 24 Oct 1876

W.C.H. Glisson married Kitty Jones 27 Dec 1876

James E. Glisson married Jennie Bell Maxey 4 Mar 1899

J.E. Glisson married Jenny Belle Maxey 4 Mar 1899

Brinkley Lee Glisson married Mary Magdalene Nash    Feb 1902

Jackson Co.-

Edie Glesson married John Cates 6 May 1877

Lauderdale Co.-

Emily Lee Glisson married Robert William Colvin 2 Oct 1934

McNairy Co.-

M.C.F. Glisson married M.V. Burrow 23 Sep 1872

Obion Co.-

Piercy Glisson married William Robbins 25 Feb 1843

William H. Glisson married Hepsey E. Jones 27 Jul 1852

James Glisson married Elizabeth Needry 28 Jun 1855

Nancy Glisson married W.P. Mangrum 10 Mar 1857

J.A. Glisson married R.A. Crockett 19 Aug 1867 surety A. C. Ridgeway

Mollie Glisson married E.F. West 19 Mar 1871

W.B. Glisson married Amanda Byrd 6 Nov 1871

Margaret J. Glisson married W.B. Keathly 25 Mar 1874

Mattie Glisson married D.H. or A. H. Jackson 12 Apr 1874

Mattie Ruth Glisson married Dock Hiram Jackson (he later married Mary Jane Roberts)

Marcie Glisson married R.O. Price 17 Nov 1875

Hetty H. Glisson married J. Frank Keathly 26 Jan 1876

Carlota Glisson married James W. Mcneely 3 Dec 1879

J.H. Glisson married Mattie Boyette 14 Jan 1880

D.C. Glisson married A.B. Wicker 17 Sep 1883

M.A. Glisson married W.H. Wilson 27 Aug 1884

W.T. Glisson married Ava Asken 17 Mar 1885

Robertson Co.-

Jesse Glisson married Martha May 2 Sep 1852

Shelby Co.-

R. H. Glisson married Catherine Hawkins 27 Apr 1854

Stewart Co.-

E. L. Glisson married M.I.M. Gillam 30 Jul 1895

John Glisson married Susan Free 1 Sep 1858

John D. Glisson married LuLu McGinnis 3 Oct 1900

Tipton Co.-

Everline Glesson married Tobe Thompson 12 Dec 1867

Weakley Co.-

J.F. Glisson married M.J. Dyer 26 Feb 1885

R.A. Glisson married J.N. Wallace 22 Apr 1894


Ref: Mormon Church CFI Files-Births
Crockett Co.-

Luildy Glisson born Apr 1882 d/o Thomas A.&Lou Sean Lackey

Bertha Glisson born May 1889 d/o Thomas A.&Lou Sean Lackey

William T. Glisson born Dec 1892 s/o Thomas A&Lou Sean Lackey

Ollie Glisson born Jan 1894 d/o Thomas A. & Lou Sean Lackey

Nannie Bea Glisson born Nov 1896 d/o Thomas A. & Lou Sean Lackey

Rice A. Pierce Glisson born May 1897 s/o Thomas A. & Lou Sean Lackey

Yancey Glisson born Dec 1899 s/o Thomas A. & Lou Sean Lackey

Gibson Co.-

Sammy Dennis Glisson born 14 Mar 1901 Bradford s/o Thomas A. & Lou Sean Lackey

Finis J. Glisson born 1903 Bradford s/o Thomas A. & Lou Sean Lackey

Delbert Dennis born 27 Feb 1930 s/o Sammy Dennnis. & Hallie May Isbell

Hallia May Glisson born 25 Jan 1836 d/o Sammy Dennis &Hallie May Isbell

Betty Jane Glisson born 1939 d/o Sammy Dennis/Hallie May Isbell

Haywood Co.-

Thomas Patrick Glissen b. 17 Jul 1947 Brownsville, Haywood Co. TN son of James William Glisson & Annie Ruth Colvin

Lauderdale Co.-

James William Glisson born 27 Jun 1895 in Henning s/o Thomas P. & Mary Ella Smith

James William Glisson b. 12 May 1938 Ripley, Lauderdale Co. son of James William Glissen & Annie Ruth Colvin

Shelby Co.-

Emily Lee Glisson born 24 Oct 1899 Memphis d/o Thomas Patrick & Mary Ella Smith

Stewart Co.-

Dorothy Christine Glisson b. 17 Feb 1922  dau of John Daniel Glisson & LuLu May McGinnes

Weakley Co.-

Thomas A. Glisson born    Aug 1857

Henderson Co.-

Rice A. Pierce Glisson born    May 1897 s/o TA/LS


Bettie Glisson b. abt 1850 prob Gibson Co. TN

Martha E. Glissen b. abt 1857 of TN

Martha Glissen b. abt 1868

Corrie J. Glissen b.abt 1879 dau of James H. Glissen & Nancy Jane Jeanes

Ref: Obituaries from Early Tenn. Newspapers 1794-1851-
Mr. Thomas Glisson formerly of Washington aged 28 years, died in Paris Tenneessee on 17th May by a fall from second story of the Jackson Hotel, National Banner & Nashville Whig (fri. 10 Jun 1836)

Ref: Memphis & Shelby County Death Certificates (1902-1939) & Misc- Shelby Co. Heath Dept-
BK OR                    NAME                                                  DATE OF              AGE AT                 SEX       RACE    

FILE#                                                                                     DEATH                  DEATH
C 280                      Andrew Glison                                     13 Jun 1922            54y3m                     male        black
425                          Robert Bell Glissen                              19 Feb 1921           3m                           male        white
46896                      A. A. Glisson                                        25 Jan 1893            58y                         male        white
940                          baby Glisson                                         10 Apr 1921           3hours ?                                 white
1509                        Charles Glisson                                    5 Nov 1932            40y                          male        white
45                            Mrs. Enphie A. Glisson                      10 Feb 1922           31y                          female     white
17254A                   John Glisson                                       22 Dec 1877           45y                          female     white
994                          Nannie Belle Wicker Glisson              31 Mar 1926           59y                          female     white
3278                        R.P. Glisson                                           17 Oct 1939            36y                          male        white
6889                        Rosa Glisson                                         19 Dec 1905           36y                          female     white
1963                        Rowena Emma Glisson                        23 May 1937          93y                         female     white
14056                      William B. Glisson                                11 Jun 1908            69y                          male        white
2419                        William Ernest Glisson                        8 Jun 1936              63y                          male        white
5191                        C. Gleson                                               24 Dec 1858           7y                            male        white
16741                      James Gleeson                                      8 Oct 1852              23y                          male        white
1582                        Dan Gleeson                                         23 Apr 1909           46y                          male        white


Ref:  TN Death Index 1908-1912, G: Part 3-

Blench Glison d. 1911 #27720 resided in Gibson Co.

Ballard Glisson d. 1908 #43671 resided in Henry Co. TN

Curtis Glisson d. 1908 #94875 resided in Weakley Co. TN

D. J. Glisson d. 1908 #94876 resided in Weakley Co. TN

Ida Peal Glisson d. 1910 resided in Crockett Co. TN

J. D. Glisson d. 1910 resided in Crockett Co. TN

Ruth Glisson d. 1911 resided in Gibson Co. TN

Sarah Glisson d. 1912 resided in Crockett Co. TN

Hettie Glesson d.1909 resided in Weakley Co. TN

Henry Gleson d.1912 resided in Dyer Co. TN


Ref:  TN Death Index For Grundy Co. TN-

Agnes Glisson  #y525 age 1 yr d.7 Oct 1919 b.TN dau of E.J. Glisson buried T.C. City Cemetery

Agness Glisson  #2525a age 1 yr d. 8 Oct 1919 b. TN father E.C. Glisson mother Minnie

J. W. Glisson  #404 b.10 Jan 1900 d. 9 Nov 1921 in Palmer, father E.C. Glisson mother Kate Tate


Ref: Tennessee Pioneers of Henry County by John W. Lawrence-     SW Henry County Graves,  my notes in (red)


Glisson Cemetery, located on the McKenzie-Como road about 3 miles north of Mckenzie just past the Union church.

Baucum, Learnie B.              1917-1984                               (dau of Jefferson Clifford McClure & Mary Ellen Glisson)

Baucum, A. Herbert             1900-1989                               (husband of Learnie)

Dale, Nannie                         1893-1954                               (dau of Ballard H. Glisson & Rebecca L. Lawrence)

Dale, Mervyn                        1891-1958                               (husband of Nannie)

Dring, Muriel B.                    Jan 2 1918-Aug 4 1984

Dring, Monroe W.               Mar 3 1920-

Glisson, Martha B.               1890-1960                               (dau of Ballard H. Glisson & Rebecca L. Lawrence)

Glisson, infant                      Apr 5 1876-Apr 5 1876

Glisson, Dennis                    Feb 12 1802-Oct 17 1866      (son of James Glisson & Martha Dennison)

Glisson, W.H.                       Apr 2 1841-Jan 28 1889        (William Huston, son of Dennis Glisson & Arena Moore)

Glisson, Nancy U. Nice       May 6 1844-Apr 9 1876       (wife of William Huston Glisson)

Glisson, Sarah E.                  Sep 25 1856-Dec 29 1868     (maybe dau of Dennis Glisson & Arena Moore?)

