References for Glissons in Mississippi

Ref: Mormon Church IGI Files- Marriages-
James Glisson to Mary Hessen on 1854
J. H. Glisson to Nancy Jeans on 1 Mar 1867 in Tippah Co.
James H. Glissen to Nancy A. Jeans on 1867 in Tippah Co.
Amanda M. Glisson to Charles E. Riley on 5 Sep 1869 in Jackson Co.
Malachi Fisher Glissen to Melissa V. Burrows in 1874 of Tippah Co.(actual m. in McNairy Co.TN)
Martha M. Glissen to William M. Meeks on 16 Jan 1879 in Tippah Co.
John Rucker Glisson to Cora Ann Duncan on 28 Dec 1887 in Tippah Co.
Nancy Ann Rae Glissen to Malcom Coleman Rogers on 28 Feb 1891 in Tippah Co.
John Rucker Glissen to Martha J. Brock on 25 Sep 1894 in Tippah Co.
Patrick L. Glissen to Florence Virginia Jeanes on 16 Jan 1898 in Tippah Co.
Martha E. Glissen to John W. Jeans on 5 Apr 1898 in Tippah Co.
Mary Ann Glissen to Francis Marion Rogers on 25 Feb 1903 in Tippah Co.
Amanda N. Glissen to Auzza F. Tatum on 5 Oct 1909 in Tippah Co.
Mary A. Glissen to Lee Brock on 10 Nov 1913 in Tippah Co.
Abigail M. Glissen to James J. Hall on 2 Dec 1913 in Tippah Co.
Charles Chye Glissen to Willie Gracie Rainey on 5 Dec 1915 in Tippah Co.

Ref: Mormon Church IGI Files Births-
Nancy Ann Rae Glissen b. Jun 1855 in Tippah Co. dau of William Patrick Glisson & Emily Ash
Martha M. Glissen b. abt 1857 in Tippah Co. dau of William Patrick Glisson & Emily Ash
Mary Ann Glissen b. abt 1861 in Tippah Co. dau of William Patrick Glisson & Emily Ash
Emmer Glissen b. abt 1872 in Tippah Co. son of James H. Glissen & Nancy Jeanes
Martha E. Glissen b. 1878 in Tippah Co. dau of Malachi Fisher Glisson & Melissa V. Burrows
Mary A. Glissen b. Dec 1883 in Tippah Co. dau of Malachi Fisher Glisson & Melissa V. Burrows
Amanda N. Glissen b. Aug 1888 in Tippah Co. dau of Malachi Fisher Glisson & Melissa V. Burrows
Abigail M. Glissen b. 14 Apr 1893 in Tippah Co. dau of Malachi Fisher Glisson & Melissa V. Burrows

Ref: Social Security Death Index, (Oct 1995 edition)- received cards from Mississippi-
Name-SS#-date of birth-date of death-zip lr-place lr-zip lp-place lp
Albert Glisson 428-28-4277 b. 1 Jan 1887 d. Sep 1968 lr. 39111 (Magee, Simpson Co. MS)
Albert Glisson 428-60-8903 b. 14 Feb 1908 d. Dec 1983 lr. 39116 (Mize, Smith Co. MS) lp. 39111 (Magee, Simpson Co. MS)
Alice Glisson 428-30-1847 b. 25 Jan 1905 d. 28 Nov 1994 lr. 36575
Allen Glisson 427-18-5460 b. 14 Aug 1921 d. 23 Apr 1989 lr. 39114
Bertha Glisson 587-02-6087 b. 5 Feb 1889 d. Mar 1977 lr. 39116 (Mize, Smith Co. MS)
Bessie Glisson 587-58-4114 b. 3 Feb 1916 d. Feb 1989 lr. 39168 (Taylorsville, Smith Co. MS)
Bill Glisson 426-24-2474 b. 12 Apr 1916 d. 2 Jul 1994 lr. 32750
Charles Glisson 427-28-2806 b. 17 Aug 1926 d. 4 Apr 1994 lr. 78230 (San Antonio, Bexar Co. TX)
Chester Glisson 427-76-1208 b. 1 Aug 1894 d. Jun 1980 lr. 39112 lp. 39112
Dewey Glisson 428-01-9179 b. 29 May 1911 d. May 1973 lr. 39157 (Jackson, Hinds Co. MS)
Edna Glisson 427-42-0830 b. 1 Mar 1914 d. 15 Jan 1992 lr. 39428 (Collins, Covington Co. MS)
Edna Glisson 426-07-7809 b. 21 Jul 1916 d. 26 Sep 1989 lr. 39175
Etta Glisson 587-30-8839 b. 25 May 1908 d. Mar 1986 lp. 38663
Fulton Glisson 425-24-7917 b. 16 Jan 1918 d. 26 Nov 1989 lr. 39307 (Collinsville, Lauderdale Co. MS)
Harold Glisson 587-92-6698 b. 13 Jul 1955 d. Feb 1974
Herman Glisson 427-46-1994 b. 5 Dec 1929 d. 9 Oct 1988 lr. 39212
Howard Glisson 426-16-7820 b. 2 May 1915 d. Nov 1978 lr. 39111 (Magee, Simpson Co. MS) lp. 39111
Hubert Glisson 425-90-9828 b. 12 Sep 1887 d. Sep 1982 lr. 38663
Hubert Glisson 426-68-6815 b. 16 Mar 1890 d. Dec 1972 lr. 38683 (Walnut, Tippah Co. MS)
Hulon Glisson 428-16-1412 b. 10 Apr 1922 d. Jan 1976 lr. 39401 (Hattiesburg, Forrest Co. MS)
Ira Glisson 425-07-9476 b. 26 Feb 1911 d. 12 Apr 1990
Jack Glisson 428-05-3883 b. 8 Oct 1909 d. May 1979 lr. 36613 lp. 36607 (Mobile, Mobile Co. AL)
James Glisson 427-74-6829 b.16 Mar 1871 d. Oct 1965 lr. MS
James Glisson 428-30-2664 b. 14 Apr 1927 d. Jan 1977
Joe Glisson 428-03-9462 b. 3 Aug 1911 d. Oct 1981 lr. 70775 (St. Francisville, West Feliciana Co. LA)
John Glisson 428-12-7630 b. 6 Dec 1919 d. Oct 1986 lr. 39429 (Columbia, Marion Co. MS)
Julia Glisson 426-62-4512 b. 13 Apr 1895 d. Oct 1985 lr. 39112
L. Glisson 425-47-0871 b. 27 Apr 1932 d. 3 Aug 1991
Lola Glisson 587-62-8226 b. 29 Oct 1903 d. Feb 1994 lr. 39663
Luther Glisson 428-24-9140 b. 24 Dec 1873 d. Mar 1964 lr. MS
Mary Glisson 427-56-3906 b. 13 Aug 1929 d. Nov 1982 lr. 39088 (Holly Bluff, Yazoo Co. MS) lp. 39088 (Holly Bluff, Yazoo Co. MS)
Maudell Glisson 427-03-5077 b. 21 Nov 1908 d. Feb 1981 lr. 70775 (St. Franisville, West Feliciana Co. LA) lp. 70775 (St Francisville, West Feliciana Co. LA)
Patrick Glisson 426-14-4577 b. 5 Sep 1908 d. 20 Jan 1993 lr. 38834 (Corinth, Alcorn Co. MS)
Richard Glisson Jr. 587-23-0682 b. 3 May 1974 d. Apr 1987 lr. 39209 (Jackson, Hinds Co. MS)
Rouella Glisson 587-26-5011 b. 29 Mar 1905 d. Apr 1981 lr. 39212
S. Glisson 427-88-6974 b. 9 May 1945 d. Oct 1990
Sarah Glisson 587-84-1662 b. 25 Sep 1887 d. May 1982 lr. 36571
T. Glisson 425-03-3018 b. 9 Nov 1911 d. 31 Jan 1990 lr. 39116 (Mize, Smith Co. MS)
William Glisson 428-80-2936 b. 1 Jun 1875 d. Jan 1973 lr. 39116 (Mize, Smith Co. MS)
William Glisson 426-12-6048 b. 11 Feb 1895 d. Jan 1967 lr. 39166
Wilma Glisson 426-56-3793 b. 28 Nov 1906 d. 4 Oct 1990 lr. 38629 (Ripley, Tippah Co. MS)

