References for Glisson's in Ohio

Ref: Mormon Church CFI Files-
Elijah Glisson married Sally Gee 11 Nov 1819 in Gallia Co. OH. (note: prob a Gleason)
Elizabeth Glissen married Solomon Mohler 3 Jun 1824 in Perry Co. OH.
Patrick Glisson married Mary Cohan 28 Feb 1859 in Cuyahoga Co. OH.
William G. Glissan married Anna Winter 9 Feb 1859 in Hamilton Co. OH.(unknown)
Eleanor (Elenor) Glisson married John B. Hopper 1 Jun 1831 in Clermont Co. OH (note: dau of Thomas Glisson & Jane Clear)
Alexander Glisson married Mary E. Evans 22 Dec 1859 Brown Co. OH (note: may be son of Caleb Glisson & Frances of Hamilton Co. OH?)
Charity Glisson married Franklin Bills 28 Jan 1817 Jefferson Co. OH

Ref: Ohio Marriages Recorded in County Courts through 1820, an index by Jean Nathan- pg 398-
Charity Glisson to Franklin Bills 28 Jan 1817 Jefferson Co. 002-091
Elenor Glisson to George Alpach 30 Dec 1804 Fairfield Co. 00B-052
Elijah Glisson to Sally Gee 11 Nov 1819 Gallia Co. 001-089 (note: Gleason)
Hariet Glisson to Henry Slater 18 May 1820 Fairfield Co. 00B182
David Gleson to Betsey Spouse 10 Dec 1819 Gallia Co. 001-090 (note: Gleason)

Ref: Clermont Co. Ohio Marriages 1800-1850-
Bk 2 # 379- Elenor Glisson to John B. Hopper 1 Jun 1831 by Levi Moss J.P. (note: dau of Thomas Glisson & Jane Clear)
Bk 2 # 272- Thomas Glisson to Elizabeth Bettle 10 Nov 1841 by Benjamin Barkin. (note: 2nd marriage of Thomas Glisson)

Ref: Marriage Records of Clinton Co. OH 1810-1900 compiled by Joyce Hopkins Pinkerton 1997-
Thomas Glisson to Rachel Wollard 18 Mar 1852 Ll, 1-003

Ref: Hamilton Co. Ohio Marriages-
Vol 1-6 1817-1837-
Sarah Glissen to Charles Meeker on 18 Jul 1830. (note: dau of Thomas & Rebecca)
Caleb Glisson to Frances Summers on 3 Apr 1834. (note: son of Thomas & Rebecca)
Mary Ann Glisson to Uriah Ticer on 29 Nov 1835 by P.C. Huston. (note: dau of Thomas & Rebecca)
Vol 7-10 1837-1842-
Thomas Glisson to Mary Ann Edwards on 31 Oct 1838. (note: son of Thomas & Rebecca)
Harriet Glisson to Dwight Smith on 29 Mar 1839 by Joseph Struble. (note: dau of Thomas & Rebecca)
Vol 11-13 1843-1844-
Sarah Glsson to William McGlynn on 10 Aug 1843 (unknown-probably not a Glisson)
Vol 14-16 1845-46-
Martha Glisson to Lorenzo Snell on 18 Sep 1846 by James A. Bevis. (note: dau of Thomas & Rebecca)
Anne Mary Gissen to Valentine Sanedol on 11 May 1846 (note: prob not a Glisson).

Ref: Restored Hamilton Co. OH Marriage Records 1850-1859, indexed by Jeffrey G. Herbert 1998-
William Glisson to Jane Cusack 7 Jan 1851 (unknown)
Edward Glisson to Almira Burridge 26 Feb 1852 (note: son of Thomas & Rebecca)