Glisson, Rebecca L.             1851-1918                               (wife of Ballard H. Glisson, dau of William Leroy Lawrence & Nancy Lee Atkins)

Glisson, Ballard H.               1850-1908                               (son of Dennis Glisson & Arena Moore)

Gray, Joseph Viston            Jul 28 1962-Sep 16 1991      

Ingoglia, Dorothy J.             May 16 1922-Aug 3 1991

Ingoglia, V.Jim                      Jul 22 1919

Kimble, W.R.

McClure, J. Clifford              1881-1962                               (husband of Mary Ellen Glisson)

McClure, Harland Edward  Aug 11 1925-Oct 7 1992      (son of Jefferson Clifford McClure & Mary Ellen Glisson)

McClure, Mary E.                 1885-1957                               (Mary Ellen dau of Ballard H. Glisson & Rebecca L. Lawrence)

McClure, Velma J.                Sep 25 1910-Nov 20 1910    (dau of Jefferson Clifford McClure & Mary Ellen Glisson)

McClure, Elbert N.               Sep 1 1920-Nov 19 1944      (son of Jefferson Clifford McClure & Mary Ellen Glisson)

Moran, Vivian                       1917-1977

Owen, Millie J.                      Dec 31 1896-May 9 1972     (dau of Ballard H. Glisson & Rebecca L. Lawrence)

Owen, Leonard                     Jan 29 1907-Aug 11 1990     (husband of Millie J. Glisson)


Lawrence Cemetery, located just south of the old Liberty IV school, land was original farm of John Lawrence

Glisson, ?                               1864-1918

Glisson, A.B.                         Jan 28 1849-Aug 8 1915       (Alfred Brodie Glisson son of Brinkley B. Glisson & Mary Polly Williams)

Glisson, Eva                          1909-1960                               (dau of William Dalton Glisson & Nancy Almeda Glisson, Nancy  dau of Alfred

Brodie Glisson & Milbury A. Lawrence)

Glisson, Joseph G.               Sep 5 1879-Apr 26 1900       (son of Alfred Brodie Glisson & Milbury A. Lawrence)

Glisson, Milbury A.             Feb 3 1850-May 16 1917      (wife of A.B. dau of William Leroy Lawrence & Nancy Lee Atkins)

Glisson, James R.                 Jan 4 1883-1884                     (son of Alred Brodie Glisson & Milbury A. Lawrence)

Glisson, W.E.                        1874-1924                               (Walter Edward Glisson son of Ballard H. Glisson & Rebecca L. Lawrence)


New Bethel Cemetery, located the New Bethel Church north of Henry, Tennessee

Glisson, Lee                          1877-1945                               (Brinkley Lee Glisson son of Alfred Brodie Glisson & Milbury A. Lawrence)

Glisson, Lena                        1877-1966                               (wife of Brinkley Lee Glisson)


Union Cemetery, located by the Union Church on Mckenzie-Como road not far from Mckenzie

Glisson, Aminta L. Miller    Aug 15 1848-Jun 18 1925    (wife of Isaac Daniel Glisson)

Glisson, Catheryn                1921-1923

Glisson, George W.              Dec 10 1867-Oct 23 1891     (son of Isaac Daniel Glisson & Arminta L. ?)

Glisson, Isaac D.                  Dec 24 1840-Dec 3 1921       (son of Brinkley B. Glisson & Mary Polly Williams)

Glisson, J.H.                          1889-1972                               (John Huston son of William Huston Glisson & Sarah C. Jones)

Glisson, Katherine               Dec 11 1921-Nov 15 1923

Glisson, Myrtle M.               1893-                                       (wife of John Huston Glisson)

Glisson, N.G.                         Sep 22 1878-Jun 13 1882      (Nancy G. dau of Isaac Daniel Glisson & Arminta L.?)


Ref: Weakley Co. TN Cemetery Listings compiled by the James Buckley Chapter NS DAR, Mrs. David Roberts Regent 1980-
Vol # 1-( ) means my notes-otherwise tombstone list additional info-
Butler Cemetery-
H.C. Glisson 7 Feb 1905-31 Aug 1929
Odie Mai Glisson 1909-1930 wife of H.C. Glisson
Lebanod Church of Christ Cemetery-
L.D. Glisson 12 Jun 1911-
Blanche Woodruff Glisson 2 Oct 1911 (wife of L.D.)
Eastside Cemetery-
Robert Carroll Glisson 5 Aug 1919-26 Jan 1977
Margurite Adams Glisson 11 Apr 1918-12 Oct 1969
children of Robert & Margurite Carol, Faith & Debbie Glisson
Vol 2-
New Hope Cemetery-
T. Less Glisson 1884-1948
Comara E. Glisson 1890-1936 (wife of T. Less)
E.D. Glisson 1880-1953
Viva Glisson 1884-1930 (wife of E.D.)
Pinegar Cemetery-
Sally Glisson 1864-1931
Eli B. Glisson 1878-1969
Mary E. Glisson 1877-1959 (wife of Eli B.)
Powers Cemetery-
D.J. Glisson 6 May 1844-27 Oct 1908 (Dennis James son of Dennis & Arena)
Sunrise Cemetery-
Clercy Glisson 20 Jun 1900- (wife of Wade)
Wade Glisson 6 Oct 1898-3 Oct 1975 (son of James D. & Nora J.)
Sister Glisson 1891-
Brother Nealey B. Glisson 1897-1971 (son of William B. & Hallie A.)
Jennie Bell Glisson 27 Nov 1870-13 Dec 1947 (dau of William B.&Hallie)
Wesley Chapel Church Cemetery-
Doshia Glisson 1873-1963 (wife of John E.)
Edd Glisson 1874-1936 (John E. son of Dennis James & Adaline)
Robert Glisson 1897-1945 (son of John E. & Doshia)
Florence Glisson 1899- (wife of Robert)
Talmege Glisson 1904-1974 married 24 Dec 1922 (son of John E. & Doshia)
Mattie Glisson 1904- (wife of Talmege)
West Union Church Cemetery-
William B. Glisson 1867-1935 (son of Dennis James & Adaline)
Hallie A. Glisson 1866-1957 (wife of William B.)
Charles A. Gleason 25 Sep 1895-16 Jan 1961 TN pvt WWI 320 Serv BNQMC
Cane Creek Cemetery-(Located in part which was actually Obion Co. TN)
Mary Hansbrough Glisson 17 Aug 1872-28 Jan 1902 (2nd wife of James A.)
Walnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery-(located in part which was actually Gibson Co. TN)
M.A.E. Glisson 15 Jul 1864-31 Mar 1883 age 18y8m16d (1st wife of James A.)
Modena Glisson 16 Mar 1892-14 Feb 1919 wife of C.A. Glisson
James A. Glisson Jr.?- 1881-1936 M.W.of A.? (son of William A. & M.J.)
Claude M. Yates Glisson 1888- (wife of James A. Jr.)
Hepsey E. Glisson died 23 mar 1896 wife of W.H. age abt 60y
Sebastion Glisson b.11 Jan 1878 d.1 May 1898 son of W.H. & H.E.
Clarissa Pate b.20 Sep 1830 d.5 Jul 1894 wife of J.R. Pate (dau of Abraham)
J.R. Pate 29 Apr 1832-5 May 1906
Daniel Glisson died 15 Dec 1868 age 44y10m15d (son of Abraham)

Mrs. T. M. Farley b. 14 Apr 1834 d. 15 Jan 1921

Nancy Glisson 21 Jul 1867-19 Jul 1871 dau of D. Glisson (Daniel)
W.H. Glisson Oct 1830-23 Dec 1892 (William Haywood son of Daniel & Martha or Abraham?)
Albert S. Glisson 21 Jan 1868-11 Mar 1871 son of W.H. & H.E.
William T. Duffer 1851-1928
M.A. Duffer 21 Mar 1854-22 Apr 1882 wife of W.T. Duffer (Martha Ann Mattie nee Glisson)
William E. Duffer 18 Oct 1874-2 Dec 1874 son of W.T. & M.A. age 2m3d
James L. Duffer 1876-1879 (son of W.T. & M.A.)
Gillie Duffer 1860-1919
A.M. Witherington 12 Jan 1855-9 Nov 1895
Bonnie C. Glisson 15 Apr 1887-2 Mar 1888

Mary Ann Barner b. 25 Dec 1838

Mollie Barner b. 1873 d. 1878

G.      W. Barner b. 23 Sep 1809

Thomas S. Barner b. 1875 d. 1878

Ada Barner Glisson 9 Dec 1864-6 Jul 1954 (wife of John Harvey)
Johnie Harvey Glisson 9 Aug 1865-21 Jan 1941
W.H. Glisson 1859-1928 (William Henry son of Everett & Matilda)
Nancy Ann Glisson 6 Dec 1865-6 Jul 1954 (wife of William Henry)
M.A. Glisson 17 Oct 1839-24 Feb 1900 age 60y4m7d wife of Everett (Matilda A.)