Ref: Marriage Bk 4 of Itawamba Co. MS-
#155 W. O. Glisson to Margaret Boren 4 Aug 1853

Ref: Tippah Co. MS Marriage Records 1843-1925-
Bk G 3 pg 13- J. H. Glisson to Nancy Jeans 1867
Bk B 3 pg 131- Margaret E. Glisson to J. H. James 2 Sep 1869
Bk G 5 pg 55- John R. Glissen to Cora Ann Duncan 28 Dec 1877
Bk B 3 pg 364- Martha M. Glisson to W. N. Meeks on 16 Jan 1879
Bk B 5 pg 361- Dray Glisson to M. C. Rogers on 28 Feb 1891
Bk G 6 pg 207- J. R. Glisson to Martha Brock on 25 Sep 1894 (note: 2nd marriage of John Rucker Glisson
Bk G 7 pg 131- P. L. Glisson to Florence Jeans on 16 Jan 1898
Bk B 7 pg 150- Martha Glissen to J. W. Jeanes on 5 Apr 1898
Bk 8 pg 046- Margaret Glissen to F. O. Love on 19 Apr 1903
Bk 8 pg 029- Mary Ann Glissen to F. M. Rodgers on 25 Feb 1903
Bk 9 pg 174- Amanda Glissen to A. F. Tatum on 5 Oct 1909
Bk 9 pg 211- Effie M. Glissen to R. T. Meeks on 27 Dec 1909
Bk 9 pg 612- Mary Glissen to M. L. Brock on 10 Nov 1913
Bk 9 pg 622- Abbie Glissen to J. J. Hall on 2 Dec 1913
Bk 11 pg 168- Clemmie Glissen to L. V. Gates on 2 Nov 1919
Bk 11 pg 175- Eller Glissen to Arther Gates on 9 Nov 1919

Ref: Tippah Co. MS Marriage Records-
Vol 1- 1858-1878-
pg 14 Bk 3 pg 13- J. H. Glisson & Nancy Jeans on 1867
Vol 2- 1879-1899-
Bk 3 pg 164- Martha M. Glisson to W. N. Meeks on 16 Jan 1879
Bk 5 pg 361- Dray Glisson to M. C. Rogers on 5 Jan 1882
Bk 5 pg 55- John R. Glisson to Cora Ann Duncan on 28 Dec 1887
Bk 6 pg 207- J. R. Glissen to Martha Brock on 25 Sep 1894
Bk 7 pg 131- P. L. Glissen to Florence Jeans on 16 Jan 1898
Bk 7 pg 150- Martha Glissen to J. W. Jeannes on 5 Apr 1898
Vol 3- 1900-1909-
Bk 8 pg 042- Nelse Glesses to Lizzie Love on 5 Apr 1903
Bk 9 pg 133- Hubert M. Glissen & Donie Crum on 11 Apr 1909
Vol 4- 1910-1919-
pg 4- Bk 9 pg 612- Mary Glissen to M. L. Brock on 10 Nov 1913
pg 11- Bk 9 pg 622- Abbie Glissen to J. J. Hall on 2 Dec 1913
pg 10- Bk 10 pg 253- C. C. Glissen to Gracie Rainey on 5 Dec 1915
pg 10- Bk 11 pg 175- Eller Glisson to Arther Gates on 9 Nov 1919

