References for Glissons in North Carolina


Ref: Bath County, Craven Precinct, Court Minutes 1712-1715 Book I- by Weynette Parks Haun-
pg 26- Land Sale- Robert Turner to Wm. Handcock Jun. Land of 424 sq. ft. No. 93
platt tract land lying in Core Sound, 12 Apr 1714 (within a city Turner & Orange St.)
Witnesses Philip Amons, Obediah Glison among others.(Obediah left his mark)
pg 76- 131-618, Another part signed Lidiah Glisson. (Lidiah left his mark) 12 Apr 1714, names listed in these transactions: Robert Porter, Capt. Richard Graves attorney, deputy surveyor John Nelson, Robert Turner, Capt. Wm. Handcock Jr. Wm. Brice, Edw. Billingers, Capt. Wm. Handcock Sr., Thos. Lewis, Wm. Booth, John Slocum Esqr., Christopher Dawson, Thos. Harrys, John Mackies.
pg - Land Sale of John Davis to John Falconer, 3 Aug 1716, witnessed by Joseph Glisson.
(note: The above Obediah and Lidiah may of been the same person, they both left their mark, the marks both looked like a capital cursive E or L combination, this was actually Bath Co. Craven Precinct, in late 1712 this part of Craven Precinct became Beaufort Precinct, Bath Co. was in existence till about 1722.)


Ref:  NC STATE WIDE - COURT - Colonial Court Papers, Group 3: Bills of Exchange/Ship records-

Colonial Court papers CCR 192 Miscellaneous Papers Bills of Exchange/Ship records


Bills of Exchange—1708, 1731

•Written at top: “At thirty days after sight of this any third of Exchange second [?record] nor first nor paid unto Henry FERNE Esq. Receiver Genl. of her Majties Customer One Hundred Ninety five pounds at time make good paymts & place it to act. of yr. humbe Servt. to command Wm. SWANN—to Mr. Robt. WISE Mercht. in London.” Written below this: FERNE and William SCOREY

Notary Publick, dwelling in London, did exhibit the original bill (the part written above was a copy) to Mr. Robt. WISE, and demanded payment. WISE responded that he would not pay for want of advice. The notary as well does protest against the drawer of the bill on behalf of all that are damaged by it. Carolina May 1708.

•Next document appears to be original (or another copy) of the top of preceding one: “At thirty days after sight of this any third of Exchange

second [?record] nor first nor paid unto Henry FERNE Esq. Receiver Genl. of her Majties Customer One Hundred Ninety five pounds at time make good paymts & place it to act. of yr. humbe Servt. to command Wm. SWANN—to Mr. Robt. WISE Mercht. in London.” May the 26th 1708.

•“Att Sight of this my second bill of Exchange my first nor third nott being paide pay unto Capt. Richard CRICKETT on order thirty seven pounds twelve shillings & 20 1/2, current money of New York being for Sundryes furnished for ye op of the Sloope Maryland…. To ye Honble Coll. Thomas CARY in North Carolina. s/Mark RAWLING. “ n.d.

•Written at top is pledge by E. PORTER to pay to George BURRINGTON on his order 40 pounds sterling 6 months after date written (6 May 1731). Written at bottom is an endorsement by BURRINGTON to Mr. Ebenezer HOLMES of Boston for use of E. MOSELEY. Then there is a statement that at the request of HOLMES, merchant of Boston, J. Joseph MARION and notary ?Sabellion Publick Dwelling in Boston in New England went to Mr.. John BOYDELL of Boston, Gent. and exhibited the original Bill of Exchange and demanded payment, which BOYDELL refused. MARION protested on behalf of all those injured by this refusal. 16 Sept 1731.

•“Whereas I have received of George BURRINGTON, Esqr. Governor of North Carolina the sum of Forty pounds sterling money of Great Britain for which I have Given Bills of Exchange of Equal Date with these presents payable six months after date on Mr. John BOYDELL Merchant of Boston in New England for the full Value of the said Sum payable to the said George BURRINGTON on his order, Now I do hereby oblige myself my heirs Executors & Administrators in case the sd. Bills should be protested to repay unto the said George

BURRINGTON on his order the full sum… 6th day of May 1731. s/E. PROTER. Witness: WILLIAMS.” On back: “Assigned unto Mr. Edward MOSELEY by me. Geo BURRINGTON. North Carolina the 7th of May 1731.

Accounts and Duties pertaining to trading vessels and Powder, Shot, and Flint Accounts No date, 1695-1739, various dates

[Note: Names and ships in this folder are very hard to read—many are just guesses-sbg]

•“Paid out of office by order of Governor as foloweth, viz.” Then has columns labeled “Powder,” “Shot,” “Flint”, and a list of amounts. n.d.

•Table with dates, then names of men and their sloop, then amounts for “Tuns,” “Powder,” “Shot,” “Flint.” Dates and names as follows:

Dec. 3 1714:                                              Jamess DOARREL, sloope James & Edwd.

Ditto:                                                         James NOLAN, Providence

Ditto 4:                                                      Daniell BURGESS, Ruboan

Ditto 8:                                                      Darried SPAWFORD, Sarah

Ditto 13:                                                    Thomas BOADLE, Gorge

Ditto 19:                                                    Ehakins SWANNE, Brothers Adventuir

Jany 3 1714:                                             Charless HOWELL, Mary

Ditto 10:                                                    John MITCHELL, Hannah & Mary

Ditto 21:                                                    Tho. HARIDNOYS, Sary

Ditto:                                                         Darried PRINCE, Adventuir

Ditto:                                                         Bejngm. PICKMAN, Abigail

Ditto:                                                         Thomas FAULKES, Dolphin

Feby 14 1714:                                           John Ela BROGENINE, Eagle

Ditto:                                                         Samuel DEARBY, Fisher

March 1 1714:                                          Thomas HATCH, Sassflower

Ditto 12 1715:                                           John VINNARD, Merram

Aprill 19 1715:                                         Mr. Miles CARY, Mary Williamsburg

May 12 1715:                                           Charles HOWELL, Mary

June 5 1715:                                             McCormick EDALLES, Two Brothers

•Account of tobacco shipd on board the Mary of Boston

•Paper with dates, ships, and names, then list of amounts. Dates, ships

and names as follows:

June 25:                                                    Unions                                                    James PRINCE

July 3:                                                       Abigail                                                    James NICHOLS

Do 18:                                                       Corflowers                                              Rd. LANDGOWN

Aug 10:                                                     Jack of Trades                                       Rd. LILLE

Do 18:                                                       Sarah                                                       John. ROUSE

Do 20:                                                       ffisher                                                      MaC LATTER

Sep 4                                                         Chas & Sarah                                         Nath LASSROPE

Do 18                                                        Marllior                                                   Miles GALE

Do 19                                                        Sarah & Eliz                                            Rd WATH

Do 21                                                        Humbird                                                  Jos. PRINCE

Statement at bottom says, “These books appear to have been cleared out for the

year 1722.”

•An account of Powder has been received for Tonnage:

Of Capt. ROYALE for sloop Spreadwell

Of Do. for Bark Good Interest

Of sloop Spreadwell Mich PAQUENOTT

Of Mr. WARREN Transport

Of Coll. CARY sloop Williams

Of shallop Swallow Robt. TURNER


Nov 30 1714

•List of accounts paid:

1695: Capt. RANKING, John TRUUETT, Moun e. RATTD., Edwd. ASHLEY, Natn. BELT,


1696: Abrah. DILL, Bess BELL, John BLANDY, Edwd. ASHLEY, James PHILLBBROOK,


•Account of Mr. Anthony HATCH for shot, powder, etc. managed by him.


•“Received from Saml. JOHNSTON, Esq. two hundred and thirty one pounds

five shillings North Carolina currency pursuant to the within order on use of

Powder money to the 28th day of Sepr. 1739 s/Saml WOODWARDS.” (Order

referenced is on back; only bottom part is legible. Signed by R. MOORE, Saml.


•Acct. of Import Duty recd. by me from Trading…in Bath Co.:

May 2 1716:                                             Capt. THOMPSON, Mastr. Speadwell

Ober 10th:                                                Capt. DOANE Rebeckah

Nov 5th:                                                   Capt. SACHER Mary

Do:                                                            Capt. SMYTHE Advenure

Do:                                                            Capt. THOMPSONDE Speadwell

March 10:                                                 Capt. ELLIOT Mary Anne

Apr 9 1716:                                               Capt. FRANCIS Baseholder

Do:                                                            Capt. DOANE Rebeckah

Do:                                                            Capt TOMPSON Thankfull & Sarah

Do:                                                            Capt. SEWARD Speadwell

June 16:                                                    Capt. JOHNSON, Goodwill

Aug 1:                                                       Capt. MOSELEY, David

Do:                                                            Capt. DOANE Rebeckah

Do:                                                            Capt. THOMPSON, Thankfull & Sarah

Do:                                                            Capt. WARREN Jno & Mary

Do:                                                            Capt. FRANCIS Baseholder

Do:                                                            Capt. JOHNSON Goodwill

Oct 31:                                                      Capt.FRANYON Versula

Signed: Thomas HARDING

•Similar list of ships and masters. No year is given:

Feb. 2                                                        Grace & Eliz. John OLIVER

6:                                                                Sarah Wm. ?Abbots

6:                                                                Fisher Thos. MASON

8:                                                                ?Winswood Jno. ELLSGOOD

8:                                                                Hon.o & Thos. Jno GRINDALE

22:                                                              ?Martin Miles GALE

22:                                                              Dolphin Geo DOAKES

23:                                                              Haston Thos HINSDALE

24:                                                              Adventure Saml. ELLISON

26:                                                              Jusisby Nath LALLIROSE

27:                                                              Williams Wm. ELLISON

March 3rd:                                               Anders Jno PRINCE

5:                                                                Geo. Jame MANSFIELD

5:                                                                Providence Jas ffergoson

13:                                                              Arms ? MACRAW

14:                                                              Harrisberg Benjm. EDDY

14:                                                              Popole Wm CARTER

14:                                                              Eliza. Ja. PRINCE

14:                                                              Temperance Danl MONCLAIR

15:                                                              ?? Robt. GARRISLY

17:                                                              Prudence Sarah Jno VANNARD

19:                                                              ?? Thos. DAVIDALE

20:                                                              Joseph’s Elisha RIDOUR

21:                                                              Mary Jno HAMMOND

22:                                                              Merrimack  Cecele JONES

28:                                                              Blemak Geo. BARROW

28:                                                              Abigail Jno Nichols

28:                                                              Trouts Jno BRATT

29:                                                              Seaflower Saml DUNHAM

Apr. 2:                                                       Masillie & Mary Jno BRANSLOW

10                                                               ?? Thos. COPPINGS


Apr 17:                                                      Sisboro MaCacly LaCLORS

19:                                                              Susannah’s Jno. HARRISON

26:                                                              Eliza Seth HARVEY

27:                                                              Expects Jas. DIGGETTS

May 7:                                                      Seaflowers Richd. CRIGDERS

15:                                                              Sarah John PONSE

26:                                                              Grace & Eliz. Jno. OLIVER

18                                                               MaCloy Thos HUDDLE                      

•Account of shot and flint, various ships:

When received                                                                          Master name                                                              Vessel name


Apr  2                                                                                          Dan. COLES                                                               Sarah

                                                                                                     Wm TAPLEY                                                             Temperance

16                                                                                                 Jno. LAMORRIS                                                       Judusbry

20                                                                                                 Wm POOLE                                                                Mary

Ober                                                                                            Na LATHROPE                                                         Chas & Sarah

6                                                                                                   Jno ELLISON                                                             Thomas

10                                                                                                 Ric. NICKERSON                                                      Good Speed

13                                                                                                 J.C. CHAMBERLAIN                                               Martha

21                                                                                                 Bazil SANDERWATT                                              Jack of all Trades

22                                                                                                 Lost. RIGHTOUS                                                      Tapater

Nov. 23                                                                                       James NICHOLAS                                                    Abigail

Dec. 7                                                                                          Artti. McGROSS                                                        Anne

Feb 4                                                                                           Saml. CHAMBERLAIN                                            Eliz. & Abigail

11                                                                                                 James ROBINSON                                                    Virginia

17                                                                                                 Geo DEARES                                                             Exeters Union

                                                                                                     Jo SUCILLISONS                                                      Temperance

24                                                                                                 Sam. DUNHASEN                                                     Seaflower

                                                                                                     Wm. ELLISON                                                           Josephs

March 1                                                                                      Jos. CHAMBERLAIN                                              Martha

                                                                                                     Jos. PRINCE                                                               Elizabeth

4                                                                                                   Math. WOOLFE                                                        George

                                                                                                     James fforgiwors                                                       George

9                                                                                                   Thos. PERDIX                                                           Hoposcle

                                                                                                     ?? HURSELLSON                                                      ffanesy

11                                                                                                 Sam FFOUTH                                                            Augusta

                                                                                                     Sam ELLISON                                                            Adventure

15                                                                                                 Timo YOAH                                                               Jundstorys


•Account of powder money as of June 1721

June 28                                                                                        Joshua ROUSE                                                          Speadwell

July 12                                                                                         J.C. CHAMBERLIN                                                  Martha

18                                                                                                 James NICHOLS                                                        Abigail

                                                                                                     Saml. DUNHAM                                                       Seaflower

                                                                                                     Arthr. MaGALL                                                         Anne

August 7                                                                                    Jos. CROCKER                                                          Hopsocle

9                                                                                                   Cecele JONES                                                            Merrymack

20                                                                                                 Saml. DISALYS                                                         Mary


•Account of powder between 25 Mar 1721 and the 10th of June

March 28                                                                                    Hob. GARRISON                                                                Benjamin

29                                                                                                 G. LANGDON                                                                      Seaflower

Apr. 5                                                                                          Nath. LALLIROPE                                                              Virginia

6                                                                                                   Jon RONSON                                                                       Speedwell

10                                                                                                 James CALDWELL                                                             Wm & John

13                                                                                                 James NICHOLS                                                                  Abigale

                                                                                                     Robt. GRIMSLEY                                                                Thankfull

May 4                                                                                          Jos. CHAMBERLAIN                                                        Martin

10                                                                                                 Lois RIG??                                                                            Tryall

18                                                                                                 Tho. FRYE                                                                            Good Speed

                                                                                                     Richd. LANGDON                                                              Seaflower

June 7                                                                                          [torn]                                                                                     [torn]


•Another list of accounts—this is torn down the left margin, so the first word (generally first name) is missing.

les CARY for Sara

ill LOW for The Two Brothers

MICHELL for the Hannah and Mary

thew WOLFE for the Phillis

ram WORDSWORTH for the Pellican

ob LOW for the [blank]

hard THOMAS for the ?Discord

the BORROUGH for the Mary

mas NOLAND for the Providence

vid SAFORD for the Temperance

SOVLO for the Jane & Elizabeth

BODLO for the George

PRINCE for the Seaflower

aham WINTER for the [smeared]

DOWDOLL for the [blank]

COPPPAGE for the Swallow

GODFRAY for the Seacross

ah GLOVER for the Mary

ard THOMAS for the Dimond

lse HOWELL [blank]

MELLINS for the Pillican

SANDERS for the Elizabeth & Mary

SELLISON for the Unity

than FOORS for the Serecoss

NICHOLL for the Hannah & Mary

rias HILL for the Hannah & Mary

na ELLISON for the Unity

es PEEKE for the Sarah

•This document is probably a continuation of the previous one.