Henry Long b. 1 Apr 1815 d. 11 Jan 1895 (father of Matilda A. Long Glisson)

Martha Pate Long b. 9 Dec 1822 d. 10 Oct 1892 wife of Henry

Harriett Glisson 2 Mar 1830-11 Feb 1890 wife of G.W. Glisson
F.H. Glisson 15 Oct 1873-5 Sep 1883 son of G.W. & H.
W.H. Glisson 26 Jul 1853-4 Dec 1884 husband of M.A. Glisson (Mary Armenta Pate)(son of George W. & Harriett)
W.A. Glisson 1 Aug 1856-30 Dec 1900 husband of M.J. Glisson
Mary Jane Ridgeway Glisson 3 Jul 1856-2 Feb 1835 wife of W.A.
Mary Armentie Witherspoon 11 May 1859-12 Aug 1896 wife of K.E. (nee Pate ed to William H. Glisson son of George W. 2nd married to Knox E. Witherspoon 3rd wife)

Joe Knox Witherspoon 18 Apr 1885-6 Aug 1904 son of K.E. & M.E.

Eula Belle Witherspoon 19 Sep 1878-31 Jul 1883 dau of K.E. & L.I.

John E. Witherspoon died 12 Aug 1881 son of K.E. & M.E.

Mollie E. Witherspoon 12 Dec 1858-15 May 1885 wife of K.E. (2nd wife)

Lewcrecia I. Witherspoon 22 Jul 1859-23 Feb 1880 wife of K.E. (1st wife)

James S. Ridgeway b. 31 Jul 1856 d. 25 oct 1949

L.A. Ridgeway b. 18 Jun 1868 d. 19 Oct 1903

Lillie Ashley Ridgeway b. 1881 d. 1951 dau of J. S.

John Mervin Ridgeway b. 13 Oct 1894 d. 30 Sep 1895 son of J. S. & L. A.

W. N. Ridgeway b. 8 Jul 1852 d. 19 Feb 1892 hus of H. A.

Roy Glisson 10 Apr 1904-30 Sep 1933 husband of Ruth
Betty Glisson 1865-1939
James A. Glisson 1861-1950 (parents unknown but brother to Martha Glisson Duffer)
Lou Ava Glisson 23 May 1884-26 Aug 1886 age 2y4m9d dau of F.F. & M.L.
Edna Jones Glisson 18 Jul 1899-11 Jun 1901 dau of A.S. & F.M.
infant Glisson died 2 Jun 1902 of Mr. & Mrs. A.S.
Fannie M. Glisson 1874-1957 (wife of Alvin S.)
G.W. Glisson 1 Mar 1857-27 Jan 1936 (son of William Haywood & Hepsey E.)

Clarky O’Daniel b. 1 Nov 1819 d. 15 Jun 1862

S.       O’Daniel 1812-1881

Elizabeth E. O’Daniel 1840-1872 wife of S.

Annie O’Daniel b. 12 Jul 1782 d. 21 Nov 1853

Clarence Keathley b. 1884 d. 1902

Calvin Keathley b. 4 Nov 1816 d. 22 Jan 1897

John Keathley b. 19 Dec 1843 d. 7 Sep 1906

Elizabeth Keathley b. 22 Mar 1841 d. 6 Feb 1919

Clara Ella Pate Keathley 1878-1945 wife of E. B.

E.       B. Keathley b 13 Aug 1877 d. 27 Nov 1927 hus of Clara

Annie Oneva Keathley b. 16 Sep 1897 d. 26 Feb 1902 dau of E.B. & Clara

Stephen Jones 13 Apr 1820-8 Jan 1887 Mason
Barbara Jones 8 Dec 1827-6 Aug 1883 wife of S. Jones (dau of Abraham Glisson)

T.      P. Jones b. 23 Nov 1873 d. 20 Jul 1884 son of W. M. & R. L.

Lucretia Jones b. 1855 d. 1905

William M. Jones b. 1847 d. 1925

 Jerry Glisson died 5 Jan 1948 son of H.S. & Frances
Rev. Hallie S. Glisson 1911-1977
Mary Frances Glisson 1921-1974 (wife of Hallie S.)
Fennie F. Glisson 1871-1954 (son of William H. & Hepsey E.)
Minnie L. Glisson 1873-1949 (wife of Fennie F.)
Ellen Glisson Keathley 4 Mar 1864-25 Feb 1958 (wife of Matt dau of William H. & Hepsey E.)
Matt Keathley 4 Jan 1857-31 Dec 1895
Mattie Glisson Pate 9 Feb 1886-20 Jun 1973
Eliza Jane Keathley b. 6 May 1825 d. 1 Sep 1864 wife of Calvin

D.      F. Keathley b. 26 Dec 1851 d. 29 May 1892

Lou E. Keathley b. 7 Jun 1862 d. 30 Aug 1887 dau of Calvin & Eliza

H. E. b. 25 Aug 1864 d. 17 Apr 1867 dau of C. & E.J.

Alexander O’Daniel b. 13 Sep 1816 d. 25 Mar 1881


Ref:  Rutherford Cemetery- Gibson Co. TN-

Martha Porter Glisson b. 22 Dec 1903 d. 5 Jan 1994 (wife of A. Tilghman Glisson)

William Baxter Glisson b. 1868 d. 1951 (son of Abraham Glisson & Martha M. Ellingston)

Ruby McFadden Glisson b. 27 Apr 1912 d.  (wife of Kinney Glynn Glisson)

Kinney Glynn Glisson b. 9 Sep 1902 d. 19 Feb 1968 (son of Abraham Glisson & Mollie)

Daniel Henry Glisson b. 20 Sep 1878 d. 15 Dec 1970 (son of William A. Glisson & Mollie Ridgeway)

Dora Rigsbee Glisson b. 1864  d.1936 (wife of George W. Glisson)

Dank Glisson b. 1858 d. 1946  (Masonic Emblem) (son of Abraham Glisson & Martha M. Ellingston)

Luna Ann Glisson b. 1866 d. 1896 (1st wife of Daniel Forrest (Dank) Glisson)

Mollie M. Courtney Glisson b. 1869 d. 1946 (2nd wife of Daniel Forrest (Dank) Glisson)

Foster F. Glisson b. 16 May 1900 d. 11 Nov 1948 ( son of son of Dank Glisson & Mollie Courtney)

Roy B. Glisson (father) b. 1891 d. 1924 (son of Dank Glisson & Luna Ann O’Daniel)

A.     Glisson b. 14 Nov 1821 d. 17 Nov 1900 (Masonic Emblem) (son of Abraham Glisson)

M. M. Glisson wife of A. Glisson b. 27 Jan 1841 d. 17 Sep 1925 (wife of Abraham Glisson Jr.)

Mary E. Glisson (mother) b. 27 Oct 1876 d. 12 Oct 1929

Robert Keathley Glisson b. 13 Oct 1880 d. 1 Jan 1907 (son of Abraham Glisson  & Martha M. Ellingston)

A Tilghman Glisson b. 20 Feb 1902 d. 12 Nov 1943 (son of Rufas Elbert Glisson & Bettie Courtney)

Alice A. Glisson b. 1880 d. 19

Abraham L. Glisson b. 1866 d. 1939 (son of Abraham Glisson Jr. & Martha M. Ellingston)

R. E. Glisson b. 1870 d. 1950 (Rufas Elbert son of Abraham Glisson Jr. & Martha M. Ellingston)

Bettie Courtney (wife of R. E. Glisson) b. 1874 d. 1933

James C. Glisson b. 9 Sep 1892 d. 7 May 1977 (son of James A. Glisson & Mary E. Hansbrough)

Hettie K. Glisson b. 22 Aug 1896 d. 7 Aug 1994 wife of James C. Glisson)

Alburn Glisson b. 21 Mar 1900 d. 21 May 1986

Erma Glisson b. 19 Jul 1902 d. 27 Oct 1988

Clella Iris Glisson Barton b. 1895 d. 1956 wife of Edgar G. Barton (dau of R. E. Glisson & BettieCortney)

Edgar Gentry Barton b. 1888 d. 1960 son of Gentry S. Barton

Edgar Gentry Barton Jr. b. 5 Dec 1922

Gentry S. Barton b. 1863 d. 1934

Nancy Brinkley Barton b. 1869 d. 1938

Reba Crowell b. 18 Sep 1895 d. 12 Dec 1972

Daniel T. Ellington b. 10 Sep 1804 d. 2 Mar 1884

Martha A. Ellington b. 11 Mar 1811 d. 23 Apr 1884

M.    V. Halliburton b. 1882 d. 1959

Leo Halliburton b. 1888 d. 1962

George N. Halliburton b. 29 Jun 1914 d. 3 Dec 1986

wife Betty Jane Halliburton

W.    R. (Bud) Landrum b. 1858 d. 1938

wife Elizabeth B. Landrum b. 1860 d. 1940 (dau of Abraham Glisson Jr. & Martha M. Ellingston)

H.      A. Montgomery b. 4 Feb 1855 d. 7 Feb 1932

Ann Montgomery b. 2 Jul 1862 d. 7 Jul 1908

Mattie Louisa Montgomery b. 16 Jun 1884 d. 28 Dec 1887 dau H.A. & R. A.