Ref: Cemeteries of Tippah & Benton Eastern Part & Union Northern Part of Counties compiled by Mrs. Fae J. Owens 1975-
pg 47- Ebenezer Cemetery 2 miles SE of Chalybeate & 2 miles S old highway 72 at Alcorn Co. Line-
Emily Glissen (no dates)
Manda Glissen age 3 (no dates)
Margaret James Glissen (no dates)
Patrick Glissen (no dates)
pg 123- Peoples Cemetery 8 miles NE of Ripley on Peoples Rd-
Florece T. Glissen 1880-1961
pg 132- Pleasant Hill Cemetery 4 miles E of Falkner-
Lizzie Glissen wife of Nelse 1888-1952
Nelse Glissen 1889-1941
Vibrait N. Glissen b. 28 Aug 1933-16 d. 16 Jun 1934
pg 163- Shiloh Cemetery 13 miles NE of Ripley 2.5 miles N of Highway 2-
Charlie Chye Glissen b. 30 May 1896
Fikes Glissen b. 15 Aug 1850 d. 9 Jun 1922
twin babies of James & Annie Ruth Glissen born & died 27 Aug 1968
John R. Glissen b. 6 Jun 1865 d. 25 Sep 1926
Marshall son of C.C. & Grace Glissen b. 27 Jul 1916 d. 3 May 1917
Martha J. Glissen b. 4 Jul 1874 d. 1 Feb 1960
Marvin Glissen son of C.C. & Grace Glissen b. 14 Aug 1931 d. 23 Feb 1932
Melissa Glissen b. 10 Apr 1854 d. 7 Feb 1942
P. L. Glissen b. 8 Sep 1873 d. 30 Aug 1905
Willie Gracie Glissen b. 18 Jun 1898 d. 10 Feb 1973
Marthy E. Jeanes b. 1878 d. 1936
John W. Jeanes b. 1873 d. 1942

Ref: Death Notices of Tippah Co. Mississippi-
Vol 1-
pg 43 (Obit Sentinel Sept 7, 1905) Pat Glisson died 10 miles N.E. of Ripley recently age 30, burial in Shiloh Cemetery, leaves wife, 2 daus, parents, 5 sisters, & 2 brothers.
Vol 2-
pg 44 - Fikes Glisson (07/20/22) died June 10th /buried at Shiloh Cemetery/ born 15 Aug 1849/ brother to Mrs. Jack
Rogers of Corinth, Jim Glissen of Alba, Texas, John Glisson of Kossuthl, leaves wife and 7 children, Mrs. Bill Jeans, Nelse Glisson, Mrs. Lee Brock, Mrs. F. O. Love, Mrs. Auzie Tatum, Mrs. Jack Hall, Chi Glisson.
pg 45- John R. Glisson (02/03/27) died Sept 25th buried Shiloh/ born 6 Jun 1865/ children are Murry, Charlie, Pad, Ellis, Mrs. Dovie Crum, Mary Lee.
Vol 3-
pg 107, Obituaries from the Southern Sentinel (1937-1950),
1941-  Nelse Glissen (01/23/41) died Jan 17th age 60, buried at Pleasant Hill/ wife nee Lizzie Love
/ children are Sidney F. Glissen, Mrs. Clarence Wilbanks/ siblings are Mrs. Lee Brock, Mrs. Auzzie Tattum, Mrs. Jack Hall, Pate Glisson.
pg 116, 1942- Mrs. Melissa Glisson (02/12/42) died Feb 7th age 89/ buried at Shiloh/ children are Mrs. Lee Brock of Corinth, Mrs. Friend O. Love, Mrs. Auzzie Tatum, C. C./ siblings are Mrs. Jack Crum, Hiram Burrow.
Pg 117, John William Jeanes (01/22/42) died Jan 18th age 68 buried at Shiloh / children are Mallie, Allen, Dave, Howard, Homer, Nelse, Mrs. Velma Rogers, Mrs. Alice Waldron, Dorothy.

Ref: Tippah Co. Mississippi Land Deeds 1836-1870-
pg 14 D-151- Stephen & Fanny Jones to Patrick Glisson 12 Sep 1840 no witnesses

Ref: Circuit Court Record 1849-1886 Tippah Co. Mississippi -
pg 38 # 3843- A.B. Bass for William F. Tipler VS. Isaac Lawrence, A. Lawrence, M. Meeks, and P. Glisson. John Abernathy & W. A. Crook Sureties for Isaac Lawrence. Sep 1852.

Ref: The History of Tippah County Mississippi by Tippah County Historical and Genealogical Society 1981- (info too long to put all so I am just putting what I think is important to put this family group together etc.)-
Vol 1-
pg 79- Ebenezer Methodist Church written by Charles & Alma Bell-
Patrick & Emily Glisson charter members of the Ebenezer Methodist Church which was built 1836.

Pg 102- Unity Baptist Church-
A pastorium was built in 1979 on Land given by Mr. Buford Glissen.

pg 226- William Brooks written by Fredra Wilbanks & Martha Lee Wilson -
Florence Jeanes dau of Thomas R. Jeanes & Susan Catherine Brooks married Pad Glissen and had children Clem, Ella, Pad Jr..
Bill Whit Jeanes son of Thomas R. Jeanes & Susan Catherine Brooks married Martha Glissen and had children Mallie, Allen, Little Dave, Velma, Alice, Dorothy, Howard, and Nelse.

Pg 305- Derrick Family written by Ina Ruth Harris-
Wilma Hurt dau of Thomas Hurt & Elizabeth (Lizzie) Derrick married Pad Glissson. Children were Jaime, Buster and Buford.

pg 312- George Overt Duncan written by Ruth Duncan Galyean-
Cora A. Duncan dau of Elcannah Duncan & Sarah Ann Braddock married 28 Dec 1887 to John R. Glissen who was b. 1867.

pg 351-352- Patrick Glissen written by Sue Goolsby Glissen-
Patrick Glissen b. 1814 Scotland stowed away of ship at age 10 by himself to America, traveled south, went to North Carolina where he m. in 1842 to Emily Ash, children Margaret, Nancy Ann, Martha, Mary Ann, James (Jim) H., Malachi Fisher later Fikes, and John Rucker. Lived in KY and NC moved to McNairy Co. TN in the 1850's then to Tippah Co. MS abt 1860. Patrick & Emily died mid 1870's both buried Ebenezer Cemetery in Tippah Co. MS. This article includes a picture of Patrick and brother.