Jany                                                          Ebenezer CHAMBERLAIN for the Martha

March 9                                                    William PHILLIPS for the Jane



April 6                                                       Nathan WOLFE for the Phillis

May                                                           Ebenezer CHAMBERLAIN for the Martha

                                                                   John BADAR for the John

16                                                               Nath. TATUM for the Rightingoll

29                                                              James STEWART for the Mary

                                                                   William GLISSON for the Unity

June 20                                                     Silvanuss HUSHE for the Eagle

26                                                               William MADOX for the Mary

July 9                                                        Saml. FROMAN for the Formans Briall

16                                                               James DALY for the Maprosporous

26                                                               smeared]nathy YOLS for the Two Brothers

29                                                               Bartho BARRAS for the Endeavor

29                                                               William CARLILE for the Elizabeth

August 6                                                  Ebenezer CHAMBERLAIN for the Martha

10                                                               Joseph PRINCE for the Seaflower

29                                                               Nath BATAM for the Nightingall

30                                                               Barnabas LOTHROP for the Farmers

Sept 18                                                      Roger KINSON for the Ansolly

19                                                               Simond GODFRY for the Success

21                                                               John CHARLTON for halfe the Speedwell

Novem 2                                                   Tho CATHEAR for the Jane & Elizabeth

Decem 18                                                  James FORTH for the Jueras

29                                                               James PEELL for the Sarah

30                                                               Henry ELLIOTT for the Speedwell

Jan 2                                                          Richard WASTEEVAL for the Mary

19                                                               Peter AYNES for the Hope

                                                                   Christopher BUTLER for the [smeared]

23                                                               John GREEN [blank]

Feb 1                                                         James DOTY for the Tryall

                                                                 Appears to be last page of same document

Feb 8                                                         William LUCAS for the Two Sisters

March 7                                                    Timothy YOLS for the Two Brothers

                                                                   James PRINCE for the Seaflower

24                                                               Dannill LOW for the Eagle


April 4                                                       Frances BELLINGTON for the Mary

9                                                                 Ebenezer CHAMBERLIN for the Mark

                                                                   Nath BARBER for the Elizabeth

12                                                               John LILLE for the Seaflower

27                                                               Chrisstopher HALL for the Ellisk and [unreadable]

June 3                                                       Edmd FREEMAN for the Harwick

                                                                   Bartho BARRAS for the Endeavor

4                                                                 Jonathan SEERS for the Success

12                                                               John GEO for the Mayflower

27                                                               Richard RUSSALL for the Sarah

28                                                               Isaac FREEMAN for the Jnereas

July 7                                                        William CARLILE for the Elizabeth

11                                                               James HONETLEY for the [blank]

30                                                               James NOLAND for the Providence

August 29                                                Peter CRAGE for the Briget

24                                                               Richard THOMAS [blank]

Sept 12                                                      Zacarias HILL for the Hannah & Mary

October 2                                                 William CARLILE for the Elizabeth

9                                                                 Stevon DOICK for the Speedwell

30                                                               Jonathan BASSET for the Industry

Novem 7                                                   Bartho BARRAT for the Endevour


Ref: Albermarle Co. Chowan Precinct-
James Glisson listed their in 1721. (note: abt 1722 Chowan Precinct was divided up and became Chowan, Bertie, & Terrell Precinct.)

Ref: Albermarle Co. Perquimans Precinct, NC Deed Abstracts 1681-1729 by Weynette Parks Haun-
pg 92 # 496 B-No106- 10 Oct 1721, Lewis Scinner of Perquimans Precinct, Albemarle Co. to Lott Stallings of Nansemond Co. Va. Wit:Daniel Smith, Joseph Glisson, Ackd. 11 Oct 1721 Rich. Leary Clk, registered 15 Apr 1722 by John Stepney.
pg 93 # 497 B-No107- 10 Oct 1721, Charles Wilks of Albemarle Co. NC to Lott Stallings, Wit:Daniel Smith, Joseph Glisson, Ackd. 11 Oct 1721, Rich. Leary Clk. Rg. 15 Apr 1722 by John Stepney. (Actuallly in 1721 was Albermarle Co. Perquimans Precinct).

Ref: History of Perquimans Co. NC-
No. 40. Thomas Price of Nansemond Co Vir’ planter—for £5 pd by Robert Reddick, of Perq, sold 75a, adj John White, Joseph Glisson, & sd Reddick, a patent to sd Powel 1729. Seal Oct 16, 1745. Test’ Nicholas Stallings, Elias Stallings, William Hollowell.

No. 7  Joseph Glison, of Perq, for £10 pd by Wm Rountree, sold 100a, adj John White, said Joseph & Wm Rountree. April 19, 1729. Test’ Christ Arrington, Gilbert Scott.

case # 149 pg 107- Joseph Glisson of Perquimans Co. Cordwiner, for 40 pds by Joseph & Robert Riddick of NC sold 260 acres on North Side of Perquimans River adj. to Wm. Kitchen, James Field, Timothy Clear, 11 Jul 1734, Test: William Roundtree, Elias Stallings.(note: Perquimans Co. was Albermarle Co. Perquimans Precinct till at least 1741).

Ref: Colonial Records of NC-
Second Series Vol VI NC Higher Court Minutes 1724-1730 editer Robert J. Cain-
pg 362- James Kelly Vs. James Glisson case (no returne) alias to issue Jul Court 1727.
pg 407- James Kelly Vs. James Glissen case the alias granted at last court is now returned executed in these words Videlict Cepi Corpusa agreed, dismissed, Jul Court 1727.
Higher Court Minutes 1734-
#109-55 pg 50- Jury of 12 to lay out road from Elias Hodges ferry to Harralls Hill & from thence to Cashy- to through Sheppards Swamp to Cashay Road- Among others John Glisson.
#138 pg 61- The last Will & Testament of Jno. Glisson was proved by ye oath of Thos. Williams & Thos. Jones two of ye subscribing evidences thereto and at ye same time came Jane Glisson whole & sole Exx. thereof & took ye Oath of an Executrix.
#164 pg 72- Jas. Glisson to Wm. Ashborn, Edwd. Bails ackd. 40/pd P. Wm.Ashborn, 1724.
#174 pg 76- John Glisson to Samll. Pickens was pd Jurat Henry Baker Jr. 40/pd.
Second Series Vol VII Records of the Excutive Council 1664-1734 editor Robert J. Cain-
pg 300-301- (Petition of Bertie Precinct for altering seat of Government) to George Burrington Esqr. (hundreds signed as obliged servants) among them John Glisson, Dennis Glisson, James Glisson, 3 Apr 1733.

Ref: North Carolina Historical & Geneaalogical Register-
Vol # 1 Apr 1900 Abstracts of Wills-
pg 184- Burt, Mary widow of William probably Bertie Co., 10 Feb 1724, 10 Sep 1724, probated prior to 1760, leaves properties to sons James Glisson, Ego Glisson, dau Mary Glisson whom I appoint my Executors. Test: Joseph Hudson, James Keeton, & Joyce Hawkins.
pg 46- John Glison wife Jean 20 Sep 1734, probated prior to 1760.
pg 361- O'Quin, Patrick of Northampton Co., 23 Nov 1751, Feb Court 1752, Sister Charity Glisson, Thomas Deans Executor, Test: John Brown, Thos. Cook, John King.
Abstracts Vol # 2 of Bertie Co. Marriage Bonds-
pg 317- Glison, Arthur to Elizabeth Spence 13 Apr 1780, Wit: Micajah Hinton.
Vol # 2 Abstracts of Wills Bertie Co.-
pg 335- Gliston, James, 17 Dec 1774, settled 10 Nov 1781, Nov Court. Heirs Jacob Gliston son of my brother Daniel, Elizabeth Keel dau of sister Elizabeth Keel dec'd, bother John Gliston, sister Sarah Glisson Dye, brothers John & David Gliston Exrs. Test: Noah Hinton, Thomas Hill, Arthur Gliston.
pg 335- Gliston, Sarah, 17 Sep 1783 Aug term 1784, heirs cousin Elizabeth Keel Test: Anna Hinton, Wm. Hinton. (Also in State Archives BkD pg 88. will made 17 Sep 1774.
pg 335- Gliston, Daniel, 24 Oct 1787, Aug term 1790, hiers, daughters Anna & Sarah Glisson, Test: Arthur Jernagan. (also in State Archives, estate settled 4 Aug 1792)
pg 335- Gliston, Ann, 7 May 1795, Aug term 1795, children under 21, Leah & Right Glisson, Exrs.: Arthur Jernagan, Noah Thompson, Test: Sela Glisson, Wm. Thompson. (also in State Archives)
pg 54- Rhodes, Robert, 30 Oct 1807, Feb term 1808, wife Martha also list dau Elizabeth Glisson among other children.
Vol # 3 Marriage bonds of Tyrrrell Co. N.C.-
pg 107- Glisson, Isaac to Mrs. Martha Whitfield, Jun 1762 by Jesse Sparkman.

Ref: Colonial Bertie County NC Deed Books A-H 1720-1757 abstacted by Mary Best Bell, 2nd Edition published by Southern Historical Press-
C50 pg 61- William Whitehead to Edward Bass, 12 Aug 1728, 10 pds for 140 acres, Wit: James Castelaw, John Glisson, Nov. Court 1728,Edw. Mashborne D.C/C.
C52 pg 61- Thomas Brigman & wife Elizabeth to John Gibson (Glisson) 28 Oct 1728, 12 Nov 1728, 15 pds for 335 acres on Casay Swamp and Northeast Watton Swamp, wit: James Murry, Thomas Rodes, Thomas Brigman, Nov. Court 1728, Edw. Mashborne D.C./C.
C145 pg 71-72- John Williams & wife Ann to Thomas Castelaw, son of James Castelaw, 10 pds for 250 acres on ns Roanoke River "being the plantation whereon John Glisson now lives" by Indian Village Pond, Adj. James Blunt, Anthony Herring, Indian Villiage Meadow & Great Swamp, wit: Edm. Davis, John Matthews, Aug Court 1729, Thomas Crew D.C./C.
C146 pg 71- William Stevens Sen. to John Bunch, 8 Feb 1728/29, 30 pds for 270 Acres on South Side of the Morattuck River, bounded by patent dated 1 Feb 1725, Wit: James Milikin, Henry Guston, Joseph Joyner, Bar Mackine, Jurat: Aug Court 1729.
D252 pg 111- James Glison to Eden Bails, 17 Sep 1734, 100 pds for 125 acres on "Cusshoake Creek" formerly belonged to William Burt, was encheated by me James Glisson, wit: William Lattimer, Andrew Ireland, Daniel Glisson, Feb Court 1735.
D292 pg 113- John Glisson & wife Jane to Samuel Dickens, 8 May 1734, 35 pds for 135 acres on ns Cashay Swamp wit: Henry Baker, jurat: John Fryssle, May Court 1736, John Wynns D.D./C.
E219 pg 128- Anthony Herring to Jane Glisson, 14 Dec 1737, 20 pds for 213 acres part of patent formerly granted to John Williams and willed unto Anthony Herring, Adj: William Hinton at Village Swamp Wit: John Hinnant, Juret: John Harrell, Feb Court 1737.
E223 pg 128- Jane Glissen to John Hinnart, 2 pds for 13 acres part of patent formerly granted John Williams Jun. & Made over to Anthony Herring and thence to Jane Glisson, On Village Swamp, Feb Court 1737.
G321 pg 210- Patrick O'Quin & wife Martha to Oodam (Aadam) Raby of Nansemond Co. Va. 28 May 1750, 67 pds 10 shs, for 230 acres on Casway Branch at Catawhitskey, old road adj. James Woods, On NW fork Popular Swamp "betwixt John Hare & Patrick O'Quin" wit: John Brown, Samuel Brown, John Benton, Isaac Carter, John Hare. Aug Court 1750, Samuel Ormes clerk of courts.
G331 pg 210-211 Barniby Bryan to Needham Bryan 27 Jan 1749, mortgage 100 acres land at Flag Run adj. William Van_____, Wit: Edward Van____. James Glisson, Feb Court 1750, Samuel Ormes clerk of courts.
H119 pg 235- Francis Hodson to Denise Glisson of Terrell Co. 120 pds for 140 acres on Roquiss Islands "being upper part of tract containing 280 acres" adjacent Hodson & Glisson, wit: Edward Gillman, Richard Ashley, Aug Court 1754.
H285 pg 246- Dennis Glisson of Terrell Co. to Robert Howell, 3 Apr 1756, 15 pds for 140 acres on Roquist Islands "upper tract of land containing 280 acres" wit: Francis Hodson, Isaac Glisson, Apr Court 1756.
H453 pg 256- Henry Glisson & wife Charity of Northampton Co. to Adam Raby, 24 Jan 1757, 4 pds 6 shi for 15 acres at northeast branch adjacent to John Hare part of land devised to Charity Glisson by last will in Testament of her brother Patrick O'Quin Wit: Arthur Cotten, Nicholas Perry, John Hare, Oct Court 1757. Charity Glisson privately examined by John Duke & Samuel Cotten of Northampton Co., two justices of the court 4 Oct 1757.
H456 pg 256-Benjamin Wynns, Clericus Curli, to John Duke & Samuel Cotten, Justices of Northampton Co. 24 Oct 1757, Directive, to examine Charity Glisson reconveyence to Adam Raby to deterimine that she made coonveyance of her own free will.

Ref:  Bertie  COUNTY  NC  Court  Daniel GLISON  Joseph WORRELL Thomas WIGGONS  Macijah

HINTON James COTTEN Civil Papers-

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Cathy Farris <>



(it appears to be COLLON within document, but I think the writer did not cross the two tt's...cathy)

1748 11 May Bertie County Civil Papers 010.325.1 NCArchives Cathy Farris Jan 2002 George the Second by the Grace of God King of Great Britain To the Sheriff of our said county Greeting

We command you to summon Daniel GLISON and JosephWORRELL personally to be and appear before our

Justices at our next Court to be holdon for said county at Cashy on the Second Tuesday in August next

Then and there to Testifie and declare the truth according to your knowledge in a cause then and there

to be tryed between Thomas WIGGONS and Macijah HINTON Plt., and James COLLON(sic)* Deft on the part of the

Ptl., Supena one hundred pounds ___? each for non appearance- and have you there this writ with your

doing herein. Witness, John LOVRIK, Clerk of our said Court the 11th day of May anno Dom 1748


on the other side of the paper:

WIGGINS and *COTTON Summons   Executed on Daniel GLISON  Joseph WORRELL Non Est Mo___? So Says Jno BROWN, Sher     Dismissed1748


Ref: Some thoughts about early John Swinsons in North Carolina

This paper was written May 2002 and revised September 2002 by Thomas M. Byrd, 903 Washington St., Cary, NC 27511


(Note:  The reason I have included the below information on the early John Swinsons in North Carolina by Thomas M. Boyd is that the John Swinson I “the Bricklayer” wife was Elsie Glisson who I believe is the daughter of John & Jane Glisson and sister to Dennis, James, Joseph, Abraham and Isaac who are listed in many land records following.  Their land purchases match the chronology of John Swinson the Bricklayer and his wife Elsie Glisson.  Their sons John Swinson Jr. and Austin went to Duplin Co. NC a couple years after their uncle Dennis left the area of Tranters Creek.  It appears that John Swinson I did not go to Duplin Co. though.  Also James, Joseph Abraham and Isaac and Isaac son of Dennis did not leave the area of  Tranters creek either.  They all are listed in records for Tyrell, Beautford, Pitt and Martin without actually moving just like John Swinson I and wife Elsie Glisson  because their lands were in the disputed area of these counties.  Mr. Byrd has put the below together so well that I thought I would use it to illustrate the same chronology of the Glisson’s.  Although not exactly the same but pretty close as the following land records will illustrate.  Phillip L. Glisson.