Nina Glenn Montgomery b. 15 Jan 1898 d. 2 May 1898

Earl Pate b. 17 Aug 1896 d. 29 Aug 1991 (son of Timothy J. Pate & Mary Elizabeth McKinney)

wife Mamie Pate b. 6 Sep 1894 d. 4 Apr 1974

James Earl Pate b. 15 Mar 1921 d. 5 Jul 1921 infant of Earl P. & Mamie

Jas E. Rigsby b. 23 May 1826 d. 22 Jul 1883

H.      Lou Rigsby b. 8 Aug 1840 d. 6 Jun 1911

Mattie Lou Rigsby b. 20 Oct 1875 d. 27 Feb 1967

Muriel Forest Spence b. 7 Feb 1917 d. 31 May 1917 (son of Geo Willice Spence & Effie Glisson)

Effie Glisson Spence b. 14 May 1896 d. 24 Nov 1986 (dau of Dank Glisson & Mollie Courtney)

Geo Willice Spence b. 15 Feb 1894 d. 3 Apr 1978 (hus of Effie Glisson)


Ref: Bells Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery-

Abbie McCage Glisson b. 23 Feb 1887 d. 2 Jul  1974

Cecil A. Glisson b. 18 Feb 1892


Ref: Popular Grove Cemetery Lauderdale Co. TN-

Annie R. Glissen b. 1913 d. 1982 (wife of James William Glisson)

James W. Glisson b. 1895 d. 1961 (son of Thomas Patrick Glissen & Mary Ella Smith)

Larry Gene Glissen b. 18 Dec 1965 d. 18 Dec 1965

Mary M. Glisson b. 15 Aug 1877 d. 5 Jan 1936 (wife of  Thomas Patrick Glisson)

Okie Marie Glissen b. 18 Feb 1916 d. Jul 1973

Thomas Glissen b.12 Feb 1870 d. 11 Jul 1949


Ref:  Persons buried in Wilson Co. TN-

Sarah Glison b. 1790 d. 1846


Ref:  Bruceton Funeral Home Records-

Name                                                      D.O.B.                    P.O.B.

Everett Glisson                                     10/22/81 TN

John Tyler Glisson                                              

Viva Jane Davidson Glisson              1/16/92                   Benton Co. TN    

Mrs. Ruby Glisson Pape                                                     TN         

Lorene Glisson Phelps                        10/4/18                   Benton Co. TN


Ref:  Halls Funeral Home-

Betty Jane Glisson b. 21 Feb 1943 d. 7 Mar 1947 Sudbury, father Sammy Dennis Glisson mother Hallie Mae Isbell.



Ref: Social Security Death Index, (Oct 1995 edition) (Received cards from Tennessee)-
Name-SS#-date of birth-date of death-zip lr-place lr-zip lp-place lp
Abbie Glisson 412-62-5151 b 23 Feb 1887 d Jul 1984 lr 38369 (Rutherford, Gibson Co. TN)
Aubrey Glisson 411-52-0756 b 5 May 1935 d Jun 1972
Abron Glisson 409-01-2264 b 25 Apr 1905 d Jan 1975 lr 38382 (Eaton, Gibson Co. TN)

Bedford Glisson 411-16-2673 b.1 Aug 1915 d.17 Apr 1997 lr37365 (Palmer, Grundy Co. TN)

Beulah Glisson 413-11-8158 b 15 Sep 1912 d 7 Jun 1988 lr 38382 (Eaton, Gibson Co. TN)
Bill Glisson 408-06-7971 b 10 May 1960 d 5 May 1994
Billy Glisson 413-20-1215 b 30 Jun 1926 d 22 Mar 1993 lr 48906 (Lansing, Ingham Co. MI)
Boone Glisson 412-60-9832 b 11 Oct 1913 d 15 Nov 1991
Bunyan Glisson 412-78-8737 b 13 Jan 1876 d Jul 1968 lr 38233 (Kenton, Obion Co. TN)
Burnice Glisson 415-12-2185 b 23 Jan 1899 d Jan 1979 lr 42041 (Fulton, Fulton Co. KY)
Cecil Glisson 413-38-5305 b 18 Feb 1892 d Jul 1983 lr 38369 (Rutherford, Gibson Co. TN)
Charles Glisson 412-64-8721 b 3 Nov 1897 d Aug 1972 lr 38501 (Cookeville, Putnam Co. TN)
Charles Glisson 411-30-3141 b 20 Jun 1923 d Feb 1984 lr 75147 (Mabank, Kaufman Co. TX) lp 75147
(Mabank, Kaufman Co. TX)
Claude Glisson 414-84-3539 b 23 Sep 1887 d Dec 1968 lr 38316 (Bradford, Gibson Co. TN)
Clercy Glisson 408-08-9602 b 20 Jun 1900 d 6 Nov 1989 lr 38225 (Dresden, Weakley Co. TN)
Clara Glisson 412-60-5217 b 9 Jul 1889 d Jun 1969 lr 38229 (Gleason, Weakley Co. TN)
Courtney Glisson 412-01-4983 b 12 Nov 1896 d Jul 1966 lr 38109 (Memphis, Shelby Co. TN)
Daniel Glisson 414-58-9353 b 20 Sep 1878 d Dec 1970 lr 38233 (Kenton, Obion Co. TN)
David Glisson 414-30-6448 b 5 Aug 1910 d 13 Jul 1990 lr 38063 (Ripley, Lauderdale Co. TN)
David Glisson 411-76-2723 b 7 Jun 1945 d Jun 1984 lr 38254 (Hornbeak, Obion Co. TN) lp 38232
Delbert Glisson 410-46-0814 b 27 Feb 1930 d Oct 1985 lr 38236
Dolly Glisson 412-48-0321 b 29 Jun 1914 d May 1986 lr 38201 (McKenzie, Carroll Co. TN)
Donald Glisson 408-46-7825 b 23 Feb 1930 d Nov 1973
Doris Glisson 410-82-6302 b 27 Mar 1950 d 26 Mar 1990 lr 38330 (Dyer, Gibson Co. TN)
E. Glisson 412-14-9062 b 28 Dec 1905 d 2 Oct 1989 lr 42260
Earl Glisson 414-48-1422 b 30 Jan 1921 d Jan 1979
Edgar Glisson 412-28-0673 b 28 Nov 1908 d Jul 1982 lr 38201 (McKenzie, Carroll Co. TN) lp 38201
(McKenzie, Carroll Co. TN)
Emma Glisson 412-01-4982 b 9 Feb 1898 d 10 Feb 1994 lr 36535 (Foley, Baldwin Co. AL)
Elbert Glisson 412-60-2200 b 22 Aug 1907 d 15 Mar 1993 lr 38233 (Kenton, Obion Co. TN)
Elwanda Glisson 412-60-1554 b 5 Jul 1936 d 14 Apr 1993 lr 38231 (Henry, Henry Co. TN)
Ethel Glisson 413-34-3759 b 17 Apr 1895 d Mar 1976 lr 38111 (Memphis, Shelby Co. TN)

Flora Glisson 413-32-8143 b.15 Sep 1920 d.17 Nov 1998 lr 34787 (Winter Garden, FL)

Gladys Glisson 413-48-3137 b 30 Dec 1912 d Apr 1993 lr 38225 (Dresden, Weakley Co. TN) lp 38225
(Dresden, Weakley Co. TN)
Glynn Glisson 408-03-2013 b 9 Sep 1902 d Feb 1968 lr 38382 (Eaton, Gibson Co. TN)
Harold Glisson 413-32-2950 b 21 Nov 1924 d 16 Feb 1991
Hettie Glisson 409-04-2567 b 22 Aug 1896 d 7 Aug 1994 lr 38358 (Milan, Gibson Co. TN)
Howard Glisson 415-09-9506 b 9 Jun 1889 d Feb 1963 lr TN
Isham Glisson 409-07-2724 b 11 Jan 1901 d Mar 1972 lr 72143 (Searcy, White Co. AR)
James Glisson 413-20-9565 b 9 Sep 1892 d May 1977 lr 38369 (Rutherford, Gibson Co. TN)

James Glisson 409-12-8484 b.9 Sep 1913 d.13 Jan 1998 lr 34287 (North Port, Sarasota Co. FL)