pg 351- Malachi Fikes Glissen written by Bobby Russell "Rocky" Glissen Jr.-
Malachi Fikes Glissen b.4 Aug 1849 TN d. 10 Jun 1922 MS buried in Shiloh Cemetery. Parents were William Patrick Glissen & Emily Ash. At his death he had still living sister Mary Ann wife of Jack Rogers of Corinth, MS , 2 brothers Jim (James H.) of Alba, TX and John of Kossuth, MS. John Rucker Glissen married (1) to Cora Ann Duncan and (2) to Martha Brock and his children were Murry, Charlie, Pad, Ellis, Mrs. Dovie Crum and Mary Lee. In 1880 James H. Glissen and Nancy Jeanes has children, Martha, Emmer, Patrick, Margaret, Mancy E., & Corrie J. Fikes had 3 other sisters, Martha who married W. N. Meeks, Margaret E. b.abt 1846 married J. H. James and Nancy A. R. b.abt 1856. Fikes married Melissia Burrows of Alcorn Co. MS who was b. 10 Apr 1854 d. 7 Feb 1942 also buried Shiloh Cemetery. Their children were Patrick L., Martha b. 1878, Nelse 1881-1941 married Lizzie Love in 1903, Mary A. b. 1883 married Lee Brock, Margaret 1885-1974 married Friend O. Love in 1903, Amanda or Mandy b. 1888 married Auzie Tatum in 1909, Abagil or Abbie 1893-1968 married Jack Hall in 1913, & Charlie Chye b. 30 May 1896 married Gracie Rainey. Patrick L. Glissen son of Malichi Fikes Glissen b. 7 Sep 1875 d. 30 Aug 1905 married 16 Jan 1898 to Florence Virginia "Tucker" Jeanes b. 1878 d. 1961. Their children were Hubert M. who married Dovie Crum in 1909, Malissia Clemmie b. 1899 d. 1953 married L. V. Gates in 1919, Eller married Anthur Gates in 1919 and William Pad. William Pad Glissen b. 23 Dec 1905 d. 26 Feb 1980 married Wilma Lottiehue Hurt. Their children are Jaime Glissen who marred James Robbins, Buster Edward Glissen who married (1)Myrtle Mauney & (2) Gladies Brock, and Paul Buford Glissen who married Martha Ann Dixon who have 3 children, Paul B. Glissen Jr., Billy Geradine who married Gene Dillard who had dau Billie Eugenia, and Bobby Russel Glissen. Bobby Russel married C.R. "Jeanie" Frazier and had 2 children Bobby Russell Jr. and Jason Scott Glissen. Written by Bobby Russel " Rocky" Glissen Jr.

pg 352- Sidney Fikes Glissen written by Sue Glissen-
Sidney Fikes Glissen b. 14 Oct 1907 son of Nelse & Lizzie Love Glissen and was named after grandfather Malachi Fiskes Glissen son of Patrick Glissen. Sidney had 1 sister Nettie (Mrs. Clarence Wilbanks). Sidney married Claudia Etta Hopper on 16 Aug 1929 and their children were 1.Vibrant Nelse who died Jun 1934 at 10months. 2.Mozelle married Norman Bahm who lived in Memphis, TN, 3.Jean who married Arvin Meeks who had children Waymon, Larry and Mike, (Waymon married Peggy Rogers and are parents of Robert & Ronald).4. Thomas listed below 5.Lee Ella lives in Tampa, FL, 6. Walter married Geneva Bobo and children are Harold and Scotty and they live in Barnegat, NJ, 7. Margaret married J. W. Hodum and has children Ricky, Johnny and Greg, 8. Nelse married 1st Shirley Jones and 2nd Ruth Mills, children of Nelse Robbie, Angie, Chris, 8. Paden children from 2 prev marriages Donnie, Connie, Teena 3rd marriage to Ruth (Shan) Casey and have 1 child Amy.

pg 352- Sidney Thomas Glissen written by Sue Glisson-
Thomas Glissen born in Tippah Co. 17 Oct 1935 son of Sidney Fikes Glissen m. 18 Apr 1956 to Sue Goolsby (Sue wrote most of these accounts for this book) Their children are Debbie who married Junior Linville in 1975, Kathy who married David Brady in 1977, Tammy, Tommie and Thomas Jr.

pg 355- John M. Goolsby written by Sue Goolsby Glissen-
Ella Sue Goolsby dau of Tom Goolsby & Bessie V. Rainey Pickens married Sidney Thomas Glissen.

Pg 388- J. W. Hodum written by Margaret Hodum-
J. W. Hodum b. 7 Jun 1942 son of Ernest & Minnie Hodum married Margaret Glissen. They had dau Cynthia Hodum who married Steve Settlemires May 1981 , & sons Rickey, Johnny and Greg.

pg 395- Jefferson David Hopper written by Claudia Hopper-
List the Hopper family. Etta Hopper m. SidneyGlisson.

pg 464- Sidney O. Love written by
Sidney Ovid Love b. 1849 in Kilmichael, MS, married Lenora Braddock b.1854 d. 1938. They had 8 children. One of their daughters Elizabeth b.1878 d. 1852 married Nelse Glissen and had 2 children Sidney & Nettie. Sidney married Etta Hopper and has 8 children, Mozelle, Jean, Thomas, Walter, Lee Ella, Margaret, Nelse, & Paden. Nettie married Clarence Wilbanks and has 1 son Donald. One of Sidney & Lenora Loves' sons was Friend Ovid Love b. 1880 d. 1949 who married Margaret Glissen and had 4 children, Bama, who married Lee Mann, Ovid, Beulah who married Al Thornton, and Bylha who died in infancy.

pg 504- George Medford written by Billie Ruth Love Jones-
Clarence Wilbanks son of W.E. Wilbanks & Merley Elsie Medford married Nettie Glisson.

pg 559- Charlie W. Pulliam written by Carol J. Smith-
Ulysses Franklin & Theopa Milstead had dau Dorothy who married C. M. Wilbanks and had 2 children Angela who married Rickey Glisson and David.

pg 563- William & Elmira Rainey written by Jeanette Rainey Paxico-
Gracie Rainey dau of Seborn Rainey & Rosa Jane Rogers married Chye Glissen and had 5 children, twins Vera & Marshall, Marvin, Virginia and Detroit. Marshall & Marvin died in infancy.

pg 586- George Thomas Rogers- written by Dorothy Duncan Bain-
Malcolm Coleman Rogers married (1) to Julia Edwards and had children George Thomas Rogers b. 18 Sep 1878 TN, Jim, John and Maggie, married (2) to Rae Glissen and had Edd, Hillman, Coleman and Emmarine, married (3) to Willie Jones and had Tom. Written by ?

pg 593- Sarah Ann McClusky Sexton written by Martha Creswell Griffin-
Geraldine Glisson married Charles Eugene Dillard b. 26 Apr 1935 son of Charles Andrew Dillard & Tina Mae Sexton. They had one child Billie Eugenia Dillard b. 22 Feb 1962.

