Ref: Brief Sketch of Some Glisson Families  in North Carolina-
By Phillip L. Glisson-

     Previous Glisson researchers have guessed that the early Glissons in North Carolina were descendants of Obediah Glisson and that he was son of Francis & Elizabeth Glisson and that Francis was son of Henry Glisson, and that Henry was son of William Glisson of Rampasham, England and that John & Joseph was his sons.   I believe there is a lot of error in this theory.  I now believe that Obediah, John, Joseph and now maybe William Glisson above were brothers or cousins and their parentage cannot yet be proven. 

     In the Virginia records Francis Glisson did have a headright in 1654 arriving in America in Maryland then to Virginia.  But no other records of him have been found.  Also Elizabeth Glesson did arrive in 1655 as an indentured servant.  I doubt that Francis & Elizabeth were husband and wife since she came a year later and was an indentured servant and their headrights were in different counties in Virginia.        

     Also there was a James Glisson listed in 1637-38 High Court of the Admiralty in Virginia.  No other info on James yet either.  See my References of Colonial Glissons pre 1730 back at my homepage. 

      So parentage of above brothers could be Francis,  or James or a son of one of them.  Also it is not proven that above Francis was a son of Henry Glisson and grandson of William Glisson of Rampasham England.  See my References of Glissons in England.  Henry’s brother John did have a son Francis about the right age to be above Francis.  Henry also had a brother James.  Maybe above James.  So for now I am going with the theory that the early Glissons in North Carolina were probably closely related and will treat Obediah, John, Joseph and William separately until their parentage can be proven.

Obediah or Lidiah Glisson b.1665-1674 d.1714-1724. Wife was probably Mary. Mary married widower William Burt after death of Obediah. Mary left will as Mary Burt naming my 3 children James, Mary, & Ego(Eliyot)  Glisson in 1724. Obediah witnessed land sale in 1714 and Lidiah witnessed land sale in 1714 in Craven Precinct. Both made their mark and they were similar, thus I believe Obediah & Lidiah was the same person. Some Glisson researchers think Obediah was son or grandson of Francis & Elizabeth Glisson in Virginia. This is possible but not proven.   Possible counties in Virginia to search for his father is Northumberland & Westmoreland which changed to Lancaster then others.  Most families in records connected to Obediah, Joseph and John seem to have been from Isle of Wight, and Nansemond counties in Virginia who migrated to Northeastern North Carolina.  Almost all of this group were English Baptist.  Originally it was thought that Obediah was father to below John & Joseph but I now think they were brothers or even 1st cousins.  Will of Mary Glisson Burt states my 3 children.  If she had other children she would not have said that.  Also she was young enough to remarry to William Burt but too old to have children by him.  Thus I would put her date of birth between 1665-1674.  Thus I believe Obediah then was probably about this same age and he was not as old as some thought when he died.  Possible children of Obediah & Mary Glisson is  James, Mary & Ego. I have only found records on James and his descendants seem to all have stayed in Bertie Co. and then about 1800 no more records on them.

John Glisson b.1670-1680 d.1734 wife Jane. John was probably  brother of Obediah & Joseph. John & James witnessed land sale in Bertie Co. in 1728. John, Dennis, & James signed petition in Bertie Precinct in 1733. John left will in 1734 in Bertie Co. listing wife Jane. Jane sold land 1734 in Bertie Co. Jane bought & sold land in 1737 in Bertie Co. Possible children of John & Jane were, Dennis, James, Joseph, Isaac, Abraham and Elsie Glisson who married John Swinson the Bricklayer and maybe Ann Glisson who may have been 2nd wife of Epenetus Griffin. Dennis & James signed petition in 1739 in Bertie Co. Dennis sold land to James in Tyrrell Co. in 1744. Dennis, James, Joseph, Isaac in other land deals in Tyrrell Co. Beautfort Co. Tax List 1755 list Abraham, Dennis, Isaac, James, Joseph, Isaac son of Dennis, & Jacob son of Dennis. Pitts Co. Tax List 1762-64 list Abraham, James, & Joseph. James left will 1762 in Pitt Co. Dennis went to Duplin Co. in 1764. No info on what happen to the rest.  His descendants started in Bertie Co. and lived in area that changed to Tyrell the parts of that to Beaufort, then Pitt then Martin.

Joseph Glisson b.1680-1690 d.aft 1734 wife unknown. Joseph was probably brother of Obediah & John above. Joseph witnessed land sale 1716 in Craven Precinct. Joseph witness 2 land sales in 1721 in Perquimans Co. He sold land in 1734 in Perquimans Co. Possible children of Joseph was Henry and probably more but no records of any others.  Descendants of Henry were mostly in Bertie, Northampton and Hertford counties in North Carolina records.  He lived in lived in Bertie area that changed to Northampton and Hertford counties.

William Glisson b.bef 1716 adult in 1716, only record on him is for him supplying shot and flint for ships in 1716.  See 1st page of References in North Carolina.

NEXT Generations of Glissons

James Glisson b.bef 1700 d.aft 1750 wife unknown. James listed in will of Mary Burt. James listed in 1721 land sale in Albermarle Co. James listed in 1727 Albermarle Co. He was listed Court records 1724-27. He sold land of William Burt in 1727 in Bertie Co. He witnessed land sale 1750 in Bertie Co. Possible children of James was James, Daniel, Elizabeth, Sarah, David, John .

Dennis Glisson  b.bef 1712 d.abt 1785 wife Mary. Probably son of John & Jane Glisson. Dennis signed petition 1733 Bertie Precinct. He was in land deals in Tyrrell Co. 1739-54. Listed on 1755 tax list in Beaufort Co. nameing sons Isaac & Jacob. Bought land in 1764 in Duplin Co. and lived there till his death abt 1782-1787? He was in many land deals in Duplin Co. 1764-1787. Deeded land as gifts to sons Jacob 1767 and John 1774 nameing them as sons. To sum up Dennis lived in Bertie Precinct 1733, lived in Tyrrell Co. 1739-54, Beaufort Co. 1755-64 and Duplin Co. 1764 till death. Dennis's son Jacob left will in 1806 Duplin Co. listing his brothers and sisters. Namely Isaac, John, Michael, Abraham, Frederick Glisson, Rachel Gufford, Prudence Chambers, Charity Summerlin, & Mary Summerlin. Bertie, Tyrrell, Beaufort & Pitt Counties all bordered each other.

Henry Glisson b.bef 1728 d.aft 1773 wife Charity O'Quin dau of Patrick O'Quin and sister of Patrick & Bryant O'Quin and Rosannah Deans and probably more. Henry was listed in the Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774 as private aft 1748 living in Northampton Co. In 1749 witnessed land sale in Northampton Co. Will of Patrick O'Quin in 1752 listed sister Charity Glisson both of Northampton Co. Henry was listed with Thomas Glisson as members of the Sandy Run Baptist church in 1773. Northampton, Hertford, and Bertie Co. all bordered each other. Possible children or grandchildren of Henry Glisson was Thomas, Daniel, Henry, Patrick, Edward, 2 more males and probably a few daughters. Henry & Patrick went to Logan Co. Kentucky, by 1795.

Isaac Glisson b.bef 1734 m. Jun 1762 in Tyrrell Co. to Martha Whitfield. This may have been a second wife. Isaac lived in the part of Tyrell Co. that changed  Martin Co. NC & most of the Glisson's in Martin Co. were probably his descendants. Isaac listed as son of Dennis in 1755 Beaufort Co. Tax List. Possible children of Isaac Glisson was James, Isaac, Ann, John, 2 more males and probably daughters. James went to Henry Co. TN by 1825. John died bef 1790 and was probably father of Daniel Glisson wife Susan in 1810-40 Martin Co. Census records.

John W. Glisson b.abt 1740 d.1810-20 wife Jean. Listed as son of Dennis in Duplin Co. Land sale. Possible children of John Glisson was John Jr., Daniel, Abraham, Lewis, Millard, Elizabeth, and William and several more. Daniel had a large family half of which went to TN and half stayed in Duplin Co. NC area. Lewis and his descendants went to Dale Co. AL.  William’s family stayed in NC.  John Jr. is the John Glisson listed in Duplin Co. NC census for 1790-1800 etc. not John Sr.

Abraham & Frederick Glisson sons of Dennis Glisson went to Burke Co. GA by 1786.
The first couple of generations of Glisson's in NC were listed in records from different Precincts & Counties but did live fairly close to each other and may of later been listed in different Precincts & Counties without even moving because of all the boundary changes.

Some proof exist in the references for the early generations but not all I have listed can be proven. I tried many many times to put them together. Above is theory so do not take as proof.

Following are abstracts of families that I listed with the NC family groups.
5 generations of descendants of Obediah Glisson.
3 generations of Isaac Glisson son of Dennis Glisson.
3 generations of Daniel Glisson son of John Glisson gs of Dennis Glisson.
3 generation of ? Glisson & ? Dennison children Martha Glisson Middleton, Elizabeth Glisson Norman,  Brinkley
    Glisson and Hugh Glisson.
Also families of:
Daniel Glisson wife Susan of Martin Co. maybe son of John, gs of Isaac ggs of Dennis Glisson
Benjamin Bennett Glisson wife Mary father unknow.
William Glisson wife Mary Millard prob son of John, gs of Dennis Glisson.
Haywood Glisson wife Susan son of Daniel , gs of John , ggs of Dennis Glisson.

I listed the Following family groups in other State Family Groups.
Families of Abraham & Frederick sons of Dennis in GA Family Groups.
Families of Lewis son of John gs of Dennis in AL Family Groups.
Families of James son of Isaac gs of Dennis in TN Family Groups.
Families of Henry & Patrick sons or gs of Henry in KY Family Groups.
Families of Bryant, Abraham, Daniel Jr., Stephen H., Henry,  children of Daniel, gc of John ggc of Dennis Glisson in TN Family Groups.

Descendants of Obediah & Mary Glisson.

   Obediah (Lidiah) Glisson #9622 b. 1665-1674, VA, m. Mary ? #9623, b. 1665-1674, probably VA, d. abt 1724, Bertie  Co. GA.

     Obediah died 1714-24, NC.  In 1714 Craven Precinct, Bath Co. 2 land deals were witnessed by 1 Obediah Glison and 2 by Lidiah

     Glisson.  Marks were very similar thus I believe that Obediah or Lidiah was the same person. Mary: After Obediah died Mary

     married widower William Burt who died prior to 1724. Mary left will naming my 3 children sons James and Ego, and dau Mary.

     Mary not proven wife of Obediah but probable. Will dated 10 Feb 1724 and probated before 1760. She married William Burt

     1716-1722.  She was young enough to remarry but too old to have children by William Burt.

     I.   James Glisson #9626 b. abt 1693, prob VA, m. unknown wife  #9657.  James died 1750-1757, Bertie Co. NC.  Listed as son of Mary Burt.

          1721 James Glisson listed in Chowan Precinct, Albermarle Co. which later became Bertie, Terrell and Chowan precinct.

          1724-1727 James in Court Records of Bertie Co.  James sold land of William Burt in 1734 on Cussoake Creek to Eden Bails.

          James witnessed land sale 1749 in Betie Co. He was not listed in 1757-1768-1769 tax list with his sons.  He probably died

          before 1757.

          A.  Daniel Glisson #9659 b. bef 1713, Bertie Co. NC, m. ? #9665.  Daniel died abt 1787, Bertie Co. NC.  Daniel left will

               dated 24 Oct 1787 in Bertie Co. listing heirs daughters Anna & Sarah Glisson. Daniel witnessed land sale of father

               James to Eden Bails in 1734. Listed in his brother James Glisson's will dated 17 Dec 1774 Daniel listed on

               1757-1768-1769 tax lists for Bertie Co.

               1.   Jacob Glisson #9666 b. abt 1736, Bertie Co. NC, d. 1774-1787, Bertie Co. NC.  Jacob listed in will of his uncle

                    James Glisson dated 17 Dec 1774 but not listed in his fathers will dated 24 Oct 1787.  He never married.

               2.   Anna Glisson #9667 b. abt 1738, Bertie Co. NC, d. aft 1787, prob Bertie Co. NC.  Anna was listed in her fathers

                    will dated 24 Oct 1787 as Anna Glisson so she was not married age 49 in 1787 probably never married.

               3.   Sarah Glisson #9656 b. abt 1734, Bertie Co. NC, d. abt 1783, Bertie Co. NC.  Sarah left will dated 17 Sep 1783

                    in Bertie Co. listing cousins Elizabeth Keel and cousin Arthur Glisson.  Elizabeth Keel dau of Elizabeth Glisson

                    Keel gd of James Glisson.  Arthur son of John Glisson gs of James Glisson and this Sarah probably is the Sarah

                    dau of Daniel Glisson. Sarah never married.

          B.  James Glisson #9658 b. abt 1716, Bertie Co. NC, d. abt 1774, Bertie Co. NC.  James left will dated 17 Dec 1774 in

               Bertie Co. NC listing heirs as Jacob son of brother Daniel, Elizabeth Keel dau of Elizabeth Keel decd., brother John

               Glisson sister Sarah Dye, brothers John & David executors.  Witnessed by Arthur Glisson.  James never married? James

               listed on 1757-1768-1769 tax list of Bertie Co.

          C.   Sarah Glisson #9661 b. abt 1719, Bertie Co. NC, m. ? Dye #9671.  Sarah died aft 1774, prob Bertie Co. NC.  Sarah

               listed in will of her brother James Glisson's will dated 17 Dec 1774. No other info on her at this time.

          D.   David Glisson #9662 b. abt 1722, Bertie Co. NC, d. 1781-1790, prob Bertie Co. NC.  David was an Ensign in the

               Revolutionary War. David was executor of his brother James Glisson will dated 17 Dec 1774.  No other info on him.