James Glisson 414-34-4734 b 21 Dec 1930 d 21 Oct 1989 lr 38127
John Glisson 413-28-7476 b 20 May 1889 d Dec 1972 lr 38242 (Paris, Henry Co. TN)
John Glisson 409-07-0224 b 10 Jan 1893 d May 1974 lr 38233 (Kenton, Obion Co. TN)
John Glisson 412-07-6981 b 22 Aug 1907 d Nov 1978 lr 38127
John Glisson 412-20-8538 b 26 Nov 1914 d 14 May 1990 lr 38201 (Bruceton, Carroll Co. TN)
John Glisson 413-48-4238 b 8 Dec 1929 d 28 May 1995
Kitta Glisson 415-26-5398 b 17 Jan 1888 d Jan 1985 lr 29526 (Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC)
L. Glisson 408-18-3790 b 12 Jun 1911 d 9 Nov 1991
Lee Glisson 411-62-0532 b 7 Aug 1879 d Dec 1963 lr TN
Leona Glisson 409-64-3747 b 8 Dec 1911 d Sep 1990
Leroy Glisson 414-48-6772 b 15 Oct 1930 d Jul 1973 lr 37040 (Fredonia, Montgomery Co. TN)
Lige Glisson 413-16-1724 b 19 Mar 1893 d Nov 1970 lr 37601 (Johnson City, Washington Co. TN)
Loney Glisson 413-20-1858 b 28 Jun 1911 d 18 Sep 1990
Lois Glisson 414-22-1921 b 26 Apr 1912 d Aug 1972
Lula Glisson 409-40-3198 b 12 Sep 1909 d Aug 1982 lr 38344
Luther Glisson 409-01-9448 b 16 Dec 1887 d Nov 1962 lr TN

Mae Glisson 414-64-8813 b.11 Feb 1897 d.16 Feb 1999 lr 38317 (Bruceton, Carroll Co. TN)

Marguerit Glisson 408-07-0297 b 11 Apr 1918 d Oct 1969 lr 38237 (Martin, Weakley Co. TN)
Martha Glisson 415-54-4844 b 20 Jan 1908 d 13 Apr 1992
Mary Glisson 415-54-3874 b 10 Jan 1895 d Mar 1974 lr 38233 (Kenton, Obion Co. TN)
Mary Glisson 411-10-9848 b 8 Sep 1911 d 15 Nov 1993 lr 48910 (Lansing, Ingham Co. MI)
Mattie Glisson 414-30-6897 b 14 Feb 1904 d Feb 1981 lr 38261 (Union City, Obion Co. TN) lp 38225
(Dresden, Weakley Co. TN)
Marvin Glisson 413-28-7044 b 7 Sep 1906 d 25 Jun 1991 lr 48910 (Lansing, Ingham Co. MI)
Milton Glisson 412-36-1685 b 7 Sep 1927 d Jan 1985 lr 37040 (Fredonia, Montgomery Co. TN) lp 37040
(Fredonia, Montgomery Co. TN)

Mitchell Glisson 412-28-1216 b.25 Feb 1911 d.14 Nov 1998 lr 34787 (Winter Garden, FL)       

Myrtle Glisson 412-62-5872 b 6 Aug 1893 d Dec 1984 lr 38242 (Paris, Henry Co. TN)

Nancy Glisson 414-68-9450 b.18 Mar 1944 d.28 Sep 1995 lr 38229 (Gleason, Weakley Co. TN)

Nell Glisson 413-14-5595 b.16 Aug 1914 d.14 Mar 1999 lr 72207 (Little Rock, Pulaski Co. AR)

Nettie Glisson 411-08-3449 b 19 Jan 1896 d Apr 1984 lr 37122 (Mount Juliet, Wilson Co. TN)

O. Glisson 414-10-5345 b.28 May 1911 d.24 Aug 1997 lr 38343 (Humboldt, Gibson Co. TN)

Rice Glisson 413-12-8031 b 30 Nov 1897 d Dec 1976 lr 38024 (Dyersburg, Dyer Co. TN)
Robert Glisson 415-01-5165 b 5 Aug 1919 d Jan 1977 lr 38237 (Martin, Weakley Co. TN)
Robert Glisson 411-12-2015 b 25 Dec 1916 d 16 Dec 1994 lr 38117 (Memphis, Shelby Co. TN)
Rozell Glisson 415-48-9458 b 27 Jul 1933 d Jul 1986
Ruby Glisson 408-03-1490 b 27 Jan 1901 d Mar 1984 lr 38261 (Union City, Obion Co. TN)

Ruby Glisson 411-88-6132 b.24 Mar 1921 d.25 Nov 1996 lr 38063 (Ripley, Lauderdale Co. TN)

S. Glisson 411-18-1791 b.4 Oct 1934 d.15 Dec 1995

Sallie Glisson 412-08-1800 b 3 Jun 1892 d 28 Apr 1988 lr 38225 (Dresden, Weakley Co. TN)
Santa Glisson 413-14-8359 b17 Mar 1908 d Feb 1973 lr 38122
Stella Glisson 414-84-9105 b 12 Apr 1882 d Apr 1976 lr 38122
Talmage Glisson 413-20-3910 b 21 Jul 1904 d May 1974 lr 38225 (Dresden, Weakley Co. TN)
Terry Glisson 408-58-4438 b 28 Oct 1941 d May 1980 lp 38382 (Eaton, Gibson Co. TN)
Thelma Glisson 410-32-1495 b 12 Mar 1908 d Jan 1989 lr 38122
Thelma Glisson 409-14-8956 b 15 Aug 1912 d 6 Jul 1994 lr 37601 (Johnson City, Washington Co. TN)
Verba Glisson 411-58-0376 b 12 Jun 1934 d Dec 1986 lr 38256 lp 38256
Vernie Glisson 413-32-9091 b 30 Jun 1924 d 24 Jan 1994 lr 60609 (Chicago, Cook Co. IL)

Virginia Glisson 414-30-3692 b.30 Jul 1919 d.17 Sep 1997) lr 38382 (Eaton, Gibson Co. TN)

Viva Glisson 414-30-2451 b 16 Jan 1892 d Nov 1979 lr 38317 (Bruceton, Carroll Co. TN) lp 38317
(Bruceton, Carroll Co. TN)
Waddell Glisson 408-28-7364 b 10 Mar 1921 d 23 Jun 1988 lr 38242 (Paris, Henry Co. TN)
Wade Glisson 411-12-3767 b 6 Oct 1898 d Oct 1975 lr 38225 (Dresden, Weakley Co. TN)
Wavie Glisson 415-26-5123 b 25 Dec 1895 d Sep 1979 lr 38301 (Jackson, Madison Co. TN) lp 38301
(Jackson, Madison Co. TN)
William Glisson 415-26-6412 b 30 Dec 1891 d May 1975 lr 38007
William Glisson 408-01-5258 b 21 Dec 1892 d Feb 1983 lr 48854 (Mason, Ingham Co. MI) lp 48854
(Mason, Ingham Co. MI)
William Glisson 408-26-1619 b 8 Jun 1900 d Apr 1975 lr 38344
William Glisson 412-03-4525 b 28 Apr 1907 d Dec 1985 lr 38127
William Glisson 415-66-6589 b 4 Jan 1944 d Jan 1976
Yancey Glisson 412-50-5446 b 28 Dec 1899 d Dec 1974 lr 38040 (Halls, Lauderdale Co. TN)


Ref: Index to War of 1812 Pension Files Vol II G-M, Transcribed by Virgil D. White, The National Historical Publishing Co. Waynesboro, TN 1989-
Thomas Glisson -2nd wife Lavinia (Blackstock), WC-34444, married 20 Mar 1835 Wilson Co. TN, sd 23 Nov 1863 Scott Co. AR, widow also lived in Scott & Boone Co. ARK, 1st wife Sarah (Reynolds)

Ref: The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865, Vol VI, edited by Janet B. Hewett, Broadfoot Publishing Co. Wilmington NC 1996-
A. Glisson 12th TN Inf Co G
A. Glisson 12th TN (Cons) Inf Co G
A.E. Glisson 9th TN Inf Co E
E.G. Glisson 12th TN Inf Co G , Capt
E.G. Glisson 12th TN (Cons) Inf Co E
E.H. Glisson 15th TN (Cons) Cav Co H
George W. Glisson 20th TN (Russel's) Cav Co C
G.W. Glisson 19th & 20th (Cons) Cav Co E
J. Glisson 50th TN Inf Co G
J.W. Glisson TN Lt Arty Capt Winstons Co
T.H. Glisson 22nd TN (Barteaus) Cav Co I
Y.D. Glisson 47th TN Inf Co I

Ref:  WWI Veterans of TN-

Carroll Co.-

Charles Olan Glisson age 19 born in Mckenzie, TN pg 115 pg 31

Numan C. Glisson age 19 born in McKenzie, TN pg 31

William E. Glisson age 18 born in Buena Vista, TN pg 31

Franklin Co.-

Haywood R. Glisson b. 1896 in White Co. TN pg 26

Gibson Co.- part 3-

Courtney Glisson b. 1896 in Rutherford, TN pg 64

Daniel Glisson age 24 born in Gibson Co. TN pg 64

Ref: History of Tenneessee Illustrated-
Robertson Co.-
pg 1147- Wiley D. Farmer b.7 Mar 1830 in Robertson Co. son of Joseph & Elizabeth Glisson Farmer. Joseph b.13 May 1810 in Robertson Co. his father from N.C. to Tenn. 1800. Joseph lived in Robertson Co. Tenn. when married, bought property 6th Dis. about 1860 broke up housekeeping and since living with his children. Elizabeth Glisson Farmer b.1812 Robertson Co. Tenn. d.29 Apr 1846. Wiley D. m.1Dec 1855 to Frances V. Dillard dau of Wesley. She b.30 Apr 1836 in Robertson Co. they had 1 Child named Secondas. Frances d. 22 Jan 1884.