The below information was written by Thomas M. Byrd and displayed on the internet, see


      My Swinson research began in the early 1970s when my late father-in-law, Macon Swinson (1910-1980), asked me to see what I could find out about the family.  “Mr. Swinson” knew that his father was Horace Jackson Swinson (1881-1919) and that his grandfather was Nathaniel Macon Swinson (1835-1895).  Beyond that he was not certain.  Macon had limited contact with his direct Swinson ancestors.  His grandfather, Nathaniel Macon, for whom he was named, died 15 years before Macon was born.  His father, Horace, died when Macon was 8 and his mother, Mary Dixon Swinson (1888-1920) died when he was 9.

      My initial Swinson research went smoothly. By plowing through old records, mainly in the Department of Archives and History in Raleigh, I soon learned that Macon Swinson’s great grandfather had been Austin Swinson (1788-ca.1860) and that his great, great grandfather had been Jesse Swinson (1759-1834).  Furthermore, I learned that Jesse Swinson had been a soldier in the Revolutionary War and that he was buried within a mile of Macon Swinson’s house. Macon Swinson lived on what is now Macon Swinson Lane in the Beautancus Community of northern Duplin County and had a Route 2, Mount Olive, NC, address.

       Although I did not try to track them all down, I soon realized that Jesse and other members of his generation left scores of descendants. The Mount Olive area seemed to have the biggest concentration, but others appeared in southern Duplin County, and some had moved further east into Onslow County.  One line of the family had moved to Indiana, another to Texas.

       But my goal was to determine who Jesse Swinson’s ancestors were, not track all of his descendants. And this is where I became stumped.  The records seem to show that two Swinson men arrived in Duplin County about 1770. One was named John and the other Osten (Austin). The next generation of Swinsons in Duplin County included at least six men: Jesse, John Austin, Theophilus, Ebenezer, Richard, and Absalem.  Presumably, they were sons of John and Austin.  But which of them were John’s sons and which were Austin’s?  Also, one could not overlook the possibility that other Swinsons had moved to Duplin after John and Austin.   

       Through deeds and other records I learned that John and Austin Swinson moved to Duplin County from around Tranters Creek, which flows through the area where Pitt, Martin, and Beaufort counties now join. Furthermore, I learned that the first Swinsons on Tranters Creek  were a bricklayer named John, and his wife Elsie, who moved there in 1744.   John and Elsie appeared to have had three sons:  John, Jr., Austin, and Levi.  John, Jr., and Austin moved to Duplin; Levi remained on Tranters Creek until his death about 1795.

       Further research showed that John Swinson, the bricklayer, had moved to Tranters Creek from Kendricks Creek, about 40 miles to the east. His old home was located in Tyrrell County at the time, but the area became a part of Washington County in 1799.  The Swinson land on Kendricks Creek was about a mile south of the present town of Roper.  John, the bricklayer, was a son of Richard Swinson, the first known Swinson in North Carolina.  Richard had moved from Virginia to Kendricks Creek by 1711 and was living there in 1716 when he made his will. Named in the will were three sons:  William, John, (the bricklayer) and Richard (Jr.).

       By this time I had with one exception traced my father-in-law’s family back seven generations.  Macon Swinson was the son of Horace, who was the son of Nathaniel Macon, who was the son of Austin, who was the son of Jesse.  Then came the uncertainty in the family line. Was Jesse’s father John or was it Austin? Both were sons of John, the bricklayer, who was a son of Richard, the first Swinson in North Carolina.

       By the time of my father-in-law’s death in 1980, I had more or less ended the active phrase of my Swinson research.  But this didn’t mean I had lost interest in the family’s history. When asked I would share Swinson information. Occasionally I would quiz other people about what they knew.  But regardless of whom I asked no one seemed to know who Jesse’s father was.  

       One day I was discussing Swinsons with Mrs. Pauline Swinson Wiggins of Mount Olive, one of Macon Swinson’s first cousins. She told me about a paper done on the family by the late Superior Court Judge Clifton Moore of Burgaw.  Naturally, I wanted to see it, which Mrs. Wiggins let me do. She also let me make a photocopy of it.

      The paper was based on research that Judge Moore did in the 1950s, some 20 years before I began my research. Judge Moore was obviously a competent researcher. Not only had he traced the early Swinsons from county to county, but had drawn on his extensive knowledge of history and the legal system to describe the times in which they lived. As far as I know, it is still the most comprehensive report to date on early Swinsons in North Carolina.  Thus, it is quoted widely. Judge Moore, like myself, had gotten involved in the research because he had married a Swinson. My wife, Janet, was Macon Swinson’s oldest daughter. Judge Moore’s wife was Hazel Swinson, a descendant of Jesse Swinson through his son, John.

      When I studied Judge Moore’s paper, I saw we had plowed much of the same ground and had reached the same conclusions about most of the family.  But Judge Moore had some things in his paper that I had not been able to prove. One thing that jumped out at me was his statement that Jesse Swinson was the son of Austin Swinson. As pointed out earlier, I could never determine if Jesse’s father was John Swinson or Austin Swinson. But when I studied Judge Moore’s paper in detail, I could not find any hard proof as to why he believed Jesse was Austin’s son. Since the Judge was deceased by this time, I tried to contact his family in Burgaw to see if the Judge might have found Swinson documents not cited in the paper. My efforts at contacting the family were unsuccessful.

      Subsequent research has convinced me that the Judge was probably right about Jesse being the son of Austin. Here is how I reached that conclusion. First, I learned that Jesse had a brother named John Austin Swinson. This meant that if I could identify the father of either John Austin or Jesse I would have the father of the other. Next I learned that the John Swinson who came to Duplin with Austin had named a son John Matchet Swinson. Since John would not likely have named one son John Matchet Swinson and another John Austin Swinson, then John Austin Swinson must have been the son of Austin Swinson.  Thus if Austin was John Austin’s father, he had to be Jesse’s father, also, since John Austin and Jesse were brothers. 

      The biggest surprise in Judge Moore’s paper pertained to the John Swinson who migrated to Duplin County about 1770. I felt fairly certain that he was John Swinson, Jr., the son of John, the bricklayer, and his wife, Elsie.  Judge Moore said he was the son of Richard Swinson, a brother of John, the bricklayer.  Thus, according to Moore, the John who came to Duplin was a nephew of John the bricklayer. This meant that the first two Swinsons in Duplin, John and Austin, were first cousins, not brothers.

      When I studied the sources cited in Moore’s paper, I could not understand why he thought John and Austin were cousins, not brothers. Again I figured the Judge must have found information that I had overlooked. Therefore, I set out to see if I could find what the Judge must have found.  My quest led me to new sources of information on the Swinsons, but instead of confirming what Judge Moore wrote, the new information convinced me he was wrong. 

      In an effort to prove that the father of both of the early Swinsons in Duplin was John the bricklayer, I have prepared a chronological listings of all the John Swinsons that I can find in North Carolina in the 1700s.  This chronology shows that both John the bricklayer and his brother Richard had sons named John.  The bricklayer’s son John spent his early years on Tranters Creek in what is now Pitt County.  He first moved to the Goshen Swamp area of Duplin County and then to the Moores Creek area of what is now Pender County (then New Hanover) where he died about 1800.   Richard’s son, John, lived his entire life on Kendricks Creek near what is now Roper in Washington County, dying there about 1807.

      By comparison, Judge Moore said Richard’s son, John, was the only John Swinson during this period.  According to the Judge, Richard’s son John spent his early days on Kendricks Creek.  First, he moved to Tranters Creek, where he associated with his Uncle John Swinson, the bricklayer. Next he moved to the Goshen Swamp area of Duplin County. Then he moved to the Moores Creek area of New Hanover (now in Pender).  Finally, he returned to Kendricks Creek where he died about 1807.   The “wanderer” is what Judge Moore called this John Swinson. It would have been an apt description if true. 

      Readers are now invited to review the references that have been found to the early John Swinsons and decide for them self if they pertain to one man who wandered back and forth from place to place or if they refer to more than one John Swinson. The chronology that I will present, like much genealogical research, may be difficult to follow. This is mainly because so many different counties are mentioned. Counties are important because most genealogical information that can be found on Swinsons is in county records.  But the counties were changing rapidly during the period covered by this chronology. New ones were being formed and boundaries were being redrawn for the older ones.  To wit: North Carolina had only four counties in 1700, which is about the time the first John Swinson appeared on the scene. The State had over 60 counties in 1800, which is about the time of the last John Swinsons discussed in this paper.  Thus, instead of dealing with Swinsons exclusively in terms of the counties in which they lived, they will be grouped in terms of the creeks on which they lived.  This is because the creeks, unlike the counties, have not changed.


The John Swinsons covered in this paper lived on four different creeks. They are as follows:


Kendricks Creek.  It rises in East Dismal Swamp in Washington County and flows north by the town of Roper into Albemarle Sound.  When the first known Swinson in North Carolina, Richard, settled on this creek shortly after 1700, the area was part of Chowan County. It became a part of Tyrrell County in 1729 and Washington County in 1799.


Tranters Creek. It rises in southwest Martin County and flows south-southeast into the Tar River near where the Tar becomes the Pamlico River. It now forms part of the boundary between Pitt, Martin, and Beaufort counties. When the first Swinsons settled there in the 1740s, the area was in the disputed bounds of Beaufort and Tyrrell counties.


Goshen Swamp. It rises in northeastern Sampson County and flows east-southeast across about two-thirds of northern Duplin County before emptying into the Northeast Cape Fear River northeast of Kenansville.  The area along Goshen where the first Swinsons settled about 1770 was in Duplin County at the time and it still is.

Moores Creek. It rises in northwest Pender County and flows south into Black River about two miles below Moores Creek National Battlefield Park. The area was part of New Hanover County when the first Swinsons settled there in the 1780s. It became part of Pender in 1875.


Chronology of John Swinsons in 1700s and the creeks on which they were living at the time:


1716 – (Kendricks Creek) John is listed as a son of Richard Swinson in a will that Richard made 24 April 1716.   (NC Wills, 1690-1760, pp. 368-69) The will names three sons, and in the following order, William, John, and Richard (Jr.). Children are usually named in wills in the order in which they are born. Thus, John would have been the middle son. John received 200 acres of his father’s land plus a cow called “Good Luck.”  Since no conditions were placed on John’s inheritance, some researchers have concluded that John had reached 21, the age of majority, by the time of his father’s will.  This would suggest that he would have been born by about 1693 since he had a younger brother, Richard, who appears to have been at least 21 also in 1716.


1722 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson witnessed a deed from John Edwards to Captain John Powell on 30 October 1722. (Chowan Deed Bk. C, Vol. I, p. 309)


1727 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson, brick-layer, sold the 200 acres of land on Kendricks Creek that he inherited from his father to James Brown on 27 November 1727. (Chowan Deed Bk. C, Vol. I, p. 310).


1729 – (Kendricks Creek) Tyrrell County was created out of that portion of Chowan County lying south of Albemarle Sound where the Swinsons lived.


1735 – (Kendricks Creek) William Swinson and John Swinson were among person appointed by Tyrrell County Court to help lay off road. (Court Minutes, September 1735 Session). William and John were brothers.


1739 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson on Tyrrell Grand Jury. (Court Minutes, September 1739 session)


1740 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson and Richard Swinson among persons appointed by Tyrrell Court to help lay off road. (Court Minutes, March 1739/40) John and Richard were also brothers.


1743 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson, bricklayer, sold 134 acres of land on Kendricks Creek to Richard Draper on 2 March 1743. (Tyrrell County Deed Bk. 1, p. 225) The record of how John obtained this land has not been found. It was the last land that this John owned in the vicinity of Kendricks Creek.


1744 – (Tranters Creek) John Swinson, bricklayer, purchased 300 acres on the west side of Tranters Creek from Benjamin and Elizabeth Sanders on 27 October 1744. (Tyrrell Deed Bk. 1, p. 295)  The description of this property is too general for one to pinpoint its exact location. Since it was west of Tranters Creek, it was in an area that became (in 1760) a part of Pitt County.  John’s new home was about 35 or 40 miles as the crow flies from his previous home on Kendricks Creek.  Assuming that he was born by 1693, John would have been at least 51 years old when he moved from Kendricks Creek to Tranters Creek.  Thus, he was getting on up in years when he made the move. 


1748 – (Tranters Creek) The North Carolina General Assembly authorized work to continue on running out the boundary between Beaufort and Tyrrell counties. This work had been first authorized in 1741 but had not been completed and would not be for many more years. Beaufort was established in 1712 and Tyrrell in 1729. Then came Pitt in 1760 and Martin in 1774. But the boundaries of these counties were not completely defined for many years. In fact, the General Assembly adjusted the Martin-Beaufort line as late as 1937.  John, the bricklayer, and other Swinsons who lived in the vicinity of Tranters Creek had land near where the boundaries of Pitt, Martin, and Beaufort now join, and it is difficult to know just which county they were in at times.


1751 – (Tranters Creek) John Swinson, Jr. applies for (enters) a 579-acre land grant on 19 October 1751.  The application was submitted to the agents of the Earl of Granville, who owned the vacant land in that part of North Carolina. He was the Lord Proprietor who refused to sell his land holdings in North Carolina back to the King in 1729. The land for John Swinson Jr.’s grant was surveyed 5 February 1751/2 with John Swinson, Sr., serving as one of the chain carriers for the surveyor.  The land was surveyed 5 February 1751 under the old style Julian calendar. This would be 5 February 1752 under the new style Gregorian calendar adopted by the English-speaking world in 1754. The grant was issued 21 January 1761. (North Carolina Land Grant Bk. 12, p. 94. The grant is listed as No. 01629 under the Granville records in State Archives. The loose papers pertaining to the grant, consisting of the warrant and surveyor’s plat, are in Tyrrell County Land Grant File No. 0177, also in State Archives.)  Note the 10-year delay between the time John Swinson, Jr., applied for this grant and the time he received it. While they were called grants, the land was not free, and it may have taken John Swinson 10 years to pay all of the costs associated with the land. In the meantime, it is fairly safe to assume that he had access to the land and probably made it his home. The warrant states that the land was on “Pitch hole branch on the West side of Tranters Creek.” The surveyor’s plat refers to it as “lying in the bounds of Tyrrell and Beaufort counties, beginning at a pine on Joseph Messer's line...”


                (COMMENT: Why Judge Moore concluded that the John Swinson, Jr., and the John Swinson, Sr., mentioned in the above grant were nephew and uncle, and not son and father, is puzzling.  In those days, senior and junior meant an older man and a younger man with the same name, and not necessarily father and son. However, in most case the older man and younger man were father and son, and I believe this to be the case here.)


1755 – (Tranters Creek) A tax list for Beaufort County in the State Archives shows:  John Swinson John Swinson Jun

Thus, the Swinsons ended up on the Beaufort County side of the line when the Tyrrell-Beaufort boundary dispute was settled.