               He does not seem to have ever married. Not listed in 1790 census.

          E.   John Glisson #9663 b. abt 1726, Bertie Co. NC, m. unknown wife ? #9682.  John died 1774-1790, Bertie Co. NC.  John listed

               in his brother James Glisson’s will dated 17 Dec 1774.  He was not listed in 1790 census.  He probably had several

               children but Arthur perhaps one of his youngest is the only one I can connect to him.

               1.   Arthur Glisson #9664 b. bef 1753, Bertie Co. NC, m. 13 Apr 1780, in Bertie Co. NC, Elizabeth Ann Spence #9672,

                    d. abt 1795, Bertie Co. NC.  Arthur died abt 1789, Bertie Co. NC.  Arthur left will dated 28 Nov 1789 in Bertie

                    Co. listing wife Ann and children Mary, Daniel, Burwell, Sarah & James.  Arthur served in Revolutionary War in

                    Captain Blount's Co. Arthur witnessed his uncle James Glisson's will dated 17 Dec 1774. I believe his widow was

                    listed in the 1790 census in Bertie Co. as Ann Glisson. Arthur listed as cousin of Sarah Glisson in her will

                    dated 17 Sep 1783. Elizabeth: Ann widow of Arthur left will dated 7 May 1795 in Bertie Co. listing children Leah

                    & Right Glisson.

                    a.   Daniel Glisson #9673

                    b.   Burwell Glisson #9674

                    c.   James Glisson #9675

                    d.   Sarah Glisson #9676

                    e.   Mary Glisson #9677

                    f.   Leah Glisson #9678

                    g.   Right Glisson #9679

                    h.   female Glisson #9680

          F.   Elizabeth Glisson #9660 b. bef 1733, Bertie Co. NC, m. 1751, Jacob Keel #9669.  Elizabeth died 1752-1774, Bertie Co.

               NC.  Elizabeth listed as deceased in will of her brother James Glisson dated 17 Dec 1774.

               1.   Elizabeth Keel #9670 b. abt 1752, Bertie Co. NC, d. aft 1783.  Probably only child of Jacob & Elizabeth Glisson

                    Keel. Elizabeth was listed as cousin of Sarah Glisson in will dated 17 Sep 1783.

     II.  Mary Glisson #9627 b. abt 1696, prob VA.  Listed as dau of Mary ? Glisson Burt dated 10 Feb 1724.  No other info on Mary.

     III. Ego (Eliyot) Glisson #9628 b. abt 1699, prob VA.  Listed as son of Mary ? Glisson Burt in will of Mary Burt dated 10 Feb

           1724. I have found no other info on him in North Carolina records.



Descendants of John & Jane Glisson.

    John Glisson #9624 b. 1670-1680, VA, m. Jane ? #9629, d. aft 1737.  John died 1734, Bertie Co. NC.  John left will dated 20 Sep

     1734 wife Jane was exectrix probated prior to 1760. 1728 John bought 335 acres land on Cashay Swamp.  His land was located NS

     of the Roanok River by Indian Village Meadow & Great Swamp NS of Cashay Swamp.  John listed on Jury 1734 Bertie Co.  Possibly

     John Williams & Anthony Herring was related to John Glisson. John probably brother of Obediah, Joseph, and William. Jane: Jane

     bought land from Anthony Herring in 1734 which was former land of John Williams willed to Anthony Herring.  This land was next

     to Land John Glisson bought of Thomas Brigman in 1728.  Jane sold this land to John Hinnert in 1737.

     I.   Elsie Glisson #12222 b. abt 1700, VA, m. abt 1725, John Swinson Sr. #12221, b. bef 1793, prob Isle of Wight Co. VA, d.

          1775-1779, prob Pitt Co. NC.  Elsie died 1774-1790, Pitt Co. NC.  2 sons of John & Elsie's moved from west of Trantors

          Creek and went to Duplin Co. NC abt 1768-70 near their Uncle Dennis Glisson and raised large families there namely John

          Jr. & Austin.  Their 3rd son Levy stayed near original home which actually became part of Martin Co. NC.  Isaac son of

          Dennis Glisson also lived on land that eventually became Martin Co. NC. John: son of Richard & Elizabeth Swinson.  In 1716

          he inherited 200a of land in Chowan Co. NC on Kendricks Creek.  Sold this land in 1743.  Purchased 300a of land west side

          of Trantors Creek in Tyrell Co which was located in the dispute area of Tyrell, Beautfort, Pitt and Martin Co. NC.Thus

          listed on 1755 tax list in Beautfort Co, 1762-1763-1764 Pitt Co. tax list without moving.  John &wife Elsie sold their

          original piece of land in Tyrell Co. now in Pitt Co. in 1774 Lived near Dennis Glisson and his brother in Tyrell,

          Beaufort, Pitt, Martin Co

          A.   John Swinson Jr. #12223 b. bef 1730, Tyrell Co. NC, m. (1) Mrs. Swinson #12226, m. (2) Mrs. Susannah Parker #12253.

               John died abt 1800, New Hanover Co. NC.  John Swinson Jr. bought 579 acres of land Tyrell/Beaufort Co. on the W side

               of of Tranters Creek, Parish of St. Andrews, at Pitch hole branch in 1751.  He went to Duplin Co. NC 1764-1770 as did

               his uncle Dennis Glisson. John Swinson Jr. of Duplin Co. NC sold above land to his brother Levy Swinson of Tyrell Co.

               in 1772. Mrs.: Susannah previously married to William Parker.  They had daughters Mary Jenkins and Jerusha Parker and

               grandaughter Easter Cherry.

               1.   Theophilus Swinson #12227 b. 14 Aug 1754, Pitt Co. NC, m. (1) Mrs. Swinson #12249, m. (2) 26 Nov 1819, in Duplin

                    Co. NC, Mrs. Elizabeth Thalley #12252, d. 25 Jun 1827, Duplin Co. NC.  Theophilus died 18 Feb 1835, Duplin Co.

                    NC.  Theophilus was in Revolutionary War. Mrs.: Elizabeth previously married to Andrew Thalley.

                    a.   John Swinson #12250

                    b.   William Swinson #12251

               2.   Ebenezer E. Swinson #12228 b. 1755-1765, prob Pitt Co. NC, m. bef 1800, Ann ? #12246, b. abt 1765.  Ebenezer

                    died aft 1850.

                    a.   Richard Swinson #12247

                    b.   Ann Swinson #12248

               3.   female Swinson #12229 m. bef 1800, John Maddock Matchet #12230.

               4.   Richard Swinson #12254

               5.   Absolem Swinson #12255

               6.   Zebedee Swinson #12256 b. 1780-1790, Duplin Co. NC, m. Mrs. Swinson #12257, b. abt 1790.  Zebedee died bef 15

                    Oct 1866.

                    a.   James Swinson #12258 b. abt 1804, NC, m. Rebecca Molsey Marshburn #12265.  James died aft 26 Jun 1880.

                    b.   Polly Swinson #12264 b. abt 1806, NC, d. young.

                    c.   Annie Swinson #12263 b. abt 1808, NC, d. young.

                    d.   Zebedee Swinson Jr. #12259 b. abt 1810, aft 1866, m. Nancy Brown #12266, b. abt 1815, d. abt 1859.  Nancy:

                         Nancy dau of John Brown & Weneford Andrews.

                    e.   Sally Ann Swinson #12260 b. 1810-1820.

                    f.   John Andrew Swinson #12261 b. abt 1817, m. 5 Sep 1867, in Onslow Co. NC, Sarah Futrell #12267, b. 31 Aug

                         1836, Onslow Co. NC, d. 30 Jun 1909, Onslow Co. NC.  Sarah: Sarah dau of Daniel Futrell & Thurse Scarber.

                    g.   Jacob Swinson #12262 b. 1825-1827, Onslow Co. NC, m. Sarah ? #12268, b. abt 1823, NC.  Jacob died abt 1910.

          B.   Austin Swinson #12224 b. abt 1730, Tyrell Co. NC, m. Mrs. Swinson #12231.  Austin died 1786-1790, Duplin Co. NC.

               Austin recieved 200 acres in Pitt Co. NC east side of Tranters Creek in 1762. He went to Duplin Co. NC 1764-1770 with

               brother John Jr. as did his uncle Dennis Glisson.

               1.   John Austin Swinson #12232 b. abt 1757, Tyrell Co. NC, d. Feb-Aug 1833, Duplin Co. NC.

               2.   Jesse Swinson Sr. #12233 b. 17 Mar 1759, Tyrell Co. NC, m. abt 1783, Nancy Ann Winders #12234, b. 31 Mar 1762,

                    Duplin Co. NC, d. 18 Feb 1837.  Jesse died 17 Apr 1834, Duplin Co. NC.  Nancy: dau of John Winders Sr.

                    a.   Catherine Mary Swinson #12235 b. 19 Sep 1784, Duplin Co. NC, d. Leake Co. MS.

                    b.   Levi Swinson #12236 b. 28 Feb 1786, Duplin Co. NC.

                    c.   Austin Swinson #12237 b. 13 Jan 1788, Duplin Co. NC, d. 9 Jun 1852.

                    d.   Daniel Swinson #12238 b. 26 Nov 1789, Duplin Co. NC.

                    e.   Nancy Swinson #12239 b. 10 Jan 1792, Duplin Co. NC, d. 24 Aug 1844.

                    f.   John Swinson #12240 b. 24 Sep 1793, Duplin Co. NC, d. 4 Feb 1857, Duplin Co. NC.

                    g.   Mary Swinson #12241 b. 24 Jul 1795, Duplin Co. NC.

                    h.   Edith Swinson #12242 b. 20 Nov 1797, Duplin Co. NC.

                    i.   Jessie Swinson #12243 b. 21 Apr 1800, Duplin Co. NC, d. 22 Feb 1864, Duplin Co. NC.

                    j.   Henry Swinson #12244 b. 21 Apr 1802, Duplin Co. NC.

                    k.   James Glisson Swinson #12245 b. 10 Jul 1805, Duplin Co. NC.

          C.   Levi Swinson #12225 b. abt 1736, Tyrell Co. NC, d. 1785-1795.  In 1757 levy purchased 600a of land in Tyrell Co. NC

               his father John Sr. & his brohter John Jr. served as chain carriers west of Trantors Creek.  This land ended up as

               part of Martin Co. NC.  He left part of this land to Winney & Milley Percey daughter of Martha Percey who may have

               been his daughter.  No other heirs known.

     II.  James Glisson #9631 b. abt 1703, VA or NC, d. 1762, Pitt Co. NC.  James signed petition with John & Dennis Glisson 1733 in

          Bertie Co.  He was listed as grand Juror 1739-40 with Dennis.  Bought land 1744 from Dennis in Tyrrell Co. on Trentors

          Creek.  Witness of Dennis Glisson land sale 1744. Witness to land sale 1747 Tyrell Co.  Listed 1755 tax list Beauford Co.

          Listed 1762 tax list in Pitt Co.with Joseph & Abraham.  Left will dated 10 Oct 1762 in Pitt Co.

     III. Isaac Glisson #9633 b. abt 1706, VA or NC, d. 1755 1790, ?.  Listed on 1755 Tax list in Beauford Co. No other info on him.

     IV.  Dennis Glisson #9630 b. abt 1709, Bertie Co. NC or VA, m. Mary Brinkley? #9635, b. abt 1709.  Dennis died abt 1787, Duplin

          Co. NC.  Dennis signed a Petition with John & James Glisson in Bertie Co. in 1733. Dennis listed on Jury list 1739 in

          Tyrrell Co.  Sold land 1744 in Tyrrell Co. on SS of Trentor Creek to James Glisson, Howard Ward, and William Ray. Dennis

          bought land 1754 Roquist Island Tyrrell Co. and sold it in 1756.  He was listed 1755 tax list of Beauford Co.  Bought land

          1764 Duplin Co. listing him as being of Beauford Co. on NS of Goshen Swamp.  Dennis was in many land deals in Duplin Co.

          1764-1782. 1741 tax list Tyrrell Co. In Rev War as Captain Mary: maiden name may have been Brinkley but no proof.  Many

          desendants name Brinkley Glisson or John Brinkley Glisson etc.  From lines of different sons of Dennis & Mary.

          A.   Isaac Glisson #9636 b. abt 1732, Bertie Co. NC, m. (1) unknown ? #9683, m. (2) Jun 1762, in Tyrrell Co. NC, Mrs.

               Martha (Mary) Whitfield #9684, d. 1790-1800, m. (3) 1790-1800, Sarah (Celey) ? #9725, b. bef 1755.  Isaac died aft

               1805, Martin Co. NC.  Isaac listed on 1755 Beauford Co. tax list with father.  Also listed on 1779- 1780-1787 tax

               list of Martin Co.  Witness land sale 1755 in Tyrell Co. by William Mobley.  William Mobley had land next to Dennis

               in Duplin Co. Listed as heir in brother Jacobs will dated 30 Nov 1805.  Mrs. Martha Whitfield was the widow of William

               Whitfield who left will in Tyrrell Co. NC in will book 1 page 21 dated 8 April 1761.  They had 5 children namely Winne,

               John, Jesse,  Stephen, and William.