Ref: Ohio Cemeteries that I personally recorded tombstone inscriptions-
West Compton Cemetery- Hamilton Co. OH-
Harriet Hannah Smith b.26 Mar 1821 d.13 Feb 1842 w/o Dwight Smith (note: dau of Thomas & Rebecca)
Oliver Glisson Smith b.12 Oct 1840 d.15 Sep 1841 s/o D. & H. Smith
Martha Matilda Snell b.13 Apr 1827 d. 14 Apr 1848 w/o Lorenzo (note: dau of Thomas & Rebecca)
Bevis Cedar Grove Cemetery-Hamilton Co. OH-
Almira Glisson b.2 Jul 1826 d. 22 Apr 1853 w/o E. J. Glisson (note: E. J. was Edward Johnston Glisson son of Thomas & Rebecca)
Catherine Glisson b.1847 d. Sep 1849 (note: dau of Thomas R. Glisson & Mary Ann Edwards)
Mary Glisson b. Sep 1849 d. Dec 1849 (note: dau of Thomas R. Glisson & Mary Ann Edwards)
Spring Grove Cemetery- Hamilton Co. OH-
Sec #aGr1061 Norma Glisson b.1898 d.25 Aug 1936 w/o George L. Glisson (note: George L. son of Benjamin Glisson & Harriet Partlow of Franklin Co. IN)
Sec #118 Lot 144
Katharin Rees Glisson 1870-1933 w/o A. A. Glisson (note: unknown) (listed in Denver, CO. Census 1930)
Dr. Frank Rees 1863-1915
Vine St. Hill Cemetery-Hamilton Co. OH-
David Glisson b.31 Aug 1848 d. 26 Nov 1904 (note: son of John Scott Glisson & Mary Case)
William Glisson b.1 Nov 1877 d.28 Feb 1907 (note: son of David Glisson & Cordelia Burris)
Weselyan Cemetery- Hamilton Co. OH-
Lillian Glisson b. 1 Feb 1901 d. 23 Apr 1902 (note: dau of William Glisson & Edna Dawson)
Gee Hill Cemetery (Franklin Chapel)-Clermont Co. OH-
Elizabeth B. Glisson b. 14 Jan 1796 d. 21 Aug 1864 (Elizabeth Bettle 2nd wife of Thomas Glisson of Clermont Co. OH)
Jacob Light Memorial Park (Old Township) in Town of New Richmond-Clermont Co. OH-
Jane Glisson d.18 Aug 1839 Age 51, to the memory of Jane consort of Thomas Glisson (note: Jane Clear 1st wife of Thomas Glisson of Clermont Co. OH) (I visited this cemetery because there was a picture in the Cincinnati newspaper when the town of New Richmond was flooded that showed a tombstone sticking out of the water.  All you could see was Jane consort of Thomas Glisson.  This was back in the 1980’s when I was looking for info on my line Thomas Glisson b.1783 who turned out to be the above Thomas Glisson from Colerain Twp. Hamilton Co. Ohio not Thomas Glisson in Clermont Co.  After the flood went down I found the above tombstones.  There was about 15 in the cemetery.)
Also a
Broken up stone, dau of Thom_ & Jane Glisson who died June 26th 1839 age 18 years, (note: dau of Thomas Glisson & Jane Clear)
Newark Cemetery- Licking Co. OH-
Lloyd Glisson b.7 Apr 1910 d. 25 Nov 1967 (note: son of Roy Glisson & Blanche Carpenter of Franklin Co IN)

Ref: Monument Inscriptions prior to 1900 from Cemeteries in Clermont Co. OH copied by Beech Forest Chapter D.A.R. 1952-
Franklin Chapel Cemetery in Monroe Twp., Franklin & Laurel roads-
Elizabeth B. Glisson d. Aug 27 1864 age 68y 9m 26d (note: 2nd wife of Thomas Glisson b.1 Nov 1795)
Old Township Cemetery in NE corner of Town of New Richmond, Ohio Twp., Clermont Co. OH-
Jane Glisson d. Aug 18 1839 age 51 (note: 1st wife of Thomas Glisson b. 1788 d. 18 Aug 1839
child of Thomas & Jane Glisson d. Jun 26, 1839 age 18 years (note: born 1821)

Ref: Clermont Co. Oh Wills, Estates & Guardianships 1851-1900, an index c1987 by Aileen M. Whitt-
pg 49- Thomas Glipson Estate 26 Jul 1852 A. A-332
Elizabeth Glisson Estate 8 Aug 1865 A. 3-439
Elizabeth Glisson Estate 31 Aug 1864 A. 3-257

Ref: Chancery Records of Clermont Co. OH 1824-1857 by Barbara J. McCarty-
pg 112 Nov Term 1853 pg 117-121
complanant: Nancy H. Thompson (adm) of Wilson L. Thompson (decd 1 Nov 1848 or 7 Mar 1853) atty Clarke & Lewis, defendant John B. Hopper, et al: Thos Glisson among others, remarks in Lot #10 or #5 in New Richmond, Mortgage Bk3 pg 333, Clermont Courier newspaper.