Vol 2-
pg 15 f23- Elijah Bass written by Fredra Brooks Wilbanks-
Susan Catherine Brooks 1836-1907 married Thomas R. Jeanes and had 9 children. One son Bill Whit married Martha Glissen and dau Florence married Pad Glissen.

pg 117 f140- James Elijah Gurney written by Nyleen Barnett Bell-
Samuel Leslie Gurney b. 19 Nov 1936 son of Samuel P. Gurney & Kathryn Leslie Mitchell married on 28 Dec 1958 to Mary Virginia Glisson b. 25 Jul 1941 in Meridian, MS and was dau of F. A. Glisson & Doris Culpepper, children of Samuel & Mary were Suzanne Elizabeth Gurney b. 2 Aug 1960 in Taipei, Taiwan, Samuel Glisson Gurney b. 15 June 1962. Samuel married 4 more times after Mary.

Pg 154 f187- Stephen Jones written by Fredra Brooks Wilbanks-
Stephen & Fanny Jones sold land to Patrick Glisson in 1840.

Pg 236 f300- David Settlemires written by Charlotte Settlemires-
Patrick Glisson bought land from Stephen & Mary Crain on 18 Mar 1865 located at NW1/2, S17, T3, R5E.

Ref: The Southern Argus, Obituaries, Death Notices & Implied Deaths Jun 1869 through Jun 1874 compiled by Michael Kelsey, Nancy Graft Floyd, & Ginny Guinn Parsons-
pg 114- Thomas Gleason died in Mobile July 29th, from issue 8-4-1871 (note: this Thomas was listed as Thomas Glisson in 1850 Jackson Co. MS census and as Thomas Gleason & Gleeson in 1860 & 1870 Mobile Co. AL census.)

Ref: Newspaper Writeup-Obituary-
Nancy Ann Walley Glisson was born about 1828. Was married to L. Glisson in 1844 and died 14 Jun 1907. To her was born 12 children 6 of whom proceeded her to the grave. Sister Glisson professed faith in Christ in 1850 & was Baptised at Fellow of Leaf River Church, later moved membership to Harmony Church and is buried there. (note: maiden name was Wooley and dates are not quite right)

Ref: Tombstones - Harmony Cemetery- 5 miles north of Mize MS-
Levingston Glisson h/o Nancy Ann Wooley born ? died 15 Mar 1888
Nancy Ann Glisson w/o Levingston Glisson born Jun 1828 died 14 Jun 1907
Caroline Johnson b. 2 Feb 1854 d. 9 Oct 1902 (dau of Levin & Nancy buried near headstone
of Levin & Nancy )
Elizabeth Ashley b. 4 Feb 1858 d. 7 Nov 1915 (note: dau of Levin & Nancy)

Ref: Tombstones - Fairmount Cemetery North of Mize Mississippi-
James W. Glisson 1848-1939 son of Levin & Nancy Glisson
C. Ellen Lack Glisson 1853-1935 w/o James W. Glisson
James L. Glisson 16 Mar 1871- 25 Oct 1865 (note: son of James W. & Ellen Lack Glisson)
Mary Kennedy Glisson 10 Nov 1877- 26 Feb 1966 w/o James L. Glisson
James Orlee Glisson born 9 Oct 1917 died 10 Jul 1943 Sat 467 Bomb Sqd A. C. killed in service (note: son of William W. & Bertha Glisson)
L. G. Glisson Co G, 6th Miss Regt CSA (note: Allen Lewis G. Glisson son of Levin & Nancy Glisson)
Chester Glisson 15 Nov 1894 - 8 Jun 1980
Julia Glisson 13 Apr 1895- w/o Chester Glisson
Rev. Harold Chester Glisson 28 Sep 1915-
Edna Glisson 21 Jul 1916-
Albert J. Glisson s/o J.W. & C.E. Glisson 2 Dec 1890- 17 Dec 1908 age 18y & 15 d

Ref: Hopkins Memorial Cemetery mile south of Mize, MS-
Henry G. Glisson 12 Jul 1870- 17 Nov 1947 (note: son of Allen Lewis G. Glisson & Elizabeth Johnson)
Adeline Glisson 6 Apr 1880- 16 Jul 1959 w/o of H. G. Glisson
Lona Glisson 29 Mar 1893- 26 Jan 1922 (note: dau of H. G. Glisson)
Donia L. Glisson dau of H.G. & S. M. Glisson 15 Mar 1899- 19 Jan 1911
Claiborne Glisson 10 Jan 1908- 24 Dec 1953 (note: son of H. G.Glisson )
Lettye Pearl Glisson died 1 Jan 1983 age 69-70 w/o Claiborne Glisson
Dewey T. Hegwood 30 Dec 1899- 5 Oct 1947
Wessie Mae Glisson 10 May 1905- 21 Nov 1980 (note: w/o Dewey Hegwood & dau of H. G.Glisson)

Ref: Tombstones - Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery- S Hiway 35 out of Rawleigh MS-
W. Hillary Glisson 1863-1957 (note: son of Levin & Nancy Glisson)
M. Adaline Glisson 1873-1941 w/o W. Hillary Glisson
Onnie E. Glisson 1897-1943 (note: son of W. Hillary & M. Adaline Glisson)
Beulah M. Glisson 1897-1929 w/o Onnie E. Glisson
Marvin Glisson 1890-1960 (note: son of W. Hillary & M. Adaline Glisson)
Lyndell A. Glisson Mississippi 2nd Lieut 172 Gen Hosp WWII 6 Nov 1921-4 Mar 1945 (note: son of Onnie & Beulah Glisson)

Ref: Tombstones - High Hill Cemetery at Shangalo Settlement about 6 m North of Rawleigh MS-
Clarissa Ellen Turnbow b.1843 d. 6 Jan 1897 (note: dau of Levin & Nancy Glisson)