               1.   James Glisson #8069 b. 23 Jan 1760, Tyrrell Co. or Martin Co. NC, m. ? Dennison? #9806.  James died 1840-50,

                    Henry Co. TN.  Moved to Henry Co. TN 1825, and applied for Revolutionary War Pension on 23 Dec 1834 living in

                    Henry Co. TN.  Left will in Henry Co. TN dated 6 Dec 1847.  Wife evidently deceased, listed sons Dennis Glisson,

                    James Glisson, & daus Martha Mcddtere, Elizabeth Nerurcie, heirs of Nancy F. Lake, Boddy Leesley. He was listed

                    in 1790-1800-1810 in Martin Co. NC.  He was listed in 1830 in Weakley Co. TN age 70-80 and in Henry Co. TN age

                    80-90. (see additional generations of James Glisson family in References of Glissons in Tennessee)

                    a.   James Glisson Jr. #8071 b. 1794-1800, Martin Co. NC.  Listed in 1830 census in Henry Co. TN, father still

                         in Weakly Co. TN in 1830.

                    b.   Martha Patsy (Patti) (Gleason) Glisson #9807 b. abt 1799, Martin Co. NC, m. Isaac William Middleton #9809,

                         b. 1799, d. 14 Apr 1834, Henry Co. TN.  According to bible record of Martha Gleason she married Isaac

                         Middleton, and she was born in Scotland? and her mothers maiden name was Dennison, and she had a sister

                         Elizabeth (Betty) who married John Norman and brothers Brinkley & Hugh and had other siblings.  In will of

                         James Glisson in 1849 Henry Co.TN he list children Martha Mcdd??t?n, Elizabeth N??r??n which probably is

                         Martha Middleton & Elizabeth Norman.  Also listed was Dennis, James, heirs of Nancy F.Lake, Boddy Leesley.

                         Other Children not listed. Martha did go to Henry CoTN Isaac: Isaac Middleton son of Isaac Middleton & gs

                         of James Middleton Jr. Deed registration for Isaac Middleton 25 Feb 1800 witnessed by James Glisson.

                         Administration of estate of Isaac Middleton 23 Jun 1834 Henry Co. TN list admistrator widow Martha

                         Middleton. Isaac was called Dr. Isaac Middleton.

                    c.   Elizabeth (Betty) Glisson #7801 b. 13 Apr 1800, Martin Co. NC, m. 13 May 1824, in Duplin Co. NC, John

                         Norman #7826, b. 23 Dec 1800, NC.  Elizabeth died 1860, Pierce Station, Weakley Co. TN.  Glenda Womach a

                         descendant of Eliza's & John Norman has a copy of a bible which list their birthdates and dates of the

                         children of John Norman & Eliza Glisson.  Eliza previously thought to be dau of Daniel Glisson & 2nd wife

                         Elizabeth Kornegay.  But she may have been dau of James Glisson on Martin Co. NC and Weakley & Henry Co.

                         TN. Elizabeth did go to Henry Co. TN by at least 1835. John: John and family left Duplin Co. NC in 1826 and

                         moved to either Weakley Co. or Henry Co. TN. later went to Ark.  John was son of Richard Norman & Martha


                    d.   Dennis C. Theophilus Glisson #7798 b. 12 Feb 1802, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1839, in TN, Arena (Reney) R.

                         Moore #7824, b. abt 1806, TN, bur. Glisson Cemtery-Paris,Henry Co. TN.  Dennis died 17 Oct 1866, Henry Co.

                         TN, bur. Glisson Cemtery-Henry Co. TN.

                    e.   Brinkley B. (Brantly) Glisson #7799 b. abt 1804, Martin Co. NC, m. 25 Nov 1831, in Henry Co. TN, Mary Polly

                         Williams #7825, b. abt 1818, TN.  Brinkley died 1870-80, Henry Co. TN.  In 1870 Census M.F. Glisson a

                         female age 58, & C.W. Glisson male age 6 lived with him.  Unsure who they are. Brinkley lived next to

                         Dennis Glisson in Henry Co. TN. I believe he is a brother to Dennis.  However bible record of Martha

                         Glisson Middleton states she had brother Brinkley and I know they went to Henry Co. TN.  Brinkley appears

                         to be son of James even though he was not listed in James's will.

                    f.   William W. Glisson #8075 b. abt 1805, Martin Co. NC, m. abt 1838, in Henry Co. TN, Elizabeth Clary Travis

                         #8078, b. Mar 1807, Mecklenburg, Co. VA, d. 23 Jul 1890, Weakley Co. TN, bur. Travis Family Cemetery-Henry

                         Co. TN.  Elizabeth: Elizabeth was married (1) to Dr. Gaines F. Clarke abt 1829.  She had 2 or 3 children by

                         this marriage.

                    g.   Nancy F.  Glisson #8072 b. 1800-1810, Martin Co. NC, m. ? Lake #9721.  Nancy died bef 1849.

                    h.   Boddy Glisson #9720 b. 1810-1815, Martin Co. NC, m. ? Leesley #9724.

                    i.   John Huston (H. or Hugh)  Glisson #9808 b. 1810-1820, Martin Co. NC.  In 1860 Census Henry Co. TN a H.

                         Gleason was listed b.1819 living alone. This may be Hugh Glisson.  In bible of Martha Glisson Middleton she

                         listed sister Elizabeth Glisson Norman, brothers Brinkley & Hugh.  No other info of either H. Gleason or

                         Hugh Glisson at this time. From internet Dennis Theaopolis Glisson had brother John Huston Glisson also

                         Martha Glisson Middleton had brother Hugh.  I think same person.  Dennis and Martha lived in next household

                         from each other in 1850 census in Henry Co. TN

               2.   Isaac Glisson Jr. #9715 b. abt 1763.  never married.

               3.   Ann Glisson #9716 b. abt 1766.

               4.   John Glisson #9717 b. 1755-1774, Martin Co. NC, m. Unknown ? #9726, b. 1755-1774.  John died 1802-1810, Martin

                    Co. NC.

                    a.   Sarah Glisson #9727 b. abt 1794, Martin Co. NC.  Sarah listed in 1810 census in Martin Co. NC as f.16-26

                         with m.10-16 m.under 10 f.under 10.  It is believed that her parents died 1802-1810 and she was the head of

                         the house raising her younger siblings.  1 Male b.abt 1798 listed in 1800 census would have been 12 years

                         old in 1810 census may have died 1802- 1810 also.  Daniel would have been the male 10-16 listed above.

                    b.   Daniel Glisson #7585 b. abt 1796, Martin Co. NC, m. abt 1812, Susan ? #7586, b. 1796-98, NC, d. 1970-80,

                         Martin Co. NC.  Daniel died 1877-1880, Martin Co. NC.  Daniel was listed in 1850-60-70 Census in Martin Co.

                         NC in Hamilton, Hamilton Twp. Area. as was his children and grandchildren etc. Daniel may have been a son

                         of John of Martin Co. & gson of Isaac Glisson & ggson of Dennis Glisson?  (See additional generations of Daniel

                         Glisson family next pages)

                    c.   Male Glisson #9728 b. abt 1798, Martin Co. NC.

                    d.   Female Glisson #9729 b. abt 1800, Martin Co. NC.

                    e.   Male Glisson #9730 b. abt 1802, Martin Co. NC.

               5.   Male Glisson #9718 b. 1774-1784.

               6.   Male Glisson #9719 b. 1774-1790.

          B.   Jacob Glisson #9637 b. bef 1734, Bertie Co. NC, m. Mary ? #9705.  Jacob died 1805-1806, Duplin Co. NC.  Jacob left

               will in Duplin Co. dated 30 Nov 1805 leaving property to wife Mary, to John Glisson Sr., and to John Glisson Jr's son

               Lewis, also list brothers & sisters Abraham, Isaac, Michael, Frederick Glisson, Rachel Gufford, Mary Summerling,

               Charity Summerling, and Prudence Chambers.  Jacob listed on 1755 Beauford Co. Tax list with father.  Received Land as

               gift from father Dennis 1767 in Duplin Co.  Witnessed land deals 1764-1782, Listed 1785 Duplin Co. Navigation of

               Goshen Swamp.  In census 1784-87, 1790 in Duplin Co.

               1.   Male Glisson #9706 b. 1765-74.

               2.   Male Glisson #9707 b. 1774-1786.

               3.   Female Glisson #9708 b. bef 1786, d. 1786-1790.

          C.   John W. Glisson Sr. #9638 b. abt 1736, Bertie or Terrell Co. NC, m. abt 1756, in Beautford Co. NC, ? Haywood #9731.

               John died aft 1805, Duplin Co. NC.  John was in Rev War.  He witnessed land sales 1774-1776 in Duplin Co. Received

               land from father Dennis as deed of gift 1774.  Bought land from father 1779, from Arthur Herring 1782,bought land

               1783.  Later land deals in Duplin Co. were thought to be John Sr. but I think they were for John Jr. Listed as heir

               in will of his brother Jacob dated 30 Nov 1805. ?: Maiden name may have been Haywood but no proof.  There were many

               later Glisson named Haywood Glisson, William Haywood Glisson, John Haywood Glisson etc. that all are descendants of

               John W. Glisson Sr, but not of John W. brothers or uncles etc.

               1.   John W. Glisson Jr. #9732 b. abt 1757, Terrell Co. NC, m. abt 1776, Jean   ? #12162, b. abt 1759.  Not much is

                    known about this John Jr.  I believe he is the John listed in 1790-1800-1810 census in Duplin Co. NC.  He and

                    family? disappears 1810-1820? John Sr would have been too old to have had children b. in the 1790's.  He is

                    listed in will of Jacob Glisson 1805. He was also listed in 1784-87 census. All of the above census definitely

                    pertains to the same family.  Past referenc es said they were John Sr. but I don't think so.

                    a.   Lewis Glisson #9733 b. abt 1778, Duplin Co. NC, m. 15  Dec 1797, in Duplin Co. NC, Nice Garras #10144.

                         Nice: dau of Benjamin Garras & Elizabeth (Betsy) Sikes who died in Muhlenberg Co. KY (see additional generation of 

                         Lewis Glisson family in References in Alabama)

                    b.   Millard Glisson #9735 b. 1780-1784, Duplin Co. NC, d. 1790-1800, Duplin Co. NC.

                    c.   William Glisson #9045 b. 1780-1784, prob Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1806, Mary Millard #9046, b. 1784-1790, prob

                         Duplin Co.NC.  William died 1840-50, Duplin Co. NC.  William probably son of John Glisson and gson of

                         Dennis Glisson. Mary: Mary dau of Hezikial Millard.  Listed in his will.  (see additional generations of William Glisson

                         family next pages)

                    d.   female Glisson #12163 b. abt 1785, Duplin Co. NC.  died or married or left Duplin Co. NC 1800-1810

                    e.   male Glisson #12167 b. abt 1788, Duplin Co. NC.  died or left Duplin Co. NC 1800-1810

                    f.   female Glisson #12168 b. abt 1790, Duplin Co. NC.  died or married or left Duplin Co. NC 1800-1810

                    g.   male Glisson #12166 b. abt 1792, Duplin Co. NC.  died or left Duplin Co. NC 1800-1810

                    h.   female Glisson #12169 b. abt 1793, Duplin Co. NC.  died or married of left Duplin Co. NC 1800-1810

                    i.   male Glisson #12171 b. abt 1795, Duplin Co. NC.  died or left Duplin Co. NC 1810-1820

                    j.   female Glisson #12170 b. abt 1797, Duplin Co. NC.  died or married or left Duplin Co. NC 1810-1820.

                    k.   male Glisson #12172 b. abt 1799, Duplin Co. NC.  died or left Duplin Co. NC 1810-1820.

               2.   Daniel Glisson #7787 b. 12 Jul 1759, Beauford Co. NC, m. (1) 6 Sep 1783, in Duplin Co. NC, Sally (Sarah Anne)

                    Herring #7788, b. abt 1764, NC, d. abt 1787, Duplin Co. NC, m. (2) abt 1800, in NC, Elizabeth (Betty) Kornegay

                    #7797, b. 1765-1784, NC, d. aft 1830, Duplin Co. NC.  Daniel died 29 Feb 1828, Duplin Co. NC.  Daniel's estate

                    was settled 1830 in Duplin Co. NC leaving everthing to wife Elizabeth. He was son of John Glisson who was in

                    Continental Army MD and gson of Dennis Glisson of Tyrell, Beaufort and Duplin Co. NC. He was Sheriff of Duplin

                    Co. for many years, Chairman of Duplin Co. NC Court, and member of State Legislature for 36 years. Sally: was

                    dau of Stephen Herring & Sarah Bright.  Sarah Bright dau of William Bright.  Stephen Herring left will dated 21

                    Sep 1797.  List wife Sarah, sons Stephen Bright Herring, Alexander Herring, Samuel Herring, daughters, Althea

                    Harrell, Caty Croom, dau Pearsis Glisson, Nancy New, and Sally Glisson dec former wife of Daniel Glisson.

                    Grandchildren, Bryan, Charity, Hetty, Sally Henry Glisson.  Not listed as grandchildren Abraham Glisson.  Daniel

                    Jr. & Stephen Herring Glisson born aft will? Elizabeth: dau of William Kornegay & Elizabeth Outlaw.  Her brother

                    George Fisher Kornegay married Sarah Glisson dau of Daniel Glisson Sr. & 1st wife Sally Herring.  Thus Sarah

                    Elizabeth's brother married her step daughter. (see additional generations of Daniel Glisson family next page)

                    a.   Bryant Glisson #7789 b. abt 1784, Duplin Co. NC, m. 15 Feb 1805, in Duplin Co. NC, Sally Herring #7807, b.

