1890 Veterans Schedules Census


Veteran's Name          Relative's Name   Home in 1890(Township, County, State)   Rank                          Years of


Alfred Glisson           Caroline Glisson   Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania                                       

Blanche Glisson                                  New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana                                                 

Dennis J M Glisson                              District 6, Weakley, Tennessee                 Private                        1863-1864                   

Geo S Glisson                                     Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania     First Lieutenant             1861-1865                   

George H Glisson                                Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts              Private                        1861-1865                   

Isaac D Glisson                                   District 11, Weakley, Tennessee               Private                        1862-1865                   

John J Glisson                                    Bridgeport, Montgomery, Pennsylvania     Sergeant                       1862-1865                   

Oliver S Glisson                                  Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania     Clerk                           1861-1864                   

Oliver S Glisson                                  Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania     Admiral                        1862-1864                       


Wm R Glissan                                    Cumberland, Allegany, Maryland              Sergeant


Robert M Glisan                                  Not Stated, Fayette, Pennsylvania             Corporal                       1864-1865                   

Samuel M Glisan                                 Not Stated, Fayette, Pennsylvania             Private                        1862-1865                   

Thomas Glisan                                    Fredonia, Chautauqua, New York                                                

Thomas W Glisan                                Fredonia, Chautauqua, New York              Private                               


Alvin Glesson           Lydia M Fuller     Bethany and Dyberry, Wayne, PA                  Corporal                       1862


Benjamin C Gleson                               East Haven and Granby, Essex, Vermont     Private                        1863-1865                   

Daniel Gleson                                     Roulette, Potter, Pennsylvania                  Private                        1861-1862                   

Herbert Gleson                                    Troy, Rensselaer, New York                     Private                        1861-1863                   

John J Gleson                                     Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio                       Corporal                       1861-1864                   

Joseph Gleson                                    Chesterville, Morrow, Ohio                      Private                        1864-1864                   

Michael Gleson                                   Albany, Albany, New York                      Private                               


Andrew J Glysson                               Montpelier, Washington, Vermont            Private                        1862-1865                   

Edward A Glysson                               Brookfield, Orange, Vermont