Ref: Tombstones - Merchant Cemetery out of Rawleigh MS toward Martinsville abt 12m turn right
Narcisis S. Williams born 15 Feb 1866 died 11 Mar 1947 (note: dau of Levin & Nancy Glisson)

Ref: Salem Cemetery Inscriptions, located in Clarke Co. MS SW of Quitman, compiled by Bennie & Lance White-
Row 7 (l-r) mother Vondelle Glisson Brasher b. 14 Nov 1909 d. 13 May 1995
daddy Jesse W. Brashier Sr. b. 2 Feb1898 d. 11 Jan 1956

Ref:  Family information of Levin Glisson submitted by Harold Hopkins-
The Glisson family-
     1. The listing of the first Glisson family in Smith County was provided to me  in the mid-1960s by Mary Ida Glisson Robinson,  a daughter of James Wilburn Glisson and Cynthia Ellen Lack Glisson, through her son Woodrow Robinson and his wife Hazel.

Parents:  Eleven [Levin] Glisson and his wife Nancy Wooley Glisson:
Their children:
Ellen [Clarisa Ellen?] Glisson             (m. XX Johnson]
Merkl Ann [America] Glisson            (m. XX Cotton)
Tiny or Tina Glisson                            (m. Elliot Johnson)
Kate [Catharine?] Glisson                   (m. Enoch Brewer)
Narcissa [Narcissus]                            (m. Wiley  Williams)
Louis [Allen L.?] Glisson                    (m. Liz Johnson)
Huey [also sp. Hughey] Glisson        (m. Alice Ingram)
Hillery [Hillary] Glisson                       (m. Addie Butler)
James Wilburn [also sp. Wilborn]     (m. Cynthia Ellen Lack)

    2. This same family, as enumerated in 1860 census (Smith Co.):
Levin Glisson     age    41 M   farmer    born S.C.
Nancy A. Glisson        30 F                           S.C.
Clarissa E. Glisson     17 F                            Ala.
America Glisson         14 F                            Miss.
James W. Glisson      12 M                           Miss.
Allen L. Glisson        10 M                            Miss.
Sarah A. Glisson          8 F                            Miss.
Caroline Glisson         4 F                              Miss.
Elizabeth Glisson        2 F                              Miss.
Henry Eubanks         17 M                             Ala.

    3.  The same family, as enumerated in 1870 census (Smith  Co.):
Levin Glisson            55 M   farmer    born  N.C.
James W. Glisson     22 M                           Miss.
Caroline Glisson      17 F                             Miss.
Elizabeth Glisson     12 F                             Miss.
Hughey Glisson        8 M                             Miss.
Hillery Glisson         6 M                             Miss.
Narcis Glisson         3 F                               Miss.
America A. Cotton  24 F                              Miss.
Missouri Cotton        1 F                              Miss.
Catharine Glisson     14                                Miss.

      Comment: There are several changes from 1860 to 1870. Nancy A.   Wooley Glisson is not listed in the 1870 census and may have died between 1866-70. Thus, we are not likely to see any more children. America Ann Glisson Cotton is back in the household, has a child, and may be a widow, or simply visiting.  James Wilburn is still at home after the war, and unmarried.  Clarisa E. (Ellen?), Allen L. (Louis?), and Sarah A.  are no longer in the household.  Hughey, Hillary, and Narcissus have been born since 1860.  Catharine and Elizabeth are still at home.
    The Tiny or or Tina that Mrs. Robinson remembers may   have been the same as Elizabeth or Caroline or could have been an entirely different individual. The narrative by Ollie  Glisson (following) states that besides Mirica Ann, Ellen, and Wilburn, there were eight other children, or a total of 11, with Narcissus presumably being the youngest.  We can account for only 10, which may mean Tina was different from Elizabeth or Caroline.
    In Fairmount Cemetery there is a gravestone labeled "L.G. Glisson, Co. G, 6th Miss. Regt., CSA."  There are no dates on this marker. Would this, perhaps, be Louis?  If it is, why is he not listed in the two censuses?
    Around the year 1930 or earlier, I remember seeing an old man toddling around Mize with a cane.  I was told he was Louis Glisson, and that he was a Civil War veteran. He visited our neighbor Lauren Glisson, and my memory or understanding was that he was either the father  or brother of Lauren. Was this Louis Glisson the same as  L.G. Glisson, Civil War veteran, on the Fairmount grave marker? Was L.G. a brother of Wilburn Glisson? Is Allen L. Glisson another person altogether? Someone more inside the Glisson family than I perhaps can provide answers to the distinction between L.G. and Allen L. Glisson, and between Tina or Tiny and Elizabeth, Sarah A., and Caroline Glisson.
    The 11 children of Levin & Nancy Glisson as stated by Ollie Glisson should be accounted for as to names, birth and death dates, marriages, burial places, and other relevant information. Resolution is  also needed of differences in the narrative attributed to Ollie Glisson and certain facts attested to by the censuses and by certain grave markers. Where are Levin and Nancy Glisson and other Glissons buried?  Are their graves marked? This would perhaps be best known by the descendants of those 11 children, and would be most useful in constructing a family history of the Mississippi or Smith County branch of the Glisson and allied families. [Lauren Glisson's daughter, Mae Glisson, married Virgil Hopkins, my father's younger brother. ]

     4. The following narrative is attributed to Oliver Glisson, son of James Wilburn Glisson and Cynthia Ellen Lack Glisson, obviously with the help of someone else.  It apparently was presented at a family reunion some years, after 1900 (it was typed, which may mean it was prepared as late as about 1970).  Although it's written in the first person, it occasionally lapses into the third person, indicating that at least parts of it were paraphrased by someone transcribing from Ollie's oral statement. This suggests he may have been too old to write it himself. Ollie lived into his 90s):