                         1770-80, NC.  Bryant died abt 1824, Duplin Co. NC.  Bryant made will dated 2 Aug 1824 in Will Bk A pg 182,

                         settled 1826.  Heirs wife Sally, sons Abraham, Bryan H. daughters Zelphin Ann, Sally Jane, & Susannah,

                         brothers Abraham & Stephen H., notes due on estate Dennis, & Lewis Glisson, other names on papers were

                         Daniel Jr., Hinton, William, Absum, & L. or T. H. Glisson. He was listed in in 1810 census Duplin Co. NC

                         age 16-26 & 1820 census Duplin Co. NC age 26-44.  His widow and children showed up in Shelby Co. TN by

                         1840. Son of Daniel Glisson & 1st wife Sarah Herring. 

                    b.   Abraham Glisson #7791 b. abt 1786, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1809, in Duplin Co. NC, ? #7819, b. 1790-1800, NC,

                         d. 1832-40, Gibson Co. TN.  Abraham died Nov 1849, Gibson Co. TN age 62.  Abraham son of Daniel Glisson and

                         1st wife Sally Herring.  He was listed in will of brother Bryant Glisson in 1824 Duplin Co. NC.  He was

                         listed in 1820 census Duplin Co. NC age 26-45.  He was listed in 1830 census in Gibson Co. TN age 50-60.

                         He was listed in 1840 census Gibson Co. TN age 50-60.  He was listed on the 1850 mortality schedule for

                         Gibson Co. died at age 62. Abraham was Sheriff in Gibson Co. TN in 1830.

                    c.   female Glisson #12173 b. abt 1788, Duplin Co. NC.

                    d.   Elizabeth Glisson #12174 b. abt 1790, Duplin Co. NC, d. 1790-1800, Duplin Co. NC.

                    e.   Sarah (Sally) Glisson #7793 b. 24 Feb 1791, Duplin Co. NC, m. 26 May 1823, in Duplin Co. NC, George Fisher

                         Kornegay #9253, b. 1790, NC, d. 1869, NC.  Sarah died 1859, NC.  George: Marriage to Sarah Glisson may have

                         been a 2nd marriage for George. George son of William Kornegay & Elizabeth Outlaw.

                    f.   Female Glisson #12175 b. abt 1792, Duplin Co. NC.

                    g.   Daniel Glisson Jr. #7795 b. abt 1793, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1828, in Duplin Co. NC, Martha Patsy ? #7822,

                         b. 1810-13, NC.  Daniel died 1850-70, Gibson Co. TN.  A Mrs. Daniel Glisson Jr. died 15 Mar 1822 in Duplin

                         Co. NC.  A Daniel Glisson Jr. married 7 Oct 1822 to Nancy Herring.  Prev genealogist stated that Daniel Jr.

                         married Elizabeth Kornegay but that is incorrect.  His father Daniel Glisson Sr. married 2nd to Elizabeth

                         Kornegay and had several more children by her. So I believe this Daniel Jr.m(1)to?m.(2)Nancy Herring

                         m(3)Martha Patsy ? then moved to Gibson Co. TN. Listed in 1830 Duplin Co. NC & 1840-50 in Gibson Co.TN

                    h.   Stephen Herring Glisson #7796 b. abt 1795, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1817, Nancy ? #7823, d. bef 1850, Obion

                         Co. TN.  Stephen died 1840-50, Obion Co. TN.  Stephen & wife Nancy estate probated Obion County records

                         Roll #41 1852-1853, Sept term 12-13.  Stephen, wife Nancy, sons George Rufus & Phenias all died 1849-52.

                         Possible an epidemic or just coincedence. He was listed in Brother Bryant's will 1824 in Duplin Co. NC.  He

                         was listed in 1830 census in Obion Co. as Stephen H. Gryson age 30-40 and in 1840 census in Obion Co. as

                         Herron Glisson age 40-50.

                    i.   male Glisson #12176 b. abt 1799, Duplin Co. NC.

                    j.   Hinton Glisson #7676 b. abt 1801, Duplin Co. NC, m. 29 Mar 1825, in Duplin Co. NC, Celia Turnage #7677, b.

                         1802-05, Duplin Co. NC, d. 1860-70, prob Jefferson Co. GA.  Hinton died 1860-70, prob Jefferson Co. GA.

                         prob son of Daniel Glisson & 2nd wife Sarah Elizabeth Kornegay. Celia: Celia had a brother William Turnage

                         and a sister Mrs. Hannar Dopson.

                    k.   Mary Glisson #7800 b. abt 1804, Duplin Co. NC, d. young.

                    l.   Dennis Glisson #9251 b. 1805, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1830, Elizabeth Hines #10867, d. bef 1840, Gibson or

                         Obion Co. TN.  Dennis died abt 1838, Gibson or Obion Co. TN.  Jan term 1840 Gibson Co. TN for guradianship

                         of orphans of Dennis Glisson listed children of Dennis Glisson as Haywood, George W. & Eliza Jane. Stephen

                         O'Daniel appointed guardian of William Haywood & George Washington Glisson & Stephen H. Glisson appointed

                         guardian of Eliza Jane Glisson.  Also A. Glisson signed a bond.  Will of Joel Hines listed grandchildren

                         Haywood, George & Eliza Jane.  Family record list Dennis wife as Elizabeth Hines dau of Joel Hines &

                         Patience Gulley. Elizabeth: dau of Joel Hines & Patience Gulley of Duplin Co. NC

                    m.   Eliza Glisson #9803 b. abt 1807.

                    n.   George W. Glisson #7802 b. abt 1809, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1839, Mary J. ? #9782, b. 1814-1815, NC.  George

                         died aft 1880, Duplin Co. NC.  George 1840 census.

                    o.   Haywood Glisson #7803 b. 16 Jun 1812, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1845, Susan Linda Elizabeth Taylor #7828, b.

                         abt 1826-27, NC.  Haywood died 1880-1900.  Haywood son of Daniel Glisson & 2nd wife Elizabeth Kornegay.

                    p.   female Glisson #7804 b. abt 1814, Duplin Co. NC, m. ? #8038.

                    q.   Clarissa Glisson #7805 b. abt 1816, Duplin Co. NC, m. 21 May 1836, in Duplin Co. NC, Jonathan Keathly

                         #9252.  Jonathan: family may of went to Gibson Co. TN

               3.   Hepsabeth (Hepzibah) Glisson #12306 b. abt 1760, Beaufort Co. NC, m. abt 1777, in Duplin Co. NC, Phillip (John)

                    Jones #12305, b. abt 1757, d. Duplin Co. NC.  Hepsabeth died Duplin Co. NC or.

                    a.   John Jones #12307 b. abt 1778, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1803, in Duplin Co. NC, Lucretia (Sarah) Benton

                         #12327, b. abt 1785, Duplin Co. NC, d. bef 1844, Gibson Co. TN.  John died 1850-1860, Gibson Co. TN.

                    b.   Elisha Jones #12361 b. abt 1780, NC, m. Caty ? #12363.

                    c.   Stephen Jones #12308 b. abt 1782, Duplin Co. NC, m. 29 Nov 1804, in Duplin Co. NC, Mary Martin #12326.

                    d.   Joel Jones #12362 b. abt 1785, NC, d. bef 1844, AL.

                    e.   Barabara Jones #12309 b. abt 1788, Duplin Co. NC, m. 17 Jun 1809, in Duplin Co. NC, Nathaniel Price #12311,

                         b. abt 1766.

                    f.   Nancy Jones #12310 b. 15 Jan 1790, Columbus, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1817, William Griffin #12317, b. 5 Apr

                         1794, Columbus, Duplin Co. NC, d. 3 May 1870, Pike Co. AL.  Nancy died 20 Sep 1871, Troy, Pike Co. AL.

                         William: son of Hardy Griffin & Victoria Harden.

               4.   Abraham Glisson #12160 b. 1760-1761, m. abt 1786, Pearsis (Persia) Herring #10869, b. abt 1767, Duplin  Co. NC.

                    Abraham died abt 1796, New Hanover Co. NC.  Abraham was in Revolutionary War.  Listed in census in New Hanover

                    Co. NC in 1790 with wife, 1 male and 1 female under 16.  Probably Henry & Charity. Pearsis: dau of Stephen

                    Herring & Sarah Bright. Listed in her father Stephen Herring,s will with children, Henry, Sallie, Charity and

                    Hetty in 1797.  Pearsis married (2) 27 May 1800 to James Ward.

                    a.   Henry Glisson #7794 b. abt 1787, Duplin Co. NC or New Hanover Co. NC, m. abt 1814, Amy Anne ? #7821, b. abt

                         1801-09, NC.  Henry died 1840-1850, Obion Co. TN.  Henry was listed in will of Stephen Herring in 1797 in

                         Duplin Co. Listed as a grandson & son of his dau Pearsis Herring Glisson.  He was listed in 1840 census in

                         Obion Co. TN age 50-60.  Died prior to 1850.  His widow and children listed in 1850 census in Obion Co. TN.

                         He lived near Stephen Herring Glisson his double cousin. Henry son of Abraham Glisson & Pearsis Herring.

                         Stephen son of Daniel Glisson & Sarah Herring.  Abraham & Daniel brothers and Sarah & Pearsis sisters. Amy:

                         Amy listed as widow in 1850 in Obion Co. TN, 1860 with son Theodore in Stoddard Co. Missouri, in 1870 back

                         in Obion Co. TN with son Theodore.

                    b.   Charity Glisson #7792 b. abt 1788, Duplin Co. NC, d. 1797-1800 ?, Duplin Co. NC.  Mention in her

                         grandfather Stephen Herring's will in 1797 as being dau of Pearsis Herring Glisson.

                    c.   Sallie Glisson #12161 b. abt 1793, Hanover Co. NC or Duplin Co. NC.  Listed in her grandfather Stephen

                         Herring's will in 1797 as being dau of Pearsis Herring.

                    d.   Hetty (Mahetheny) Glisson #7790 b. abt 1796, Duplin Co. NC or New Hanover Co. NC, m. 24 Feb 1813, in Duplin

                         Co. NC, Lewis Grimes #7820, b. 1777, NC, d. 1857, Stewart Co.GA.  Hetty died aft 1860.  Listed in her

                         grandfather Stephen Herring's will in 1797 as being dau of Pearsis Herring Glisson.

               5.   Elizabeth Glisson #9737 b. abt 1770.

        D.   Rachel Glisson #9641 b. abt 1738, Tyrell Co. NC, m. abt 1760, in prob Beaufort or Pitt Co. NC, Andrew Gufford #9711,

               b. bef 1734, Tyrell/Beaufort Co. NC, d. abt 1808, Duplin Co. NC.  Rachel died 1805-1810, Duplin Co. NC.  Listed as

               heir in her brother Jacob's will dated 30 Nov 1805. Andrew: Andrew Gufford bought land from William Mobley 1772

               witnessed by John Glifson. He bought land 1775-1778 from Michael Glisson, from Abraham Glisson 1776, from Arthur

               Herring 1796 witness Stephen Gufford.  He witnessed Dennis Glisson land purchase 1764, and the Dennis Glisson land

               sale to son John Glisson 1774. He was listed 1785 Navigation of Goshen Swamp.  He was listed 1755 tax list in

               Beaufort Co, 1762-63 in Pitt Co. 1783 & 1784-87 tax list in Duplin Co. All same as Dennis Glisson his father-in-law.

               1.   Stephen Gufford #9742 b. bef 1762, Pitt Co. NC, m. (1) 1786-1790, in Duplin Co. NC, unknown wife #12287, d.

                    1790-1796, Duplin Co. NC, m. (2) 1 Mar 1796, in Duplin Co. NC, unknown 2nd wife #12288, d. bef 1810, Duplin Co.

                    NC.  Stephen died aft 1810.  Listed 1784-87 census Duplin Co. NC next to Andrew Gufford and was single age over

                    21.  He witnessed land purchase of Andrew Gufford.  Stephen sold land to Isaac Kornegay 1807, James & Stephen

                    Gufford sold land to Bryan Glisson in 1808.  Stephen sold land to James Jernigan 1809, and to John Blizzard

                    1810. Listed in 1783, 1784-87, tax list in Duplin Co. NC 1790 & 1810 in Census. unknown: Stephen listed as

                    single in 1784-87 tax list then with a wife in 1790 census in Duplin Co. NC.  There is a marriage record 1 Mar

                    1796 wife's name not listed.  This must have been a 2nd marriage.  Appears he had no children by this first

                    wife. unknown: Stephen may have lived with his parents with a daughter in 1810 no wife.

                    a.   female Gufford #12289 b. 1796-1800, Duplin Co. NC.

               2.   Female Gufford #9744 b. abt 1765, Duplin Co. NC.  married or died bef 1790.  Listed in 1784-87 tax list with

                    parents but not listed in 1790. I believe her father came to Duplin Co. NC with Dennis Glisson and family in


               3.   Female Gufford #9745 b. abt 1769, Duplin Co. NC.  married or died 1790-1800.  Listed with parents 1784-87 tax

                    list and 1790 census but not 1800 on.  I believe her father came to Duplin Co. about 1764 with Dennis Glisson

                    and family.

               4.   James Gufford #9743 b. abt 1775, Duplin Co. NC, m. abt 1773, unknown wife #12074.  James & Stephen Gufford sold

                    land to Bryan Glisson in 1808 in Duplin Co. NC. James & Stephen sold land 14 Sep 1807 to Bryant Glisson formerly

                    belonging to their father Andrew Gufford.

                    a.   female Gufford #12290 b. 1775-1794, Duplin Co. NC.

                    b.   male Gufford #12291 b. 1794-1802, Duplin Co. NC.

                    c.   female Gufford #12292 b. 1794-1802, Duplin Co. NC.

                    d.   female Gufford #12293 b. 1794-1802, Duplin Co. NC.

                    e.   male Gufford #12294 b. 1804-1810, Duplin Co. NC.

                    f.   female Gufford #12295 b. 1810-1820, Duplin Co. NC.