Ref: Pritchett in America Edition II compiled by Doris M. Horlacher-
pg 106- Mary Sue Little b.13 Dec 1908 Findley, Dyer Co. TN d/o George Brown & Daisy (Pritchett) Little m.? to John "Ted" Glisson [res Memphis, Shelby Co. TN] 2 Children:
1.James Warren Glisson b.? s/o John & Mary Sue Glisson m.? 2 Children
2.Glen Allen Glisson b.? s/o John & Mary Sue Glisson m.? 2 Children

Ref: Genealogical History of the Halliburton Family compiled by William Kenneth Rutherford & Anna Clay (Zimmerman) Rutherford Volume I Revised Edition 1972-
pg 204- Mordecai Ute Halliburton son of David F. Halliburton was b. 15 Mar 1882 near Rutherford, Gibson Co. TN, d. 9 Jan 1959, bur in Rutherford Cemetery, married 15 Aug 1905 to Lula Leota Glisson dau of Daniel Forrest Glisson & Luna Ann O'Daniel was b. 8 Oct 1888 Rutherford, Gibson Co. TN, d. 25 Feb 1962, bur Rutherford Cemetery, issue: 1-Emond b.16 Aug 1906, 2-Luna Helen b.2 May 1909, 3-Urnette b.23 Jul 1911, 4-George Nunnery b.29 Jun 1914, 5-Moddie Leon b.12 Apr 1917, 6-Julia Marjorie b.21 Nov 1919, 7-David Fletcher Marion b.17 Nov 1911, 8-Ruth Lanelle b.25 Jul 1925, 9-Harold Lloyd b.25 Aug 1928.

Ref: Descendants of Charles Lawrence prepared by Paul E. Lawrence 6533 Coachleigh Way, Kingstowne, VA 22315, 7 Sep 1997, taken from the Internet-
Some of the family information on the families of Ballard H. Glisson & on Alfred B. Glisson of Henry Co. TN was taken from this information by Paul E. Lawrence. Http//

Ref:  GenForum- information taken from internet-

Armanda Byrd married William (Bill) Glisson had at least 1 dau Callie Mathilda b.14 Sep 1876 who married Phillip Harvey Dozier 21 Jul 1895.  A dau Thelma Dozier Lloyd.  William may have also married Mathilda Hollomon.


Ref:  Addenda to Worsham & Washam Family History pp 456-494 by Larry Washam at

Web page

Page 463 Lucy Jones Worsham b. abt 1784 m. Edward Travis, Jr. who was b 1 May 1784 Brunswick Co. VA s/o Edward Travis, Sr. & Clarissa Waller. Edward d. 22 Sep 1846 Paris, Henry Co., TN & bur. Travis Family Cem., located on the Dresden Hwy., Paris, Henry Co., TN. After Lucy died Edward m. Margaret Blanton 15 Jul 1816 Mecklenburg Co., VA. Margaret b. 6 Nov 1798 Mecklenburg, VA d 6 Jun 1833 Henry Co., TN bur Travis Family Cem., Henry Co., TN. (Paul W. & Joyce E. Jones & their daughter, Beverly Carrigan ; John Humphreys, 2004)
Edward wrote his will 10 Sep 1846: "I Edward Travis of the County of Henry & State of Tennessee do make ordain, publish and declare my last will and testament as follows towit: It is my will and desire that my three negroes Marilla a girl, Randle a boy and Dick a boy the children of Lucy, shall remain in the possession of Isham G. Harris, my executor, hereinafter named, until the youngest of them shall arrive at the age of eighteen years, at which time my said executor shall, if it is their desire to do so, remove the said Marilla, Randle and Dick to some of the free States of the United States, and shall expend the sum of Five hundred dollars in purchasing them a home and the necessities of life, and liberate and settle them there, and in the case of said Marilla, Randle & Dick, or either of them, should not desire to remove then and in that case they shall still remain in the possession of the said Isham G. Harris and should either one of them choose to remove, it shall be the duty of the said Isham G. Harris to remove and settle such one, or more, and appropriate and expend a proportionate part of the said sum of five hundred dollars in purchasing that one or more a home and the necessary provisions to enable them to live until he, she and they shall be able to procure a livelihood, and in case they or either of them should not at the time mentioned above elect to remove, and should at any time thereafter during their lives elect to go, it shall be the duty of the said Isham G. Harris to remove them, or either of them, and settle and furnish as above directed, but at no time shall the said Isham G. Harris be bound to expend more than the said sum of five hundred dollars in purchasing a home & provisions for them or a proportionate part thereof in case one or more but not all should elect to go and in the meantime, during the time they shall remain in the possession of the said Harris, he shall treat them in the same way he treats his own slaves, and they shall serve in the same manner as though they were his own property, and for and in consideration of the trouble and expense said Isham G. Harris shall be at in raising the said Marilla, Randle and Dick, and as full compensation for the said sum of five hundred dollars which he is hereby required to expend for them, I give and bequeath to him the said Isham G. Harris, his heirs and assigns forever two negro slaves towit: Lucy (the mother) and Jessie, the brother of the said Marilla, Randle & Dick, and in case of said Marilla, Randle and Dick or either of them should never elect to remove to a free State then and in that case they, that is such as shall elect to remain, shall remain to the said Isham G. Harris and his heirs forever.
I give and bequeath to my daughter, Martha M. Harris, wife of Isham G. Harris, the following slaves towit: Licia and her three children, Nat, Adaline and Wiley, and any increase which they may have hereafter this date, to her and her heirs forever.
I give and bequeath to my son, Edward L. Travis, and the negro man named Jim (known as Jim Bright) to him the said Edward, and his heirs and assigns forever.
I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth C. Glisson, wife of William W. Glisson, the following slaves, towit: Sam and Leanna to her the said Elizabeth and her heirs forever.
I give and bequeath to Robert L. Travis, his heirs and assigns forever the following slaves towit: Yellow Stephen, Susan his wife & old Davy.
I give and bequeath to my son Joseph H. Travis, his heirs and assigns forever, the following slaves towit: Jim (known as little Jim), Mariah & her child Betsey, and old Harmon.
I give and bequeath to my son, Benjamin W. Travis & his heirs forever, the following slaves to wit: Nathan, Isaac & Matilda.
I give and bequeath to my daughter, Sarah M. Warren wife of Dr. Westley Warren the following slaves, towit: Charlotte and her two children, Mary and Green, to her the said Sarah M. and her heirs forever.
I give and bequeath to my son, William E. Travis & his heirs forever the following slaves, to wit: Stephen (known as big Stephen) Judy and Peter. Also Washington's writings in 12 volumes.
I give and bequeath to my son James L. Travis and his heirs forever, the following slaves, to wit: Anthony, Davy (known as little Davy) and Isaac (known as little Isaac) Also one bed & furniture the Sporting Magazine in 13 volumes, a Portrait Gallery in 4 volumes.
I give and bequeath to my son Ludson W. Travis and his heirs forever, the following slaves, towit: Tazewell and Fanny. Also two hundred dollars in cash and one bed and furniture.
I give and bequeath to my grandson John Wesley Crutchfield, two hundred dollars to be paid by my Executor as soon as that amt. shall be collected by him to the guardian of said John Wesley Crutchfield, but to be held by him in trust and loaned out at interest until the said John W. shall arrive at the age of twenty- one years or marries, when it with all the interest thereon shall be by him paid over to the said John W. Crutchfield, but in case the said John W. should die before he arrives at the age of twenty- one years or marries, the said trustee shall divide the said sum amongst my children as the residue of my property is hereinafter directed to be divided.
Whereas I have heretofore given to the father of my two grandchildren, James and Thomas McMeans, his full share of my estate I have nothing now to give them, but leave them to and desire them to be kindly treated by their uncles and would recommend that they should be bound to learn some good trade.
It is further my will and desire that my real Estate shall be sold upon a credit of one and two years, and my personal property remaining after the foregoing bequests upon the usual credit of twelve months, and in case an opportunity should offer and my executor should deem it best so to do, he is hereby fully authorized and empowered to sell my real estate or blooded stock at a private sale, and in case it is not privately sold he shall sell the same at public sale and sign, seal, execute and deliver deeds of conveyance or bills of sale for the same, and after the payment of all my just debts the residue of my estate shall be equally divided between the following of my children towit: Elizabeth C., Robert L., Joseph H., Benjamin W., Sarah M., Martha M., William E. , James L., and Ludson W. leaving out my eldest son Edward L. and the representatives of my daughter Margaret McMeans, as they have received more heretofore than the others.
It is further my will and desire that my executor shall pay, and it is hereby expressly charged upon my estate, a debt contracted by my son William E. Travis in the purchase of a house from Mr. Kirby.
It is further my will and desire that in case any or either of my children or legatees should be dissatisfied with the manner in which I have distributed my property herein, or from any other cause shall institute any suit or suits for the purpose of setting aside all or any of the provisions of this will, then and in that case the property heretofore bequeathed to such one or ones shall and it is hereby expressly withdrawn, and such property as is herein bequeathed to him or her or them shall be Equally divided among the other residuary legatees as above named, and I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Isham G. Harris of Paris, Tennessee Executor of this my last Will and testament, and I do hereby further appoint the said Isham G. Harris guardian of my son Ludson W. Travis.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this tenth day of September AD 1846 /s/ Edward Travis (seal) Signed, sealed published and declared in the presence of B. C. Brown & James Leeper (John Humphreys, 2004)


Children of Edward Travis & Lucy Jones Worsham:

Edward Llewellyn Travis "Ned" b. 30 Oct 1805 Mecklenburg Co., VA m. Adeline Ariana Stith 28 Dec 1831 Henry Co., VA. Adeline b abt 1814. He d 1888 Brunswick Co., VA.