1756  - (Tranters Creek) John Swinson served on the grand jury on 2 June 1756 at Bath Town, according to Beaufort County Court Minutes. (State Archives)

1757 -  (Tranters Creek) Jno Swinson is described in the March 1757 Beaufort Court Minutes (State Archives) as a delinquent taxpayer.  Also, Joseph Turton filed a petition against Jno. Swinson at the same court session. Case was continued with notation "not to be found."


1757 – (Tranters Creek) Beaufort Court Minutes for the June 1757 session state that the case against John Swinson was continued with notation that says debt and costs paid to Thomas Williams, the late deputy sheriff. (Many parts of these court minutes are too faded to read.)


1757 – (Tranters Creek) Levi Swinson enters 600 acres in Tyrrell County on 26 October 1757.  The land was surveyed 3 January 1760 with John Swinson and John Swinson, Jr., serving as chain carriers.  These two men are believed to have been Levi’s father and brother. The grant was issued on 22 January 1761.  (Land Grant Bk. 12, p. 92; Tyrrell County File No. 60).  The exact location of the land is not given in the description of it in the grant book.  It is only described as being in Tyrrell County “beginning at Cowplay place.”  Later deeds given for parts of the land suggest it was west of Tranters Creek.


1759 – (Kendricks Creek) Richard Swinson recorded stock marks for his son, John, and daughter, Hannah. (Tyrrell Court Minutes, June 5, 1759) The following day, Richard Swinson recorded stock marks for his son, Richard, and his daughter, Elizabeth. This is the earliest proof that has been found that Richard Swinson had a son named John. But this John appears to have been younger than the John, Jr., who entered a land grant in 1751 in the Tranters Creek area. In fact, Richard’s son John must have been a minor in 1759 or why would his father have recorded a stock mark for him?   


1760 – (Tranters Creek) Pitt County was formed out of Beaufort County, effective January 1, 1761. The 300 acres purchased by John Swinson the bricklayer in 1744 and the 579 acres entered by John Swinson, Jr., in 1751 and granted in 1761were in the new county of Pitt. Unfortunately, no county court records for Pitt County prior to 1858 have survived. They, no doubt, would have been a rich source of information on the Swinsons living there.

1761 – (Tranters Creek) John Swinson Senr. was  issued a warrant on 9 January 1761 for 700 acres "in the disputed bounds of Tyrrell and Pitt counties. The date this land was entered has not been found and nor has a surveyor’s plat for it. The grant, which was issued 20 June 1761, was for 689 acres. (Land Grant Bk. 12, p. 93. Tyrrell Deed Bk. 4, p. 329) Apparently the surveyor did not find quite as much vacant land in the area as anticipated, as sometimes occurred. This land can be located on a present day map because the description makes references to several creeks. It was east of Tranters Creek, south of Beargrass Swamp, north of Log Branch, and west of Calf Branch, and joining Joseph Gaines' line.  The land currently lies along both sides of the Beaufort-Martin County line, but at the time people were not certain if it was in Tyrrell County or Pitt County.

1762 – (Tranters Creek) John Swinson Senr.  "for the love and good will which I have and do bair" gave (his son) Oston Swinson 200 acres of land on the east side of Tranters Creek on 1 March 1762. (Pitt Deed Book B, p. 379) Witnesses were John Swinson Junr.  and Elizabeth "x" Carnell. Osten (Austin) received the lower part of the 689-acre grant John Swinson, Sr., received 20 June 1761.  Austin Swinson of Duplin County sold his 200 acres of land in 1782. (Pitt Deed Bk. I, p. 10).  This is the only land Austin Swinson is known to have owned in the vicinity of Tranters Creek, and the deed of its sale is taken as proof that Austin moved to Duplin County. 

1762 – (Tranters Creek) Pitt list of taxables include John Swinson and Levi Swinson listed together on p. 19 and John Swinson listed on p. 23. (Journal of NC Genealogy, pp 2216-2217)

1763 – (Tranters Creek) Pitt list of taxables include John Swinson and Levi, who are listed together, and John Swinson, Jr., who is listed separately. (State Archives)

1764 – (Tranters Creek) Pitt list of taxables include John Swinson and Levi Swinson, who are listed together, and John Swinson Jr., who is listed separately.  (State Archives)


                The name of Osten Swinson does not appear on these lists because his land is believed to have been mostly, if not all, in Tyrrell County at the time.  The county line business is terribly confusing because of the way the lines in that area have changed over the years. It would be interesting to talk to a local historian who could draw out on a map just where the lines were at various times.

1764 – (Tranters Creek) John Swinson of Pitt County sold 200 acres to Joseph Jolley Sr. on 28 August 1764. (Pitt Deed Bk. C, p. 198) Beginning east side Riches old field and joining Messer's line.  It was part of tract of 579 acres granted to John Swinson, Jr., on 21 January 1761.

1764 – (Tranters Creek) John Swinson, John Swinson, Jr., and Levi Swinson witnessed deed of James Howel to John Persey on 25 September 1764. (Pitt Deed Bk. C, p. 173). Land was 50 acres on west side of Tranters Creek that had been first settled by Benjamin Sanders, deceased.


1767 – (Kendricks Creek) Richard Swinson gave his son John Swinson 100 acres of land on Kendricks Creek in Tyrrell County. (Tyrrell Deed Bk. 4, p. 123, Vol. 2)  This is the second reference that has been found to John Swinson, the son of Richard.  It would appear that he “came of age” between 1759, when his father recorded a stock mark for him, and 1767 when his father gave him land.   He could have been born in the 1740-1745 period.  John, Jr., the son of John the bricklayer, would have been born by at least 1730 based on the fact that he applied for a land grant in 1751.

1770 – (Goshen Swamp-Tranters Creek) John Swinson of Duplin County sold 350 acres to Levi Swinson of Tyrrell County on 29 January 1770. (Pitt Deed Bk. D, p. 135). Land joined that of John Butler. This was part of land granted to John Swinson Jr.  on 21 January 1761. This is the earliest reference that has been found to a Swinson in Duplin County, and it is my belief that he was John Swinson, Jr., son of John the bricklayer.  Judge Moore believed he was the son of Richard Swinson.


1772 – (Goshen Swamp) John Swinson and Charles Ward witnessed a deed in Duplin County from Richard Miller to Borthick Gillespie on 16 January 1772.  (Duplin Deed Bk. 3, p. 286). The land was south of Goshen Swamp and west of Northeast Cape Fear River, the first area in which John Swinson is known to have lived after moving to Duplin. The area was about 60 miles as the crow flies from where the Swinsons had lived along Tranters Creek.

1774  - (Tranters Creek) John Swinson, bricklayer, of Pitt County, and Elsie Swinson, his wife, sold 300 acres to John Holaday Hudson on 1 October 1774. (Pitt Deed Bk. F, p. 48) The description shows this was the land John Swinson had purchased in 1744 when Pitt was still part of Tyrrell County.  Note that the deed states that John Swinson is of Pitt County. Some people believe that John the bricklayer moved to Duplin, also. If he did, he did not move as early as his son, who was in Duplin County by 1770. Elsie signed this deed (with an “x”), suggesting that this was the last land John and Elsie owned and she was relinquishing her dower rights to it.


1774 – (Goshen Swamp) John Swinson bought 3 axes, 8 grubbing hoes, 1 bridle, 1 hatchet, and 1 hat from the estate of John Matchet at sale held on 13 August 1774 in Duplin County. (Matchet Estate Papers, State Archives) The estate also paid Swinson 20 pounds for unspecified services.  Matchet lived on the south side of Goshen Swamp north of the present town of Kenansville.


1774 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson and his wife, Lurana, sold 100 acres of land on Kendricks Creek to Samuel Blount on 10 October 1774. (Tyrrell County Deed Bk. 6, p. 168, Vol.2) This is the same land given to John Swinson by his father Richard in 1767.


                (COMMENT: The above two entries for 1774 show a John Swinson buying personal items in Duplin in August and a John Swinson selling land in Tyrrell County in October.  The two places where these activities occurred were about 100 miles apart as the crow flies. The distance on the ground would have been much greater, especially in those days when roads were few.  What roads that existed were usually in terrible condition.  There were few bridges and many swamps. A roundtrip between Duplin County and Tyrrell County in 1774 would likely have taken many days or even weeks.  This is one reason I believe we are dealing with two Johns, not one, as Judge Moore believed.)

1774 – (Tranters Creek) Martin County is formed from Halifax and Tyrrell.  The 200 acres of land that John Swinson, Sr., the bricklayer, gave his son, Austin, in 1762 appears to have been at least partly in the new county of Martin.


1775 – (Goshen Swamp-Tranters Creek) John Swinson of Duplin County sold 489 acres to Wm. Mizzell on 2 January 1775. (Beaufort County Deed Bk. 29, p. 124; also recorded in Martin County Deed Bk. A, p. 96) This was the remainder of the land that John Swinson, Sr., received by patent on 20 June 1761. The deed states the land joined Austin Swinson's line. The new Martin County line passed through this property, which is why the deed was recorded in both counties. People take this deed as proof that John Swinson, Sr., the bricklayer, moved to Duplin with his sons, John, Jr., and Austin. There is no doubt that John, Sr., owned the land originally, but could he have passed it on to John, Jr., in some way that is not clear? The answers to these questions may never be found since John, Sr., did not leave a will and no court minutes for that period survive. Assuming that John, Sr., was born by 1693, he would have been at least 81 by this time. While two of his sons, John and Austin, moved to Duplin, his third son, Levi, did not. Thus, he still had family in the Pitt-Martin area.  


 1779 – (Kendricks Creek) Richard Swinson and John Swinson signed a petition in October 1779 asking that Tyrrell County be divided into two parts. (Journal of NC Genealogy, p. 2043)


 1782 – (Goshen Swamp) John Swinson sold two tracts of land in Duplin County to Elizabeth Foley. (Duplin Deed Bk. 7, p. 366) The deed is not dated but it was ordered registered by the July 1782 Court. It is not known how Swinson obtained this land. One tract consisted of 100 acres that had been granted to Benjamin Folsom on 13 October 1765. The other tract consisted of 20 acres that Swinson said he purchased from Folsom and Folsom had purchased from John Matchet, Sr. The land was located south of Goshen Swamp near present-day Pearsall Chapel.  John Matchet owned land on two sides of it. Incidentally, Theophilus Swinson, another early Swinson in Duplin, had purchased 250 adjoining acres from John Matchet in 1773. (Duplin Deed Bk. 5, p. 266) He sold this land back to Matchet in 1785 and moved farther south in the county. (Duplin Deed Bk. 1A, p. 136) Theophilus Swinson is believed to have been a son of John Swinson. It is believed that John Swinson sold his land south of Goshen because he was marrying a widow who owned land on the north side of Goshen and intended to live there. (See entry for 1787). 


1782 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson witnessed marriage of Richard Swinson to Chloe Burnham in Tyrrell County on 20 December 1782. (Tyrrell County Marriage Bonds, State Archives)


1782 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson listed on Tyrrell County Tax List. Owned 120 acres of land, two negroes, two horses, and eight cows. (Tyrrell County Tax List, State Archives)


1783 – (Goshen Swamp) John Swinson  witnessed deed of Frederick Glisson to Jesse Brock on 6 December 1783. (Duplin Deed Bk. 4A, p. 141). This deed was for land on the north side of Goshen where Swinson moved after selling his land on the south side of the swamp.


1784 – (Kendricks Creek) Tyrrell County Tax List includes John Swinson with 235 acres and 2 black polls.


1785 – (Goshen Swamp) John Swinson is one of the inhabitants living along Goshen Swamp in Duplin County who is ordered to help clear the swamp for navigation. (Duplin Court Minutes, July 1785)


1786 – (Kendricks Creek) Tyrrell County Tax List includes John Swinson with 120 acres and 2 black polls


1786 – (Kendricks Creek) State Census of Tyrrell County

                John Swinson (next to Richard)

                2 females all ages

                3 blacks under 12 or over 50


1786 – (Goshen Swamp) State Census of Duplin County

                John Swinson

                1 male 21-60

                2 males under 21 or over 60

                1 female

                1 black 12-50


                (COMMENT: The fact that a John Swinson appears on the census rolls of both Tyrrell and Duplin strongly suggest to me that we are dealing with two men, not one, as Judge Moore concluded.  The John Swinson in Duplin was living in Captain Bowden’s District, which puts him north of Goshen.)


1787 – (Goshen Swamp-Moores Creek) John Swinson sold Jesse Branch a tract of land he owned in Duplin County and Jesse Branch sold John Swinson a tract of land he owned in New Hanover County for the same price. In others words, they swapped land. (Duplin Deed Bk. F, p. 117 & New Hanover Deed Bk. H, p. 583)  The Duplin land came into Swinson’s possession when he married Susannah Parker, widow of William Parker. The date of their marriage is not known, but it is believed to have been around 1782 when he sold his land on the south side of Goshen. Parker made his will on 7 March 1779 and it was probated at the April 1780 Duplin Court. The will names two daughters, Mary Jenkins and Jerusha Parker, and a granddaughter, Easter Cherry.  The land Swinson got in New Hanover consisted of two tracts, totaling 283 acres.


                The land of John Swinson was in that portion of New Hanover that was cut off in 1875 to form Pender County.  More specifically, it was in what is now northwestern Pender County about five miles southwest of Penderlea and about five miles east of the Sampson County line. The property was west of Moores Creek and in the vicinity of Bull Tail Branch. Highway 421 passes to the east of it.  Thus, John Swinson’s new home was about 35 air miles southwest of his home near Goshen Swamp.  This would have made it about 15 miles beyond where his son, Theophilus, moved (south of Maxwell Creek in Duplin) when he sold his land on Goshen in 1785.



1790 –  (Kendricks Creek) Federal Census of Tyrrell County

John Swinson (spelled Sevinson)

1 white male over 16

1 white female

4 slaves


                No Swinsons have been found in the 1790 Federal Census for New Hanover.  In fact, only five Swinson heads of houseolds are found in the entire state: John in Tyrrell, Levi in Martin, Richard in Bertie, and John A. and Theophilus in Duplin. An estimated 25% of the population was missed in this first federal census and, apparently, some of them were Swinsons. 


1793 – (Moores Creek) John Swinson of New Hanover bought 100 acres of land from Jesse Peacock on 27 May 1793. (New Hanover Book N, p. 396)


1793 – (Kendricks Creek) Ann Burns makes her will in Tyrrell County on 8 September 1793. (No probate date). She left one-third of her estate to her son, John Swinson.  Ann Burns was the widow of Richard Swinson, who died about 1770. She apparently remarried.


1795 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson bought slaves in Tyrrell County from Robert Cushing. (Tyrrell Deed Bk. 12, p. 122)


1795 – (Moores Creek) John Swinson sold the 100 acres of land in New Hanover that he purchased in 1793 from Jesse Peacock to John Madock Matchet “for Matchet’s lifetime and his eldest son forever.” Deed is dated 19 Dec 1795. (New Hanover Book L1, p. 263)

1797 – (Moores Creek) John Swinson of New Hanover County sold 440 acres of land in Pitt County to George Jenkins of Bertie County on 13 January 1797. (Pitt Deed Bk. N, p. 518) The land was on Meadow Branch Pocoson and formerly belonged to Levi Swinson. Witnesses were Joseph Eakins and Wm. Jenkins.  This is an interesting deed because it proves that the John Swinson in New Hanover was the same John that had lived earlier in what became Pitt County.  Although the acreage is different, this is the same tract that John Swinson sold to Levi Swinson in 1770 as 350 acres. (Pitt Deed Book D, p. 135).  In his will drawn up on 2 January 1785, Levi left the property to Milley Percey.  (The will was probated in 1795, indicating about when Levi died.)  The Pitt land records do not show that Percey disposed of the property, yet in some way it reverted to John Swinson.  Again the missing court records might help explain how.  Jenkins, to whom John Swinson sold the land in 1797, sold it in 1801. The acreage in that deed (Pitt Deed Book P, p. 91) is listed as 340, which is near the original acreage cited in the deed that John Swinson gave to Levi Swinson. Thus, the 440 acres in the 1797 deed from John Swinson to Jenkins must be a clerical error.