               5.   Elenor Gufford #9746 b. 1784-1794, Duplin Co. NC, m. 1 Apr 1806, in Duplin Co. NC, James Jernagan #12296, b.

                    1780-1784, Duplin Co. NC, d. aft 1840.  Elenor died 1820-1830, Duplin Co. NC.  James: Land deed Stephen Gufford

                    to James Jernagan both of Duplin Co. 4 Mar 1809 may have been land originally belonging to Stephen's father

                    Andrew and before that a part of the land of Dennis Glisson.

                    a.   male Jernagan #12297 b. 1800-1810, Duplin Co. NC.

                    b.   female Jernagan #12298 b. 1800-1810, Duplin Co. NC.

                    c.   female Jernagan #12299 b. 1800-1810, Duplin Co. NC.

                    d.   female Jernagan #12300 b. 1810-1815, Duplin Co. NC.

                    e.   female Jernagan #12301 b. 1810-1815, Duplin Co. NC.

                    f.   male Jernagan #12302 b. 1815-1820, Duplin Co. NC.

                    g.   male Jernagan #12303 b. 1820-1825, Duplin Co. NC.

          E.   Michael Glisson #9642 b. abt 1740, Tyrell Co. NC, m. Unknown ? #9747.  Michael died 1811-1820, Duplin Co. NC.  Bought

               land 1771,1774 next to Dennis Glisson land witnessed by John Glisson. Bought from John Glisson 1779, from Frederick

               Glisson 1782, 1786 and from James Chambers 1787.  Sold land to James Chambers 1775,1777, 1778, to John Glisson 1788,

               other sales in 1794, 1810, 1811.  He witnessed land deals 1773 1774 deed of Dennis to John , sale Dennis to

               Frederick, sale Dennis to John, sale to Frederick 1782,1786.  He was listed 1784-87 census Duplin Co. wife & 3

               Children. Maybe last land purchase dated 3 Dec 1811.Listed in Jacob's will.

               1.   Female Glisson #9748 d. 1786-1790.

               2.   Male Glisson #9749 b. 1765-1786, d. 1786-1790.

               3.   Male Glisson #9750 b. 1774-1786.  died or married 1790-1800.

          F.   Charity Glisson #9640 b. abt 1742, Tyrell Co. NC, m. abt 1764, Jacob (Summerell) Summerlin #9710, b. abt 1742.

               Charity died 1805-1810, Duplin Co. NC.  Liste as heir in will of her brother Jacob dated 30 Nov 1805.  Not listed in

               1810 Census. Jacob: Jacob Summerlin wife Charity Glisson listed 1784-87 Census of Duplin Co. NC Jacob age 21-60 with

               wife 2f age 1765-86, 8m age 1765-85. Jacob son of Thomas Summerell.

               1.   Dennis Summerlin #9756 b. abt 1765, Pitt Co. NC.

               2.   Michael (Mack) Summerlin #9760 b. abt 1767.

               3.   James  Summerlin #9761 b. abt 1771, m. Hanna Hardison #9778.  James died 1856.

               4.   Jacob Summerlin Jr. #9758 b. abt 1772, Duplin Co. NC, m. Charity Hines #9765, b. 1776, NC, d. aft 1850, AL.

                    Jacob died 1840-50.  Most of Jacob's children removed to south AL 1825-40. Charity: Lived with son Hines

                    Summerlin in 1850 in Dale Co. AL.

                    a.   Hines Summerlin #9766 b. abt 1805, Duplin Co. NC, m. 26  Dec 1828, in Duplin Co. NC, Nancy Glisson #9767,

                         b. abt 1805, Duplin Co. NC, (daughter of Lewis Glisson #9733 and Nice Garras #10144) Hines was grandson of

                         Jacob Summerlin Sr. & Charity Glisson.  He married (2) Elizabeth Hines. Nancy: Nancy dau of Lewis Glisson &

                         Nice Garras gd of John Glisson and ggd of Dennis Glisson. Nancy's father Lewis and her brother John was

                         listed in 1840 census for Dale Co. AL.  Her brother John listed in 1850 census in Coffee Co. AL.

               5.   Reading (Reddin)  Summerlin #9762 b. 1780-1785, m. Rachel Snipes #9779, b. abt 1782, NC.  Reading died

                    1823-1830, Kershaw Co. SC?.  Reddin left NC and went to Kershaw Co. SC. Rachel: After Reddin died Rachel left SC

                    to south AL abt 1834.

               6.   Allen Summerlin #9763 b. abt 1787, m. Priscilla Snipes #9780, b. abt 1779, d. aft 1860, Neshoba Co. MS?.  Allen

                    died 1840-1850, Marion Co. GA.  Allen left NC and showed in 1820 & 30 Kershaw Co. SC. Then to Marion Co. GA abt

                    1840. Priscilla: After Allen died Priscilla and some of her children went to Neshoba Co. MS by 1860.

               7.   Frederick Summerlin #9755 b. abt 1782, m. (1) Nettie ? #9781, m. (2) Charity Herring #9776, b. abt 1806.

                    Frederick died 1850-60, Autauga Co. AL.  Frederick left NC and went to south AL by 1840.

                    a.   Lovey Ann Summerlin #9777

               8.   Thomas  Summerlin #9764 b. 1763-1787.

               9.   Mary Summerlin #9757 b. 1763-1787.

               10.  Sarah Summerlin #9759 b. 1763-1787.

          G.   Abraham Glisson #9643 b. abt 1744, Tyrell Co. NC, m. Martha ? #9712.  Abraham died aft 1806, Burke Co. GA.  Abraham

               bought land 1778 from James Kenan in Duplin Co. NC, from Robert Know 1781, from Thomas Cummings 1782 witnessed by

               Dennis Glisson.  Sold land to Andrew Gufford 1776 witnessed by Frederick & John Glisson, to Edward Dickson 1784, to

               James Chambers 1785, to David Cannon 1785. Witnessed land deals 1777, 1779.  Listed 1783 tax list of Duplin Co. NC.

               Left NC and went to Burke Co. GA about 1786. Listed as heir in brother Jacob's will dated 30 Nov 1805. His wife was

               believed to be Martha listed 1798 tax list Burke Co. GA? Martha: In 1798 in Burke Co. GA a Martha Glisson listed as

               head of household as was Frederick & Dennis Glisson but no Abraham. Martha not a proven wife of Abraham but a


               1.   John B. or Brinkley Glisson #9577 b. 1760-1770, NC, m. Sarah ? #9578, b. 1770-80.  John died aft 1830, GA.  John

                    B. or Brinkley or John Brinkley may have been 2 separate people.  Not many records to prove who his children

                    were.  He seemed to move around a lot. Actually lived in Burke Co., Chatham Co., Lawrence Co., then back to

                    Burke Co. and possible other GA counties. Other records in Bulloch Co., Crawford Co., Scriven, Early Co., Jasper

                    Co. ?  Probably son of Abraham Glisson. Brinkley witnessed land sale in Duplin Co. NC in 1786 then came to Burke

                    Co. GA with parents?

                    a.   John Glisson #9579 b. 1800-1810, m. 3 Mar 1826, in Jasper Co. GA, Catherine Williams #9584, b. 1810-20.

                         Listed in Crawford Co. as 1st Lt in 1833.  and may be the John B. listed in 1840 Census in Chatham Co.  No

                         other info on him.

                    b.   Rebecca Glisson #9580 b. 1800-1808, d. 22 Apr 1808, Chatham Co. GA.

                    c.   Lewis Gleason #9581 b. 1800-1810, m. 16 Oct 1842, in Crawford Co. GA, Lotia Garrell #9587.  Lewis may

                         actually have been a Gleason and not a Glisson but I put him with this family because of location.  Of

                         course no proof who he was and who his father was.  No other info on him.

                    d.   Brinkley Glisson #7654 b. 1812 or 1823, NC or SC, m. (1) 1 Oct 1837, in Crawford Co. GA, Amy Rigdon #7655,

                         b. 1815, GA, d. 1850-57, GA, m. (2) abt 1857, Pearcy ? #7661, b. 1825-30, NC or SC.  Brinkley died 1870-80,


               2.   Joseph Glisson #2209 b. 1760-1770, Duplin Co. N.C., m. (1) abt 1788, in GA, ? #9600, m. (2) Martha Bowen #2210,

                    b. 1777, Burke Co. GA., d. 1870-1880, Wayne Co. Ga.   Joseph died 1830-1838, Tattnall Co. Ga.   Joseph lived in

                    Bullock Co. Ga. abt 1805-1819 then lived in Tattnall Co. and was listed in 1820-1830 Census there. Died 1830-38

                    and his widow and minor children were not found in 1840 census.  However they were probably split up and lived

                    with older married brothers & sisters, for example Bryant in 1840 Tattnall Co. Ga had several young children

                    living with him that were not his children.  Joseph had dealings in Bulloch Co. till late 1820s.  Thus some

                    believe their were 2 Joseph.  I think Joseph of Bulloch & Tattnall were same. Martha: After death of Joseph

                    Martha lived with ? in 1840, with dau Sarah Groover in 1850 in Bulloch Co. age 72, with dau in-law Elizabeth

                    Daniel in 1860 in Tattnall Co. age 83 and with dau Hester Sweeney in 1870 in Wayne Co. age 93.

                    a.   John Glisson #2867 b. 1788-79, Burke Co. GA., m. (1) abt 1838, in Ga., unknown #2868, b. 1790-1800, d.

                         1840-1844, Randolph Co. Ga., m. (2) 30 Dec 1844, in Randolph Co. Ga., Elizabeth Curry #2870, b. 1812-13,

                         Ga.   John died 1870-1880, Randolph Co. Ga.   This John was listed in several Randolph Co. GA records.

                         Also listed as buying land in 1838 from James Hollaway.  Also a land deed for Riley Glisson and John

                         Glisson of Randolph Co. formerly land surveyed for Joseph Gisson in Bulloch Co. GA. John listed in 1840

                         Randolph Co. Census with wife and male under 5.  In 1830 Randolph Co. he was listed as single.  He latter

                         married his brothers? widow. Elizabeth: widow of Joseph Glisson brother of John Glisson.

                    b.   Male Glisson #2937 b. abt 1792-94, Burke Co. GA., m. abt 1819-1821, in Ga., Sarah #2231, b. 1795-1800,

                         Tattnall Co. Ga., d. aft 1880, Fla.   Male died bef 1840.  Probably a son of Joseph & Martha Glisson of

                         Bulloch & Tattnall Co. GA. Sarah: Sarah was listed in 1850 Bryan Co. GA as a widow.  1860-70 in Tattnall

                         Co. GA living with son Alexander and in 1880 in Bradford Co. FL with son Alexander.

                    c.   Male Glisson #4006 b. 1794, Burke Co. GA., m. abt 1825, in Ga., Elizabeth  ? #2214, b. 3 Jun 1803, Burke

                         Co. GA., d. 5 Jun 1880, Tattnall Co. Ga., bur. Old Anderson Cemetery-Tattnall Co. Ga.   Male died abt

                         1830-1838.  Elizabeth: Book on The Daniel Family of Ga. by Mona Allen said that Elizabeth was Elizabeth

                         Glisson dau of Joseph & Martha Glisson of Tattnall Co. Ga.  However she probably married an unknown son of

                         Joseph & Martha Glisson of Tattnall Co. Ga. and had 4 children by him,  in the meantime James Daniel

                         probably married and 1 to 3 children by his 1st wife.  Then in 1838 with their spouses deceased Elizabeth &

                         James married and had 5 to 6 chidren together. She lived with Joseph & Martha with her children before

                         marrying James Daniel in 1830.

                    d.   female Glisson #2211 b. abt 1796, Burke Co. GA., m. 1820-1830, unknown #2229.

                    e.   female Glisson #2223 b. abt 1798, Burke Co. GA.

                    f.   Riley Glisson #2391 b. abt 1800, Burke Co. GA., m. abt 1827, Mary #2907, b. abt 1805, Ga., d. 1870-1880,

                         Wakula Co. Fla.   Riley died 1847-1849.  Riley  son of Joseph & Martha Glisson of Bulloch & Tattnall Co. GA

                         Closely related to Wiley Glisson. Mary: Mary listed as a widow in 1850 Decatur Co. GA, 1860 Gadsen Co. FL,

                         1870 Wakula Co. FL with son Marion.

                    g.   female Glisson #9601 b. 1802, Bulloch Co. GA.

                    h.   Nathaniel Glisson #2215 b. abt 1804, Bulloch Co. Ga., m. (1) 2 Oct 1828, in Early Co. Ga., Fatina Neil

                         #2242, b. abt 1801, S.C., m. (2) Mary Ann #2965, m. (3) Rebecca #2966, b. 1821-1822, S.C., d. aft 1900.