Elizabeth Clary Travis b Mar 1807 Mecklenburg Co., VA m. 1st) Dr. Gaines F. Clarke abt 1829 Henry Co., TN & 2nd) William W. Glisson abt 1838 Henry Co., TN. She d 23 Jul 1890 Weakley Co., TN & bur in Travis Family Cem., Henry Co., TN.
Robert Ludson Travis b 16 Apr 1808 Mecklenburg Co., VA m. 1st) Amanda A. Hicks 11 Jan 1832 Henry Co., TN who was b. 15 Aug 1815. He d 27 Jun 1869 and is bur Clifty Cem., Parish, Henry Co., TN.

Joseph Hutchings Travis (Dr.) b 18 Nov 1810 Mecklenburg Co., VA d. 28 Jan 1886 He m. 1st) Elizabeth C. Biles abt 1837; 2nd) Elizabeth J. Crump 24 Nov 1842 Henry Co., TN who was b abt 1824 England & 3rd) Sarah E. Atkins Wynns 28 Oct 1863 Henry Co., TN. He d 28 Jan 1886 Henry Co., TN & bur Travis Family Cem., Henry Co., TN.

Benjamin Waller Travis b. 20 May 1812 Brunswick Co., VA m. 1st) Lucy Rebecca Randle 9 Dec 1831 Henry Co., TN who was b 14 Feb 1817. He d 29 Jul 1882 Dresden, Weakley Co., TN bur Mt. Vernon Cem., Sharon, Weakley, TN m. 2nd Mary Jane Dismukes 29 Dec 1840 Henry Co., TN.

Margaret Worsham Travis b abt 1814 Mecklenburg Co., VA m. James R. McMeans abt 1831 Henry Co., TN. She d 16 Oct 1833 Henry Co., TN & bur Travis Family Cem., Henry Co., TN.


Children of Edward Travis & Margaret Blanton:

Sarah Millington Travis b abt 1819 m. Wesley Warren 6 Aug 1839 Henry Co., TN bur City Cem., Parish, Henry Co., TN;

Martha Marriah Travis b abt 15 Jan 1822 m. Isham Green Harris 6 Jul 1843 Parish, Henry, TN, d 20 Jan 1897 Parish, TN & bur Elmwood Cem., Memphis, Ehelby, TN;

William Edward C. Travis b 3 Jul 1824 d 16 May 1904 Henry Co., TN m. Narcissa Eldredge Hagler 10 Sep 1845 Henry Co., TN;

Mary Elizabeth Travis b 6 Jun 1825 m. John Crutchfield 31 Dec 1840 Henry Co., TN. Son: John Westley Crutchfield;

James Ludson Travis b abt 1828 m. 1st) Sophia L. Covington 12 Jan 1852 Henry Co., TN & 2nd) Elizabeth A. Calhoun 16 Oct 1860 Memphis, Shelby, TN; 6) Ludson Worsham Travis b abt 1830 m. Sophia Anna Crump 6 Aug 1851 Henry Co., TN d 24 Aug 1864 Shreveport, LA but Alexandria, LA.


William W. Glisson listed in 1830 census in Weakley Co. TN as single and in 1840 Weakley Co. TN  with family according to above children are actually children of Elizabeth Clary Travis by 1st marriage.  I have not found William W. Glisson after that.  He was probably son of James Glisson of NC, Henry Co. TN.


Ref:  Misc. information taken from personal records, correspondence, internet etc.-

TN Query- Memphis Press- Scimitar- Tue 6 Apr 1965.  Trenton TN.  Services for Mrs Maudie Glisson Gibbon were to be at 2:30 pm today in Immanuel Baptist Church, burial in Oakland Cemetery with Hunt Funeral Home in charge.  She leaves a son, L.H. Gibbon of Helena, AR, 2 brothers T. Glisson & Glen Glisson of Trenton, a half-brother, Earl Pate of Trenton and a sister Mrs. Ralph Garland of Trenton.

Ref: 1850-60-70-80 Mortality Schedules Tenneessee-
Robertson Co.-
Elizabeth Glissen age 35 Female, Apr died of Childbed Fr. born in N.C.
(b.1815 NC d Apr 1850 in Robertson Co. TN)
A.G. Glisten 13 male, TN Feb, infmn-brain
(b.1847 d. Feb 1860 Robertson Co. TN)
Gibson Co.-
pg 1- A. Glisson age 62 male, Nov born in N.C. died of Consumption,
(b.1787 NC d. Nov 1849 Gibson Co. TN)
David Gleeson age 3/30 TN,TN,SC Aug Dwindled Away
(b.1879 TN d. Aug 1879 Gibson Co. TN)
Stewart Co.-
John Glisson age 47 , male TN NC TN Apr Miller pnemonia
(b.1833 TN d. Apr 1880 Stewart Co. TN)
Obion Co.-
William Glisson age 56 male NC NC NC farmer Dec, pnemonia
(b.1823 NC d. Dec 1879 Obion Co. TN)
Knox Co.-
Dennis Gleason age 3, TN IRE MA Aug membrane croup
(b.1876 TN d. Aug 1879 Knox Co. TN

Ref: Index to Tennessee Wills & Administrations 1779-1861 by Byron & Barbara Sistler 1990-
pg 139-
Name                                      Year of Probate                     Will Book              Pg           County
Henry Glisson                       1819                                        3                              11 Robertson
Henry Glisson                       1820                                        3                              121 Robertson
James Glesson                      1848                                        g                              235 Henry
George R. Glisson                1852                                        h                              Oct Obion
George Rufus Glisson         1852                                        h                              Dec Obion
Nancy Glisson                      1852                                        h                              Sep Obion
Stephen H. Glisson              1852                                        h                              Sep Obion
Sarah Glisson                        1847                                        #                              154 Wilson

Ref: Wills & Estates from Misc. TN Counties-
Robertson Co.- Roll #85- Book 3, 1818-1823- Page 121-123- Probate-
Record of Henry Glifson date Nov 9th 1820. I Henry Glifson of Robertson County and state of Tennefsee being of perfect mind and memmory thanks to God. Willing to receive the mortality of my body and knowing that it is ????? for all ????? over to ??? . Do make & Declare this My last Will & Testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my sole into the hands of the Allmighty God that gave it and my body I ????? to the earth to be buried in a descent Christian at the descretion of my executor nothing ???? but at the general ???? section . I shall receive the saving grace of the almight son of God and ?????? of such worldly estate which ????? pleased God to ????? with ????? this life. I give and devise and dispose the same in the following manner. ???? ????? First I bequeath to my well beloved daughter Ann Smith five dollars to her and her heirs forever. Secondly I give and bequeath to Elizabeth my dearly beloved wife the tract of land that I now live on and all the farming materials and all the stock and all the property of my ? ???? for and her during widowhood. ????? then to be devided amongst my heirs namely Isaac Glifson, Charity Glifson, Henry Glifson, Patrick Glifson, Polly Glifson, Elizabeth Glifson to them and their heirs forever. I also constitute my beloved friends Mathews & Stark ??? I ????? Mathis as sole executor of this my last will and testament and I do hereby ??? ???? ??? and ???? ???? ??? ????? testament ??? ???? ????? and executor by now in any ??? before ????? willed and bequeathed ratifying this and this to my last will and testament in ???? whereof I whereunto my hand I seal this sixth day of March in the year of our the Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen. Signed X (Henry Glifson) Witnessed by Patrick Glifson and Richard Mathews. Robertson County Court May term 1829 , this the last will and testament of Henry Glifson proved in our court by the oath of Richard Mathews a subscribing witness who also made with that the said Patrick Glifson the other subscribing witness attest the same who has since departed this life. ????? by the court that it is recorded. Test Wm Seal CC.
Robertson Co.- Roll #85 Book 3, - 1818-1823- Page 11-12- Probate-
Inventory of the property of Henry Glifson decd taken by Walter M. Stark & Sampson Mathews Exct. Listed many household items. Registered Nov 5th 1819. (note: Henry died between 6 Mar 1819 and 5 Nov 1819)
Henry Co. - Roll #103- Book G- Dec 1844-Oct 1856- Page 235-236- Probate-
I James Glisson do make and publish this my last will in testament duly wishing and making void all other wills made by me at any time. First I direct that all my funeral expenses and debts be paid as soon as after my death as possible out of my monies that I may die ???? or as may first ? into the hand of my executor. Secondly I give and bequeath to my beloved son Dennis Glisson fifty acres of land off of the tract of land that I live on in the South East corner of said tract. Thirdly I want the balance of my land to remain for my son Dennis Glisson & my son James Glisson for four years thence if ? applied for sold & equally divided amongst the rest of my children. Fourthly I will all my other property to be sold and equally divided amongst my daughters loved Martha Mc??ctere, Elizabeth Nor?r?ie, and the heirs of Nancy F. Lake, Boddy Leesley. I do nominate and appoint R. L. Thomas as my executor in witness whereof I to this my will set my hand and seal this the 6th day of December 1847. Signed sealed and published in our presence andd we have test Bryant Decumcre? James F. Mathenry.?

