References for Glissons in Oregon


Ref:  Mormon Church IGI Files-Marriages-

Albert Glissan married 13 Oct 1879 in Baker Co. to Frances Anthony




Name                          Death Date          Death County   Certificate       Birth Date


Glisson, Lesley C          03 Aug 1991         Clackamas         91-24594        27 Mar 1932


Glissan, Lucretia           28 Mar 1932          Marion            249          


Glisan, Edward Taylor     09 Feb 1917          Wasco             16                                                   

Glisan, Caroline Couch    04 Aug 1925         Portland           2050                                                

Glisan, Elizabeth Raynes 25 Oct 1926          Portland           2677                                                

Glisan, Capitola L           19 Jan 1944          Coos                                                                       

Glisan, Fred E                13 Aug 1968         Coos                11055                                               

Glisan, Wilbert Cla         25 Aug 1979         Multnomah       79-13482          17 Sep 1928                 

Glisan, William Jen         26 Apr 1978         Coos                78-05615          7 Aug 1896                  

Glisan, Dora Emm           31 Aug 1982         Coos                82-12877          9 Jul 1904                    

Glisan, Dora                  28 Mar 1938         Portland           1062                                                

Glisan, Rodney              06 May 1934        Portland           1281                                                  

Glisan, Richard             29 Apr 1938         Coos                98                                      Capatola  

Glisan, Emily Patricia     03 Oct 1992          Klamath            92-19274           13 JAN 1905    William    

Glisan, Joseph R           29 D 1964            Coos                16568                                  Dorothy   

Glisan, Eugene H          09 Jan 1957          Wasco              1202                                   Landora   

Glisan, Landora            05 May 1959        Multnomah        6434                                   Gene          


Ref:  1930 Oregon Census-

 Name                          Family Members                                                Home in 1930                                   Birth          BP           Relation


  Sarah E Werle                                                               Coburg, Lane, OR                        abt 1855   Oregon Head

Joseph R Glisson                                                           Coburg, Lane, OR                        abt 1900   MO      Nephew            

Lola E Glisson                                                               Coburg, Lane, OR                        abt 1892               Niece    

Andrew R Glisson                                                          Coburg, Lane, OR                        abt 1923               Nephew            

Zola M Glisson                                                              Coburg, Lane, OR                        abt 1925               Niece    


Joel Glisson          Grace Glisson                                      Row River, Lane, OR                    abt 1904   WI       Head    

Grace Glisson        Joel Glisson                                         Row River, Lane, OR                    abt 1910               Wife     

Robert J Glisson    Joel Glisson,Grace Glisson                      Row River, Lane, OR                    abt 1928               Son      


Thomas Glisson                                                             Willakenzie, Lane, OR                   abt 1887   NY       Inmate  


  Bert Worthley         May Worthley                                  Portland, Multnomah, OR             abt 1883    Illinois  Head     

  May Worthley        Bert Worthley                                   Portland, Multnomah, OR             abt 1886                Wife                     

Pearl Glisson                                                                 Portland, Multnomah, OR              abt 1908   MT       Stepdaughter     

Jack G Glisson                                                               Portland, Multnomah, OR              abt 1910               Stepson


Lucretia Glissan                                                                     Salem, Marion, OR                 abt 1848 Maine   Patient


Richard Glisan         Captolia Glisan                                          Catching Slough, Coos, OR    abt 1855 Missouri Head               

Captolia Glisan         Richard Glisan                                           Catching Slough, Coos, OR    abt 1860             Wife                 


William Glisan          Emily Glisan                                              Catching Slough, Coos, OR    abt 1897 Missouri Head               

Emily Glisan            William Glisan                                           Catching Slough, Coos, OR    abt 1905             Wife                 

June M Glisan          William Glisan,Emily Glisan                          Catching Slough, Coos, OR    abt 1923             Daughter                                        

Thomas F Glisan                                                                    South Slough, Coos, OR        abt 1894 Missouri Servant                                         

Winnie B Glisan                                                                     South Slough, Coos, OR        abt 1905 Oregon Servant                


F A Glisan                                                                         Prineville, Crook, OR                   abt 1866 Oregon Roomer                                        

 James W Glisan                                                                   Grange, Malheur, OR                  abt 1865 Oregon Lodger             


Forest Glisan                                                                      Portland, Multnomah, OR            abt 1865 Illinois Lodger              


Rodney L Glisan                                                                 Portland, Multnomah, OR            abt 1869 Oregon Head                


Eugena H Glisan      Dora Glisan                                               Antelope, Wasco, O                  abt 1874 Oregon Head                  

 Dora Glisan             Eugena H Glisan                                        Antelope, Wasco, OR            abt 1881            Wife                  


Warren Glesson       Lulu Glesson                                             Strawberry, Linn, OR             abt 1872 Iowa     Head                

Lulu Glesson           Warren Glesson                                         Strawberry, Linn, OR             abt 1889             Wife                 

Duard Glesson         Warren Glesson,Lulu Glesson                      Strawberry, Linn, OR             abt 1912             Son                  

Mildred Glesson       Warren Glesson,Lulu Glesson                      Strawberry, Linn, OR             abt 1913             Daughter

Wesley Glesson       Warren Glesson,Lulu Glesson                      Strawberry, Linn, OR             abt 1915             Son                  

Lucile Glesson        Warren Glesson,Lulu Glesson                      Strawberry, Linn, OR             abt 1921             Daughter