1798 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson entered 86 acres on Hawkins Br. and Kendricks  Creek in Tyrrell County. This land was granted in 1802. (Washington County Deed Bk. B, p. 138)


1798 – (Moores Creek) New Hanover Court Minutes for 21 September 1798 show that a deed from John Swinson to Joseph Starr was ordered registered. This deed has not been found. A younger John Swinson, who is later identified as John Matchet Swinson, enters the picture about this time.  He is believe to have been the son of the John who married the Parker widow and moved to New Hanover about 1787. It is not known if the John selling land to Starr was the older John or John Matchet Swinson.


1799 – (Moores Creek) In a deed (New Hanover Book P, p. 287) given in 1806 by Bryan Buxton to John Futch the chain of title states that the land had been sold by John Futch to Ebenezer Swinson in 1799 and that Swinson had sold it to Bryan Buxton in 1801.  The deeds to and from Ebenezer Swinson have not been found.  Ebenezer is believed to have been a son of the John Swinson who moved to New Hanover about 1787. 


1799 – (Kendricks Creek) Washington County was created out of Tyrrell County.


1800 – (Moores Creek) On February 21, 1800, John Swinson, Sr. gave his “beloved son” (son-in-law) John Maddock Matchet a total of 400 acres of land in two tracts while reserving for himself and his wife, Susannah, lifetime rights to the property. The deed also includes several items of personal property. (New Hanover Deed Bk. M, p. 183)  This is an important deed. First, the use of Sr. shows that a younger John is now on the scene. Second, it shows that John, Sr., is making arrangements for someone to look after him and Susannah during their final days.  In fact, this is the last sure reference that I can find to this John, the first one being when he applied for a land grant in 1751 in what was then Tyrrell County. 


1800 – (Moores Creek) Federal Census of New Hanover County shows:

                John Swinson

                1 WM to 26

                2 WF to 10

                1 WF to 26


                Ebenezer Swinson

                1 WM to 10

                1 WM to 45

                2 WF to 10

                1 WF to 45


                These are believed to be sons of the John Swinson who moved to New Hanover in 1787. They are definitely younger men than he would have been. Ebenezer was still living in 1850, when the census gave the actual age of people. He was listed then as 85, meaning he was born in 1765. The John Swinson listed above was still younger. The question is why their father, John, Sr., is not listed. Could he have died between 21 February 1800 when he gave his land to his son-in-law and the first Monday in August 1800, which was Census Day?  Could John and his wife Susannah have been living in the household of his son-in-law or another family member?  Only the heads of household were listed by name in that Census.  In 1805, John Maddock Matchet sold to Swinson Gurganus part of the land that John Swinson, Sr., gave to him in 1800. (New Hanover Deed Book N, p. 176)  Since John, Sr., retained a life estate in the property, does that mean he was deceased by then?   Also, how did Swinson Gurganus relate to the family?


1800 – (Kendricks Creek) Federal Census of Tyrrell County shows:

                John Swinson

                1 WM over 45

                1 WF over 45


                (COMMENT: Judge Moore said this was the John Swinson missing from the New Hanover census.  Does it sound reasonable that John Swinson would have arranged a life estate in his New Hanover property in February and then moved by August to Tyrrell County, some 130 air miles away? Also, one must remember that the John Swinson who moved to New Hanover would have been at least 70 years old in 1800.)


1800 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson  bought 50 acres of land on the south side of Albemarle Sound at a sheriff’s sale. (Washington County Deed Bk. B, p. 109) He sold this land in 1803. (Washington Deed Bk., B, p. 131)


1802 – (Moores Creek) The New Hanover County Court ordered a deed from John Swinson to Jacob Powell to be registered. This deed has not been found, and it is not known if this was John, Sr., or John Matchet Swinson.  Also, it should be pointed out that deeds were sometimes presented for registration (probate) long after they had been drawn up.


1803 – (Kendricks Creek) John Swinson sold 2 acres of land joining Swinson’s line on Hawkins Creek to Thomas Stubbs (his brother-in-law?). (Washington County Bk. B, p. 115)      


1804 – (Moores Creek) John Swinson sold 150 acres of land in New Hanover County to John Morgan on November 15, 1804. (New Hanover Bk, O, p. 519) The fact that Sr. is not used after the name leads me to believe that this was John Matchet Swinson. 


1804 – (Moores Creek) The New Hanover Court on 17 December 1804 ordered the sheriff to sell 125 acres of land belonging to John Matchet Swinson levied on by virtue of an execution issued from a Justice of the Peace wherein Ebinezor Swinson is plaintiff and John M. Swinson is defendant. 


1804 – (Moores Creek) The Wilmington Gazette for Tuesday, May 1, 1804, reported that the New Hanover sheriff would sell at the Courthouse on the third Monday in June many tracts of land to satisfy taxes for 1802 and 1802. Slated to be sold were 408 acres belonging to John Swinson, Jr., who owed 15 shilling, 4 pence.  The same newspaper reported on July 17, 1804, that 25 acres of Swinson’s land were sold at the sale.


1804 – (Moores Creek?) John Swinson received 200-acre land grant in Bladen County. No. 0715. (Have not examined)  This is believed to be the younger John from New Hanover County.


1806 – (moores Creek) The New Hanover Court ordered to be registered an affidavit of Susannah Swinson taken before Samuel Ashe, Esq, respecting a gift from James Rogers to his children. Thus, Susannah Swinson, the wife or widow of John Swinson, Sr., was still in New Hanover County. However, we only have the date the affidavit was presented to the court (10 April 1806) and not the date it was taken.  Once might presume it was taken near the time it was presented.


                (COMMENT: If Judge Moore was correct about John Swinson leaving New Hanover County and going back to the Kendricks Creek area, does this mean that he left his wife, Susannah, in New Hanover? )


1807 –  (Kendricks Creek) James Jones, executor of will John Swinson, sold 130 acres of land on Kendricks Creek in Washington County to John Bembridge on 13 May 1807.  Washington Deed Bk. C, p. 43.  This deed proves that John Swinson, the son of Richard, was dead by this date. The will itself has not been found.


1810 – Federal Census of Bladen County includes

John Swinson

1 male 26-45

3 females under 10

4 females 10-16

1 female 26-45


1830 Census of Cumberland County

                John Swinson

                1 male 5-10

                1 male 10-15

                1 male 50-60

                1 female 15-20

                1 female 50-60


                These two entries are believed to be for John Matchet Swinson, the son of the John who moved to New Hanover. 


This is as far as I have taken the John Swinsons.  There were later ones. In fact, some were on the scene by the time John Matchet Swinson received his land grant in Bladen County in 1804, but they do not appear relevant to this chronology.


In summary, it is my contention that four John Swinsons reached adulthood in North Carolina during the 1700s.  There were as follows:


John the bricklayer. Probably born before 1693, he was the middle son of Richard, the original Swinson in North Carolina. He lived most of his life on Kendricks Creek, where his father had left him land.  Located south of Albemarle Sound, the area was part of Chowan County until 1729, and then part of Tyrrell County until 1799, when it became a part of Washington County. About 1744, when he was at least 50, John and his wife, Elsie, moved to the Tranters Creek area of what is now Pitt County.  The names of three other Swinson men later appear in the Tranters Creek area: John, Jr., for the first time in 1751, Levi for the first time in 1760, and Osten for the first time in 1762.  They are all believed to have been sons of John the bricklayer. 


John Jr., son of John the bricklayer.   His name first appears in the public records in 1751, suggesting that he was born by 1730. Since he is believed to have been a son of John and Elsie Swinson, he was likely born on Kendricks Creek in what is now Washington County. He lived in the Tranters Creek area until about 1770 when he moved to the south side of Goshen Swamp in Duplin County. The distance would have been about 60 air miles from his old home. Between 1780 and 1782, he married a widow, Susannah Parker, who lived on the north side of Goshen Swamp, where John then moved.   He had grown children at the time, so this was not his first marriage either. About 1787 he traded land with someone in New Hanover and moved there.  The land, which is now in Pender County, was about 35 miles from his home on Goshen. He lived there until his death, which is believed to have been about 1800.  His trail from Tranters Creek, to Goshen Swamp, to Moores Creek can be traced through deeds.


John Matchet Swinson, son of John Swinson, Jr. He first appears in the public records about   1800 while his father was living in the part of New Hanover County that was cut off in 1875 to form Pender County. He is believed to have left the area in the early 1800s, living first in Bladen and then in Cumberland.  No effort has been made to trace him.


John Swinson, son of Richard Swinson Jr..  This paper contains 15 references to him, beginning with the first one in 1759 when his father recorded a stock mark for him. The last one is dated 1807 when the executor of his will sold property from the estate.  These references show him buying and selling land, buying slaves, signing a petition, witnessing a marriage, appearing on tax lists, and listed in census records.  Additional references can probably be found in the Tyrrell County Court Minutes (in the State Archives), but reading them is a long, slow, tedious process. The references that have been found so far are consistent with someone living in one place.  He was involved in too many activities in his home county of Tyrrell (Washington after 1799) for him to have been the same John who lived on Tranters Creek, Goshen Swamp, and Moores Creek. The distances were too great, and travel was too difficult, for a man with wife and children to have kept “wandering” back and forth even at an advanced age. 

Ref: Tyrrell Co. NC Minutes Court of Pleas & ¼ Sessions 1735-1754 BK1 by Betty Fagan Buer 1981-
pg 34 #58 Sep 1739- James Jones appointed overseer of the high roads in the room & district of Edmund Blount. Then the grand jury was sworned Vizt. Among others Mr. Denis Glisson, Mr. James Glisson.
pg 44 #75 Mar 1739-40- Grand Jury duely called following persons sworn Vizt. Among others James Glisson.

Ref:  Sep 1739, Court convenes a Grand Jury

including John Gardiner, John Stancill, John McCaskey, Epenetus Griffin, Denis Glisson, James Glisson, Joseph Spruel, Henry Norman, John Davenport, John Swain, Giles Long, John Swinson, William Rhodes, Jacob Blount, John Duggen, and Martin Griffin. Minutes of the September, 1739 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1:58.

(There was a mention from the internet that an Ann Glisson married a Epenetus Griffin.  There are several Epenetus Girffins in Terrell, Pitt and Martin Co. NC.  Possibility is Ann Glisson b.abt 1760 dau of Isaac Glisson son of Dennis above or Ann Glisson dau of John & Jane b.bef 1700 2nd wife of Epenetus Griffin Sr..  Also John Swinson  married Elsie Glisson probably  sister to Dennis and James above.)


Ref:  Colony of North Carolina 1735-1764 Abstracts of Land Patents Vol 1 by Margaret M. Hofman-

#2300 pg 97 Patent book 5:  Dennis Glisson 22 Mar 1742/3 640 acres in Tyrrell County on the Southeast side of the middle prong of Tranters Creek, joining a Marshy bottom and the Swamp.

Ref: The deeds of Tyrrell Co. NC 1735-1761 Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley Jr. 1991-
Deed Book 1 -
pg 11 #174-(251) Dennis Glison planter of Tyrrell Co. to James Glison of same 1 Aug 1744. 25 pounds, 110 acres on south side of Trentor Creek, signed Dennis (X) Glison. Wit: Samuel Durrance, Edward Ward. Sep Ct. 1744 CC: Thos Lee.
pg 12 #175-(252) Dennis Glison planter of Tyrrell Co. to Howard Ward of same, 1 Aug 1744. 30 pounds. 100 acres on south side of Trentors/Trantors Creek, signed Dennis (X) Glison. Wit: Samuel Durrance, Jonas (note: James?) Sep Ct 1744 CC: Thos Lee.
pg 13 #190-(273) Denniss Glison planter of Tyrrell Co. to William Ray of same, 1 Aug. 50 pounds. 100 acres called Blacks Island on North side of Marsh Swamp, Marsh Run. Signed Dennis (X) Glisson. Wit: Edward Ward, James Glisson. Sep Ct. 1744. CC:Thos Lee.
pg 14 #207-(295) Benjamin Sanders carpenter of Tyrrell Co. to John Swinson bricklayer of same. 27 Oct 1744. 35 pounds. 300 acres on west side of Tranters Creek. Joing Benjamin Sanders, signed Benjamin (X) Sanders, his wife Elisabeth (X)Sanders. Wit: Joseph Glisson, Thomas (X) Williams, Griffith Howell. Registered 29 May 1745 by Jas Conner, Regr.
pg 17 #264-(357) John Johnson of Tyrrell Co. Solomon Jones, 11 Oct 1746. 120 pounds. 300 acres on South side of Tranters Creek, signed John (X) Johnson, his wife Elizabeth (X) Johnson, Wit: Edwd Ward, Jas Glison, registered 15 Jul 1747 by Jams. Conner Regr.
pg 45 #701-(44) Peter Martin yeoman of Tyrrell Co. to Joseph Parker of Edgecomb Co. 4 Sep 1753. 22 pounds Va. 320 acres which had been {part of ?} a patent to Robert Anderson 20 Nov 1739 on south side of Flat Swamp. Peter Martin Wit: Joseph Glisson, Samuel Taylor, Josiah Hart. Mar Ct. 1754. CC: Evan Jones.
pg 47 #728-(93) William Mobley planter of Tyrrell Co. to John Stancell of same. 31 Jan 1755. 25 pounds Va. 99 acres. On west side of Tranters Creek. Signed Wm (X) Mobley. Wit: Richd Sparkman, Alexr. Mobley, Isaac Glison, Sep Ct. 1755 CC: Evan Jones.

Ref:  Beaufort County NC Land Deeds-

Note: Absalom James received a patent of land on 2 Mar 1761 in Beaufort County in St. Thomas Parish, on the w. side of Tranters Creek, joining John Buttler and Moses Dean; Jonathan Jolley's name is associated with the record. On 10 Mar 1761, Joseph Jolley and Jesse Jolley, separately, received 400 and 450 acres near the same location, joining Lemuel Cherry, Thomas Holley and William Congleton, with Absalom James mentioned on one and joining Solomon James, Dennis Glisson and Francis Hobson on the other. The names Congleton and Holley are associated with this Thomas James' family.