Ref: Abstracts from History of Clermont Co. OH by L. H. Everts 1880, compiled by Lindsay M. Brien-
pg 6- Everett Bettle; from Philadelphia, 1807: issue John, Josiah, Samuel, Everett and 2 daus married Thomas Glisson & William McDonald

Ref: Clermont Co. OH Deeds & Mortgages 1791-1830 An index by Alma Aicholtz Smith- Thomas Glisson (Grantee) from Jacob Light (Grantor) BKW-pg 21:146 Lot #119 New Richmond
1826- Thomas Glisten (Grantee) from Henry Gardner (Grantor) BK1- pg 23:035 Lot#117 New Richmond

Ref: Social Security Death Index, (Oct 1995 edition)- Received cards from Ohio-
Name-SS#-date of birth-date of death-zip lr-place lr- zip lp- place lp
Alma Glisson 300-05-1924 b. 18 Jan 1902 d. Aug 1983 lr. 45206 (Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH)
Alvin Glisson 291-01-9275 b25 Mar 1900 d. Aug 1981 lr.44685 (Greensburg, Summit Co. OH) lp. 44685 (Greensburg, Summit Co. OH)
Anna Glisson 268-09-4847 b.23 Mar 1911 d. Jan 1989 lr.45227 (Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH)
David Glisson 288-03-6189 b.2 Sep 1903 d. Mar 1985 lr.45229 (Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH)
Earl Glisson 288-07-7323 b. 1 Feb 1894 d. Jun 1964 lr. OH
Floyd Glisson 291-01-4685 b. 16 Mar 1904 d. Aug 1956
George Glisson 271-30-8861 b.5 Aug 1934 d. Apr 1975
Herbert Glisson 271-18-4652 b.1 Aug 1917 d. Jun 1960
Joanne Glisson 290-26-7976 b.22 Apr 1931 d. May 1975
Joseph Glisson 288-05-2971 b.15 Aug 1908 d. Feb 1985 lr.45227 (Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH)
Lewis Glisson 297-10-1795 b. 5 Oct 1899 d. Jan 1980 lr. 44706 (Canton, Stark Co. OH)
Lonnie Glisson 274-03-3289 b.14 Oct 1913 d.9 Aug 1989 lr.44306
Loyd Glisson 301-09-6151 b. 7 Apr 1910 d. Nov 1968 lr. 43055 (Newark, Licking Co. OH)
William Glisson 300-82-4027 b. 4 Jun 1971 d. 1 Dec 1990
Zelma Glisson 272-26-0316 b.3 Jul 1913 d. Oct 1975 lr.43055 (Newark, Licking Co. OH)

Ref:   OHIO DEATHS-  1958-2000


Name                                                Gender                Death Date         Birth Date                   Birth Place                        


JUANITA FAY HARPER               Female                   Feb 22, 2000         Oct 28, 1929         AKRON,SUMMIT,OH  

JAMES L GLISSON                         Male                      Dec 1, 2000           Dec 1, 1922                   IN

Herbert Glisson                                Male                      04 Jan 1971                                                                                    

John Glisson                                     Male                      08 Jan 1971                                                                                    

William O Glisson                            Male                      02 Dec 1974                                                 IN                              

Joanne R Glisson                             Female                   21 May 1975                                                                                  

Zelma Glisson                                   Female                   14 Oct 1975                                                                                    

Elbert E Glisson                                Male                      15 Jul 1977                                                                                     

Alvin J Glisson                                 Male                      17 Aug 1981         25 Mar 1900                  SC                            

Alma O Glisson                                2                             24 Aug 1983         18 Jan 1903                   KY                             

Joseph Glisson                                 Male                      23 Feb 1985          15 Aug 1908                 MS                            

David Glisson                                   Male                      02 Mar 1985          02 Sep 1904                  MS                            

Charles M Glisson                           Male                      12 Sep 1987          08 Nov 1941                 MI                             

Herman David Morrison                 Male                      19 Mar 1993          28 May 1934                 TN                            

Maie   Glisson                                  Female                   19 Aug 1993         06 Jan 1900                   MS                            

Phyllis Marjorie Glisson                  Female                   21 Sep 1994          20 May 1928                 IN                              

Gladys   Capotosto                          Female                   29 Oct 1994           09 Jan 1908                   TN                            

Clarence Ewing Hall                        Male                      26 Feb 1995          09 Apr 1905                  TN                            

Mary Yancy Mccullars                   Female                   08 Aug 1995         31 Jan 1938             Cincinnati, Hamilton, Co OH  

Louise M Hinterlong                       Female                   24 Dec 1995          14 May 1927           Cincinnati, Hamilton Co OH   