                         Nathaniel bur. 11 Dec 1858, Mobile Co. Ala.   Nathaniel evidently divorced Fattina Neil.  He went to Sumter

                         Co. AL prior to 1840 and left wife and children.  He married 2 more times but did not have children by

                         these marriages? Rebecca: was previously married to James James and had children Mary J. James b.1842 and

                         Elizabeth James b.1846 and Martha James b. 1848.

                    i.   Sarah Glisson #2216 b. abt 1806, Bulloch Co. Ga., m. abt 1832, John Groover #2243, b. abt 1811, Ga.

                    j.   Marion (Meranora) Glisson #2212 b. abt 1808, Bulloch Co. GA, m. 27 Feb 1827, in Bullock Co. Ga., James

                         Durrence #2230, b. 1800-1810.  James: listed by himself in 1840 Census in Tattnall Co. Ga.  Either Marion

                         died or they divorced 1830-1840.

                    k.   Joseph Glisson #2218 b. 1800-1810, Bulloch Co. Ga., m. 15 Jan 1829, in Decatur Co. Ga., Elizabeth Curry

                         #2249, b. 1812-13, GA, d. aft 1870, GA.  Joseph died abt 1843-44, Randolph Co. Ga.   Elizabeth: after death

                         of Joseph she married John Glisson a brother to Joseph. In 1850 John Glisson was awarded guardian of her

                         minor children, William J., Teresa Elizabeth, and Martha Ann.  Dau Sarah was over 18 and married and Male

                         Glisson b.1830-35 was either (1)deceased, (2)over 18 or possibly (3) the Lewis Glistner listed with Sarah

                         Mercer in 1850 Census and actually over 18.

                    l.   Henry Glisson #2461 b. abt 1812, Bulloch Co. Ga., m. unknown #2462.  Descendants of Joseph Glisson wife

                         Mary Polly Strickland stated that Joseph, Henry W., and James A. were brothers and sons of Henry Glisson.

                         No proof has been found but I list them as a family anyway until futher info can be obtained.  Also Joseph,

                         Henry, James seem to be for sure grandsons of Joseph & Martha Glisson thus I list Henry Sr. as son of

                         Joseph & Martha. If their father was not Henry then it would of been another unknown son of Joseph &


                    m.   Bryant W. Glisson #2220 b. abt 1813-14, Bulloch Co. Ga., m. (1) 10 Jan 1830, in Irwin Co. Ga., Nancy

                         Jernigan #2251, b. 1810-1815, m. (2) 1837-1849, Elizabeth (Betsey) Futch #2256, b. abt 1813, Bullock Co.

                         Ga., d. aft 1889, Fla.   Bryant died 1860-1880, Fla.   Probably son of Joseph & Martha Glisson of Bulloch &

                         Tattnall Co. GA. He may have not been married yet to his 2nd wife Elizabeth when their begotten son Dennis

                         W. was born. Served in Fisher's Independent Company Florida Volunteers as a Private in the Mexican War.

                         Nancy: dau of Aaron Gernigan ? married Jacob N. Driggors abt 1840? Elizabeth: dau of Solomon & Elizabeth

                         Futch.Previously married William F. Sweat on 16 May 1830 in Bullock Co. Ga. he died 1830-1838?  If she was

                         married to Bryant W. by 1840 then  4 of the 5 sons listed in 1840 census with Bryant & wife may of been

                         Elizabeth's from 1st marriage or may have been Bryant's from his 1st marriage, or possible children of one

                         of Bryant's deceased brothers or his own younger brothers etc.  Dennis W. Glisson may of also been one of


                    n.   Hester Glisson #2221 b. abt 1815-16, Bulloch Co. Ga., m. abt 1845, ? Sweeney #2260, d. bef 1870.  ?: Name

                         may have been ? Surriney instead of Sweeney.

                    o.   Nancy Glisson #2934 b. 1817-1818, Bulloch Co. Ga., m. William Burnsed #2981, b. 1798-1800.

                    p.   Fanny Glisson #2935 b. abt 1821, Tattnall Co. Ga., m. Cyra Padgette #2987.

                    q.   Moses M. Glisson #2226 b. 1820-23, Tattnall Co. Ga., m. (1) 13 Jul 1851, in Savannah, Chatham Co. Ga.,

                         Charlotte Elarbee #2858, m. (2) 27 Jun 1852, in Bullock Co. Ga., Sarah Ann Futch #2269, b. Apr 1830, Ga.,

                         m. (3) 1865-1870, in Ga., Roxey Jane ? #2859, m. (4) 24 Mar 1884, in Savannah, Chatham Co. Ga., Sarah A.

                         #2860, b. Apr 1830, GA, d. aft 1917.  Moses died 18 Aug 1886, Bulloch Co. GA.  Moses was probably youngest

                         son of Joseph & Martha of Tattnall Co. GA.  He was married 4 times?  He listed 2 daughters named Mary A. in

                         census one may have been a stepdaughter.  Moses was listed in the index to Mexican War Pension Files where

                         his widow Sarah A. filed papers.  He served in Capt Henry R. Jackson's Co. 1st GA Volunteers as a private.

                         And listed as died 18 Aug 1886 Bulloch Co.GA. Charlotte: no children Sarah: This may have been his 2nd wife

                         Sarah Ann Futch and he remarried her after his 3rd wife Roxey Jane died?  Or she is another Sarah A.  She

                         was listed as Moses' widow in his Mexican War Pension files. A Sarah A. Glisson lived with Levi Watson

                         Glisson son of Moses M. Glisson & Sarah Ann Futch in 1900 census.

               3.   James Glisson #3633 b. bef 1770, Duplin Co. NC, m. Lydia ? #3635.  James died 1818-1820, Burke Co. GA?.  James

                    Glisson listed as tax defaulter 1792 in Burke Co., bought land 1797 bounded by his own land formerly surveyed

                    for Abraham Glisson. (note: probably his father?), 1805 Land Lottery, 1820 Land Lottery listed orphans of James

                    Glisson. 1837 Nathan Glisson sold land awarded to orphans in 1820 Land Lottery namely Mary, Nathan, Amos, Martha

                    and Barsheba.  Maybe or may not pertain to same James or same set of orphans but good possibility.

                    a.   Mary Glisson #3634 b. abt 1812.

                    b.   Amos Glisson #3636 b. abt 1814.

                    c.   Nathan Matthew Glisson #3637 b. 1816-1818, Burke Co. GA, m. (1) 2 May 1840, in Henry Co. Ala., Lucy Leroy

                         #3648, b. 1808-14, N.C. or Ga., m. (2) 3 Dec 1868, in Henry Co. Ala., Catherine Melton #3651, b. 1840,

                         Henry Co. AL.  1840 census Henry Co. Ala., 1847,1857,1858, tax list for Walton Co. Fla.,1850 census in

                         Holmes Co. Fla., 1860 census in Walton Co. Fla., Listed on Muster Roll of Capt. Hunters Co. 42 Regt. 5th

                         Brigade Ala. Militia, Creek War as Priv. 9 May to 23 Jun 1836, enrollment for 11 days, Listed on Muster

                         Roll of Co. E, 1st Fla. Inf. as Priv.  Enlisted 1 Mar 1862 at Camp Walton.  General Index Card 381 for

                         C.S.A. Nathan Glisson Co. E, 1 Fla. Inf. originally filed under name of Matthew Glisson. Lucy: Lucy

                         previously married ? Terry and had several children by him and was listed in 1840 Henry Co. AL Census.

                    d.   Martha Glisson #3638 b. abt 1818, Ga., m. John Wilkins Jr. #12204.  Listed in Henry Co. AL census in 1840.

                    e.   Barsheba Glisson #3639 b. abt 1820, Ga., m. 25 May 1839, in Henry Co. Ala., William Wilkins #3640, b. abt

                         1800, Ga., d. aft 1870.

               4.   Dennis Glisson #1978 b. 1770-1780, Duplin Co. N.C., m. Mary Stuart #1979, b. 1792, d. 18 Jul 1836, Burke Co. GA.

                      Dennis died abt 1835, Burke Co. GA.   According to land Plats he left will in 1834.  Listed in Census 1820 &

                    1830 Burke Co. GA.  Probably son of Abraham Glisson or Frederick Glisson. Very likely he was a brother of Joseph

                    Glisson of Tattnall & Bulloch Co. GA Mary: Mary related to Mary Queen of Scots. Daughter of John Stuart.

                    a.   Dennis Glisson Jr. #1982 b. 1790-1800, Burke Co. GA., m. abt 1833, Lucretia (Creasy) #2014, b. abt 1800,

                         Ga.   Dennis died 1843-1850, Burke Co. GA.   Lucretia: Lucretia was definitely mother of Nancy, Louisiana,

                         Josephine and or Joseph W. She was probably the widow of Dennis Jr. but could have been the widow of

                         Abraham or Joseph who were probably sons of Dennis Glisson & Mary Stuart.

                    b.   Joseph Glisson #9602 b. 1794, GA.

                    c.   Abraham Glisson #9588 b. 1798.

                    d.   Marie Theresa Glisson #1980 b. 5 Nov 1801, Burke Co. GA., m. 1 Dec 1818, in Burke Co. GA., William Henry

                         Wade Sr. #1986, b. 24 Jul 1799, Screven or Green Co. Ga., d. 5 Aug 1856, Early Co. Ga.   Marie died 21 Jul

                         1875, Blakely, Early Co. Ga.   William: son of John McGruder Wade & Ann Holcombe.

                    e.   Evan Clay Glisson #1981 b. 1804, Burke Co. GA., m. (1) 1830, in GA, Mary Ann ? #2624, b. abt 1813, d. 22

                         Apr 1848, Burke Co. GA., m. (2) 22 Sep 1848, in Burke Co. GA., Mrs. Amelia R. Sandeford #1995, b. Nov 1803,

                         Burke Co. GA., d. 23 Feb 1862, Burke Co. GA., m. (3) 30 Jan 1863, in Burke Co. GA., Cellinise M. Carpenter

                         #2627.  Mrs.: died age 58yrs,3m.  Dau of Elizabeth Mulkey.

                    f.   Penelope Glisson #1984 b. 1813, Burke Co. GA., m. Reubin Tipton #9495.

                    g.   female Glisson #1983 b. 1810-20, Burke Co. GA.

                    h.   Jacob Green Glisson #1985 b. 2 Nov 1819, Burke Co. GA., m. 10 Jul 1841, in Burke Co. GA., Bathsheba Godbee

                          #2154, b. 22 Apr 1820, Burke Co. GA., d. aft 1900.  Jacob died 1880-1900.

               5.   Mary Ann Glisson #11446 b. bef 1782, Duplin Co. NC, m. John Broxton #11445.  Mary Ann Glisson Broxton probably

                    daughter of Abraham. But could be a daughter of Frederick. She seems more tied to Dennis Glisson who married

                    Mary Stuart however may have been born too soon to be his daughter.  Maybe his younger sister?

                    a.   James Louis (John) Broxton #11447 b. 1804, m. Margaret Ann Royal #11448, b. 1820, d. 1878.  James died

                         1854.  Margaret: Margaret married (2) 28 Jun 1855 to John J. Adams

          H.   Frederick Glisson #9644 b. abt 1746, Tyrell Co. NC, m. Lillie ? (Lilly-Dilly-Tilly) #9713, b. bef 1775.  Frederick

               died aft 1805, Burke Co. GA.  Frederick bought land from father Dennis in 1779 witnessed by Michael Glisson. Bought

               land from Jesse Brock withnessed by Michael & Dennis Glisson in 1782. He sold land to Michael Glisson 1782 witnessed

               by Dennis Glisson to Jesse Brock.  He witnessed land sale in Duplin Co. NC 1776 of Abraham Glisson to Andrew Gufford

               with John Glisson as witness.  Left NC and went to Burke Co.GA with brother Abraham about 1786 and was in some land

               deals there. Listed as heir in brother Jacob's will dated 30 Nov 1805. Lillie: Lilly or Dilly listed in 1820 Census

               in Burke Co. GA age over 45 with a female with her age 10-15 which may or may not be a daughter.  Tilly not a proven

               wife of Frederick but a a very good possibility. When lookin at actual 1820 censuse her name looks like Lillie not

               Dilly or Tilly.

               1.   Pheroh Glisson #9751 b. 1776-1794, m. Unknown ? #9752.

                    a.   Female Glisson #9753 b. 1795-1804.

                    b.   Male Glisson #9754 b. 1810-1820.

               2.   female Glisson #12304 b. 1805-1810, Burke Co. GA.

          I.   Prudence Glisson #9639 b. abt 1748, Tyrell Co. NC, m. abt 1770, in prob Duplin Co. NC, James Chambers #9709, b.

               1735-1754, NC, d. 1790-1800, Duplin Co. NC.  Prudence died aft 1810, probably Duplin Co. NC.  Listed in 1800 Census

               in Duplin as widow.  Also listed with son Abrom in 1810 census in Duplin Co. NC Listed as heir in brother Jacob's

               will dated 30 Nov 1805. James: James Chambers bought land 1775 from Michael Glisson 1775 Duplin Co. next to land of

               Dennis Glisson.  He bought land from Michael Glisson 1778 witness was John Chambers.  He bought land from Abraham

               Glisson 1785 on Cape Fear River. He sold land 2 tracts to Michael Glisson 1787 that he originally bought from Michael

               Glisson.  He was listed 1785 Navigation of Goshen Swamp. Possibly son of John Chambers listed in 1755 tax list

               Beaufort Co. NC with Dennis Glisson and brothers.

               1.   James Chambers Jr. #12269 b. abt 1772, Duplin Co. NC, m. 16 Apr 1799, in Duplin Co. NC, Elizabeth Cooper #12277,

                    b. 1765-1784.

                    a.   male Chambers #12278 b. abt 1800, Duplin Co. NC.

                    b.   male Chambers #12279 b. 1810-1820, Duplin Co. NC.

               2.   Samuel Chambers #12270 b. abt 1774, Duplin Co. NC.

               3.   female Chambers #12271 b. abt 1777, Duplin Co. NC.

               4.   female Chambers #12272 b. abt 1780, Duplin Co. NC.

               5.   Lewis Chambers #12273 b. abt 1782, Duplin Co. NC, m. 22 Jul 1802, in Duplin Co. NC, Faney Hunter #12286.

               6.   female Chambers #12274 b. abt 1784, Duplin Co. NC.