10 Mar 1761 | Granville bk.11 pg.57 => Jesse Jollet (Jolley?) | 450 acres in Beaufort County in St Thomas Parish on the E. side of flat Swamp, joining Dennis Glisson, Solomon James, Francis Hobson, and the sd. swamp | SCC: James Vance, William Knox | Wit: John Kennedy | BF-265

Ref:  Book: Index and Abstracts of Deeds, Pitt Co, NC; Volumes I, II, and III  found in the DAR Library, Washington DC Deed 5/18/1773

deed from Abraham and Sarah Glisson to Stephen Swain, Adj Solomon James, Witnesses William Clements, Peter Jolley

Names William Clements b.abt 1756 in NC -- d.  Spouses: Hannah Gainer

Abraham Glisson, Solomon James, Peter Jolley, Stephen Swain



Book: Pitt Co Land Entries 1778-1797  found in the DAR Library, Washington DC

Land NC, Pitt Co, Flat Swamp 12/26/1778


William Clements enters 100 acres in Pitt Co, south side of Flat Swamp, land formerly taken up by Abraham Glisson and sold to Stephen Swain

Names William Clements b.abt 1756 in NC -- d.  Spouses: Hannah Gainer

Abraham Glisson, Stephen Swain

Ref: North Carolina Taxpayers-
1741-Terrell Co.: Dennis Glisson.
1755-Beaufort Co.: Abraham, Dennis, Isaac, Isaac son of Dennis, Jacob son of
Dennis, James, Joseph all Glisson
1757-Bertie Co.: Daniel & James Glisson.
1759-Hertford Co, Henry Glisan.
1762-Pitt Co.: Abraham, James, & Joseph Glisson.
1763-Pitt Co.: Abraham Glisson.
1764-Pitt Co.: Abraham Glisson.
1768-Bertie Co.: James & Daniel Glisson.
1769-Bertie Co.: James & Daniel Gliston.
1779-Martin Co.: Isaac Glison.
1779-Hertford Co.: Henry Glisson.
1780-Martin Co.: Isaac Glison.
1783-Duplin Co.: Abraham, John, Daniel, Michael, Dennis, & Jacob Glisson.
1786-Wayne Co.: Joseph Glison.
1786-Duplin Co.: Kenans Dist. pg 001- Daniel Glisson, Whiteheads Dist. pg 002, Jacob, John, &
Michael, Glisson
1787-Martin Co.: Isaac Glisson.
1806-Duplin Co.: Bryant, Daniel, John, & Lewis Glisson.

Ref:   A list of Taxables Beaufort County 1755-

                                                                                                                                 whites:     blacks:     total

8:3      Jno. Chambers ; Eu. Wicks ; G?. Chambers                                                          2              -               2

12:4    Andrew Guilford                                                                                                        1              -               1

12:6    Jas. Glisson ; Jos. Glisson ; 1 neg.                                                                          2              1              3

12:9    Dennis Glisson & sons Isaac and Jacob Glisson                                                 3              -               3

12:11  Abra. Glisson                                                                                                             1              -               1

14:18  Jno. Cannady senr                                                                                                    1              -               1

19:10  Jno. Millard ; Jas. Oglesby                                                                                      2              -               2

25:2    Thomas Summerlain senr. & 2 sons                                                                       3              -               3

25:19  John Swinson                                                                                                            1              1?            2?

26:1    Jno. Swinson junr

(note:  Jno Chambers father of James Chambers who later married to Prudence Glisson dau of Dennis, Andrew Guiford married to Rachel Glisson dau of Dennis, Jno Cannady was a brother-in-law to John Swinson I the bricklayer and his wife Elsie Glisson, Thomas Summerlain father of Jacob and Jesse Summerlin who later was married to Charity & Mary Glisson daughter of Dennis, John Swinson was John Swinson I the bricklayer married to Elsie Glisson sister to above Dennis, Jas, Jos, Abra, Issac Glisson,  See below Pitt Co. list.                                                                           1  -     1


Ref:  List of Taxables, Pitt County, 1762

                                                                                                                              Whites              Slaves           Total

Cherry, Eleazar                                                                                                                      1                                             1

Glisson, Abraham                                                                                                                1                                              1

Glisson, James; Joseph Glisson; Robert Ward                                                               3                              1              4

Gofford, Andrew                                                                                                                  2                                              2

Keneday, Edmund                                                                                                               1                                              1

Keneday, John; Jessee Keneday                                                                                      2                                              2

Mezell, William                                                                                                                     2                                              2

Mezell, James                                                                                                                        1                                              1

Swinson, John; Levi Swinson                                                                                            2                              2              4

Sumrell, Thos. Junr.                                                                                                             1                                              1

Sumrell, Thos. Senr.; Jacob Sumrell; Jessee Sumrell; Flowers Sumrell                        4                                              4

Sumrell, Edward                                                                                                                    1                                              1

Swinson, John Jr. [out of alpha. order]                                                                                             1                                              1

Ref:  List of Taxables, Pitt County, 1763

Glisson, Abraham     (note James Glisson will 1762, and Joseph ?)                     1

Gofford, Andrew                                                                                                          1

Swinson, John Sr.; Levi Swinson                                                                              2

Swinson, John Jr.                                                                                                         1

Sumrel, Thos. Jr.                                                                                                          

Sumrel, Thomas; Jacob Sumrell; Flowers Sumrell; Jesse Sumrell                         4

Sumrell, Edward                                                                                 1


Ref:  Beaufort List of Taxables for the year 1764

No Glissons on this tax list

John Swinson, Levi Swinson

John Swinson Jr.

Ref:  1755 Tax List Tyrrell County, North Carolina

Griffin, Andrew                                                       2 

Griffin, Ephenetus                                                  1 

Griffin, Ephenetus Senr.                                        4 

Griffin, John                                                            3 

Griffin, Mathew                                                      2 

Griffin, Mathew                                                      1 

Griffin, William                                                        1 

     Swinson, Richard                                                    1


Ref:  1757 Bertie County , North Carolina Tax List-

Tax List:
"A True List of taxabels taken by Thomas Pugh for the year 1757"
Mr. Barker - foure whites - 4 - and thirty blacks - 30
Thomas Bound - two whites - 2 - and six blacks -6
Jessy Jernegan - one white - 1 - and two blacks 2
Matthew Turner - two whites - 2 - and one black -1
William Jonkion - one white - 1 - and one black - 1
Joseph Scott - three whites - 3 - and one black - 1
James Moon (Moore ?) - one white -1 - and three blacks - 3
Robert Tomson - one white - 1 -
Daniel Glissone - one white - 1
William Motten - one white - 1
William Roggers - one white - 1
James Glisson - two whites - 2
David Brgdon - one white - 1
Edward Bryan - one white - 1 - and seven blacks - 7
William Sholder Juner - 1
William Gray - two blacks – 2

Ref:  Bertie  COUNTY  NC  Tax List 1759-

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Barbara B. Harrell


Bertie County list of William Vann, constable 1759

Needham Bryant

Jacob Jernigan

Matin (?) Hinton

John Hinton

Noah Hinton

Samuel Carfield/Barfield

John Bryant

Daniel Glison

James Glison

Bertie County list of Taxables taken by Thomas Pugh 1759

John Hinton                 5

Martha Hinton             3

Noah Hinton                5

Jesse Jernigan              3

Daniel Glisson            1

William Jernigan          1

Jacob Jernigan             7

William Homes             1

Solomon CHERRY          3

James Glisson             2


Ref:  1760 Bertie County Taxables List.-

Taken by Thomas PUGH. From a handwritten page in the Tax Records folders at the NCArchives.    Cathy Hart Farris April 2002

Daniel GLISSON                                   1 

James GLISSON                                   2 

Martha HINTON                                     2

William BRYAN                                      1

Jesse JERNIGAN                                    3

Rachiel HINTON                                     3

Solomon CHERRY                                  3

Thomas RODES                                      3

Henry RODES                                         3

Jacob JERNIGAN           8




Bertie County list of William Vann [complete]
John Glison
Nethan Bryan
Jesse Jernagan
Jacob Jernagan
Samuel Barfield
James Glisen
Noah Hinton
John Hinton
Daniell Glison


Transcribed by Elizabeth Ross from microfilm, Records of the States of the United States, D.25X.NC, reel 2.

District No. 2: Martin County                                                 £   S cts

Griffin, David                                                                             340   0  0

Griffin, Wm.                                                                                946  15  0

Griffin, Martin                                                                            914   0  0

Griffin, John                                                                                840   0  0

Griffin, Edwd.

Cherry, John                                                                              138   0  0

District No. 3: Martin County                                                 £   S cts

Cherry, Jonathan                                                                       376  19  4

Cherry, Mary                                                                             870   0  0

Cherry, Faithfull                                                                        820   0  0

Swinson, Levy                                                                           6092  10  0

Kennedy, John, Esqr                                                                1035   4  0

Cherry, Job                                                                                 1008   1  0

Cherry, Jesse                                                                             1779  

Cherry, Joab - maried pole                                                       100   0  0

District No. 4: Martin County                                                 £   S cts

Griffin, John, Esqr.                                                                    16736  10  0

Glison, Isaac                                                                              625   0  0

Whitfield, Martha                                                                     1362   4  0

Whitfield, Wm.                                                                          390   0  0

Griffin, John                                                                               102   4  0

Griffin, Benjn                                                                              124   0  0

District No. 5: Martin County                                                 £   S cts

Cherry, Saml.                                                                              2140   0  0

Barfield, John                                                                             103   0  0

District No. 6: Martin County                                                 £   S cts

Griffin, Epenetes                                                                        3028  16  6

Griffin, Pheby                                                                             455   0  0

District No. 7: Martin County                                                 £   S cts

Bryant, Hardy                                                                            293  10  0

Bryant, Nedham                                                                        2369   0  0

Bryant, Lewis                                                                             350   8  0

Bryant, Robt., for the Estate of Wm. Br.                                3787  12  0

Bryant, Elias, for Estate of Jno. Moon                                   5035   0  0

Bryant, John                                                                              2241  16  0

Bryant, Jesse                                                                             1561  16  4

Wiggins, John, Capt.                                                                2557   1  6

Wiggins, Lamuel                                                                       6319  16  6

Wiggins, Thos.                                                                         17904  17  0

Cherry, Jonathan                                                                       481  10  0

Wiggins, B. Baker                                                                     13684   0  0


Ref:  NC Early Census Index 1759-

Name:                            HENRY GLISEN

State:                             NC

County:                         Hertford County

Year:                              1759


Ref:  Hertford County, NC - 1782 Tax List-

A List of the Taxable property in the County of Hertford for the year 1782 with

the assessment of the Same, Poll Taxes Included

1)                                    Persons Names

2)                                    Acres of Land, Negroes from 1 to 7 & and from 50 to 60 years of age

3)                                    Negroes from 7 to 16 years of age & from 40 to 50 years of age

4)                                    Negroes from 16 to 40 years of age

5)                                    Horses & Mules

6)                                    Cattle

7)                                    Stock n Trade

8)                                    Carriage Wheels

9)                                    Amt Carried out



Henry Glisson                                                                           50, 1, 2, -, 2, 5, -, -, 155

Daniel Deens                                                                             300, 1, 2, 2, 4, 17, 467


Abram Rhoads                                                                          200, 3, 1, 2, 2, 8, -, -, 362


Jacob Keel                                                                                  240, -, -, -, 2, -, -, -, 120

Lidia Keel                                                                                   180, -, -, -, 1, 3, -, -, 90

Needham Jarnagan                                                                   500, 2, 1, 1, 3, 10, -, -, 400


Ref: Early Tax list for Duplin Co. NC 1783-

Dennis Glisson

Jacob Glisson

John Glisson

Michael Glisson

Abraham Glisson

Daniel Glisson

Andrew Gufford

Stephen Gufford

James Chambers

John Chambers

Jacob Summerlin


Ref:  Early Tax list for Duplin Co. NC 1806-

Bryant Glisson

Daniel Glisson

John Glisson

Lewis Glisson

Stephen Gufford

James Gufford

Allen Summerlin

James Summerlin

Michael Summerlin

Redden Summerlin

Thomas Summerlin

Abraham Chambers

James Jr. Chambers

James Sr. Chambers

John Chambers

John Jr. Chambers

John Sr. Chambers

Prudenece Chambers

Samuel Chambers


Ref:  1812-1814 Muster Rolls for Duplin Co. NC-

Capt Bryant Glissen                               9th reg

Abraham Glisson                                    3rd reg

Stephen H. Glisson                                 3rd reg

John Glisson                                            9th reg

Samuel Chambers                                   3rd reg

Benjamin Summerlin                               6th co

Henry Summerlin                                    3rd reg



BERTIE COUNTY   Deed - Misc Abstracts  BKs L- AA, BB, LL Oxley, Hardy, Williams-

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by  Jim Vosper

Transcribed from LDS Microfilm - Bertie Deeds

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Book E 1736-39 Pt. 1

P. 216- 31 Jul 1770- Wm. Williams of Halifax to Noah Hinton Wit: Wm Hinton, John Glisson & John Smith.


Ref:  Bertie  COUNTY  NC  Land Deeds - Flag Run - Runeroy Marsh Bryant, Ellis, Hodge family-

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Cathy Faris

G331  1749 27 Jan  Barnaby BRYANT  to Needham BRYAN,

mortgage 100ac land at Flag Run adj Wm VANN 'that if the

above named Barnaby BRYAN do pay unto Needham BRYAN his

heir or assigns the sum of twenty one pound one shilling

and eight pence silver money by the 20th day Jan next

come two years than this above written deed...shall be

null and void. wit: Edward VANN, James GLISSON

Ref: Northampton Co. NC Land Deeds-
pg 63 #389- Henry Glisson witness land Sale Reg. in Northampton Co. May Court 1749, J. Edward Clerk of Courts.
pg 101 #149- Josiah Peele of Northampton Co. carpenter to Robert Peele Jr. 19 Feb 1754, 20 pds current money of Va. 100 acres south side of Catawiske Marsh, joining Henry Glisson (formerly Patrick O'Quin's) and the marsh land of said Josiah purchased of Thomas Deans Wit: John Duke, Joseph Woods, Reistered Northampton Co. Feb Court 1754, J. Edwards clerk of courts.
pg 150 #541- Thomas Deans of Northampton Co. to Henry Glisson of Northampton Co. , 27 Feb 1759, 30 pds for 50 acres south side of Catawisky Meadow, joining John Hare, the county line, Josiah Peele, Bryant O'Quin, Patrick O'Quin, and said Deans being land the said Deans purchased of Patick & Bryant O'Quin, all gardens, orchards etc. Wit: Joshua Chestnut, William Driver, registered Northampton Co. Apr Court 1759, J. Edwards clerk of courts.
pg 150 #542- Thomas Deans & Rosanah his wife of Northampton Co. to Joshua Peele of Northampton Co. 21 Feb 1759, 40 pds for 65 acres on south side of Catawiskey Swamp, joining land of Patrick O'Quin, Bryant O'Quin, Henry Glisson, William Driver and the marsh all gardens, orchards etc. land devised to the said Rosanah by last will in testament of her father Patrick O'Quin wit: Joshua Chestnut, Jonas Woods, Henry Glisson, registered Northampton Co. Apr Court 1759, J. Edwards clerk of courts.


Deed Book D, P. 180, Martin Co., NC

This Indenture made this 12th day of June one Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninetynine Between William Wallace high Sherriff of the county of Martin and State of North Carolina of the one Part and Lewis Cone witnesseth that whereas an order court Issued from the court of the county afsd. at the Instance of Jesse cone Directing me to Sell the Right of Isaiah Cone in the Land of Cone (sic) decd did Expose the same for Sail it being first advertized according to Law which was Struck off to said Lewis Cone he being the highest Bidder. Know ye therefore that I William Wallace high Sheriff for and Inconsideration of the sum of Eight pound to me in hand Paid by the said Lewis Cone the Receipt wherof as acknowledged. I the sd William Wallace hath according to Law at Publick sail aforesaid hath Bargained sold and by these Presents doth Bargain Sell convey and confirm unto the sd Lewis Cone all the Rights title Intrust Propperty claim and Demand the said Isaiah Cone he his assigns unto the Land Belonging mentioned with all and Singular the appurtanances to have and to hold with all the Priviledges thereunto

Belonging to have and to hold the said Part or Parcill of Land unto the said Lewis Cone to him and his Heirs forever in witness whereof the sd Wm. Wallace High Sheriff have Set as by an order of sd. court. Directed Set my hand by virtue of my office set my hand and seal this date above Signed Sealed and Delivered.