Elizabeth   Waddle                           Female                   16 May 1996         03 Feb 1907                  SC                             

Leslie Florine Glisson                      Female                   01 Jan 1997           06 Jun 1907                   GA                            

HERBERT   GLISSON                     Male                      Jun 19, 1960                                                                                   

MAGGIE   GLISSON                       Female                   Feb 03, 1961                                                                                  

CUFFIE   GLISSON                          Male                      Jun 16, 1962                                                                                   

IDA V GLISSON                              Female                   Aug 14, 1962                                                                                 

GEORGE L GLISSON                       Male                      May 11, 1963                                                                                 

JONATHA   GLISSON                    Male                      Sep 16, 1963                                                                                  

EARL M GLISSON                          Male                      Jun 14, 1964                                                                                   

LONNIE F GLISSON                       Male                      1968 20, Years                                                                          


WILLIAM S GLISAN                     Male                      May 18, 1965                                                                                             


Ormonde Glissan                             Male                      17 May 1980         14 Sep 1895                                                     


Emil M Glesen                                   Male                      17 Jul 1972                                                                                     

Alexander Milan Glesen                 Male                       08 Feb 1996          09 Mar 1911               Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH                               

EMELIA   GLESEN                         Female                    Oct 12, 1960                                                                                   

Ref: 1850 Mortality Schedule-]
Hamilton Co. Ohio-
Catherine Glisson age 2 years female died Dec of Small Pox born in Ohio.
Mary Glisson age 3 months female died Dec of Small Pox born in Ohio.
(note: daughters of Thomas R. & Mary Ann Edwards, or of Caleb Glisson & Frances Sommers, buried at Bevis Cedar Grove Cemetry in Colerain Twp. Hamilton Co. OH)

Ref: Town Records of Georgetown or Dunlap Colerain Twp. Hamilton Co.-
1840- Thomas Glisson made a coffin for Mr. Murrey.
1844- List of men of Military age-
Thomas R. Glisson, Lanson Glisson (note: probably Johnson Glisson).


Georgetown (Dunlap) occupies an elevated location in the northern part of the township. William and Asher Williamson formerly owned the larger part of the village site. They sold it to a Mr. Parker, who, in 1849, platted a number of lots on the Colerain pike and Hamilton road. South of this is the Yeatman or Glisson subdivision, laid out in 1850 by Thomas S. Yeatman, attorney in fact for Oliver S. Glisson, an officer in the United States navy; here his father, Thomas Glisson, resided. The farm of George Struble was on the east side of the pike; be built several of the first houses in the village, and when the time arrived to select a name, Georgetown was chosen in his honor. The first, business established was a blacksmith shop, opened by Thomas Gray, who moved here from Bevis. Asher Williamson kept the first store, and George Struble the first hotel. Dunlap post office, which was first established at Richards's cotton factory in Colerain, was removed to the incipient village, but its popular name has always been Georgetown, and will probably so continue. The village has two churches, a schoolhouse, and several stores and local industries.

