Early Glisson's in Louisiana


Ref: Grass Roots of America, Land Grants & Claims (1789-1837) Edited by Phillip W. Mcmullin, 1872-

Concordia Parish 1813


Class C, reported #67, Registers#111d, by whom claimed Henry Cassidy, Original proprietor or claimant William Glisson, quantity claimed 1,296.75 acres, nature & date of title or claim, Unknown


# 67, a plat of survey, executed by Henry Cassidy 21st Jun 1807, the only document in this claim, which is said to be derived from William Glisson.

Ouachita Parish 1812

pg 862-

#2086 - dated Aug 7, 1812, name of person under whom land claimed was David Glisson, in whose favor issued David Glisson, nature of claim Occupancy 10 years in County of Ouachita, water course, Bayou de Siard # of acres in hundreds 406. 21, Arpents & hundreds of fronts 400, remarks none.

#2087 dated Aug 7, 1812, Name of person under whom land was claimed was Alexander Lawrence, in whose favor issued David Glisson, nature of claim, settlement, County Ouachita, water course Bayou de Siard, # of Acres in 100s, 338.51, Arpents & 100s of front, 400, remarks none.

(David is a Gleason not Glisson see below)

Ref: My Favorite Ancestor by Judith Gleason Claassen of Albuquerque, New Mexico-

The life of David Gleason was an adventurous one. He was a patriot, a pioneer, and a planter, and a bit of a black sheep as well. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, to Phinehas Gleason and Eunice Chadwick Gleason in 1759, David was a descendant of Thomas Gleason who appeared in the Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1652.

Orphaned at an early age, David was raised by his uncles, three of whom were Minutemen. At age sixteen, he became a matross in the Revolutionary War. Later he served in the Northern Department against Burgoyne, also at Peekskill and White Plains. Sometime during the war he contracted smallpox, but thankfully recovered. David returned to Worcester just long enough to sell his inherited lands and set off for a new life in Kentucky, where he soon was fighting Indians with Daniel Boone. He became the first constable of the newly formed Bourbon County but, when the Indian wars were over, David moved on. He continued down river and settled for a time in Spanish Natchez. There he met and married the daughter of French immigrants, Barbara deMoss.

A new frontier was opening up to the west of the Mississippi, and the Spanish government was seeking settlers in order to control the threat from Indians there. About 1793, David and his family journeyed across the Mississippi and up the Ouachita to join a few settlers in the wilderness at Fort Miro (now Monroe, Louisiana). David became a member of the local militia as a "Spanish Dragoon."

There are many tales of the exploits of this band of militia, and David became an important player. Frequently at odds with the Spanish, he was finally thrown into prison for sedition. He had been overheard boasting that with a few good men he could capture Fort Miro for the Americans, who by then controlled Natchez. David was freed soon after when the Louisiana Territory reverted to the French. In 1803, Louisiana was purchased by the United States and David concentrated on farming for the remainder of his life.

When David Gleason died in 1823 he owned two plantations on the banks of the Bayou DeSaird. His wife, Barbara, and five of their ten children had been lost to disease over the years, but David lived to see the first steamboat that traveled up the Ouachita River.



Ref: From: <>Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 16:02:06 0400 Subject: David GLEASON 1759-1823
Searching for info and descendants of David GLEASON, 1759 Worcester MA 1823 Ouachita Parish, wife Barbara de Moss,

died 1821 Ouachita Parish.David and Barbara came to Ouachita Poste 1790-3 from Natchez. He served as Corporal in the

Spanish Dragoons of Fort Miro, Ouachita. Had a plantation on Bayou DiSiard.Their children were:
David Jr, 1791 probably Natchez 1823 Ouachita ParishAll others born Ouachita.
James, 1793
Simon, c1795
Leticia, 1798
Mary Elizabeth Felicity (Betsy), 1800
Barbara, 1803
Phineas, c1805
Stephen, c1807
Isaac Shadrick, 1813
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George Turnipseed


Ref: Old Cemetery Ground grown over with brush near DeRidder LA, on Highway 26-

Sippio Glisson b. 4 Jul 1883 d. 2 Feb 1914

(G.W. of flt Lodge #7714 Evening Shade)


Ref: Social Security, Death Index, (Jun 1999 edition)- received cards from Louisiana-

Name-SS#-date of birth-date of death-zip lp-place lp-zip lp-place lp

Alvie Glisson 433-50-4766 b. 30 Jun 1933 d. 23 May 1995 lr. 77546 (Friendswood, Galveston, TX)

Genevieve Glisson 439-20-1537 b. 31 May 1918 d. 4 May 1990

James Glisson 435-20-5321 b. 7 Oct 1906 d. Mar 1977 lr. 70748 (Jackson, East Feliciana, LA) lp. 70433

(Covington, Saint Tammany, LA)

Jerry Glisson 436-60-8862 b. 20 Jun 1945 d. 16 Oct 1994

Rickey Glisson 435-78-9491 b.28 Apr 1950 d.15 Oct 1996

Robert Glisson 439-05-1559 b. 22 Jul 1916 d. Oct 1985 lr. 91304



Name Death Date Age Parish

Marguerite T. Glisson 09 Jun 1919 5 years St. Tammany



Name Age Date of Death

Onida Glisson 21 yrs 08 Mar 1925 W 412 190

Julia Ann Glisson   May 1942   2873 218


Ref: 1810 Louisiana Census-

Ouachita Parish pg 343

David Glason 2munder10, 3m16-26.1mover45,2funder10,1f10-16,1f26-45 (David Gleason)


Ref: 1830 Louisiana Census-

Rapides Parish-

pg 99- Samuel Gleson


Ref: 1840 Louisiana Census-

Claiborne Parish-

pg 107- Phineas Glison


Ref: 1850 Mortality Schedules-

Caldwell Parish-

Margaret Glissan age 28, female, died Apr of Cholera, born in N.C.


Ref: 1850 Louisiana Census-


orleans Parish 3rd rep dist pg 342

Name Race Sex Rela Age Pb Other

Patrick Gleeson w m head 21 IRE


Jefferson Parish , Lafayette 3rd Ward pg 202 h50 f50

Name Race Sex Rela Age Pb Other

John Gleson w m head 45 IRE

Pat Gleson m son 25 IRE

John Gleson m son 23 IRE

Mikel Gleson m son 18 IRE


Ref: 1930 Louisiana Census-

Name Family Members Home in 1930 Birth BP Relation


Chester Glisson Julia Glisson Police Jury Ward 1, Richland, LA abt 1895 Mississippi Head

Julia Glisson Chester Glisson Police Jury Ward 1, Richland, LA abt 1898   Wife

H C Glisson Chester Glisson,Julia Glisson Police Jury Ward 1, Richland, LA abt 1916   Son


James E Glisson Cladonia Glisson Covington, St Tammany, LA abt 1868 Tennessee Head

Cladonia Glisson James E Glisson Covington, St Tammany, LA abt 1885   Wife

Lucile Glisson James E Glisson,Cladonia Glisson Covington, St Tammany, LA abt 1908   Daughter

Edith Glisson James E Glisson,Cladonia Glisson Covington, St Tammany, LA abt 1912   Daughter

Robert Glisson James E Glisson,Cladonia Glisson Covington, St Tammany, LA abt 1917   Son

Frances Glisson James E Glisson,Cladonia Glisson Covington, St Tammany, LA abt 1919   Daughter

Naomi Glisson James E Glisson,Cladonia Glisson Covington, St Tammany, LA abt 1921   Daughter

Ruth M Glisson James E Glisson,Cladonia Glisson Covington, St Tammany, LA abt 1924   Daughter