Test James Glisson

     Wm. Wallace Shrff & Seal

     John P Little

Ref: Abstracts Sampson-Duplin Deeds Books 1-9 1750-1794 by Max R. Peterson Jr.-(my summary of abstracts)-
Bk 1-pg 10-p77- George Collins to Dines (Denis) Glifson (of "Beauford County," N.C.) dated: 2 Nov 1764, Trans, 70 pds for 184a on NS of Goshen Swamp, deed mentions Rouse's line & Mobley's line, Land was granted to Jacob Lohan 19 May 1760, Wit: Andrew Gafford, James Collins, & Jacob Glisson.
Bk 1-pg 29-p283- Deed of gift, Dennis Glifson to Jacob Glifson (his son), dated 16 Oct 1767, deed involved transfer of 84 acres "On NS of Goshen Swamp & is part of survey he bought of George Collins & is divided by direct supposed line & joining on Thomas Mobley's land on the other side which he bought of Samuel Ratliff," Wit: William Mobley, & George MuCulloch.
Bk 4-pg 35-p424- William Mobley (of Saint George's Parish, Georgia) to Durham Leigh, dated: 29 Nov 1770, trans, 10 pds for 200a on SS of NE Swamp at lower end of the Great Marsh between Horse Pen Branch & Sandy Run beginning at Dennis Glifson's (Glisson's) corner.
Bk 3-pg 123-p282- William Mobley (a blacksmith) to Andrew Gafford (a copper), dated 20 pds for 95a "on NS of Goshen Swamp between John Collins and Samuel Ratliffs lines" Wit: John Glifson.
Bk 3-pg 127-p318- Joshua Mercer to Michael Glisson, dated 26 Mar 1771, trans 40 pds for 100a "in fork of NE of Cape Fear River on Camp Branch," Wit: John Mercer & George Smith.
Bk 3-pg 137-p407- William Goodson & Mary Goodson to Andrew Gufford, dated 27 Dec 1772, trans, 30 pds for 150a "on NS of Goshen Swamp" Wit: Stephen Herring, Robert Brock, William Brock.
Bk 3-pg 136-p399- Stephen Herring & Sarah, his wife, to Frederick Bell, dated 16 Jan 1773, trans, 100 pds for 267a "on SS of Bear Swamp," deed mention John Moor, land was Plantation whereon John Bells now lives, & was part of tract of 71,180a granted to Henry McCulloh on branches of NE Cape Fear & Black River, land was conveyed from Henry McCulloh to John Bell & from him to Frederick Bell & from him to Stephen Herring, Wit: William Dickson, Samuel Ward.
Bk 3-pg 145-p489- Lewis Barefield (Barfield) to George Smith, dated 20 Aug 1773, trans 100 pds for 160a on SS of Burncoat Swamp being part of tract of land taken up & patented by Robert Beverly date Mar 5th 1746, Wit: John Johnston, George Smith, Michael Glisson (Glifson).
Bk 5-pg 56-p127- Durham Lee to Michael Glisson dated 16 Jul 1774, trans 12 pds for 200a on SS of NE Swamp at lower end of the Great Marsh between Horse Pen Branch & Sandy Run, deed mentions Dennis Glisson. Wit: Christian Large & John Glison.
Bk 5-pg 50-p76- Deed of gift, Dennis Glisan (Glissan, Glisson) to John Glisan (his son) dated 22 July 1774. John Glisan was given 150a on SS of NE Swamp or marsh being part of survey taken up by said Dennis Glisson & the lower end of survey & is divided by a contracted line joining the Horse Pen Branch, deed mentions NS of bottom or meadow. Wit: Andrew Gufford & Michael Glisan.
Bk 5-pg 52-p89- Michael Glison (Glisson) to James Chambers, dated 26 Jan 1775, trans for 200a on SS of NE Swamp the lower end of the Great Marsh between Horse Pen Branch & Sandy Run beginning at Dennis Glisson's corner. Wit: Charles Ward, William Burwell.
Bk 6-pg 116-p277- Abraham Glisson to Andrew Gufford dated 16 May 1776, trans 45 pds for 250a on NS Swamp being upper part of a tract patented by George Outler beg at the Run at Goshen Swamp by John Newes corner, deed mentions a branch above Outlers? Plantation, Bases upper corner & Basses line Wit: Frederick Glisson & John Glisson.
Bk 6-pg 128-p397- John Sullivent to Andrew Gufford dated 25 Aug 1776, 30 pds for 250a on NS of Goshen Swamp taken up by John New beg at mouth of Halls Marsh, deed mentions Daniel Sullivant, line ran near Outlaw's, patent for land was dated 24 Apr in 4th year of his majestys reign, Wit: John Glisson & Stephen Gufford, & William Pray.
Bk 5-pg 80-p363- William Godwin (of Edgecomb county) to Arthur Herring dated 29 Jan 1777 trans 50 pds for 550a in fork of NE & Goshen Swamp joining between his own line 7 Dennis Glisson's, William Mobley's, Andrew Guffords and George McCalows lines. Deed mentions Alexander Rouse, the Great Branch, and a glade. Land was granted to William Godwin by patent dated 16 Dec 1769. Wit: Alexander Outlaw, George Smith, & Jesse Barfield.
Bk 5-pg 65-p214- Joseph Williams to Abraham Molton dated 1 Apr 1777, trans 5 pds for 165a on WS of Stewarts Creek beginning at Stewarts Creek at old Beaver Dam, deed mention Felix Kenan, James Kenan's 50a, Thomas Johnston, Sawyers old line, & Back Branch, Wit: Abraham Glisson, Daniel Williams, & Charles Merritt.
Bk 5-pg 92-p480- Michael Glisson to Gregory Goff dated 15 Dec 1777, trans 16 pds for 200a in fork of NE & Goshen Swamp on both sides of main road, deed mentions William Goodman, George McCulloh and a pond, Wit: Samuel Goff & William Kornegay.
Bk 5-pg 86-p426- James Kenan to Abraham Molton dated 10 Jan 1778, trans 150 pds for 258a in 2 tracts, 1st consisted of 58a beg in Back Branch Thomas Johnstons corner, deed mentions John Sawyer and the Marsh, land was content of a Patent from Edward Hocutt to the sd James Kenan bearing dat 12 Jul 1770, 2nd tract consisted of 200a on Back Branch & W of Stewarts Creek. Land was contents of deed from Edward Howcutt to said James Kenan bearing dat 11 Feb 1771. Wit: Edward Dickson, Daniel Glisson.
Bk 5-pg 77-p337- James Kenan to Abraham Glisson dated 13 Jan 1778, trans 100 pds for 2 tracts, 1st 50a on branch of Maxwell Creek commonly called Cabbin Branch, land had been conveyed from Thomas Kenan to said James Kenan by deed. 2nd 150a joining above, land was granted to said James Kenan by patent dated 27 Apr 1767. Wit: Abraham Molton & Dennis Cannon.
Bk 6-pg 96-p23- Michael Glisson to Solomon Carter, dated 22 Apr 1778, trans 200 pds for 100a in fork of NE of Cape Fear River or Camp Branch, Wit: Reubin Johnston & James Hinson.
Bk 6-pg 96-p21- Reubin Johnston to Solomon Carter, dated 26 Apr 1778, trans 200 pds for 250a on SW side of NE of Cape Fear River or Camp Branch joining to his other land beg at his corner on SS of Camp Branch, deed mentions Andrew Chambers, Glisson's line, and a pond. Land was granted to said Reubin Johnston by patent dated 4 Mar 1775, Wit: Michail Glisson & James Hinson.
Bk 6-pg 105-p137- Michael Glisson to James Chambers, dated 1 May 1778, trans ? pds for land ? Wit: Charles Ward & John Chambers.
Bk 6-pg 133-p461- Dennis Glisson to Frederick Glisson dated 20 Jan 1779, trans 80 pds for 150a on SWS of main NE Swamp beg by the side of Marsh by the mouth of a small branch below Richard Roberteses land than was. Deed mentions a slope line, land was part of tract of land granted by virtue of patent signed by his Excellency William Tryaon Esqr. Captain General & Governor in this in & over our said province unto Dennis Glisson containing 300a of land being on the S end of said 300a. Wit: Edward Outlaw & Michael Glisson.
Bk 6-pg 120-p313- James James to James Pearsall dated 1 Jan 1779, trans 300 pds for 310a on SS of the Grove Swamp including the Indian Grave on the main road, deed mentions Mary McCulloh, William Frederick, Isaac Hunter, the road at Mill Swamp.Wit: Abraham Glisson & William Frederick.
Bk 6-pg 124-p354- Dennis Glisson to John Glisson dated 4 Aug 1779 trans 100 pds for 100a on the NS of Goshen Swamp patented by Jacob Lawhon and said Dennis Glisson purchased the said land of George Collins. Land was "the plantation he (John Glisson) now lives" on. Deed escepted 84a of the same survey given to Jacob Glisson by deed of gift the remainder being 100a it being upper part of the survey of said land. Wit: George Smith & Michael Glisson.
Bk 6-pg 124-p358- John Glisson to Michael Glisson dated 4 Aug 1779, trans 100 pds for 150a being lower part of a tract of 300a taken up by Dennis Glisson patent bearing date 22 Dec 1768 the said land and 150a to be divided by rows of Blasled trees running fairly up a bottom the said land lying on the Sow WS of main NE Swamp beg by said of the Marsh by the mouth of a small Branch below Richard Roberts land, deed mentions the marsh, land was upper part being the land whereon Frederick Glisson now liveth. Wit: George Smith & Lewis Graddy.
Bk 7-pg 31-p302- Robert Knox to Abraham Glisson dated 10 Mar 1781, trans 1,000 pds for 190a on NWS of Stewart Creek including the pretty meadow beg on run of Stewarts Creek opposite to Benjamins Johnstons field and runs thence along Thomas Johnstons line. Deed mentions Back branch at Joseph Williams line and Camp Branch. Land was contents of patent granted to said Robert Knox 4 Mar 1775. Wit: Joseph Dickson & Robert Dickson.
Bk 7-pg 37-p368- Frederick Glisson to Michael Glisson dated 16 Feb 1782, trans 80 pds for 150a on SWS of main NE Swamp beg by side of Marsh by mouth of a small branch below Richard Roberts land as was formerly now lives Graddys. Wit: Dennis Glisson & Jesse Brock.
Bk 7-pg 38-p379- Jesse Brock to Frederick Glisson dated 16 Feb 1782, trans 80 pds for 100a on NS of Goshen Swamp on the mill branch, deed mentions William Taylor & William Parker, Wit: Michael Glisson & Jesse Croom & Dennis Glisson.
Bk 7-pg 44-p430- Arthur Herring to John Glisson dated 25 Mar 1782 trans 200 pds for 170a beg at first corner of Godeys survey, deed mentions Glisson's line, a pond, and the Great Branch. Deed states "to keep by William Godwins and Corage ? to Arthur Herring bearing date 1781 Wit: Benjamin Herring & Jacob Glisson.
Bk 8-pg 67-p141- Snowden Pearce to Isaac Hunter dated 24 May 1783, trans 32 pds for 2 tracts of land, wit: Samuel Ward & Daniel Glisson (Glifson?)
Bk 8-pg 56-p43- Theophilus Williams to John Glisson dated 1 Jun 1783 trans 110 pds for 240a, (similar to below) Monies awarded to John Glisson for suit against sons of Gilbert McCallop, Public action sale was held 17 Sep 1782 and the said John Glisson was the last and highest bidder at 110 pds. Wit: Lewis Hicks and Saml Herring.
Bk 8-pg 55-p40- Theophilus Williams (high Sheriff of Duplin Co.) to Daniel Glisson dated 21 Jul 1783 trans 75,000 pds for land as described below. Deed states "Whereas by a writ of Fire Facias issued from the County Court of Duplin in the following words to wit: State of NC to sheriff you are hereby commanded that the goods chattles land an tenements of Gilbert McCallop late of Duplin Co. now deceased which are in hands of Annis McCallop the widow you cause to be made the sum of (200,000) pounds which Daniel Glisson lately in the County Court of pleas and Quarter Sessions at Duplin recoverd against the said Gilbert McCallop for damages in the suit which he there prosecuted against the said defendant and also the sum of 3 pds 4 shillings & 3 pence, Specia for costs & charges in the said suit expended whereof the said Gilbert McCallop is convicted and liabloe as appears to us of record and said monies you are to have before the Justices of Next County of pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for County of Duplin at Court House on the 3rd Monday of Apr next then and there to satisfy and pay the said Daniel Glisson his damages and costs & charges aforesaid together with your own fees for this Service herin fail not & you have then and their this Writ Witness William Dickson Clerk of the said Court at Duplin this 25th Jan 1782. Says land of said Gilbert McCallop being 2 tracts lying on the Horse Pen Branch between Goshen Swamp & Bear Swamp and on both sides of the main road and containing 570a. The lands were sold on 8 Feb 1782 and Daniel Glisson was "the last and highest bidder at 75,000 pounds.
(this deed was very lengthly thus I did not include all) Wit: Will Dickson & John Molton.
Bk 8-pg 61-p87- Charles Burch to George Outlaw, dated 19 Nov 1783 trans 64 pds for 125a on ES of Cow Hole, Wit: Levin Wadkins, John Bradley, Daniel Glisson.