Ref: Hamilton Co. Ohio Deed Books-
Deed Book #    page #    Seller    Buyer     Date of Indenture
Location    Date Recorded    Other
BkI  pg 70    Jonathan Burridge    Thomas Glisson    5 Jun 1810
Sec 21 3rd Twp 1st Range    28 Jul 1810    Springfield Twp
BkI    pg71   Christopher Earnfight    Thomas Glisson    5 Jun 1810
Sec 21 3rd Twp 1st Range    6 Jun 1810    Springfield Twp
BkE1    pg79    Thomas Glisson    Christopher Earnfight    6 Jun 1810
Sec 21 3rd Twp 1st Range    8 Jun 1810    Springfield Twp
BK23    pg71    Thos Glisson    Domonacus Van Dyke    9 Jun 1811
Sec 21 3rd Twp 1st Range    7 May 1825    Springfield Twp
Bk46    pg121    Thos Glisson    Dominicus Van Dyke    9 Jun 1811
Sec 21 3rd Twp 1st Range    30 Mar 1833    Springfield Twp
BkN    pg370    Thos Glisson    John Larieu    25 May 1813
Sec 21 3rd Twp 1st Range    10 Oct 1814    Springfield Twp
BkR1    pg110    Thos Glisson   William Masters    18 Dec 1816
Sec 21 3rd Twp 1st Range    28 Jul 1817    Springfield Twp
Bk128    pg563    William Edwards    John Jacob Todt    15 Dec 1847
listed Thos R. Glisson & wife Mary Ann Edwards
Bk155    pg304    Barnett Mitchell    Ed J. Glisson    6 May 1850
Sec 18 Lot 3 & 4    10 Sep 1850    Colerain Twp
Bk155   pg 305    O.S. Glisson    Ed J. Glisson    4 Jun 1850
Sec 24 Lot 21 of Glisson Subdivision    10 Sep 1850    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk158    pg555    O.S. Glisson    Hyram Royer    4 Jun 1850
Lot 22 of Glisson Subdivision    12 Dec 1850    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk158    pg557    Ed. J. Glisson    Elizabeth Davis    8 Jul 1850
Sec 18 Lot 3 & 4    12 Dec 1850    Colerain Twp.
Bk158   pg 618    O.S. Glisson    Joseph Ripher    4 Jun 1850
Lot 8 & 9 of Glisson Subdivision    4 Dec 1850    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk162   pg 181-2    O.S. Glisson    John S. Glisson    4 Jun 1850
Lot 1 of Glisson Subdivision    31 Jan 1851    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk163   pg 93    O.S. Glisson    Charles Burridge   4 Jun 1850
Lot 24 of Glisson Subdivision    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk163   pg 395    O.S. Glisson    Alexander Pickens    4 Jun 1850
Lot 16 of Glisson Subdivision    26 Mar 1851    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk163   pg 396    O.S. Glisson    Stephen Marsh    4 Jun 1850
Lot 23 of Glisson Subdivision    26 Mar 1851    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk163    pg405    O.S. Glisson    John Sheets Jr.    4 Jun 1850
Lots 3-4-5 of Glisson Subdivision    27 Mar 1851    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk165    pg48    O.S. Glisson    Samuel R. Adams    4 Jun 1850
Lots 15 & 30 of Glisson Subdivision    24 Apr 1851    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk165    pg563    O.S. Glisson    James McGuire    4 Jun 1850
Lot 11 of Glisson Subdivision    7 Jul 1851    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk168    pg161    O.S. Glisson    John Sheets Sr.    4 Jun 1850
Lots 6 & 7 of Glisson Subdivision    22 Aug 1851    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk168    pg179    O.S. Glisson    James Taylor    4 Jun 1850
Lot 14 of Glisson Subdivision    26 Aug 1851    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk168    pg323    O.S. Glisson    Thos R. Glisson    4 Jun 1850
Lots 26 & 27 of Glisson Subdivision    26 Sep 1851    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk168    pg324    Richard Ward    Edward J. Glisson    10 Mar 1851
Sec 11 2nd Twp Range 1E    26 Sep 1851    Town of New Haven
Bk171   pg 347    O.S. Glisson    John H. Graff    4 Jun 1850
Lots 2-12-13-25 of Glisson Subdivision    9 Jan 1852    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk175    pg114    O.S. Glisson    Joshua Davis    11 Jan 1851
Lot 31 of Glisson Subdivision    26 Mar 1852    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk179    pg133   Oliver S. Glisson    John S. Glisson    2 Jun 1852
Lot 19 of Glisson Subdivision    14 Jul 1852    Colerain Twp town of Dunlap
Bk200    pg227    Thos R. Glisson    Joseph Betcher    2 Mar 1854
Sec 16 2nd Twp Range 1    9 Mar 1854    Colerain Twp
BK205    pg438    Thom R. Glisson    George Wabnitz    14 Aug 1854
Sec 28 Twp 2 Range 1    30 Sep 1854    Colerain Twp
Bk371    pg40    Bellamy Stover    Thomas R. Glisson    4 Jan 1844
Sec 16 2nd Twp Range 1    10 May 1844    Colerain Twp
(Note: Thomas Glisson Sr. purchased land in Springfield Twp. Hamilton Co. Ohio in 1810 then sold the last parts of it by 1816. He bought land in Franklin Co. IN by 1817 and was listed in 1820 Census in Franklin Co. IN. He left there by 1828 and purchased land in Colerain Twp. Hamilton Co. OH which I did not find land purchase. He was listed in 1830 and 1840 census in Hamilton Co. OH. He died in 1849 and his land was subdivided into parcels and sold as lots by his son Oliver S. Glisson in 1850. This subdivision still exists today as Glisson subdivision near town of Dunlap in Colerain Twp. Hamilton Co. Oh.)