               7.   Abrom Chambers #12275 b. abt 1786, Duplin Co. NC.

               8.   Charles (Charley) Chambers #12276 b. abt 1790, Duplin Co. NC, m. 17 May 1816, in Duplin Co. NC, Mary Dickson

                    #12280, b. 1794-1802.

                    a.   female Chambers #12282 b. abt 1817, Duplin Co. NC.

                    b.   male Chambers #12281 b. abt 1820, Duplin Co. NC.

                    c.   female Chambers #12283 b. 1820-1825, Duplin Co. NC.

                    d.   male Chambers #12284 b. 1825-1830, Duplin Co. NC.

                    e.   female Chambers #12285 b. 1825-1830, Duplin Co. NC.

          J.   Mary Glisson #9645 b. abt 1750, Tyrell Co. NC, m. Jesse Summerlin #9714, b. bef 1739, d. bef 1786.  Mary died aft

               1805, prob Duplin Co. NC.  Mary is listed in Duplin Co. County Court of Pleas records as having "3 suffering orphans"

               in her household. Listed as heir in her brother Jacob's will dated 30 Nov 1805. Jesse: Jesse listed in 1760 tax list

               in Pitt Co. NC

               1.   unknown Summerlin #12205 b. abt 1771.

               2.   unknown Summerlin #12206 b. abt 1774.

               3.   unknown Summerlin #12207 b. abt 1777.

     V.   Joseph Glisson #9632 b. abt 1712, NC, d. 1786-1790, NC.  Joseph witnessed land sale in Tyrrell Co. 1745 & 1753.  On

          Beauford Co. Tax list 1755.  On Pitt Co. Tax list 1762.  May have been the Joseph on 1786 Tax list in Wayne Co.

     VI.  Abraham Glisson #9634 b. abt 1715, NC, m. Sarah ? #12208.  Abraham died 1773-1790, Pitt Co. NC.  Abraham listed on 1755

          tax list in Beauford Co.  Listed on 1763-63-64 tax list in Pitt Co. Land deed 1773 list wife Sarah.



Descendants of Joseph Glisson & unknown wife

 Joseph Glisson #9625 b. 1670-1680, prob VA, m. unknown ? #9646.  Joseph died aft 1734, Bertie Co. NC.  Joseph probably brother

     of Obediah & John Glisson. Joseph witnessed land sales in 1716 Craven Precinct, Bath Co.  He witnessed 2 land deals in 1721 in

     Perquimans Precinct, Albermarle Co.  He bought land Perquimans Precinct, Albermarle Co. in 1734.

     I.   Henry Glisson #9647 b. bef 1728, m. Charity O'Quin #9648.  Henry died aft 1773.  Henry witnessed land sale in Northampton

          Co. 1749.  He lived SS of Catawiskey Marsh or Meadow near county line.  Land obtained from will of father-in-law. Henry

          listed in Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-74 as a private in Captain Samuel Cotten's company of Norhthampton Co. NC

          aft 1748. Henry listed on 1759 & 1779 tax list in Hertford Co.  Listed as member of the Sandy Run Baptist Church in Bertie

          Co. in 1773. Charity: dau of Patrick O'Quin and sister of Patrick, Bryant O'Quin and Rosannah Deans. Charity received land

          in brothers will in 1751 in Northampton Co. that he got in will of his father Patrick O'Quin.  Charity sold her share in


          A.   Thomas Glisson #9649 b. bef 1757, Northampton Co. NC, d. 1817-1820, Hertford Co. NC.  Thomas listed as member of the

               Sandy Run Baptist Church in Bertie Co. with Henry Glisson in 1773.  Listed as single in 1790 Census in Hertford Co.

               Was a buyer in estate sale 1798 in Northhampton Co.  In 1800 census in Hertford Co. NC age 45 & on as single. It

               appears he never married.  Living with him in 1800 census was male 26-45 and female 16-26.  I believe this was his

               brother Edward and wife Elizabeth Rhoads. Sandy Run Baptist church was called Bertie Church until mid 1800's.  Robert

               Rhoads Sr. listed also father of Elizabeth.

          B.   Henry Glisson #9650 b. bef 1765, Northampton Co. or Hertford Co. NC, m. (1) Unknown ? #9695, m. (2) 13 Oct 1795, in

               Logan Co. KY, Lucy McBee #9698, d. 1795-1798, Logan Co. KY, m. (3) 9 Aug 1798, in Logan Co. KY, Elizabeth (Betsey)

               Fike #9700, b. 1776-1784.  Henry died 1810-19, Robertson Co. TN.  Listed in 1790 Census Bertie Co. NC.  Listed 1810

               Census Logan Co. Ky and widow listed in Robertson Co. TN in 1820. Henry & brother Patrick left NC & came to Logan Co.

               KY 1790-1795.  Then went to Robertson Co. TN 1810-1819. His estate was probated 1819-20 Roll #85, BK 3- 1818-1823 pg

               121-123.  Listed wife Elizabeth, dau Ann Smith, sons Isaac, Henry, Patrick, and other daus Charity, Polly, Elizabeth

               Glisson witness to will Patrick Glisson & Richard Matthews. Elizabeth: Elizabeth dau of Malaciah & Ann Fike.

               1.   Ann Glisson #9696 b. abt 1791, m. ? Smith #10421.

               2.   Charity Glisson #9697 b. abt 1794.

               3.   Polly Glisson #9699 b. abt 1796, Logan Co. KY.

               4.   Elizabeth Glisson #9701 b. abt 1798, Logan Co. KY.

               5.   Isaac Glisson #9702 b. abt 1800, Logan Co. KY.

               6.   Henry Glisson #9703 b. abt 1806, Logan Co. KY.

               7.   Male Glisson #9704 b. abt 1808, Logan Co. KY.

               8.   Patrick(William Patrick Glissen)Glisson #8483 b. 1813-1814, Logan Co. KY, m. 1842-1843, in MS or TN, Emily Ash

                    #8484, b. Nov 1824, NC, d. aft 1900, prob Tippah Co. MS, bur. Ebenezer Cemetery-Tippah Co. MS.  Patrick(William

                    died 1870-1880, prob Tippah Co. MS, bur. Ebenezer Cemetery-Tippah Co. MS.  Patrick bought land 1840 in Tippah

                    Co. MS. Listed in 1850 census in McNairy Co. TN and in 1860-70 in Tippah Co. MS. Emily: Emily living with son

                    John R. in 1900 Census.  Have not found her in 1880 census.

                    a.   James Henry (Jim) Glisson #8485 b. Mar 1844, Tippah Co. MS, m. 1 Mar 1867, in Tippah Co. MS, Nancy A.

                         Jeanes #10132, b. Jan 1850, AL, d. aft 1920, prob Alba, TX.  James died aft 1922, prob Alba, TX.  In

                         Conferate Army 1st MS Cav Co. B & re-inlisted 7th MS Cav Co K. In Henry Co. James listed in 1850 McNairy

                         Co. with parents.  Listed in 1860 in Tippah Co. MS with parents.  1870 in Henry Co. TN.  1880 back in

                         Tippah Co. MS. 1900-10 in Hunt Co. TX & in 1920 in Rains Co. TX. One of James' dau married ? Jackson and

                         had daughters Agnes b.1900 in TX & Magie b.1901 in TX.

                    b.   Margaret E. Glisson #8486 b. abt 1846, McNairy Co. TN, m. 25 Sep 1869, in Tippah Co. MS, J. H. James

                         #10134.  Margaret died bef 1922, bur. Ebenezer Cemetery-Tippah Co. MS.  J.: married again after Margaret


                    c.   Malichi C. Fikes (Fisher) Glissen #8487 b. 15 Aug 1849-50, McNairy Co. TN, m. 23 Sep 1872, in McNairy Co.

                         TN, Melissa V. Burrows #8566, b. 10 Apr 1854, of Alcorn  Co. MS, d. 7 Feb 1942, Tippah Co. MS, bur. Shiloh

                         Cemetery-Tippah Co. MS.  Malichi died 9 Jun 1922, Tippah Co. MS, bur. Shiloh Cemetery-Tippah Co. MS.

                         Melissa: Sister of Hiram Burrows and of Mrs. Jack Crum.

                    d.   Nancy Ann Rae (Dray) Glisson #8564 b. Jun 1855, Tippah Co. Mississippi, m. 28 Feb 1891, in Tippah Co. MS,

                         Malcolm Coleman (Tobe) Rogers #10232, b. Sep 1848, AL, d. Apr 1925, National Sanatorium, Johnson City, TN.

                         Nancy died bef 1922.  Malcolm: Tobe son of Coleman & Caroline Rogers.  Married (1) to Julia Edwards and had

                         children Maggie b. 1876, George Thomas b.Sep 1878, John b. 1880, Jim b. 1882. Divorced Julia who went to

                         live with brother George in Corinth.  Tobe married (2) to Nancy Glissen and when she died he married (3) to

                         Willie Jones Moffitt and had son Thomas Earl Rogers who was raised by a Duncan Family.

                    e.   Martha M. Glisson #8565 b. abt 1858, Tippah Co. Mississippi, m. 16 Jan 1879, in Tippah Co. MS, William N.

                         Meeks #10138.  Martha died bef 1922.

        f.   Mary Ann Glisson #10130 b. abt 1861, Tippah Co. MS, m. 25 Feb 1902, in Tippah Co. MS, Francis Marion (Jack)

                         Rogers #10233.  Mary died aft 1922.  Francis: lived in Corinth.

                    g.   John Rucker Glisson #10131 b. 6 Jun 1865, Tippah Co. MS, m. (1) 25 Dec 1887, in Tippah Co. MS, Cora Ann

                         Duncan #10139, b. abt 1867, m. (2) 25 Sep 1894, in Tippah Co. MS, Martha J. Brock #10140, b. 4 Jul 1874, d.

                         1 Feb 1960, bur. Shiloh Cemetery-Tippah Co. MS.  John died 25 Sep 1926, Tippah Co. MS, bur. Shiloh

                         Cemetery-Tippah Co. MS.  lived in Kossuthl in 1922. Cora: dau of Elcanah Duncan & Sarah Ann Braddock.

          C.   Elizabeth Glisson #12212 b. abt 1768, Northampton Co. NC, m. 25 Aug 1790, in Bertie Co. NC, William Cottle #12220, b.

               bef 1768.  marriage witnessed by Ephraim Rhoads brother of Elizabeth Rhoads who married Edward Glisson her brother.

               No other info on Elizabeth.

          D.   Patrick Glisson #9652 b. 1765-1784, Hertford Co. NC, m. abt 1794, Esther ? #9685, b. abt 1778, NC, d. 1850-60,

               Robertson Co. TN.  Patrick died 1810-20, Robertson Co. TN.  May have been listed in Hertford Co. NC 1790 Census with

               brother Daniel. Listed in Logan Co. KY 1810 and widow Esther listed in 1820-40-50 census in Robertson Co. TN. He

               moved from NC to KY with brother Henry Glisson 1790-1795.

               1.   female Glisson #9686 b. 1794-1800, Logan Co. KY.

               2.   female Glisson #9687 b. 1794-1800, Logan Co. KY.

               3.   Thomas G. Glisson #10437 b. 10 Feb 1795, prob Northampton Co. NC, m. (1) 12 Mar 1825, in Davidson Co. TN, Sally

                    Randall or Sarah Reynolds #10438, d. est prob 1843-48 in Wilson Co. TN, m. (2) 20 Mar 1835, in Wilson Co. TN,

                    Lavinia Blackstock #10452, b. 17 Feb 1816, NC, d. 16 Apr 1887, Boone Co. AR.  Thomas died 23 Nov 1863, Scott Co.

                    AR or Boone Co. AR.  Son of Patrick & Esther Glisson.  Born in NC went to Logan Co. KY as an infant with

                    parents. Served in War of 1812 in Captain William Whitsett's Co. of KY Militia there.  Went to Robertson Co. TN

                    1813-1819 with parents.  Moved to Wilson Co. TN married and divorced Sarah Reynolds or Sally Randall.  Married

                    2nd Lavinia Blackstock and moved to Scott Co. AR.  He was listed in 1830 censu in Wilson Co. TN.  1840,50,60 in

                    Scott Co. AR. Sally: Divorced Thomas 1830-35 & left estate in Wilson Co. TN 1848. G. Glisson listed as buying

                    items from estate.  Maybe her son?

                    a.   female  Glisson #10439 b. 1825-30, prob Wilson Co.TN.

                    b.   G. Glisson #10440 b. 1825-30, prob Wilson Co. TN.  Stayed with mother in Wilson Co. TN?

                    c.   Thomas Norman Glisson #10441 b. abt 1832, prob Wilson Co. TN, m. abt 1863, Mrs. Sarah Rogers #10444, b. abt

                         1838, PA, d. aft 1920.  Thomas died 1880-1900, prob Fannin Co. TX.  Listed in Sebastian Co. AR in 1860.  In

                         Lamar Co. TX in 1870, in Fannin Co. TX in 1880. Mrs.: Prev. married to ? Rogers and had daughters Mary

                         b.1856 & Sarah S.A. b.1860. After Thomas died Sarah listed in 1900 & 1910 in Fannin Co.TX and in Lemar Co.

                         TX in 1920.

                    d.   Melissy (Melinda-Melena) Glisson #10442 b. 9 Jun 1839, Scott Co. AR, m. Avery Bible #10513, b. abt 1841.

                         Melissy died bef 1900.  Avery: son of Adam M. Bible & Eliza Jane Green

                    e.   Ameratta (Arnitha-Armenta) Glisson #10443 b. 9 Sep 1842, Scott Co. AR, m. (1) 9 Dec 1856, in Scott Co. AR,

                         Peter Dawson #10510, b. 1834, IL, d. 9 Jan 1863, Civil War, m. (2) 28 Jan 1864, in Scott Co. AR, Thomas G.