Wilson Co.- Roll #194 Book 1843-1848 Page 377- Probate-
On account of sales & Inventory of the property of the estate of Sarah Glifson deceased. Some names listed Isaac Harrison, Rollin Harrison, B.F. Holdur, T.C. Tilford, John Sager.
Account of sales of the personal property of said estate her late residence in Wilson Co. after being advertised according to law. G. Glifson mentioned many times as purchasing items.
The above is a fair and perfect account of the claims together with full account of sales of all the property of S. Glifson decd.
An Inventory & account of sale of property of Sarah Glisson decd was reported by her administrator & ordered to be recorded Aug 30, 1847. J.G. McClain C/CK of Wilson Co. TN.
Obion Co.- Roll #41 Book 1852-1853 Page Sept term 12-13 Probate-
County Court Sept Term 1852, Clerks office 10 Aug 1852. State of TN Obion Co. By virtue of an authorizing clerk of the county courts to make settlement with executors, administrators, guardians and for other purposes. I Allen S. Ward, Clerk of County Clerk of said county of Obion have this day proceded to make statements of the account of and settlement with William B. Glisson & James M. Taylor Administrators of the estate of Stephen H. Glifson and Nancy Glisson deceased which is as follows to wit. To acct of Inventory returned Oct Term 1850 & Supplement Inventory returned Dec term 1850 and Inventory herewith returned. Total $731.25. By account of clerks. 1. Henry Valentine for medical bills $30.50, 2. John Jones $3.00, 3. Daniel Keathley $3.19, 4. S.H. Glisson proven acct $22.00, 5. John Stacy 21cents, 6. Harriett C. Boggs $1.25, 7. Julia A. Boggs $4.00, 8. Dolly Griffins 75 cents, 9. Waddy & Brooks $8.00, 10. J.B. Hall receipt for coffin for Phineas Glisson $4.00, 11. A.H. McNeely $8.00, 12. R.H. Waddy $3.13, 13. W.S.S. Harris $15.00, Clerks Sec $7.75= $119.38
Supplemental Inventory of the effects of Nancy Glisson deceased. Cash received from the estate of B.C. Branch $5.72, Cash received from John Hall on acct 50 cents= $6.22. Aug 28, 1852 signed W.B. Glifson admin & J.M. Taylor.
Obion Co.- Roll #41 Book 1852-1853 Page Oct Term Oct 4 & 5- Probate-
Estate of George R. Glisson deceased 4th day Oct 1852, Administrators William B. Glisson & Sinkler Taylor. Witness W.B. Glisson, S. Taylor, Richard Keathley, & John G. Keathley.
Obion Co.- Roll #41 Book 1852-1853 Page Dec term 13-14-
An inventory of bill of sale jointly of the estate of George Rufus Glisson. Account of property sold at the sale of Rufus Glifson deceased this 29th of Oct 1852. Names who bought items from sales of estate were, R. Taylor, A.L. Thomas, J.A. Taylor, Jefferson Taylor, S.H. Glifson, widow, H. Taylor, A.B. hargett, Joseph Taylor, j. Tarbuter. Inventory of the notes account & judgement belonging to the Estate of George Rufus Glifson decd, 6 Dec 1852, name on inventory, R. Taylor, J.A. Taylor, H. Eckley, C.B. Reeves, Wm Stacy, James Glifson, S. Taylor, S.H. Glisson, H. Kenedy, J.M. McNeely.

Ref:  West Tennesse Death Records by Tony Hays, March 1987, Chattanooga, TN- Found in the Minutes of County Circiut Court of Henry County, TN, Book C 1832-1836, Vol !!-
Henry Co.- Isaac Middletoon widow Martha Middleton appointed administrator 23 Jun 1834 Henry Co.
On motion it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that Isaac Middleton late a citizen of Henry County at the time of his decease had died intestate leaving Martha Middleton his widow and next of kin. It is ordered by the court that letters of administration of all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits of said deceased issue to the said Marth Middleton and William H. Tucker who thereupon entered into bond of twelve hundred dollars with John K. Calahan and Andrew Allen as their security and were qualified according to law.

Ref:  Court Records Gibson Co. TN-  Sent to me by Beverly B. Elliot, e-mail address

Jan term 1840, State of Tenn, Gibson County, Know alal men by these presents that we, Stephen O’Daniel, A. Glisson, & Stephen H. Glisson of the County and State aforesaid are held and firmly bound unto Joshua D. Hill, chairman of the County Court for said County and his successors in office in the sum of twelve hundred dollars to be paid to said trustee or his successors in office or assigned to which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators jointly, severally and by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 6th day of January 1840.  The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound Stephen O’Daniel was this day chosen and appointed guardian of Haywood & George Glisson, minor heirs of Dennis Glisson.  Now should the said Stephen O’Daniel well and truly perform the duties of guardian towards the said minor orphans and in all respects discharge his duties faithfully then this obligation to be void else to remain in full force and ____.

/2/1 Stephen O’Daniel, /s/ S. H. Glisson, /s/ A. Glisson.

January term 1840…. Know all men by these presents that Stephen H. Glisson, A. Glisson & Stephen O’Daniel of the County and State aforesaid (TN, Gibson) are held and firmly bound until J. D. Hill chairman of the County Courts for said County and his successors in office in the sum of six hundred dollars to be paid to said Trustee or his successors in office or assignees to which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators jointly and severally and firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 6th day of January 1840.  The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound Stephen H. Glisson was this day chosen and appointed Guardian of Eliza Jane Glisson, minor heir of Dennis Glisson, well and truly performs the duties of Guardian towards the said minor orphans and in all respects discharge his duty faithfully then this obligation to be void else to remain in full force and ___.  /s/ S. H. Glisson, /s/ A. Glisson /s/ /S. O’Daniel.

Ref:  Stewart County TN Selected Deeds 1804-1908-
BK 21 pg 348-  Robert Dinkins to Susan C. Glisson "Susan C. Glisson, dau of Joseph Free & my dau Temperance his wife"  Susan wife of John Glisson, 106a free, valued at $350, test:  G.C. Alkins, Samuel Ross, 6 Feb 1860.
Bk 22 pg 596-  Robert Dinkins to grandson William R.J. Free deed of gift, 10 year old Negro Tom and 3 year old Negro Winnie and $1000, John Glisson to be his legal heir; test G. Williams, Reuben Biggs, 6 Sep 1860.
Bk 23 pg 301-  Robert Dinkins of Dist 2 to B.L. Bibb of Dist 2 144a located E of John Glisson’s land for $295.20; test Alexander Bagwell, C.H. Bibb Jr., 26 Nov 1867.
Bk F(8) pg 408-  Robert Dinkins to Henry E. Gibson 100a on the headwaters of Piney Fork for $300, part of 1000a granted to Robert Nelson by the state of NC 1 Jan 1829.

Ref: Index to Rev. War Pension Applications-
pg 405- James Glisson N.C. R4067.

Ref: Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files Volume II F-M abstracted by Virgil D. White-
James Glisson R4067, NC Line, soldier was b.23 Jan 1760 in Martin Co. NC & he lived there at enlistment & in 1825 he moved to Henry Co. TN & he applied there 23 Dec 1834 (note: I also referenced this in Martin Co.NC)

Ref: Revolutionary War records-
8 Sep 1778, James Gliston, Sgt. Card No 37449080, enlisted 6 Oct 1777 for 3 years, Capt. Tilman Dixon's Co. 1st NC Batt, Commanded by Col. Thomas Clark.  (above 3 listing are also for same James Glisson) (some genealogist have his birthdate as 23 Jan 1768 which would make James 9 years old when he enlisted above date 23 Jan 1760 is correct he was son of Isaac and unknown 1st wife Of Martin Co. NC)