Ref: Bible Record of Thomas & Rebecca Runyan Glisson and of John S. & Mary Case Glisson, published in 1837- (family of Thomas & Rebecca probably written by Rebecca 1840-43 then by someone else, then handed down to son John S. who entered his family, several different handwritings, then handed down to his son Benjamin who handed it down to his son Herbert who died in 1996, who gave it to his niece Evelyn Glisson Bisop Ailes of Connersville Ind. I have a copy of it)-
Births pg 2-
Spencer Glifson son of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was born 7 May 1807.
Oliver S. Glifson son of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was born 18 Jan 1809.
Caleb Glifson son of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was born 19 Nov 1811.
Sarah Wiggins Glifson dau of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was born 21 Jan 1813.
Thomas Runnion Glifson son of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was born 39 Jan 1816.
Mary Ann Glifson dau of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was born 3 Aug 1817.
John Scott Glifson son of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was born 4 Apr 1819.
Hannah Glifson dau of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was born 26 Mar 1821.
Edward Johnston Glifson son of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was born 16 Aug 1823.
Martha Matilda Glifson dau of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was born 18 Apr 1827.
Thomas Glisson was born 8 Mar 1783.
Rebecca Glisson was born 24 Apr 1785.
Marriages pg 3-
Thos Glifson was married to Rebecca Runnion on 30 Aug 1806. (note: married in Hamilton Co. Ohio, no public record available though)
Sarah Wiggins dau of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was married to Charles Meeker on 18 Jul 1830.
Caleb son of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was married to Frances Somers on 3 Apr 1834.
Oliver S. son of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was married to Pamela A. Parker of Norfolk Va. on 23 Apr 1835.
Mary Ann dau of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was married to Uriah Ticer on 30 Nov 1836. (note: County records states date as 29 Nov 1835 and to Uriah Silen).
Thomas Runnion son of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was married to Mary Ann Edwards on 31 Oct 1838.
Hannah dau of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was married to Dwight Smith on 30 Mar 1839. (note: County record states date as 29 Mar 1839).
John Scott son of Thomas & Rebecca Glifson was married to Mary Case on 9 Jul 1841.
(note: John Scott married in Franklin Co. Ind.) (note: last 2 children married after death of Rebecca and their marriages were not entered).
Deaths pg 4-
Spencer Glifson son of T & R Glifson departed this life 11 Dec 1828.
Hannah Glifson dau of T & R Glifson departed this life 12 Feb 1842.
Rebecca Glifson dau of Benjamin & Mary Runyan died 21 Oct 1843.
Martha Matilda Glisson dau of Thomas & Rebecca Glisson died 24 Apr 1848.
Thos Glisson departed this life on 17 Oct 1849.
Rebecca Glisson dau of J.S. & Mary Glisson died 17 Dec 1847.
Marsella Glisson dau of J.S. & Mary Glisson died 12 Feb 1852.
Martha Glisson dau of J.S. & Mary Glisson died 12 Feb 1859.
Elisha Glisson son of J.S. & Mary Glisson died May 1864. (note: in Civil War)
John S. Glisson died 4 Aug 1858.
Wm. J. son of J.S. & Mary Glisson died 6 Aug 1868.
Births pg 5-
John S. Glisson was born 4 Apr 1819.
Mary Case was born 2 Aug 1823.
Elisha Edward & William Johnston sons of John S. & Mary Glisson born 29 Apr 1843.
Sarah Ann dau of J.S. & Mary Glisson was born on 12 Dec 1844.
Rebecca dau of J.S. & Mary Glisson was born on 1 Oct 1845.
David son of J.S. & Mary Glisson was born on 31 Aug 1848.
Marsella dau of J.S. & Mary Glisson was born on 22 Aug 1851.
Lewis & Catherine son & dau of J.S. & Mary Glisson were born on 3 Mar 1854.
Benjamin son of J.S. & Mary Glisson was born on 2 Jul 1856.
Martha dau of J.S. & Mary Glisson was born on 21 Jul 1858.
Kate Glisson died 18 mar 1932 (scribbled here).