Ref: Duplin County North Carolina Abstracts of Deed 1784-1813 Vol 1 by Eleanor Smith Draughon-(My summaries of Abstracts)
Bk 1A-pg 1-p11- Thomas Cummings to Abraham Glisson, both of Duplin Co., 5 Oct 1782, for 40 pds. 200a on the ES of the NE Branch Cape Fear River opposite mouth Rockfish Creek, incl. Survey formerly mad for Job Roington, beg. At black jack on the river bank at Herringtons;s upper corner, Wit: Denis Glisson, Saml Howard. Jul Ct 1784.
Bk 1A-pg 12-p141- Frederick Glisson to Jesse Brock, both planters of Duplin Co., 6 Dec 1783, for 20 pds. 100a on NS of Goshen Swamp on the Mill Branch, beg at a black gum by the run in sd. Branch, to a stake on William Taylor's line, to a pine on William Parker's line. Wit: John Swinson, John Rogers. Apr Ct. 1785.
Bk 1A-pg 9-p102- Abraham (A) Glisson to Edward Dickson, both of Duplin Co., 7 Oct 1784, for 100 pds, specie 190a on the NS of Stewart's Creek opposite to Ben Johnston's field, wit: Kedar Bryan, Lam Dunn, Oct Ct 1784.
Bk 1a-pg 18-p205- Abraham (A) Glisson to James Chambers, both of Duplin Co., 12 Oct 1785, for 210 pds for 500a in 5 tracts: (1)50a granted to Thomas Kenan by patent dated 28 Feb 1754 who later conveyed to James Kenan who deeded to sd. Glisson 13 Jan 1778, lying on a branch of Maxwell called Cabbin Branch; (2)150a granted by patent to James Kenan next to above 50a; (3) 100a on the WS of the NE Branch of Cape Fear River & SS of Maxwell Swamp in fork of Parson's Branch & Cabbin Branch near above 150a granted by James Kenan to Abraham Glisson 1 Jul 1779; (4)100a patented 1 Jul 1779 by sd Glisson on the WS of NE Branch of Cape Fear River on SS of Maxwell & Cabbin Branch; (5)100a on the WS of NE Branch of Cape Fear River granted sd Glisson 1 Jul 1779 on SS of Maxwell & Cabbin Branch; Wit: Joseph Dickson, James Gillespie. Oct Ct 1785.
Bk 1a-pg 19-p219- Abraham Glisson to David Cannon, both of Duplin Co., 7 Dec 1785, for 40 pds 200a on ES of NE Branch of Cape Fear River opposite mouth of Rockfish Creek, Wit: Thomas James, Sarah Molten, Jan Ct 1786.
Bk 1a-pg 28-p314- George Smith, planter to William Smith, young man, both of Duplin Co., 21 Mar 1786, for 50 pds specie 250a on ES of the NE and head of Burncoat & joining Dobbs Co. at head the Tuckaho, Wit: John Alberson, Michael (O) Glisson. Oct Ct 1786.
Bk 1a-pg 28-p316- George Smith to Michael Glisson, both planters of Duplin Co., 23 Mar 1786, 20 pds for 100a on ES of NE & on the NS of Matthews Branch & the Wolf Pit Branch, Wit: John Alberson, William Smith.
Bk 1a-pg 47-p512- Robert Wilkinson to James Wright, both Duplin., 13 Oct 1786, for 10 pds for 75a on NS of Bear Swamp & SS of Poley Bridge Branch, Wit: W. Dickson, Daniel Glisson, Jan Ct 1788
Bk 1a-pg 47-p505- John Whitehead to Samuel Ward, both planters of Duplin Co., 23 Oct 1786, for 1 pd for 500a on SS of NE Swamp & SS of Poley Bridge Branch, near Wolfscrape Branch. Wit: Brinkley Glisson, David Cannon. Jan Ct 1788.
Bk 1a-pg 43-p476- James (J) Chambers to Michael Glisson, both planters of Duplin Co.., 5 Jul 1787, for 60 pds, for 200a on the SS of NE Swamp, lower end of Great Marsh between Horsepen Branch & Sandy Run, beg at a pine Dennis Glisson;s corner, same being patent by William Mobley 16 Dec 1762. Wit: John Matchet, Jane Matchet. Jan Ct 1788.
Bk 1a-pg 44-p477- James (J) Chambers to Michael Glisson both planter of Duplin Co. 10 Nov 1787, for 60 pds for 300a on SS of the NE in fork between Camp Branch & Outlaw's Mill Swamp, beg at pine near Dennis Glisson's line, sd land patented by Michael Glisson 22 Dec 1770. Wit: John Matchet, Jane Matchet. Jan Ct 1788.
Bk 3a-pg 91-p319- Michael Glisson planter to John Glisson, both of Duplin Co., 23 Aug 1788, for 100 pds for 200a on SS of NE Swamp at lower end of Great Marsh, between Horsepen Branch & Sandy Run, beg at pine Dennis Glisson's corner, land surveyed for William Mobley, patent bearing date 16 Dec 1769. Wit: George Smith, Frederick Grady, Jan Ct 1798.
Bk 3a-pg 58-p45- D. (Daniel) Glisson Sheriff to Thomas Norman, 2 Feb 1793, Wit: Saml R. Jocelyn. Apr Ct 1795.
Bk 3a-pg 57-p35- Daniel Glisson Sheriff to Stephen Miller, 25 Dec 1793 Wit: Edwd Pearsall, James Carr. Apr Ct 1795
Bk 1a-pg 55-p21- Michael Glisson to James Smyth, both od Duplin Co. , 6 Dec 1794, for 300 pds for 550a on WS of NE of Cape Fear River, being part of land of sd Glisson purchased from John Johnston & other part patented by sd Glisson beg at NE Swamp in Horse Branch, in NE Swamp. Wit: Wm Alberson, David Smyth, Edward Alberson. Jan Ct 1795.
Bk 3a-pg 88-p302- Arthur Herring to Andrew Gufford, both of Duplin Co., 10 Feb 1796, for 70 pds for 200a in 2 tracts, (1) 120a in for of NE of Goshen Swamp, joining Stephen Gufford, Owen O'Daniel & Jacob Glisson, at squat pine, near Great Hogpen, being O'Daniel's corner, to White Meadow, Jacob Glisson's Corner to Owen O'Daniel's other corner, (2) 80a beg at same squat pine & near Soloman Carter's corner to head of Gufford's branch. Wit: Owen O'Daniel, Stephen Gufford, Jan Ct 1797.
Bk 4a-pg 122-p30- D. (Daniel) Glisson to Bryan Glisson, 20 Feb 1806, for 125 pds for 180a on head of Horse Pen Branch, Juniper & Sandy Run, adj Smith, Goff, to black gum on drain of Duck Pond, to head of Sandy Run. Wit: Samuel Smythe, B. Kornegay. Jul Ct 1809.
Bk 4a-pg 169-p411- David Smyth of Lenoir Co. to his son Samuel Smyth of Duplin Co., 11 Apr 1806, as deed of gift for 408a bought of John & Michael Glisson, lying on SS of NE of Cape Fear River, being part of sundry grants joined together, the sd. 408a in 5 tracts to wit: (1)285a beg at a pine near Horsepen Branch, to run of Sandy Run Branch, adj James Smyth's corner (2)50a beg at black jack Davis corner, adj the Horsepen to sd David Smyth, beg at a bay & pine sd Smyth's corner by Sandy Run, adj Johnston, John Glisson, Daniel Glisson,(now Bryan Glisson); (4) 12a (5a)4a beg at popular in Horsepen Branch, James Smyth's corner, adj William Grady, Bryan Glisson. last 2 pieces patented by John Glisson. Wit: James Smyth, B. Glisson. Jan Ct 1813,
Bk 4a-pg 155-p309- Bennajah King to George F. Kornegay, both of Duplin Co. , 13 Sep 1806, for $250, 120a fork of NE & Goshen Swamp, joing Stephen Gufford, Jacob Glisson, Owen O'Daniel & Alex O'Daniel, beg at pine known as squat pine NS of main road O'Daniel's corner, adj John Glisson Junr., Stephen Gufford, the White Meadow, the Little Miery Branch, Glisson's other corner, Alex O'Daniel & O'Daniel's other corner. Wit: Owen O'Daniel, Isaac Kornegay. Jul Ct 1811.
Bk 4a-pg 156-p312- Stephen Gufford to Isaac Kornegay, both of Duplin Co. 14 Sep 1807, for $225, 180a fork of NE & Goshen beg E prong of Great Branch on George F. Kornegay's line, to squat pine to maple in W prong of Great Branch Wit: Bryan Glisson, George F. Kornegay. Apr Ct. 1811.
Bk 4a-pg 156-p311- George F. (Fisher) Kornegay to Isaac Kornegay, both of Duplin Co., 10 Mar 1808, for $270, 100a fork of NE & Goshen Swamp, beg at hickory on NES & running S65W to main road, up road to small pond on SS where Isaac Kornegay's line crosses road adj. McCulloch, William Kornegay Junr, & William Kornegay Senr. Wit: William Kornegay Jr., Lewis Glisson, Apr Ct 1811.
Bk 4a-pg 129-p95- James Gufford & Stephen Gufford to Bryan Glisson of Duplin Co., 19 Nov 1808, for 150 pds for 240a on drains of Goshen Swamp & on BS of Goshen Swamp beg at gumm in Gufford's branch just below road, to a maple in Cows Branch. Wit: Stephen Herring, Wm Herring Jan Ct 1810.
Bk 4a-pg 168-p405- Jesse Millard to Thomas Bennet Junr., both of Duplin Co., 15 Feb 1809, for $300, 78a on Dry Pond Branch, wit: Benjn. Hodges, Wm Glisson. Jan Ct 1812.
Bk 4a-pg 131-p107- Stephen Gufford to James Jernagan, both of Duplin Co., 4 Mar 1809, for 200 pds for 200a on NS of Goshen Swamp & being part of the Mobley survery, beg at back line in Goshen Swamp, to mouth of Great Branch, joining George Kornegay, Lewis Glisson, & sd Gufford, being part of 3 surveys (Mobley, John Glisson & William Goddwins. Wit: Geo J. Hodum, Danl Jernigan. Apr Ct 1810.
Bk 4a-pg 168-p409- Stephen Gufford to John Blizard, both of Duplin Co., 3 Mar 1810, for 172 pds, 10 shill, 120a on NS of Goshen Swamp, being part of 3 patents, patented by Jacob Lawhaun, William Godwin, Jacob Glisson, beg at a water oak Alexanders O'Daniel's corner near corner of Blizard's field, to a black jack not far from Stephen Gufford's house & adj Lewis Glisson & George F. Kornegay. Wit: William Kornegay, Al O'Daniel. Oct Ct 1812.
Bk 4a-pg 154- p297- George F. Kornegay to Alexander O'Daniel, both of Duplin Co., 14 Apr 1810, for $275, 120a fork of NE & Goshen Swamp beg at pine known as squat pine, NS of main road Alex O'Daniel's corner adj. John Glisson Junr. & Stephen Gufford near White Meadow, the Little Miery Branch, Glisson's other corner & Alex O'Daniel. Wit: H. Grady, Alexander Grady. Jul Ct 1811.
Bk 4a-pg 132-p111- B. (Bryan) Glisson to William Hudgins, 17 Apr 1810, for 140 pds for 180a on head of Horsepen Branch, Juniper & Sandy Run, beg at pine at Horsepen joining Smith, Goff, Apr Ct 1810.-
Bk 4a-pg 137-p149- William Glisson & Mary Glisson to Levin Watkins of Duplin Co., 17 Jul 1810, for 30 pds for 40a on the NS of Goshen Swamp, beg at stake 2nd corner of Bennett Millard's division of sd land on the back line near road joining Jesse Millard's division to geiven line on run of Goshen, being middle division of a tract sold & conveyed by Asa Rogers to Hezekiah Millard of 150a & since to consequence of the death of sd Hezekiah Millard, persuant to an order of the Co. Ct of Duplin, directing a subdivision of all the lands ownded & poss. By sd Millard at time of death to be made amongst his several children, claiming their equal division of their sd dec'd father's lands & the said 40a herein above describes, being surveyed & valued was drawn by Mary Millard, dau of sd Hezekial Millard & now wife of the sd William Glisson. Wit: David Wright, Levin Watkins Jrnr. Jul Ct 1810, Mary Glisson was privately examined by David Wright, J.P. & B. Bourden, J.P. & declared she signed the above deed of her own free will & consent 16 Jul 1810.
Bk 4a-pg 144-p215- Michael Glisson, Patent No. 1956, 26 Nov 1810, for 200a on NS of NE & BS of Matthews Branch, beg at his corner on NS of Matthew Branch, about ½ mile above Carter's Mill Dam, to Carter's line on an island in Matthews Branch, joing Henry Grady/s on side of the NE, to Glisson's own corner, to Carter Pomphrey's corner to Carters Mill Pond, surveyed by C. Hooks 20 Oct 1800. Assigned by David Stone. Wm. White Sec.
Bk 4a-pg 167-p399- D.(Daniel) Kenan Sheriff of Duplin Co. to Edward Armstrong, 20 Sep 1811, for $201, 275a at public auction hjeld on 2 Sep 1811, Wit: Sm Davis, William Glisson. Apr Ct 1812.
Bk 4a-pg 145-p216- Michael Glisson, Patent No. 1976, 3 Dec 1811, for 80a on ES of NE River & NS of Matthews Branch beg at H. Grady's corner of a 200a survey adj Edward Alberson, Samuel Davis, Carter & H. Grady. Surveyed 13 Jul 1811 by H. Grady, Dist. Sur. & John Farior, Sur. Assingned by Benj Smith. Will Hill, Sec.
Bk 4a-pg 168-p408- William Glisson to John Blizard, both of Duplin Co., 17 Sep 1812, for $85, 17a fork of NE River & Goshen, part of Mobley survey, beg at pine ¼ mile NS of Blizard's house. Wit: Henry Grady, Alex O'Daniel. Oct Ct 1812.
Bk 4a-pg 168-p410- Hampton Sulivan & John Sulivan to Bryan Glisson, all of Duplin Co. , 13 Nov 1812, for $371, 371a on NS of Goshen at Cross Roads, being part of patent granted to John Sulivan Senr. Dec'd for 790a, Wit: Henry Grady, John Outlow, A. Branch. Apr Ct 1813.
Bk 4a-pg 177-p480- D. (Daniel) L. Kenan, Shff. Of Duplin to Daniel Glisson of Duplin Co., 20 Apr 1812, 49a for $3.69 for on acre less, for which land the taxes remain due, land sold at public auction near Blizzard's corner of the land he bought of Stephen Gufford, to pine ES of the Little Branch, Wit: John Hunter, J. Hall. Apr Ct 1812.
Bk 4-pg 178-p481- D. (Daniel) Glisson to Abraham Glisson, both of Duplin Co., 16 Jan 1813, for $250, 208a in fork of Goshen & the NE & on the NS of Camp Branch, beg at small pine & black gum on run of Camp Branch, joining Hudgen's line, Wm. Grady's corner, near head of Sandy Run, Thomas Grady's corner, David Kornegay's corner, to pin in edge of Camp Branch Pocosin Kornegay's corner. Wit: William Hudgens, Herring (X) Glisson. Jul Ct 1813.
Bk 4-pg 186-p543- Jonathan Kithly to Daniel Glisson, both of Duplin Co., 15 Jan 1814, for $28, 14a in fork of Goshen & NE on SS of the Beaverdam on BS of main road, beg at 3 maples on run of Beaverdam above the main road, to stake in the edge of Beaverdam above mouth of Juniper Branch. Wit: Thomas Dail, Danl Glisson JR. Jan Ct 1814.
Bk 4-pg 186-p544- Thomas Dail to Daniel Glisson, both of Duplin Co., 15 Jan 1814, for $40, 37a in fork of Goshen & NE, on SS of Beaverdam on BS of main road, beg at 3 maples in Beaverdam above main road in Jonathan Kithley's line (now sd. Glisson's corner & runs to a stake in an old root Kithley's corner, now Glisson's. Wit: Jonathan Kithley, Danl Glisson JR. Jan Ct 1814.
BK 4-pg 36- Daniel Glisson Sr. to Hinton Glisson Cons.- $50 for 50 acres, fork of Goshen, lines & corners of Andrew Guifford & Daniel Glisson Jr. near Pritty Meadow, 30 Jan 1823 rec 1832 May Term.
(Notes: I did not list all deed for Duplin. Daniel Glisson witnessed 50-100 deeds alone and thus I did not list them all.   Michael,  John,  Jacob,  Abraham,  Frederick also witnessed other deeds but I did not list of them. As did James Chambers husband of Prudence Glisson? & Andrew Gufford husband of Rachel Glisson? sisters to Michael,  John,  Jacob,  Abraham, & Frederick.   Daniel was a  son of John Glisson. And the above all being children of Dennis Glisson.    By 1786 Abraham & Frederick went to Burke Co. GA.)