                                                                    The Glisson Family-by Ollie Glisson
    "Levin Glisson, progenitor of the Glisson family, now living in the southern part of Smith County, came from North Carolina in 1848.  He left North Carolina with his wife, the former Miss Nancy Wooley, and three children, Mirica Ann, Ellen, and Wilburn. Eight more children were born to them in Mississippi.
    "There were three families in the party from North Carolina. They traveled in three ox-carts, each drawn by a single ox. The other two families were Jeff Wooley and Louis Gill.
    "All three families first settled at Shongelo, in north Smith County. The Glissons stayed there only about three months. Then they moved to a homestead four miles south of the present site of Raleigh.  After a short time, they moved to the present home of Ollie Glisson, three miles north of Mize on St. Ealy Creek, near a large spring.
    "Today, I only have time to talk in detail about one of the children, Wilburn Glisson, who is one of the surviving veterans of the War Between the States.
    "Mr. Glisson says that only two families lived near their home: the Sam Hopkins and the Sam Pittifers. He also says there was plenty of game for food. The only necessity, bread, was ground from corn at a mill six miles from their home.
    "When Wilburn was 16 years old, his father was called into service in the Civil War.  Wilburn felt that his father should be at home with the family, so he volunteered to go in his place as a soldier in the Confederate Army. He was in Bill Maxie's company and Armstrong's Regiment. He fought in four battles: Oxford, Mississippi; Rome, Georgia; Pensacola, Florida, and Blakney, Alabama.
    "Soon after his enlistment, the family wrote to Wilburn telling him that a new baby was expected. He wrote back  telling them that if it was a boy he'd like him named William Hillary, and if it was a girl: Narcissus.
    "The baby was a boy and he was named William Hillary. But in the last battle, Wilburn was captured and held in prison on Ship Island for thirty-eight days, guarded by negroes. While he was in prison, a second baby was born, a girl, who was named Narcissus. So both names were used before he returned.
    "Wilburn was never wounded in the war but at the Battle of Rome, Georgia, his belt was shot from around him and his clothes were set on fire by the bullet.
    "When he was captured, his mule was taken and naturally he never saw it again. When he was released in Vicksburg, he walked home, swimming the Pearl River on the way.
    "Upon his return, he married Miss Cynthia Ellen Lack and they took over the original home and reared four children; Ollie and Fate Glisson, Mrs. Ada Jones, and Mrs. Ida Robinson.
    "Wilburn Glisson was illiterate but he was a very successful farm manager. This enabled him to give his children many opportunities he never had. He is now living a peaceful life in the home where he was born."*

 [*Note: This conflicts with first paragraph, which says that Wilburn and his two older sisters were born prior to the family's  arrival in Mississippi. The 1860 census says Wilburn and Mirica Ann, were born in Mississippi, and that Ellen -- whose first name apparently was Clarisa -- was born in Alabama. Since Clarisa Ellen apparently was born as early as about 1843, it's possible the family left North Carolina earlier than 1848, as stated, and may have lived in Alabama before coming to Mississippi. It's more likely that they were in Mississippi by about 1845 or 1846, though  Mirica Ann, or America Ann, could have been born in Shongelo or the homesite 4 miles south of Raleigh, particularly if the family stayed in either place long enough to raise a crop]

     5. The following information was supplied  by Chesley Caroline Hopkins Tuggle (now Mozingo), who copied it from a Bible, at the time (middle 1960s) in the possession of one of Mrs. Eula  Glisson McDonnieal (wife of S.H. McDonnieal), believed to be the daughter of Lafayette Glisson, then living in Summerland.
                                        [James Wilburn & Cynthia Ellen Lack] Glisson Bible
T. C. [Tommy] Jones and A.B. [Ada Bell] Glisson 6 Sept 1889
J.L. [Lafayette] Glisson and Mary C. Kennedy 15 Jan 1895
W.A. Robinson and M.I. [Mary Ida] Glisson 29 Feb 1907
W.O. [Oliver] Glisson and Bertha M. Boon 2 Feb 1911
James W. Glisson and Cynthia E. Lack 23 Apr 1870

Susan Elizabeth Lack 5 Jul 1848
James Wilborn Glisson 6 Mar 1848
Cynthia Ellen Glisson 20 Jul 1853
James Lafayette Glisson 16 Mar 1871
Ada Bell Glisson 12 Sep 1872
William Oliver Glisson 1 Jun 1875
Mary Ider [sic] Glisson 23 Nov 1877
Albert Jackson Glisson 2 Dec 1890

Cynthia Ellen Glisson (age 81) 13 Jan 1935
James William (Wilborn) Glisson (age 91) 14 Nov 1939
William Johnson (Lack?) and Sarah Emmaline Lack 15 Jul 1857
     {I believe the above were twins born to Martha Ann Charity Hopkins Lack and her husband Lafayette J. Lack, and that they were stillborn or died soon after birth. This is based on the following statement from a letter to me by Mary Ida Glisson Robinson on 8 Jan 1966 (actually penned by her daughter-in-law Hazel Robinson): "My mother and daddy had eight babies who died as infants. They had two sets of twins. One of them lived a few days. Grandmother Lack also had twins who died, and are buried on the Jones farm where Great Grandfather Samuel, Grandmother Lack,  (and) my eight brothers and sisters were buried. I have heard said our folks wanted to build a church there is the reason the graveyard was started there."]
Samuel Moses Lack 3  Dec 1865 in Gonzales County, Texas
Mary Catherine Lack 16 Jan 1866 in Gonzales County, Texas
Lafayette J. Lack16 Nov 1866 in Bosqua County, Texas
Martha C. Lack 22 Aug 1881 in Smith County, Miss.
Bettie Miller 7 Aug 1931 in Austin, Texas

     6. The following gravestone markers in Fairmount Church cemetery (the old section, east of the road) were transcribed on 5 May 1990.  I do not remember transcribing any on the west side of the road in the newer part of the cemetery.