The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume IVG Glorieux, Alphonse Josephpage 315

GLISSON, Oliver S., naval officer, was born in Ohio, Jan. 18, 1809. He was appointed from Indiana a midshipman in the U.S. navy, Nov. 1, 1826; was promoted passed midshipman, April 18, 1832; lieutenant, March 8, 1837; commander, Sept. 14, 1855; captain, July 16, 1862; commodore, July 25, 1866; and rear-admiral, June 10, 1870. During his service he made his first cruise to the West Indies, 1827-28, to the Mediterranean in 1836; commanded the Reefer during the [p.315] Mexican war, 1846-47; accompanied the Perry expedition to Japan, 1852-55; and was commandant at the Philadelphia naval asylum in 1857. In 1861 he was assigned to the command of the steamer Mount Vernon of the North Atlantic blockading squadron and in 1862 saved the transport Mississippi, with General Butler and 1500 men on board, front foundering off Hatteras. While on the blockade of Wilmington, N.C., he burned a Confederate "light-boat" so near to Fort Caswell that the sentinels could be heard giving challenges. In 1863 he commanded the Mohican in pursuit of the privateer Alabama. He participated in both attacks on Fort Fisher in December, 1864, and in January, 1865, commanding the 3d division of the fleet. After the war he commanded at the League Island naval station from 1867 to June 10, 1870, when he was appointed rear-admiral and placed in command of the European squadron. He was retired Jan. 18, 1871, and made his home in Philadelphia, Pa., where he died Nov. 20, 1890.

Ref: National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume XIII published by James T. White & Co.-
pg 466- Oliver S. Glisson- (my summary from article) naval officer born 18 Jan 1809 Ohio. Entered navy as midshipman from Indiana Nov 1826 on ships John Adams, Falmouth, & Grampus until 1832. Promoted Jun 1832 and until 1836 was attached to the Mediterranean Squadron. 1836 served in Norfolk, made Lieutenant Feb 1837 and until 1844 with Brazillian and West Indian Squadron. Commanded the Schooner Reefer during the Mexican War. 1848-52 back at Norfolk. 1852-55 officer of the Powhattan, took part in the Perry Expedition and in Japan when first treaty with them was signed. Sep 1855 made commander on ship Kennedy. 1856-60 served at Naval Asylum in Philadelphia. 1861 to the Mount Vernon of the Atlantic Squadron. Commissioned Captain Jul 1862. Saved the transport Mississippi which was grounded on Frying Pan Shoal while on the way to New Orleans with General B. F. Butler & 1500 soldiers on board. His service enabled General Butler and his forces to arrive at New Orleans in time to take part in the battle. While blockading Wilmington he burned, under the guns of Fort Caswell, a light boat that had just been fitted to cruise against Northern Vessells. In 1862-63 commander of the Mohican and participated in the chase of the Alabama. In 1864 transferred to the Santiago Cuba and took part in attacks on Fort Fisher in Dec 1864 and Jan 1865 commading the 3rd Division in both engagements for his services was recommended by General Porter for promotion and on 15 Jul 1866 was advanced to rank of Commodore, from 1867 to 1870 commanded the League Naval Yard. Commissioned Rear Admiral in 1871 and he soon retired. His career as an officer included 23 years of active service at sea. After his retirement he resided in Philadelphia, PA. He died in Philadelphia on 20 Nov 1890.
(note: Oliver S. Glisson son of Thomas Glisson & Rebecca Runyan of Hamilton Co. OH my line)

Ref:  The New Century Cyclopedia of Names, Copyright 1954-

Pg 1762-

Glisson, Oliver S. b. 18 Jan 1809 Ohio d. at Philadelphia 20 Nov 1890.  American Naval Officer.  Commander of the Schooner Reefer in Mexican War and accompanied Perry’s expedition 1853-55 to Japan.  Commanded 3rd division on attacks at Fort Fisher in Dec 1864 & Jan 1865, promoted to Rear Admiral in 1870.   

Ref: Book entitled, Loving Memory of Rear Admiral Oliver S. Glisson U. S. N. by his two sons, published Baltimore, The American Book & Job Printing Office 1891-
(approximately 200 pages on his life. Our family history stated that Sarah Glisson Lamont, David Glisson, Lewis Glisson, Katerine Glisson and Benjamin Glisson children of Oliver's brother John Scott Glisson all received copies of the original book. I'm sure other lines got some too. The only one known to exist in our family still belongs to John Calvin Lamont, son of John Scott Lamont, son of Sarah Glisson Lamont, dau of John Scott Glisson. I have a copy of this original book from John Calvin Lamont. The following is my summary from this book)
Rear Admiral Oliver S. Glisson was born at Mt. Pleasant, Hamilton Co. OH on 18 Jan 1809. He came of English Ancestors. Dr. Francis Glisson , the English anatomist being a connection of his, and whose fame is perpetuated in the capsule of Glisson. (note: book goes into great detail on his naval career.) Stationed in Norfolk 1835 where he met Miss Parker daughter of Copeland Parker Esq. An old Revolutionary family of Norfolk VA. He married on 24 Apr 1835 to Pamela A. Parker (Miss Parker) by Bishop Mead. Officers of the ship Santiago was listed, among others, Captain O. S. Glisson, Captain's Clerk O. S. Glisson Jr. Book mentions that Oliver and his wife while in Lisbon attended the wedding of Mr. Charles Allen Perkins attache of the American Legion and Princess Marie Isabella Francoise Gurowskede Bourbon of Spain dau of the King of Spain. The King of Spain not being able to be present at wedding was represented by Admiral Glisson who gave away the bride. ( An appendix on additions and corrections to book stated that Admiral Glisson's grandfather Benjamin Runnian served in the Revolutionary Army in the campaign to New Jersey and after the war settled in Summerset Co. New Jersey.