                         Scott #10512.  Peter: son of Charles Dawson.  Served & died in Co K 126th Reg Illinois Volunteers in the

                         Civil War.

                    f.   Commodore Perry Glisson #10577 b. 17 Jun 1846, Scott Co. AR, d. 1846-1850, Scott Co. AR.

                    g.   Phineas Calvin Glisson #10508 m. abt 1860, Mary Charlotte Casey #10517, b. abt 1852, AR.  One record says

                         Phineas Calvin Glisson & wife Charlotte Casey were parents of William Washington Glisson of Creek & Payne

                         Co. OK.  I believe Charlotte did marry a son of Thomas & Lavinia of Scott Co. AR but not Phineas Calvin.

                         They had a son Finus Callaway who went to TX & had family.  Could Phineas Calvin Finus Callaway be same

                         person?  If so it seems he had two families.  The War of 1812 records listed Finus Callaway but not Phineas

                         Calvin? Mary: dau of Zeddock (Zeb) Cacy b.abt 1836 & Emeline Butler.  She married (2) to Zacharia Moses

                         Holland & had a son Zeddock Holland.

                    h.   Adolphus Burton Glisson #10453 b. 15 Oct 1848, Scott Co. AR, m. abt 1870, in Lamar Co.TX, Martha (Mattie)

                         Mann #10472, b. 28 Apr 1852, MS, d. 24 Jul 1911, Lemar Co. TX, bur. Hickory Grove Cemetery-Lemar Co. TX.

                         Adolphus died 1870-80, Fannin Co. TX.  He served in the 2nd Arkansas Union Calvary in Civil War.

                    i.   Finis Calloway (Olen-Callie) Glisson #10454 b. 3 Apr 1851, Scott Co. AR, m. (1) abt 1874, Laura ? #10474,

                         b. abt 1856, TX, d. 1880-1887, m. (2) Sarah J. ? #10477, b. Jan 1863, MO.  He was listed as Olen in 1860

                         census in Scott Co. AR with parents. He was listed as Callie & Callaway in 1880-1900 Fannin Co. TX.

                    j.   Ethaline Glisson #10455 b. 6 Jul 1853, Scott Co. AR.

                    k.   Jesse Tilford (Jefferson) Glisson #10456 b. 23 Oct 1855, Scott Co. AR, m. (1) 13 Nov 1887, in Crawford Co.

                         AR, Addie Hall #10481, b. Jul 1868, MO, m. (2) Dallie ???? #10482, b. abt 1883.  He was listed in 1900-1910

                         Crawford Co. AR & listed in 1920 Adair Co. OK.

                    l.   Henry Elby Glisson #10457 b. 15 Aug 1858, Scott Co. AR, m. Mary (Mollie-Mallie) ? #10486.  He was listed in

          1900 in Scott Co. AR & 1910-1920 in Sebastian Co. AR.

                    m.   Harvey Henerson Glisson #10576 b. 4 Jan 1861, Scott Co. AR.

               4.   Male Glisson #9689 b. 1795-1804, Logan Co. KY.

               5.   Male Glisson #9690 b. 1802-1804, Logan Co. KY.

               6.   Female Glisson #9691 b. 1805-1810, Logan Co. KY.

               7.   Ruth A.Glisson #9692 b. 1805-1810, Logan Co. KY or Robertson Co. TN, m. Thomas Wells Ruffin #10409, b. 10 Oct

                    1808, Northhampton Co. NC, d. 3 Apr 1889, Rogerville, Greene Co. MO.  prob had no children of her own. Thomas:

                    prob brother to Elizabeth Ruffin who married Jesse Glisson. Patrick Glisson b.1849 lived with them in 1850

                    Robertson Co. TN and in 1860 in Greene Co. MO., Patrick son of Jesse Glisson & Elizabeth Ruffin.  Elizabeth may

                    have died giving birth to Patrick leaving Jesse a widow with several other children. Prob could not care for an

                    infant and went to live with his fathers sister & his mothers brother.

                    a.   Joel Etheldred Ruffin #12209 m. Sarah Batts #12210.

               8.   Jesse H. Glisson #8434 b. 1810-11, KY, m. (1) abt 1834, Elizabeth Amanda Ruffin #8436, b. abt 1810-14, d. Apr

                    1849, Robertson Co. TN, m. (2) 1 Sep 1852, in Robertson Co. TN, Martha May #8445, d. abt 1859, Robertson Co. TN,

                    m. (3) 31 Jan 1855, in Logan Co. KY, Julia Ann Ward #8447, b. 1829-30, Ilinois.  Jesse died 1870-80, Graves Co.

                    KY.  Jesse listed in 1840-50-60 census in Robertson Co. TN and in 1870 in Graves Co. KY. Mother Easter listed in

                    1820 Census Robertson Co. TN and lived with Jesse in 1850 Census. Elizabeth: died at age 35.  Dau of Etheldred

                    Ruffin who was born 1764 d. 1823 in Robertson Co. TN marrid Mary Polly Draughan.  Etheldred son of Etheldred

                    Ruffin & 1st wife.  A brother of Etheldred Jr. was John Ruffin who went by John Ruffin alias O'Quinn.  Prob born

                    out of wedlock and was son of Etheldred Jr. & Mary O'Quinn.  His gf was Samuel Ruffin from Nansemond Co. VA who

                    sold land to Robert Peele in Northampton Co. NC in Cashay Swamp.  Henry Glisson & wife Charity O'Quinn also land

                    in same area to Robert Peele.

                    a.   Hardy Wells Glisson #8437 b. Oct 1833-35, Robertson Co. TN, m. (1) 10 Sep 1856, in Robertson Co. TN, Susan

                         Huddleston #8451, b. abt 1834, TN, d. 1860-70, m. (2) 19 Dec 1870, in Marshall Co. KY, Mrs. Sarah L.

                         Hendrix #8605, b. 1840, d. abt 1880, m. (3) 1881-1883, Mary Polly #8610, b. Oct 1833, KY, d. 12 Aug 1912,

                         Graves Co. KY, bur. North Mt. Zion Cemetery-Graves Co. KY.  Hardy died 8-9 Nov 1912, Graves Co. KY, bur.

                         North Mt. Zion Cemetery-Graves Co. KY.  Hardy listed in 1850 with father in Robertson Co. TN, 1860 with

                         wife and family in Robertson Co. TN and in 1870-80 1900-1910 in Graves Co. KY. One of Hardy's daus married

                         Jacob T. Gilbert and had son Elvis Gilbert b.Jan 1889. Susan: Her brother G.W. Huddleston b.1838 lived with

                         them in 1860. Mrs.: Sarah L. or Nancy Hendrix was previously marred to ? Hendrick and had children Mary

                         b.1863 and Nancy b.1868 & William b.1859.  She lived with Hardy as a housekeeper according to the 1870

                         census before their marriage.

                    b.   Female Glisson #8438 b. 1835-40, Robertson Co. TN, d. 1840-50, Robertson Co. TN.

                    c.   George T. Glisson #8439 b. abt 1840, Robertson Co. TN, m. abt 1864, in TN, Sarah Holloway #8611, b. 1844,

                         TN.  married 1860-70.

                    d.   Mary E. Glisson #8440 b. abt 1842, Robertson Co. TN, m. 4 May 1859, in Robertson Co. TN, W.P. Voley #8459.

                    e.   Sally A. Glisson #8441 b. abt 1844, Robertson Co. TN, m. 8 Jul 1859, in Robertson Co. TN, W.J. Bowers


                    f.   Thomas J. Glisson #8442 b. 1843, Robertson Co. TN, m. abt 1865, Martha J. (Mary) #8567, b. 27 Oct 1848, Ark

                         or TN, d. 4 Apr 1922, Graves Co. KY, bur. Pottsville Church of Christ-Graves Co.KY.  Thomas died 10 Mar

                         1925, Graves Co. KY, bur. Pottsville Church of Christ-Graves Co.KY.  Thomas listed in 1850-60 with father

                         and in 1870 in Ballard Co. KY.

                    g.   Albert G. Glisson #8443 b. 1847, Robertson Co. TN, d. Feb 1860, Robertson Co. TN.

                    h.   Patrick H.or G. (Peter) Glisson #8444 b. abt 1849, Robertson Co. TN, m. abt 1870, in Greene Co. MO, Sarah

                         M. #8648, b. 1851, MO.  Patrick H. Glisson lived with Thomas & Ruth Ruffin age 2/12 in Robertson Co. TN.His

                         mother Elizabeth died Apr 1850 Maybe giving birth to him. He lived Thomas & Ruth Ruffin age 11 in Greene

                         Co. Missouri in 1860 and lived in Greene Co. Missouri age 20 with wife Sarah M. close to Thomas & Ruth

                         Ruffin. Thomas Ruffin was a brother of Elizabeth Amanda Ruffin mother of Patrick.

                    i.   Jesse A.E.  Clinton Glisson #8446 b. 1858-59, Robertson Co. TN, m. (1) 11 Sep 1881, in Ballard Co. KY, A.

                         Stutterville #8724, m. (2) abt 1894, Rebecca J. #8722, b. abt 1860, TN.  Jesse died 12 Dec 1938, Ballard

                         Co. KY.

                    j.   John Wesley H. Glisson #8449 b. Jul 1865-67, Graves Co. KY, m. 28 Oct 1884, in Ballard Co. KY, Mollie B.

                         Stevens #8646, b. Aug 1864-67, Graves Co. KY.  John died Ragland, KY.  Mollie: Mollie dau of Madison Morton

                         Stevens & Mary Ann Matlock.  She m.(2) to John Sligall.

                    k.   Melinda Jane Glisson #8450 b. abt 1868, Graves Co. KY, m. John Grief #11017.  Melinda died Engleside, KY.

        l.   James Edwin (Edward) Glisson #8604 b. 26 Mar 1872, Graves or Ballard Co. KY, m. 6 May 1900, in Woodville,

                         McCracken Co. KY, Minnie Patterson #8715, b. 17 May 1884, Crittenden Co. KY, d. 21 Jun 1969, Paducah,

                         McCracken Co. KY, bur. Newton Creek Baptist Cem-McCracken Co.KY.  James died 5 Jun 1946, Bandana, McCracken

                         Co. KY, bur. Newton Creek Baptist Cem-McCracken Co.KY.  Minnie: dau of Ben Patterson & Fannie Waddle

               9.   Male Glisson #9693 b. 1810-1820, Logan Co. KY or Robertson Co. TN.

               10.  Elizabeth Glisson #8435 b. 1812, Robertson Co. TN, m. in Robertson Co. TN, Joseph Farmer #8461, b. 13 May 1810,

                    Robertson Co. TN.  Elizabeth died 29 Apr 1846, Robertson Co. TN.  Joseph: Joseph's father came from NC to Tn in


                    a.   Wiley D. Farmer #8462 b. 7 Mar 1830, Robertson Co. TN, m. 1 Dec 1855, in Robertson Co. TN, Frances V.

                         Dillard #8463, b. 30 Apr 1836, Robertson Co. TN, d. 22 Jan 1884.  Frances: dau of Wesley Dillard.

                    b.   Joseph H. Farmer #12148 b. 1832, Robertson Co. TN.

                    c.   Eliza Farmer #12149 b. 1835, Robertson Co. TN.

                    d.   Emily Jane Farmer #12150 b. 12 Jan 1837, Adams, Robertson Co. TN, m. 13 Nov 1858, in Robertson Co. TN,

                         William Henry Todd #12155, b. 6 Jul 1841, Robertson Co. TN.

                    e.   Mary E. Farmer #12151 b. 1840, Robertson Co. TN.

                    f.   William Farmer #12152 b. 1843, Robertson Co. TN.

                    g.   John C. Farmer #12153 b. 1844, Robertson Co. TN.

                    h.   Monroe Farmer #12154 b. 1845, Robertson Co. TN.

          E.   Daniel Glisson #9651 b. bef 1774, Hertford Co. NC.  Daniel listed as single 1790 census in Hertford Co. NC no other

               info on this Daniel.

          F.   Edward Glisson #9653 b. bef 1774, Hertford Co. NC, m. abt 1799, in Hertford Co. NC, Elizabeth Rhoads #12213, b.

               1760-1770, Bertie or Northampton Co. NC, d. aft 1830, prob Hertford Co. NC.  Edward died 1816-1830, prob Hertford Co.

               NC.  Listed in Bertie Co. NC as single in 1790. Lived with brother Thomas in 1800 census in Bertie Co. with new wife.

               Elizabeth: Elizabeth was dau of Robert Rhoads Sr and Martha.  Her brother Ephraim witness to marriage of Elizabeth

               Glisson to William Cottle on 25 Aug 1790 in Bertie Co. NC sister of Edward Glisson. Robert Rhoads Sr. left will dated

               Feb 1808 listing dau Elizabeth Glisson in Bertie Co. NC.

               1.   female Glisson #12214 b. abt 1805, Hertford Co. NC.  married or died 1820-1830.

               2.   female Glisson #12215 b. abt 1807, Hertford Co. NC.  married or died 1820-1830.

               3.   female Glisson #12216 b. abt 1810, Hertford Co. NC.

               4.   male Glisson #12217 b. abt 1812, Hertford Co. NC.

               5.   female Glisson #12218 b. abt 1814, Hertford Co. NC.

               6.   male Glisson #12219 b. abt 1816, Hertford Co. NC, d. 1820-1830, Herford Co. NC.

          G.   male Glisson #9654 b. bef 1774.  Listed in 1790 census with brother Daniel in Hertford Co. TN?


Descendants of William Glisson

    William Glisson b.bef 1695 VA no other info