Names                                     My Notes                                                                bd - dd
L. G. Glisson                          [Louis?] Co. G 6th Miss. Regt. CSA
C. Ellen Glisson                     [wife of J.W.G below]                                            1853 - 1935
James W. Glisson                 [Wilburn]                                                                 1848 - 1949
Albert J. Glisson                   son of Jas W & C Ellen Glisson                           2 Dec 1890 - 17 Dec 1908
William Allen Robinson      [husband of M.I.R.below                                      28 Dec 1852 - 15 May 1947
                                                and also D.J.R. below]
Mary Ida Robinson                                                                                                23 Nov 1977 - 15 May 1967
Della J. Robinson                [presumed first wife of wife of W.A. Robinson  30 Sep 1882 - 11 Feb 1906
W.O. Glisson                        [Ollie]                                                                         1 Jan 1875 - 14 Jan 1973
Bertha M. Glisson                [wife of Ollie]                                                           5 Feb 1888 - 30 Mar 1977
James O. Glisson                  [Orlee]                                                                       9 Oct 1917 - 10 Jul 1943
Will A. Lack                          [son of Lafayette J.  & Martha A.C.H.Lack]       23 Oct 1860 - 8 Oct 1935
Mary Ann Lack                    [wife of W.A.L. above]                                          13 Dec 1865 - 15 Sep 1934
Dennis W. Lack                    son of W.A. & M.A. Lack                                    22 Oct 1904 - 3 Sep 1910
John W. Lack                        [presumed son of W.A.L. & M.A.L.]                  28 Aug 1894 - 31 Aug 1895
Joshua F. Lack                      [son of L.L. & M.A.C.H. L.]                                  12 Aug 1863 - 6 Mar 1948
Mrs. A.S. Lack                      [presumed first wife of J.F.L. above]                   24 Nov 1860 - 9 Jan 1902
Eddie L. Stringer                   [husb of M.A.L.below]                                          10 Oct 1882 - 26 Dec 1946
Martha A. Stringer               [nee Lack, dau of W.A.L. & M.A.L.]                   27 Nov 1882 - 1 May 1968

Ref: 1870 Mortality Schedules-
Smith Co.-
Caroline Glisson age 78 female, died Dec of Dropsy born in Mississippi. (note: Caroline b. 1792 ? mother of Levin Glisson?)

Ref: Misc. personal notes, info off internet etc. not connected to main family group yet-
Dorothy Mae Glisson of Corinth MS, married Robert B. Smith on 4 Feb 1956 who was born 17 Apr 1934.

Edsel F. Glisson of MS married Elizabeth Ann ? of CA. Their children are 1. Mark Lawrence Glisson b. 16 Oct 1961 in San Francisco, CA, 2. Kathleen Josephine Glisson b. 1963, 3. Geoffrey Alan Glisson b. 1965, 4. Victoria Susan Glisson b. 1972, and 5. Rebecca Joy Glisson b. 1974. Edsel was the only son of his parents.

Johnny Floyd Glisson married Anelda Jo ? Their children were 1. Jackie Laguon Glisson b. 1954, 2. Tajuana Glisson b. 22 May 1969 in Tupelo, MS and 3. Jerry O'Neal Glisson b. 1970. Tajuana married Jason Drew b. 18 Sep 1969 and lives in Greenville, MS.

Ref: General Index Card for Confederate Soldiers-
J.H. Glisen Co KD 1st Miss Cav private original name filed under James Henry Glisin see also J.H. Glisson 7th Miss Cav

Ref: The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865 Vol VI edited by Janet B. Hewett, Broadfoot Publishing Co. Wilmington NC 1996-
James Glisen 2nd Miss Cav Co B
James Henry Glisin 1st Miss Cav Co K,D
J.H. Glisson 7th Miss Cav Co K
J.H. Glisson Miss Scouts Morphis Inf Co
J.H. Glisson 2nd (Davidson's) Miss Inf Co I
Levin Glisson 5th Miss Inf (St. Troops) Co G
W. Glisson 12th Miss Cav Co L
Eleven Glisten 5th Inf (St. Troops) Co G
Leven Glisten Miss Inf 1st Bn St. Troops (30 days 1864) Co H
John Gliason 3rd Miss Inf Co B

Ref: Discharge Certificate for Elevin Glisten Record Division, Rebel Archives, War Department-
Elevin Glisten private of Captain's D.J. Ward's company G of 5th Reg of Miss State Troops, born in Sumpter Co. Alabama aged 50 years, enlisted by Capt B.J. Ward at Raleigh Miss on 23 Aug 1862 to serve indefinite and is entitled to a discharge by reason being over 50 years of age. He is therefore exempt. Elevin Glisten was last paid 31 Sep 1862. Due him 3.00 traveling expenses from Meriavous(?) to Raleigh due him 60.50. Given in duplicate at Meriavous 17 Mar 1863 by D.J. Ward Capt. (Note: if he was over 50 on 17Mar 1863 he would have been born 1813 in Sumpter Co. Ala) He was listed on Muter Rolls as L. Glisson, Levin Glisson also.

Ref:  WWI Civilian Draft Registrations-
(the following registered for draft but may not of actually served)                                                My notes:
Name                                        Birthdate            Ethnicity    Birthplace        County        State        parents
Albert Glisson                        1 Jan 1881           white                                    Smith            MS    Lewis & Elizabeth
Chester Glisson                      15 Nov 1894       white        Smith Co. MS    Covington   MS    Lewis & Elizabeth
Dolphus Glisson                    12 Jan 1873         white                                    Simpson       MS    Lewis & Elizabeth
Ellie Glisson                            6 Jul 1881            white                                    Covington   MS    Lewis & Elizabeth
George Glisson                       1 Jan 1878           white                                    Clarke           MS    John P. & P. Dora
Hines Glisson                         11 Feb 1895        white        Mize,  MS           Smith            MS    Hillary & Mary
James David Glisson             23 Dec 1899        white                                    Smith            MS     James & Mary
Marvin H. Glisson                 2 May 1890         white       Mize, MS            Smith            MS     Hillary & Mary
Monroe Chester Glisson      1 Sep 1900           white                                   Covington    MS    Luther & Nora
Onnie Ethel Glisson              10 Oct 1897         white                                    Smith            MS    Hillary & Mary
William Oliver Glisson          1 Jun 1875          white                                    Smith             MS    James & Cynthia

REF:  World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Name                                                                     Birth Date      Race                 Birthplace                           Registration Place  

Glissen, Hubert Stanley                                     16 Mar 1890   White               near Ripley MS                  Alcorn          MS                     

Glissen, Charlie Cohy?                               30 May 1896  White               Tippah Co. MS                     Tippah     MS

Glissen, Nelse                                                                27 Jul 1880     White           Tippah           MS