OLIVER SPENCER GLISSON, JR., Long Branch, N. J. (2879). Son of Oliver S. and Pamela (Parker) Glisson; grandson

of Thomas and (Rumyen) Glisson; great-grandson of Benjamin Rumyen, private Continental Army, pensioned.

(my notes- Oliver Spencer Glisson Jr. son of Oliver S. Glisson & Pamela A. Parker, grandson of Thomas Glisson and Rebecca

Runyan,and of Copeland Parker, great- grandson of Caleb Glisson & Sarah Wiggins of PA, and Benjamin Runyan &

Rebecca Barton) (Oliver listed in 1870-1880-1890 census in Philadelphia with brother & parents)  (also see Phladelphia Co. PA

and Franklin Co. IN pages for more on Rear Admiral Oliver S. Glisson)

Ref: Civil War- Ohio Roster of Soldiers-
Bk 4 F&G 1861-1866 pg 112-enlisted in Hamilton Co. OH
Vol 1 pg 115- Wm. P. Glisson
Vol 11 pg 111- Alexander Glisson
Vol 12 pg 563- Oliver S. Glisson



Name:                                 Alexander Glisson ,  

Enlistment Date:               22 October 1862

Distinguished Service:    DISTINGUISHED SERVICE

Side Served:                      Union

State Served:                     Ohio

Unit Numbers:                  1698 1698

Service Record:                Enlisted as a Private on 22 October 1862 at the age of 25
Enlisted in Company M, 2nd Cavalry Regiment Ohio on 22 October 1862.
Promoted to Full Corporal on 31 December 1862
Promoted to Full Sergeant on 01 January 1864 (Estimated date)
Transferred Company M, 2nd Cavalry Regiment Ohio on 10 January 1864
Transfered in 7th Cavalry Regiment Ohio on 10 January 1864.




Name:                                                 William P Glisson ,  

Enlistment Date:                               20 April 1861

Distinguished Service:                    DISTINGUISHED SERVICE

Side Served:                                      Union

State Served:                                    Ohio

Unit Numbers:                                  1907 1907

Service Record:                                Enlisted as a Private on 20 April 1861 at the age of 23
Enlisted in Company D, 6th Infantry Regiment Ohio on 20 April 1861.
Mustered out Company D, 6th Infantry Regiment Ohio on 18 June 1861



Surname:                                           ALEXANDER GLISSON

Rank:                                                 SGT. MAJOR

Company:                                         -

Regiment:                                          2

State:                                                 OH

Arm of Service:                                CAVALRY

Death Date:                                      NOV. 15, 1864

Cause of Death:                               SCORBUTUS

Remarks:                                           A. GLISSEN, SERGEANT, COMPANY M, p. 46 [3]

Reference:                                         -

Location of Capture:                       -

Page:                                                  365

Notes:                                                GLISSEN - - -

More Information:                            NO 

Code:                                                   22033

Grave:                                                  12033



Name:                                                                   Alexander Glisson

State Filed:                                                           Ohio

Widow:                                                                Mary F. Glisson

Comments:                                                           John W. Evans, Gdn.


Ref:  World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Name                                                                Birth Date         Race                     Birthplace                          Registration Place

Cleatous Claybourn Glisson                        Jan 11 1896       Caucasian            Kentucky;USA                 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Cuffie Glisson                                                 15 Jun 1880      Black                     !                                           Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH    

Hugh Patrick Glesson                                   15 Jan 1899      White                    !                                           Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH    

Claude Gleson                                                28 Feb 1873     White                    !                                            Not Stated, Wood, OH